ER s14e18 Episode Script

Tandem Repeats

But I don't know what else to tell you.
It's up to you.
I got nothing.
No, I'm sleeping fine, work's good, I'm good.
Surprised, you know, that I'm okay.
Didn't think I would be.
I mean, who would? But I am.
Hostage situations are very traumatizing.
Especially when there's a fatality involved.
No doubt, no doubt.
- Are we done? - Lf you wanna be.
- Okay, then, yeah, yeah.
- I'm here anytime, Dr.
Feel free to drop by or call and set up an appointment.
I don't wanna go to school today.
Well, I don't wanna have surgery today, but look at me.
Come here, give Mommy a kiss.
Come here.
- All right, babe.
Be back in an hour.
Bye, Mom.
- Bye.
- Be good today.
I will.
You all right? Yeah, yeah.
Fourth time's the charm, right? Yep.
I think I heard that somewhere too.
So you've been at County since you were a nurse, right? - Well, you must like it here.
- Yeah.
Amazing people.
It's hard to imagine being anyplace else.
- Well, it feels like home? - Yeah, sad but true.
Yeah, I did some time in a county hospital.
In the trenches, the adrenaline.
It's great and frustrating.
Constantly fighting the system or trapped in some bureaucratic quagmire.
- Am I right? - Yeah.
You're pretty right.
Here, no bureaucracy, no broken system.
Just the best care we can provide every patient we treat.
I mean, County's a dinosaur.
We'd love to have you come here in the 21 st century.
That sound like something you might be interested in? Yes, definitely.
- Usual wound dressing? - Excellent work, Nurse Taggart.
So when do you get your next break? Again? Wow.
- I'll come meet you in a half an hour? - Okay.
Hey, Frank, can you get me a V/Q scan for Exam 2? Do I not look busy to you? Figured out how to beat the computer at solitaire? If you have to know, I'm adjusting the patient through-put database.
Always ask your nurse for preemptive orders.
You won't have to wait for an attending.
- Thank you, Chuny.
- You're welcome.
Do you have the PowerPoint CD and the notes for the conference? - Check and check.
Go away from me, woman! Put the gown on! - Hey! Mr.
- You owe me 5 bucks! Mr.
Randall! - You're presenting at the conference? - Yeah, hemostatic resuscitation.
- Sounds boring.
- Did I do this right? Hey, I'd like to introduce a new fourth year, Kaya Montoya.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm Sam.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Chuny.
Kaya comes to us from the University of New Mexico.
Be gentle.
It's her first day.
- You're a Lobo, huh? - Sure am.
I'm a big fan.
Spent a lot of time there as a kid.
- Used to go to football games.
My dad has season tickets.
What time did you leave? I must have fallen asleep.
Red wine Dr.
Montoya, care to assist me on a corneal foreign body? Mr.
"No" means "no"! No.
Ugh! What? You couldn't wait a half hour? BP, 175/100.
I know my pressure's high.
I ran out of my pills.
Yeah, for the third time.
The ER is not the place to go for med refills.
- Bless you.
- Oh, God bless you.
My doctor died five years ago and I haven't found another one I like.
- I can refer you to the county clinic.
- Oh, six months' wait.
Don't know if you noticed, sweet cakes " but" time ain't exactly on my side.
Oh, it's okay, Purdy.
Come on, come on.
It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, you are not supposed to have that in here.
Oh, she's just a baby.
You know what? I'm gonna give you a two-week supply of meds, no refills.
Get a regular doctor.
Abby, got a couple rigs coming in.
Brenner told me to get you.
You qualify for Medicare.
We'll find somebody.
Won't find anyone I like.
Can you make sure Social Work gets down here? Bless you.
Who has 27 cats? That's disgusting.
I hate cats.
Did I mention that? - So, what's up, girl? How are you doing? - I'm fine.
This will go away.
No, I mean with you.
Something's on your mind.
I can tell.
No, not more than usual, really.
- Is it Luka? - No.
Well, yeah.
But it's not just that.
- I got a job offer.
- What? Where? - Payton Medical Center.
- Ooh.
Don't you go and get all stuck up on us.
It is nice.
- Bet the pay is nice too.
- Pay's good, the hours are good.
They use a portion of their profits to provide free care to the uninsured.
- It's all good.
- Wow, look at you, girl.
I remember back when we were nurses together.
And now, you're about to go off and be an attending.
- I'm happy for you.
I'm proud too.
- Thanks, Chuny.
Glad you could join us.
- Got here soon as I could.
Of course.
Says her name's Lois.
She was staggering, she passed out.
- Is she drunk? - Nothing on the breath.
No head trauma.
One-fifty over 90.
Normal time's at 62.
You been partying, Lois? We got this one.
What do you got? - Manny Bonilla, male truck driver.
Swerved to avoid the lady.
You're gonna want four units of O-neg, a surgery consult, auto versus pole abdominal and pelvic trauma.
All right.
On my count.
One, two, three.
- Hi, I'm Dr.
- I'm Manny.
Uh, trauma panel, C-spine, chest and pelvis.
- UA and 12 lead? - Yeah.
I can't believe this.
One second, I'm driving along, minding my business and there she is, right in the middle of the street.
I got the HemoCue.
- Scleral icterus.
Bradying to 55.
- Slow heart rate.
That why she fainted? - No, her BP's fine.
CBC, chem panel, type and hold, coags.
Go through her stuff, see if there's any family.
Kaya, do you appreciate the jaundice? - HemoCue, 11.
How do we put it all together? - Maybe she - I didn't ask you, Laverne.
Put the patient in a gown.
- Is it a head bleed? - No, no sign of trauma.
But we do have asterixis.
Jaundice means liver.
What lab's gonna help us? - AST.
- ALT? - It's ammonia.
That's right.
So she may "have?" Encephalopathy from liver failure? Very good.
Forty-five cc's of oral lactulose.
You're quite the teacher.
- You should try it.
Oh, I teach.
I'm just very selective.
Distal aorta's closed.
EBL, 250 cc's.
Pressure is good.
It's not pretty.
How did this happen? Just one of those things.
Send this for cultures.
ICU's got a postop "heart " bleeding through the chest tube.
Be right there.
You'll what? Yup.
The hard stuff's done.
Keep the heparin at 18 cc's per kilo per hour and check coags P4.
You'll be fine.
- Okay, hip's back in.
- Pressure's up to 130/82.
All right, have Surgery meet him at the CT to review the scan.
I need to go up to Psych for my debriefing.
Total waste of time.
I don't know why they're making it mandatory.
I don't mind.
That man could have killed us all.
You know these people out here are crazy.
Your liver is pretty damaged, Lois.
Have you had a fever? No, just weak and achy for a few weeks.
Thought it was the flu.
Okay, everybody goes right to hep A and B.
You should consider other infectious etiologies Mm-hm.
Like CMV, HSV, paramyxovirus, hemorrhagic fever.
I'll send serologies.
Are you on any prescription medication? What kinds were you thinking about? Certain antibiotics.
Antivirals, antidepressants, oral hypoglycemics seizure meds, and NSAIDs.
I gave grand rounds on fulminant hepatic failure last year.
Grand rounds? - I guess I don't have to teach you.
- I guess you don't.
How long am I gonna be? I work tonight.
You're probably gonna have to stay in the hospital for a little while.
We went ahead and contacted your family.
- You what? - We found your wallet.
Our clerk was able to get in touch with your mom, and she's on her way.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't worry, we'll figure this out.
You had no right to go through my things.
I don't want anyone here.
Well, you're pretty sick, and I'm fine on my own.
I don't need any help.
Everybody needs some help sometimes.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
Saline at the splenic flexure.
She's got some abscesses.
Fourth liter's up.
I think the bowel's perfed.
Page Dubenko.
You nick it removing the graft? Injury's old and ratty.
Maybe we missed it.
Page Lucien yet? Yeah.
What do you wanna do? GIA stapler? Lesion's less than 30 percent.
Better off with débridement and primary closure.
Okay, 15 blade pickups and 3-0 vicryl.
Let's go.
I'm keeping my hand in the midline.
Now elicit a fluid wipe.
Laverne, would you mind calling the lab for our results, please? After that, I'll show you how to check for urine bilinogen.
So, Lois, you said you first got sick a few weeks ago? You live with somebody? Alone.
I left home a long time ago.
Abby? I've got the mother here.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Lois passed out on the crosswalk.
We think she's having problems with her liver.
Lois? Who is Lois? Where is my son? - I'm sorry? - I'm Edith Landry.
They said you had my son, Loni.
I'm right here, Mom.
Let's get Pete's village.
- No, no, let's get some beef.
- You guys like sweet peppers or hot? - Both.
Me too.
And dip twice.
Shut up.
You're making me hungry.
I haven't had normal food in days.
You got a little fever.
I've had a fever for weeks.
- I'm not worried.
- Good.
We'll check back in a bit, okay? Thank you.
Why's she still spiking? It's to be expected when you've manipulated infected tissue.
Fever, shifting vital signs.
All part of the healing process.
Should have done a resection and anastomosis.
- Primary repair was the right thing.
- Maybe my sutures were too loose.
Stop it.
I've watched you do primary repair of a bowel perf a hundred times.
- But I just can't be positive - Neela, you stepped up.
You made the right calls.
I told you I didn't want anyone here.
She's upset.
You know, sometimes the people closest are the ones that have the hardest time with the truth.
I'll be right back.
Don't worry.
Look, we'll talk about it when I get home, okay? Okay.
That was my husband.
I lied to him.
He doesn't know that Loni is here.
We're not sure yet, but I think her liver is failing.
- Her? - I know.
It's a lot, I know.
When you people called me, you said my son was here.
There was a driver's license in the personal belongings bag.
Our clerk used it to contact you.
We had no idea.
Loni always had a flair for the dramatic.
We woke up one morning six years ago and he was just gone.
My strange, sweet little boy just gone.
He never had many friends, you know.
Kept to himself.
His father, they never saw eye to eye.
Um I have to go check on some of Loni's tests.
But you can go in there if you like.
I'm "sure " your child could use the company.
What are you doing? - I don't see anything.
- Surveillance footage.
- Right there.
Charlie's crew caught some couple knocking boots all over the hospital.
I've seen more steam in a shower.
You don't see the gyrating? Look.
- Is that a leg? - We gotta get the picture enhanced bring up the sound levels.
- You've got cameras wired for sound? - Some.
- God.
- What a tease.
Hey, Morris, you need to sign off on my CHFer.
- What are you guys looking at? - Surveillance footage.
- Of what? - People getting busy all over the hospital.
- What? - No idea who they are, huh? Uh-uh.
Well, hang onto the DVD, look again, see if you recognize anyone.
Will do.
- That look like sex to you? Yeah.
- I mean, no.
- Well, not good sex, anyway.
Hey, Morris, I gotta go to Psych to do my debriefing.
- Did you do yours yet? - Yeah, it was lame.
Hey, Gates, come here a sec.
What? It's surveillance footage of people having sex in different rooms in the hospital.
I know it's been a long, but that does not look like sex to me.
Frank, I've been waiting forever on LFTs.
Can you check on that? - Yeah.
- Hey, do you have a minute? Yeah.
Come on, walk with me.
- What's going on with the attending job? - You still haven't heard anything yet? - I got another job offer.
- What? Where? Payton Medical Center.
They want an answer today.
- Can't you get them to wait? - They've been waiting for two weeks.
- Get them to wait one more day.
- You told me to get out there, so I did.
I need a plan or end up in Lubbock.
Abby, got Lois' labs back.
They put them in the system under the wrong name.
Bilirubin's, 8.
AST, 10,000.
Look, I'll get an answer as soon as I can.
Landry, I got the test results.
That's him.
- Abby, just got the coags.
ProTime's 96.
- Okay, hang an FFP.
- What's happening? - We give plasma because her liver is not making proteins to clot blood.
I need to talk to her about this.
I think you should come.
Last HemoCue was 11.
Okay, stay ahead.
Four pack cells.
Hi, Mom.
It's just me.
Don't worry, your father's not coming.
It's been so long.
You didn't call or even write.
I didn't know what to say.
We didn't know where you were.
If you were even alive.
Six years.
I'm sorry.
Please, don't hate me.
Honey, honey, I could never hate you.
Lois? Your test results show that you're in liver failure.
Do you take hormones? Estrogen injections, twice a week.
Where do you get them? From a friend of a friend.
- A doctor? It's this guy who brings them back from Mexico.
"They're " They're way cheaper.
I'm just trying to save money.
That's okay.
Is there a way we can get a sample? Do you have any at home? I have a vial in my purse.
I had it with me.
It's right here.
I'm sorry.
I know they're in here.
- Can you get that to Toxicology? - Yeah.
- You think it's the estrogen.
- We'll find out.
Have you had the reassignment surgery yet? No.
That's what I'm saving up for.
Hey, Abby, can you wait till next Wednesday? They only do gas chromatography once a week.
Since when? Since budget cuts.
I love County.
What do you mean you didn't get it? - Do I have to get it myself? - No, I'll get it.
- It's right there on the desk.
- I see it.
Aren't you the cutest thing.
Oh! You going soft on me, Frank? Well, look at the face.
Not doing it for me.
- Let me see, let me see.
- Oh, that's so - What's the matter with you? I'll get it.
No, I'll get it.
I'll get it.
No, I've got it.
You've done enough.
Gates, broken-arm kid is ready to go.
- All right.
- Oh, my God, look how cute.
Her name is Purdy.
- Mrs.
Gaines, what are you doing here? - Stretching my legs.
Well, you left me back there for forever.
I wrote the discharge at 10 a.
What does it take to send someone home? - What? You forget where you work? - Would you mind? - Right this way, ma'am.
- Thank you, miss.
Messenger from Payton picked up your toxicology sample.
Abby, Lois is vomiting blood.
- Suction's on high.
- Push the pack cells.
What's happening? She's bleeding from either her esophagus or her stomach.
She had FFP? - Two units.
Call GI.
We're gonna heat coagulate with an endoscope.
All right, hold on.
Let's use recombinant factor vlll-A.
It's a brand new drug.
It can normalize the PT in 20 minutes if the FFP fails.
Okay, grand rounds, your show.
- Four mgs per kg, IV push.
- Okay.
Sensitivities on Sheryl Hawkins.
Cultures came back positive for Acinetobacter.
Resistant to vanco, imipenem Nasalide, everything.
What are you doing? - Calling ID.
- There must be another drug.
- No, Neela, there's not.
She is septic.
If we can't treat this, we lose her.
I understand that.
- Why are you not upset? - Who says I'm not? - I don't need to indulge it.
- What do you suggest I do? Take a deep breath, gather yourself, and go back in there and find out how aggressive she wants us to be.
Hey there.
How are you feeling? The same.
Eyes and nose look good.
How's PCA working out? You in any pain? No.
Should that have changed? Not necessarily.
You already did your rounds.
Why are you back? I've been here a month.
You never just check in.
Well, there's a first time for everything.
Neela " I'm" a mother of four.
Do you really think I don't know when someone's not telling the truth? Where's your family? Getting lunch.
We should get them back.
- Angi output has slowed down.
- Looks like your factor Vlll-A worked.
Repeat CBC and coags.
Abby, this is Mr.
And a Dr.
Jensen called.
Said he'd try your cell.
- Mike.
I told you not to come.
You said, "Hospital.
" I thought you got hurt.
- Look, I'm fine.
Keep her NPO, D5.
What's going? If you're okay, what are you doing? Mr.
Landry, I'm Dr.
And maybe you two might wanna talk about this outside, okay? - Chuny, show them the family room? Sure thing.
- Wanna follow me this way, please? - Check your KUB film and do plasma.
- This case got more interesting, didn't it? - You got this? Absolutely.
Jensen, hi.
Listen, I really appreciate you running that for me.
Our lab "is " It's a mess, you know.
Yeah, about that.
I need to ask you for a favor.
Yeah, I I was hoping that you would give me one more day to make a decision.
Yeah, I know, I know.
L Right now? No, you're right, you're right.
I accept.
I'll take the job.
Sats only 77 on 100 percent.
Lungs are wet.
Send a blood gas and get her on a non-rebreather.
Translation, please.
The infection is causing fluid to collect in your lungs.
So, what now? Without a breathing tube, your oxygen will continue to drop " and" you'll eventually fall into a comatose state.
Get the tube.
Okay, then.
Give me the tube.
But you don't think it's a good idea? You won't be able to talk.
You got a point there.
Sheryl if we put this tube in, we may never get it out.
So I shouldn't even try to get better? It's not a matter of trying.
The antibiotics aren't working.
Maybe my immune system can fight the infection on its own.
It would take a miracle.
I believe in those.
I need to be sure you understand exactly what I'm saying.
If I don't try, what does that say? That's what I teach my kids.
Put the bed I want the bed up.
I want you to be in my blog.
Can't say no.
Can't say no.
Course I Okay.
Hi, everyone.
This is the beautiful and talented Dr.
Neela Rasgotra.
She's the one always avoiding the camera.
She saved my life.
- Don't you say that.
- What the hell am I supposed to say? Excuse me.
We got the toxicology results back.
It's not great news.
The estrogen you've been injecting contains tetrachloroethane.
It's an organic solvent extremely toxic to the liver.
How can we fix it? Well, the medicine I gave is only a temporary fix.
It's okay to look at me, Dad.
I don't think your liver can recover from the damage.
We've already seen bleeding complications, encephalopathy.
If it's very serious, it can cause seizures, a coma or death.
So, what do we do? Your best hope is for a liver transplant.
- Transplant? - How do we do that? - There's some kind of list, right? Yes.
But that could take a long time.
There's something called LDLT.
If a family member or a friend is a tissue match, they can donate a portion of their liver.
Siblings have the highest odds of being a match.
- We don't have any other children.
- The odds are also good for a parent.
- We're not doing that.
Let's go.
- Mike.
Damn it, Edith, no.
We're leaving.
Landry, please.
- Please, what? You're her only parents.
You already lost her once.
- How many times I gotta say no? - You're gonna let her die? - I'll do it.
- Edith.
I'll do it.
Test me.
- Frank? - Hm? If you're not too busy, could you help me with something? I need somebody big and strong to help me put a box on a shelf in Sutures.
- Okay, Sam.
- Chivalry's not dead.
Oh, I have to forward the phones.
For the back pain, I have an MVA waiting on LS films.
Got a guy in Exam 2 who is pain-free.
Troponin is negative.
Last but not least first-trimester bleed, ultrasound and quant-beta HCG pending.
Hey, so I heard you made the short list for chief.
- When's your final interview? - Next week.
- You ready? You got your game face? - Oh, yeah, I'm good.
- Where you going, anyway? - It's personal, Morris.
International man of mystery.
All right, it's Bettina.
She needs a few things and can't wait.
- Postop things.
- Cupcakes worked, didn't they? It's cool.
Don't give me credit.
My advice worked.
I know you know.
And I know you know I know.
- Hey, Pratt.
Did you talk to Anspaugh? - No.
I haven't had a chance.
Why? - Because I took the other job.
- What? Why? They wouldn't give me another day.
And it's a really good job.
All right, look, I gotta go, but when I get back, we're gonna fix this.
Okay, everyone, let's get started.
The five-year war in Iraq hasn't yielded weapons of mass destruction but it has given us some advances in trauma resuscitation.
Hemostatic resuscitation is about replacing coagulation factors and platelets early.
So soldiers who received plasma on a one-to-one ratio with PRBC transfusion, have lower mortality.
Lights, please.
You're such a tiger.
Is it coming? - "Louder.
" - You're a tiger.
"What?" - Yes.
That's my kind of presentation.
"That's how tigers play.
" - That's right.
Oh, mama.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Got everything.
Drainable pouches, no-stink prep wipes, Stomahesive powder.
You romantic fool.
So you need anything? I gotta get back.
- More water? - Sure.
Oh, with ice, please.
Sure, no problem.
- Is there anything else I can get you? - Kiss, please.
So I was thinking, I should stay here for a few days.
Why? Look, we both know that you shouldn't be alone right now.
I can sleep here on the couch and tend to your every need.
And not because I'm supposed to, but because I want to.
- Get it? - Got it.
Come here.
I missed you, Mommy.
I missed you too.
Landry, we got your lab results back.
- And they show you are a tissue match.
- Oh, thank God.
- How soon can we start? We can't.
The tests also show that you have cirrhosis.
I used to be a drinker but I thought I was okay.
I haven't been sick.
You are okay now, but it's too risky for you to donate.
- Mr.
Landry? - Don't say it.
- Mike.
V- tach, no pulse.
She's still ours.
Charging 300.
That is not my kid.
- I don't know who that is.
No change.
- Mike.
Don't you walk out of here.
She's still ours, Mike.
Pulse is V-tach.
All right.
Continue compressions.
Intubation kit, 80 ET tube and suction.
- Chuny, what was her last creatinine? Two-point-nine.
All right, push an amp of calcium.
- On the outer - Just push it.
Can I have a crash cart? - Were you thinking hypokalemia? Hypo what? Too much potassium.
- You said it was her heart.
She's had six units of blood.
A huge potassium load.
If she's in hepatorenal syndrome? Kidneys can't clear.
Her heart will stop.
- Oh, God.
Calcium's in.
All right, hold compressions.
- Got a pulse.
- Nice work, Abby.
Amp of D50, amp of bicarb, - Pressure, 100/60.
- Oh, thank God.
- Oh, thank you.
- Great work, guys.
All right, send out a chem panel and call Renal.
- He's okay, right? - Lois is in critical condition.
She's gonna keep arresting or die until she gets a new liver.
Hey, what's up, man? What are you doing out here? Oh, it's slow.
Just taking a breather.
So how'd that trauma conference go? Oh, probably the best one ever.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
How's Bettina? She's a little sore, but she'll be all right.
You did the right thing going back to her.
Well, actually, it's weird.
You know, I've never felt like this before.
I used to think that falling in love was like getting sick or something.
So we try to avoid it, right? I know what you mean.
You know, I was thinking about the thing that happened to you.
- You know, the hostage thing.
- Oh, yeah? Yeah, well, you know how things like that go.
You keep thinking about them, even when you don't want to.
So if you wanna talk, man, it's cool with me.
What is there to talk about? I don't know.
It's just sometimes it helps.
I know I've had to do it.
So if you want, you could talk to me or somebody more qualified.
There's no shame in that.
You know, I already did their mandatory little psych debrief.
I don't need it.
I'm good.
All right.
I'll see you inside.
Oh, that's right, tiger.
Yes, yes.
- No way.
- We kid you not.
It was great.
- I didn't know you had it in you.
- Yeah, now you do, you all do.
Sorry, still doesn't look like sex to me.
Oh, my favorite part was the linen cart.
All right.
You know what? There.
You got us.
Gates is my boyfriend.
Are you happy now? Show's over! Now go back to work.
Yeah, what she said.
Cover for me, will you? I gotta go see Uncle Donny.
I've been covering all day.
Why stop now? Dr.
Brenner, we're ready to present.
The dutiful young fourth years.
- I'm all ears.
Present away.
- Fifty-six-year old woman with a history Let's start with the chief complaint that brought her in.
Chief complaint is "headache, backache, nausea, dizziness " That's four complaints.
Go back and find out what the biggest problem is.
Kaya, take a look at the nosebleed in 2.
- We're gonna pack it together.
- Okay.
Yes? Why are you treating me like this? Look at me.
Well, what the hell was last night, huh? Boring.
To be honest, dull, mundane, mechanical.
Thank God I had two bottles of Bordeaux in me.
I thought you'd be a better student in bed than you are here but I guess the Bordeaux helped with that as well.
You don't wanna see me? Fine.
But you still have to teach me.
For that to be possible, you'd actually have to have the ability to learn.
- I could get you fired for this.
- Really? And risk sullying that spotless reputation to become the student that sleeps with attendings and then rats them out? That would be something, wouldn't it? You can fill out all the admit papers up in the ICU.
Nurse Marquez will show you there.
I think she's saying thank you.
Hey, Mr.
Landry, can I talk to you for a second? The people you love, they can't always help who they are.
And they do stuff we don't understand.
But you have to try and get past that.
Especially when they need you.
There is a clinical trial.
It's called a bioartificial liver Okay.
I'll donate if I can.
How do I get tested? We could do it here.
Come here my love.
Come here.
You got no moves, Dad.
He's got moves.
- Shake it, baby.
" - Those are moves.
Those are moves.
- Oh, yeah.
Look at Mom move.
Family seems to be taking it well.
Should have been in attending this morning.
- Would have been the same.
- You don't know.
Been operating with you three years.
I do know.
- The patient in the ICU would have died.
- What? So instead it's Sheryl? You're emotional because you got close.
That's okay.
But it's clouding your judgment.
If wanting her to get the best treatment is clouded then, yes, you're right.
You could have approached the perf differently.
- I can't be sure I got all the abscesses.
- Stop, okay? I know what it's like to be close.
But you're not a little intern anymore.
I expect you to handle bad outcomes like a professional.
What does that mean? I should stop giving a damn? No, it means, no matter how much we care sometimes the people we try to save die.
Are you trying to rationalize this? Because we both know you should never have left that room.
That's enough.
Please, there are more patients than there are doctors in this place " and" I can't be everywhere.
None of this should be news to you.
This is the job.
Oh, Abby.
Exam 2 lady finished her Dilantin load.
Okay, she can be dispo'd.
- Thank you.
Take care.
- You too.
Laverne, you know how to bury the knot? Okay, just start at the base of the wound, sub-Q.
And now go sub-Q to the other side.
There you go.
It gives you better approximation cosmesis.
- Thank you, Dr.
- Sure.
Hey, Abby, wait up.
- So I talked with Anspaugh.
- I told you, I already took the other job.
Yeah, I know, I know.
Just hear me out, okay? - Hi.
I'm not interrupting, am I? - No, not at all.
I was hoping maybe you had a little time next week to talk.
- Where have you two been? - Nowhere.
- Exam 3.
- Dr.
Gates, G YN has a bed " but" they can't take your PID for two hours.
All right, everybody, listen up.
I have a wonderful announcement to make.
It is with great pleasure to introduce Dr.
Abby Lockhart our newest attending physician.
- Cider? - What happened? You staying? Yeah.
Wild horses.
- A glutton for punishment, huh? - I guess so.
- A party? No one told me.
- No.
Abby's the new attending.
Oh, that's great.
Way to go.
- Thanks.
Just cool your jets, everyone.
Hey, Luka.
I thought I'd catch you.
I know I'm gonna see you when you pick up Joe but I just wanted to tell you that I got the job at County.
Thought you'd wanna know.
Glasses up, people.
Here's to Dr.
Abby Lockhart.