ER s14e19 Episode Script

The Chicago Way

Okay, when I was 4 All right.
I wrote a letter to Ernie, inviting him to take a bath with me.
That's very forward of you.
- Did he go for it? - No.
He was very busy with "Sesame Street.
" You do realize that's code for, "I'm living with my boyfriend.
" No.
He actually never even mentioned Bert.
Yeah? And he wrote me, like, 20 letters.
- Really? - Kind of led me on.
Turned out that it was my mom.
That's the first nice thing you've said about your mom.
Yeah, well, she had her moment.
- Oh, crap.
- What? We missed our stop.
You know, we're getting into trouble here.
It's Pratt.
He won't care.
Hi, guys.
Hey, I missed you, guys.
I missed you.
How was your weekend with Daddy? Pretty good.
He would only eat frozen waffles and strawberry yogurt.
It's probably the new environment.
It's okay.
Strawberry's almost a vegetable, right? Hey, how are you, buddy? - Do you want a cup of coffee? - No, no, I'm off caffeine.
Really? Wow.
Good for you.
What happened to his knee? He fell, I think.
- You think? - I left him with Marnie yesterday.
First weekend with your son and you left him with a babysitter? It was just for two hours, Abby.
Come on.
Sorry I'm late.
It's okay, we just got here.
I have to go.
I have to go to work.
Um, here you go.
I have to take the El.
Oh, car's still in the shop? Yeah, I'm waiting for them to get some electrical thing in stock or something.
You need a ride? Yeah, sure, Gates.
Never heard that one before.
Hey, Archie.
- Hey, how'd it go? - Well, very well.
I rocked it.
- You rocked it? - Rocked what? - His chief interview.
Had Anspaugh eating out of my hands.
- How long did it last? - Forty-five minutes.
Really? Mine was longer.
Part of it was him showing me the family scrapbook.
Gates called, he and Sam are gonna be late.
They had train trouble.
And we're supposed to give them a free pass because they're an item? They're so adorable, is that what they think? Yeah, they did mention that.
I've had it with the giddy-new-couple thing.
Greg doesn't get all huh-hooey about Bettina at work.
Oh, hey, that reminds me.
Frank, about that guy, about the thing.
That's today, right? - Yeah, I'm on it, boss.
- All right.
So you two still shacking up? Yes, I'm staying with her.
Can't you see I don't wanna hear that? - You asked.
- I shouldn't have, I'm down on love.
- You and me.
- You, the Internet dating star? Been online for a month and you're number four in all-time winks.
Don't waste your time.
Online dating blows.
I'm totally over it.
Join my monastery, Laverne.
Sign me up.
- You haven't been out with any of them? Let me go.
- One for you, Neela.
- I'm like a shark.
I gotta keep moving or I'm dead, all right? - Look, you're gonna get me killed.
- Sir.
And her, and anybody that's around me.
You don't settle, I'm gonna cuff you.
They showed up at my mother's funeral.
Understand? Hey, what the hell is this? Found him staggering down on Austin.
What are you doing? We don't have room to dry out every drunk in Chicago.
You think you're safe in here? Better think again.
Whoa, hey, sir, you can't - Okay, listen up, everybody.
I'm the last guy you want in your ER.
You can say that again.
Make sure they check the, uh, brake pads.
Listen, I got you this.
The paper? It's what you're supposed to get for the first anniversary.
Okay, um.
Thanks for the ride.
Yeah, I appreciate it, Lenny.
Now, what's the guy's number? Yeah, go ahead.
Who you talking to? Is that our guy? All right, all right, all right.
Keep up the good work, Frank.
So, what's up with that guy? You getting him out of here or what? - There's something weird going on.
- Weird, how? They sent his name out on the wire, now my lieu says to keep him here.
Well, guess I'll go make sure that the king of crime gets all the resources that County can muster.
Nice suit.
Where's the funeral? Straczynski Manor Chapel on South Pulaski.
My mom.
Oh, sorry to hear that.
Well, you know what they say.
You can't go home again.
You from out of town? Rapid City, where God left his shoes.
I run a scrap metal yard for a bunch of hayseed farmers.
I look like Eddie Albert to you? I really couldn't say.
There's only one place worse than South Dakota.
North Dakota.
I had to go and move my whole family there.
My wife, two kids, and they hate me for it.
- I hate me for it.
- So why did you leave, then? Well, I could tell you that, but then I'd have to kill you.
All systems are go.
He'll be by later.
All right, take it easy.
Keep it on the low.
My trap is shut.
I guess we both got a secret, huh? Get a PCA for our fireman and pull the drain on the empyema.
It must be fun having her at your beck and call.
Is it possible for you to have an interaction without some innuendo? I need a little time to prep for the M and M.
I hate those teaching things.
Bunch of doctors who like to hear themselves talk.
You should check one out sometime.
- Yeah, you might learn something dolt.
Excuse me.
Any medications? Prednisone and Plaquenil.
She has lupus.
Has she been using any drugs or alcohol? - We were at a christening.
- Abby, you're with us, Trauma 1.
He's had half a liter, but he doesn't wanna be here.
Yeah, well, the feeling's mutual.
Do you have a cell phone I could use? I need a cell phone.
- Just shoot me already, all right? - Don't tempt me, man.
Cupcake, can you get this coconut sack, or whatever you call it, off me? - Banana bag? - And arrest me already.
- Get me out of here.
Calm down.
It's not that simple.
People want me dead, okay? Dead.
- A little Haldol? - No, he doesn't need Haldol.
Listen to me.
You look like a regular girl.
- I'm sorry.
Calm down.
If anything happens to me you tell my wife there's an account in the Bahamas.
- Okay.
- And tell her I'm sorry I screwed it all up.
Sats only 82.
Blood with a gram of Dilantin.
I'll go mix it.
If we can't stop this, we have to put a breathing tube in.
What do you mean, if you can't? - You need help in here? - No.
Not really.
- Lupus, huh? Hi, I'm Simon Brenner.
Maybe it'd be better if we transferred her to another hospital.
Don't worry.
They're more competent than they seem.
- See, the meds are kicking in.
- Thank God.
Head CT, metabolic panel, tox screen, EEG, and neuro consult.
- Don't you think that's excessive? - No.
Seizure goes with lupus.
- First-time seizure warrants a workup.
Okay, you don't wanna put your mum through all that, now do you? Do what you want.
I don't want you to miss anything.
Hey, I just saw Moretti at the desk.
- Moretti? - What's he doing here? I don't know.
Visiting, I guess.
Moretti, our old nemesis.
- Dr.
- Hello.
- Hello, Sam.
- Couldn't stay away, huh? No, no.
Had to tie up a few loose ends.
How's your son doing? Oh, he's in a group home.
- He's doing okay, thanks.
That's good to hear.
Can we help you? I'm looking for Art Masterson.
- You his parole officer? - Brother-in-law.
He's over there.
Hope you brought a lawyer.
Hey, Kevin.
Does that mean you're coming back? No, his mother and I have decided to stay close to him so Yeah, I can definitely understand that.
MORETTl: Don't look so relieved.
Excuse me.
No one misses you like I do, Kevin.
MORETTl: Yeah, I'm sure that's the case.
Hey, hey, get off of him.
What the hell are you doing? - Get off him.
- You're dead.
Get the hell off him.
Get off him.
Hey, come on.
Get off of him.
Let him go.
Let go.
- You should never have come back.
Get him out of here.
You should've stayed where they put you.
All right.
You okay? Do you believe me now, smart guy? We'll be back to check on you a little later when you're rested.
You can call me Arnie.
I thought you said your name was Art? All right, men.
Look alive now.
What was that? Well, guy's got enemies.
It's not hard to see that.
I know, I know.
I'll keep somebody on him at all times.
Hey, that's a great idea.
Why does it seem like someone's always getting punched in this place? I gave as good as I got.
I would expect nothing less.
They find a new chief yet? Soon enough.
- You? - Why, is that so crazy? I'm just pleased they finally recognized your talent, Greg.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks, I appreciate it.
Frank, is Dr.
Lockhart on today? She's in with a patient.
Okay, thanks.
Your electrolytes look good and the drug test came back negative.
Yeah, Mom gave up the crack years ago.
Christine, let them do their job.
CAT scan was normal, no bleed, no abscess.
- That's a good sign? Very.
Systolic won't go up over 80.
And she's got crackles, I think we should get an echo.
- I should have had more children.
- Deep breath.
So that I wouldn't be such a bother to you.
You're not a burden.
My daughter takes care of me all day.
Then works at night in a doctor's office.
Physical therapy.
It's for sports injuries and stuff.
Let's skip the echo.
Get a spiral CT.
- Really? - Lupus patients are susceptible to PE.
- What? - It's just that CHF is much more likely.
- Why don't we just get the echo - Get the CT.
Let me pull rank on you while I still can.
Yes, sir.
What's wrong? I tried to block my mother's fall.
I must have tweaked something.
Why don't I take a look? Chuny? We removed the infected graft and proceeded with the washout.
You redose the antibiotics before opening the abdomen? No, she was already on triples.
Well, still, it's standard practice to add a dose halfway through a case.
Did you and your attending make a conscious decision not to do this? I don't see how your question is relevant given the acinetobacter did not originate It is relevant because it is a teaching point.
It applies to abdominal surgeries in general and this is a teaching conference.
Carry on, Dr.
You got no idea why this guy was trying to off you? I wanna make a phone call.
I get one, don't I? - You're not under arrest.
- Then arrest me.
I'm not talking to you, I wanna make a call.
Why don't you just back off for a little while, let him calm down.
I don't feel so good.
My chest is tight.
I think I'm having one of my anxiety things.
Yeah, I can't imagine why.
Look, there's a reason I left Chicago.
Let me guess, people were trying to kill you.
Look, you saved my life, I can trust you, right? No, I'd rather you didn't, man.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Hey, Art.
I hear you got yourself into a little trouble.
- Who the hell are you? - I'm sorry.
- Cops let you in? It was my mother.
Gotta understand.
- We'll get him out.
- It's not that easy.
I'm not going back.
I can take care of myself.
Oh, is that what you've been doing? - Sir, you really need to step outside.
- Jeez.
- What's happening? - I'm dying.
- You're agitating him.
- He's right.
Damn it.
- What do we got? - He's in v-tach.
Charging to 360.
Here's the order for the spiral CT.
Okay, could you tell Cars we might need an echo too? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Hi.
- Can we talk for a minute? - Let's not.
Look, Abby, I have been trying to call you.
I know, but it's This is just not really a good time, because I'm totally slammed.
- Then why are you walking out? - I don't wanna do this.
- Can I talk to you for five minutes? - No, my marriage is over.
- Can you leave me alone? - Five minutes.
MORETTl: Abby, I didn't know about you and Luka.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Look, I just wanted to talk to you just for a sec, about the way that I left.
It doesn't matter.
Well, my kid was really sick, okay? And I lost my footing for a while.
Yes, I know how that feels.
Trust me.
Right, and he was in a psych ward for eight weeks.
- He told me he wanted to die.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- I am sorry, but - Thanks.
Anyway, in the middle of it, his mother and I we started really talking.
And by the time we got out of the hospital, we were a family again.
That's great for you.
It's really, really great.
Look, all I'm trying to say is that every couple goes through some awful and messed up stuff.
Kevin, are you feeling guilty or responsible? Because you're not.
You don't have to.
- I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry.
- You don't have to.
All you did was help me ruin my life a bit faster.
I have to go back to work.
"Man is like a breath.
His days as a fleeting shadow.
" "In the morning, he flourishes and grows up like grass.
In the evening he is cut down and withers.
" Walter? Walter? - Walter? - What? What is it? Is the kitchen on fire again? What? What's the matter with you? Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not dead yet, you lanky bastard.
I feel like pancakes.
From the good place, not that greasy spoon, hole-in-the-wall.
I don't think I can take you out today.
Then go get me some.
And one scrambled egg.
Maybe on my break, I will.
Someone's coming to see me, you know.
No, I didn't.
My nephew.
My brother's son, lives in Philadelphia.
Second-rate town if ever there was one.
People say it's not a bad city.
People lie.
But he's a good kid.
He got a sweet wife and two little girls.
Kids are great.
Yeah, my wife and I never had any.
I regret that.
Sometimes I think if we had maybe she might have hung around longer.
How's that? Well, being a parent gives you strength you didn't know you had, you know? Places in yourself, reserves, and they can keep you going.
They can drive you.
Make you fight harder.
Soldier on, keep rowing upriver.
Even though everything else turns to crud.
Least I've heard that "so " Epi's in.
All right, clear.
Back in sinus.
- Oh, look at the ST segments.
- Damn.
All right, let's get aspirin, O2, five of Lopresor and a 12-lead.
What the hell? - You're having a heart attack.
- Holy crap.
- Is he okay? - I'm having a heart attack, Rick.
- Maybe you can back off.
- You realize how complicated this is? - I didn't plan on having a heart attack.
- Settle down.
You need to leave the patient care area.
Oh, what a mess.
What happens now? - I'm not talking to you, privacy issues.
- Listen, I Just wait outside.
I'll talk to you in a minute.
BP's good, 105/76.
All right, good.
Call the cath lab.
Tell them we're on our way.
All right, thanks, guys.
We'll get this from here.
What are you doing? What's going on here? Well, I can't tell you.
It's privacy issues.
Who the hell are you? Let's not waste any more time talking.
Do the cath so we can get him out.
Let me tell you, you're in my ER, and that's my patient.
- You don't get to dictate how this goes.
- Actually, I do.
Marshal Service.
Every minute my guy sits in this hospital is putting him and everyone else here in jeopardy.
So the king of crime is up in the cath lab? Yeah.
Hey, so nobody gets in without double-checking ID, right? When in doubt, keep them out.
Anything else I should know? No, not right now.
Just keep your eyes open.
These are all yours.
Curtain 3 and Exam 4? Actually, the other way around.
- You good? - Yeah, you? Yeah, I'm fine.
All right.
See you later.
So how are things on the home front? Oh, Sarah's well, thanks for asking.
I was talking about Sam.
Oh, that.
Well, you know, we're just having fun right now.
Both kind of busy, unclaimed baggage and whatnot.
You're worried if things don't work out it'll turn into a big mess.
- Something like that.
- I'm here to tell you, it will.
- Come on now.
- What? What? A hot-head Casanova like him and a feisty little spitfire like Sam.
You think they have a chance? - Hey, your shoulder lady's in Sutures.
- Thank you.
Love is hard, boys.
Be hard on love.
I've been where you are.
It can work out.
It does work out.
Just take the plunge.
Hey, Pratt.
Did you ever hear of Arnie Markowitz? No, why? What kind of people can make cops just disappear like that? I'll tell you who.
The feds.
- That got me thinking.
- Yeah, you see? - That was your first mistake.
- No.
I wasn't on the force all that time for nothing.
Read this.
"Arnie Markowitz, busted in "'05 " for working with the Turkish Deep State.
" Whatever that is.
That is the Mob.
This guy made a deal, testified against the Turks then he disappeared, probably into WitSec.
WitSec? What's WitSec? WitSec is the Witness Security Program.
Next page.
What are you saying? That my patient, Art Masterson, is this guy, Arnie Markowitz? Don't say that out loud.
They are everywhere.
Mom's been sick a long time.
We've got the whole setup at home.
Any tenderness here? No, it's fine.
I could never live at home.
I mean, my dad's dead now, but I got out of there as fast as I could.
I lived alone for a while, but I was never any good at it.
- Good at it? - Yeah, it got boring.
I'm not much of a dater, you know.
Not into playing the game.
I hear that.
Plus, my work makes it difficult to have a normal social life.
Me too.
I guess that's what we get for pursuing careers in medicine, huh? I'm an escort.
Um Could I? Could you? Raise your arm up in the air.
Now try to resist my pressure.
- I thought you said - Yeah, I was I was trying to finish college when Mom got sick.
No insurance, she needed money but she also wanted me home with her during the day, and Somebody told me about an agency where I could work five to 10 hours a week, nights and, uh, make 10 to 15,000 dollars.
You'd be amazed how much men are willing to pay for the illusion of a submissive Asian concubine.
It just sounded really easy.
Morris, it's Mrs.
We lost her pulse.
Oh, my God.
Page Abby, 911.
- You wanna wait outside.
- No way.
Her sats suddenly dropped into the 60s and she went into PEA.
- Mig of epi, MAC 3 and 7-O.
Oh, God.
Mom, please don't do this.
Ready to intubate? Sorry.
Can't let anybody by.
You wanna get him out of here.
You better let me in there.
It's okay.
Cromley cleared him.
Well, Arnie, there are no more telebeds, so we're shipping you back to the ER.
I can't go back.
I can't move forward.
I messed up, man.
I did some things I got in trouble for.
Yeah, you know, I'm starting to get that idea.
I wasn't much of a lawyer, but I knew how to make things work.
My firm had some clients that needed special help.
Money laundering, visas, imports.
That type of thing.
When I got snagged, the feds said: "Do the right thing and we'll protect you.
Protect your family.
" "So " You did the right thing.
Did I? End up trapped between two worlds, like ET or something.
Can't be honest with anybody.
Gotta hide who you are, who you were.
I had to teach my own kid his new name.
Drill it into him.
I kept thinking this is the price of being good teaching your kid to lie.
He'll understand one day.
Well, he's 12.
Sure doesn't understand now.
- Yeah? - Who are you? - I'm Anthony.
I'm restocking the cart.
Where's your ID? I'm new.
So? They gave me a temp.
- I must've left - What do you think you're doing? Hey, relax, man.
- No, you relax.
Where's the ID? - I just started last week.
- How did you get in here? Dr.
Pratt, he's one of our new techs.
Take it easy.
Welcome to my life.
I débrided the area, and attempted a closure.
- Attempted? - Executed.
I executed a primary repair.
Did you consider resection? Yes, but I thought the best possible, um, option was primary closure.
And Dr.
Dubenko was in agreement? Oh, come on, once again, I remind you this patient died of pan-resistant bacterial sepsis which had nothing to do with Neela's repair.
A concomitant infection with bowel flora could have overwhelmed her system.
What are you talking about? Show me the data.
Her post-op course could have Reign yourself in, Dusty.
It's embarrassing.
You're the junior attending.
She's the person you can dump on.
I'm not dumping.
Sit down.
You're out of line.
I won't sit down, and I'm not out of line.
I'm not out of line.
That's a joke.
Wanna know what's out of line? I'll tell you.
A system so under-funded that we have a single trauma attending to cover the entire hospital at night.
That's out of line, letting a patient bleed out in the ICU because of a stupid rule, that's out of line.
And you wanna know what else? Wanna know what else? Sitting by and watching my resident try and hide the fact that I left her in the O.
, that's out of line.
It's all out of line.
Radiology read the scan.
Massive embolist in the pulmonary.
- That's what you thought, right? - Right.
Fix it.
Can't you fix it? She's acidotic, 7.
Hold compressions.
Asystole? Another epi? - Somewhere in six.
- We're running out of options here.
- No, don't say that.
We've given her rounds of drugs to restart her heart but her body has been deprived of oxygen for too long.
There's always another option.
That's what you said.
Do you wanna say goodbye? Mom I can't.
Everybody out.
Right now, please.
MORETTl: I heard you were working here and I wondered if I might be able to talk to you.
You really have the balls to show up here and ask for anything.
Look, I've had a very difficult time in my life.
Really? Me too.
I know that.
And I'm sorry for any part that I played in that.
But I just wanted to tell you that you know, whatever happened with me and Abby was just the misguided, messed-up flailings of two people, two very troubled people.
That's beautiful.
Look, she loves you.
Anybody can see that.
As somebody who has squandered that kind of thing before in his own life I wanna implore you not to make the same mistake, so "that's " - You done? - Yes, I think Yeah, I think so.
Guess I had that coming, huh? Thanks for stopping by.
How fast can he be ready to go? He's not stable, he had an MI.
I'm not going anywhere.
Art, you did this to yourself.
I'm trying to fix it.
Whatever I do, I'm dead.
Dead on the street or dead on the inside.
What's the difference? Don't let other people in, all right? Got enough in harm's way.
I'll be right back.
- Sorry to pull you out.
- It's all good.
You all right? - You need something? - No, no, everything's good.
We're having a family dinner, and it'd be great if you came.
What's the occasion? What's this? - You got in.
- Yeah.
Congratulations, man.
That's good stuff.
- Thank you.
- That's good.
A couple months from now, I'll be a first-year med student.
- It's all thanks to you, Greg.
- No.
No, no, no.
That's real.
And I really want you to come, and I'm bringing my guy.
I want you to meet him.
Yeah? What's Charlie got to say about that? He's mellowing out in his old age.
Wanting all the kids around him.
- I'll come by as soon as I'm done here.
- Thank you.
Good stuff, baby.
Great job.
- See you in a minute.
- All right.
We've never lost a witness who followed protocol " and" we're not ending our streak.
I'm done with testifying.
Okay, then, Art.
I leave now and you're out forever.
You ready for that? On your own? You ready to do that to you family? You're not in this alone.
They're with you.
All right, look, Arnie, this is the deal, man " I'm" gonna make sure that you get fixed up.
But staying here isn't helping you.
You know, in fact you're putting other people in danger, man, my people.
Look, you did the right thing once, just do it again.
Hey, you got my food? What's going on? What, this? It's SOP for leaving.
Well, what did you do? Step on it? It's all smashed up.
- Well, what do you mean, leaving? - Oh.
Hospice policy.
There's a six month's limit.
My nephew's taking me to Philly.
They're kicking you out because you didn't die soon enough? It's pretty discouraging, isn't it? - Why didn't you say something? - I didn't wanna depress you.
You're depressive enough as it is.
I don't wanna see you bawl.
I'm sorry I never got to meet your family.
Next time.
Yeah, next time.
Hey, he's taking me fishing.
He says if I row us out, he'll row us in.
Hey, Walter.
Don't worry, kid.
You'll figure it out.
I got faith in you.
Let's hurry up with this thing.
Now, when it comes to an investment like this you have to be concerned about the four Cs.
You got your carats, your color, your clarity and your cut.
You want white gold or platinum? - I don't know.
- Platinum, it's the only way to go.
It's the gold standard.
Now, I brought this especially with you in mind.
It's a three-stoned platinum setting with a 2-carat princess cut in the center.
Top of the line, a real sweetie.
Here, take a look at that.
Oh, boy.
Uh, it's a little on the pricey side, but for you, there will be a discount because I understand that you're a member of the tribe.
- What? - Yeah, I told him you were part Semite.
- Who called in the bling man? Pratt.
Here we go.
What? Frank.
Oh, Bettina's a lucky girl.
Everybody calm down, all right? I'm only browsing.
Hey, Abby.
It's a beautiful spring "day " the Cubs are playing in Wrigley Field, and we live in America.
I think I solved the case of the missing Lexapro.
I was looking for some undepressed person that I could be happy around, and, uh You chose me? Must be slim pickings.
What's the good news? You know, things are just falling into place.
Well, that's great, you deserve that.
Yeah, you sound thrilled.
I am.
So, what's up with Luka? I don't know, it's been a month.
He'll come around.
I know him.
And I know you too.
I hope you're right.
Just come find me later, I'll buy you a coffee.
Ah, there he is, my old mentor.
- How you been? What you been up to? - Keeping busy.
It's like an Egyptian market here.
Chickens, guys are selling diamonds at the desk.
Diamonds, really? Wow, that's weird.
Well, keep it real.
She's in there.
It's not a request, it's not optional.
Unhook him.
- Not without doctor's orders.
- Somebody call me? - Keeping him isn't helping anybody.
- All right, Sam, give us a minute, okay? What's the plan? We've got a facility secured where he can get medical care until we regroup.
I'm gonna have a tech over and expunge the medical record from your system.
All right.
Hey, Arnie.
How we doing? - Ready to roll.
- Good.
- You got everything? - You don't care what happens to him? Sam, I got this.
My job is to keep him alive.
That's what I promised when he came into the program.
My only concern is him coding on the way.
We got a paramedic.
- Why don't you let me ride along? - No.
If anything, I'll go.
- Greg, I have transport training.
- Yeah, I'm his doctor.
We need you on the floor.
No, Morris can cover.
- Are you two fighting over me? - Look, neither one of you are coming.
I've got room enough in the rig for one paramedic team and two of my guys.
And as soon as we roll out the door, this never happened.
This patient was never here.
Get it? This is crazy.
You're the one person who might actually talk me out of it.
You're gonna walk away after one bad outcome? No.
It's a million little things.
It isn't like you to give up.
What am I giving up? A dumpy O.
R? Overnight call? Below-market pay? You can't abandon me in the middle of training.
You're not my responsibility.
This is not what you want.
Don't pretend to know what I want.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You all right? - What do you care? That was a pretty tough little teaching thing.
- You're worried about me.
- Well, you can hold your own, but yeah.
See, I'm not a heartless beast.
I never said beast.
You know what? I'm not trying to win a popularity contest.
Doesn't mean I enjoy being treated like I crashed some party.
You're the product of flagrant nepotism, and you're a tosser.
Nobody really wants you here.
- Don't sugarcoat it, babe.
- Don't call me babe.
You know what your problem is? No, but you'd be the first person I'd go to if I wanted to hear it.
You need to get a life.
You need to get out, which is my polite way of saying you need to get laid.
- Oh, is that right? - Yeah, I'm pretty certain of it.
I was thinking about that night.
That first night that we kissed out in the ambulance bay.
You mean the night I totally geeked out and kissed you out of nowhere? I remember feeling you were someone who was so full of hope.
I needed someone to teach me that again.
- I think that part was mutual.
- What, did we lose that? I mean, did we turn into some other people? I hope not.
I realized today I have this idea of us, of you and me and Joe as something static, you know, concrete.
But it's not.
It's more like we're out there on the lake, on choppy water.
- Or, like, uh - In a rowboat.
Yeah, in a rowboat, trying to get across.
But when you told me what happened, I felt like something died.
I was mourning.
I couldn't see that what we have is always changing.
It's moving.
So for better or for worse, as long as we keep rowing we're gonna be okay.
So let's just get past it.
You know, let's just go someplace new, somewhere nobody knows us.
I know we have good friends in Chicago.
And I know you've got this great job Do you know that I love you more than I could ever explain? Let's get out of here.
Nice bumper sticker, Bardelli.
It's that against regs? It's not my rig.
Mechanic says something's wrong with my alternator.
What if you lose his pulse? What if he goes into V-tach? I'm good now.
You've done enough, doc.
More than that, actually.
You my guy? BARDELLl: Yep.
If he goes south, it's gonna come back on us.
We're on your side.
Let us do our job.
Okay, then, we got room for one more.
Who's it gonna be?