ER s15e16 Episode Script

The Beginning of the End

Only five hours in and it's safe to say best Valentine's Day ever.
I gotta go.
I have to check yesterday's paperwork, get the car gassed up.
I thought my hours were tough.
It's 5 a.
I'm a rookie detective, they're looking for reasons not to like me.
I think what you're doing to me is tantamount to police brutality.
Where'd you hear that?.
A Dirty Harry movie?.
No, I think it was a porno.
One of the feminist ones though.
Oh, right.
Y eah, I bet.
So, what can I do to sweeten your day?.
Candy hearts.
You know, those little candy hearts with stuff written on them.
Get me some.
I never had them.
Are you crazy?.
Of course you have.
Everybody gets those.
Not me.
-No one's ever given you a Necco?.
Forget it.
You're nuts.
I gotta go.
-Then stop.
-You stop first.
MORRlS: Oh, Detective Diaz! Ha, ha.
He bought me a plastic tiara and took me to Hampton Court.
Said I deserved to be treated like a queen.
Well, you got that right.
-We were 1 5.
What happened to him?.
I heard he runs the Bombay Brasserie in Leicester.
Has three little kids and hands that smell of dalchini.
It's not such a bad life.
What about you?.
Uh, there was-- There was one time when, um this girl and I went to Bali some surfing and some diving.
It was nice.
Bali-- Bali was nice.
I like it there.
What about the girl?.
Yeah, she was nice too.
You probably don't even remember her name, do you?.
[LAUGHS] No, uh, her name was Nicole.
It's Nicole.
You know, I was thinking, maybe we should go away sometime.
Maybe in a month or so.
Where were you thinking?.
I'll tell you later.
[LAUGHlNG] Alex.
I'm sorry you didn't sleep but you are not staying home from school.
I know.
It sucks.
We'll talk about it when I get home, okay?.
Alex had a girlfriend for two days and she dumped him on the phone.
Happy Valentine's Day.
I tried to tell him she's spoiled and forget about it.
-Forget about it?.
Weren't you ever 1 5?.
SAM: Uh, no.
GATES: What happened?.
DUMAR: Brawl at an after-hours club on Fulton.
-I'm Dr.
-Get this thing out of me.
-How'd you end up with a tire iron?.
-It's this girl.
I got a fracture and a lac.
-Another one?.
-Must've been some girl.
You and Gates take tire-iron guy, the rest go to Triage.
I'll take this.
Teddy Lempel, 63, bronchospasm at a wedding.
Still going at 6 a.
Pretty raucous wedding.
We were just getting started.
They wanted to be married at daybreak on Valentine's Day.
It's a Midsummer Night's Dream themed wedding.
-T eddy was officiating.
-As Puck.
-You already guessed that.
-Hypoxic on the scene sats went up after nasal cannula O2.
-Are you all right?.
-I'm fine, I'm fine.
It was just an allergy or something.
-Don't listen to him.
-No, no, I saw.
-Turned blue.
ANDROMEDA: You need a doctor.
Lovers and madmen have such seething brains.
First unit's up.
JACKSON: Aah, my stomach, man.
Do something, please.
Take it out! Can't do anything till surgeons get here.
Give him 1 O more of morphine, first dose didn't touch him.
-I already did.
-You already did what?.
Gave 1 O of morphine about two minutes ago.
-You can't give meds without an order.
SAM: You were about to ask me for it.
GATES: I hadn't.
-Only morphine.
, I don't need an order.
-It's different.
Something goes wrong, it's my ass on the line.
-You can't give whatever you want.
-A problem?.
Systolic's down to 88, doctor.
What would you like me to do?.
Hang some more blood.
Thank you.
Gates, go sew up the lip lac.
I got this.
-Oh, come on, Archie.
-Drop it, Sam.
Set up to intubate.
We could try one more cycle.
We could.
You don't think it's a good idea.
Fifteen thousand dollars, all those hormones and only a very low chance of it working.
That's no reason to give up.
I-- I want us to raise a child, I'm not giving up on that.
I'm only saying it doesn't have to be through lVF.
So you're back to adoption then.
Why are you so against it?.
I'm not against it I just worry we wouldn't be able to love that child the same way.
Ha, ha, that's not true.
It's such an unknown, it scares me.
And if we had a biological child, do we know exactly how that's gonna go?.
Well, at least we have some idea where it came from.
What about an egg donor?.
So you'll use a stranger's egg but you won't adopt?.
-That makes no sense.
Not a stranger.
I can get an egg from someone who carries my genes.
Lara's in school at UC now.
You wanna use your niece's egg?.
You don't think that's weird?.
Mac three and an eight-oh.
-I'm gonna put a tube down your throat.
-No, man.
I don't want that.
-Etomidate or ketamine?.
-Etomidate, please.
You're not gonna feel any of this.
-Hey, Dr.
-Hi, what brings you guys around?.
The brawl at The Night Kitchen.
-The what?.
-The club where the fight broke out.
in a warehouse.
It's a wonder more don't get hurt.
Detective Trent Mallory, CPD.
Oh, uh, Claudia's been telling me about you.
Detective Diaz is our little star.
-Mind if we ask you questions?.
-Get the cops out.
-Sorry, I got stuck with a patient.
-Vitals are holding, 2OO cc's out.
I'm Dr.
Rasgotra, the trauma surgeon.
I don't need surgery and cops asking me stuff, all right?.
Just get this thing out and let me go.
[ALL SCREAM] -Etomidates in.
-Two units on the infuser.
Throw me more lap pads.
Push the sux! And let the O.
know we're sending him up now! BANFlELD: Morning.
Waiting on a rig?.
-No, a girl.
-Oh, I see.
Not like that.
A-- A little girl.
Her mum's a patient on the transplant service.
-Hi, Simon.
My foster dad.
He said to call if I need him to take me to school.
Oh, I think you're gonna be missing school today.
-I'm gonna let your mom tell you.
-Lucy, this is Dr.
-Nice to meet you.
[LUCY CHUCKLES] Good news, sweetie.
-They found me a heart.
[PAGER BEEPlNG] I knew they would.
I knew it.
The heart's in Bloomington.
I'm gonna take a helicopter there.
Now, Lucy, your mom is gonna go and get some tests and scans, then we'll take you to the operating room.
-It's all happening today?.
-That's what they tell me.
[PAGER BEEPlNG] It's the ER, I've gotta go.
Um, I'll come back as soon as I can.
-Thank you, Dr.
-Thank you.
Ten minutes?.
Are you sure?.
All right then, there's a, uh, coffee shop we can meet at across the street.
I'll see you there.
This is from my girlfriend.
Y eah, we met last winter snow-dog sledding.
-It's a crazy story.
-Yeah, I'm sure it is.
I'll be back soon.
-Jerry, is that for you?.
JERRY: Yeah, from Doris.
-The Eskimo chick?.
-She's not an Eskimo.
GATES: Excuse me.
You okay?.
Oh, yeah.
A patient freaked out.
It's under control now.
-Listen, about earlier.
-I'm sorry if I was out of line.
No, I was being a little dense.
When I'm up in the O.
I have a different kind of autonomy.
-It's hard to turn it off.
-You don't have to.
Let me know what you're doing before.
Hey, you two.
Get a room.
[GlGGLlNG] I think you've overdosed on mushrooms! GATES: Mushrooms?.
-Not that kind of mushrooms.
-When are we gonna get out?.
GATES: We're waiting on tests.
What mushrooms you talking about?.
Ah, this is T eddy Lempel, the premier mycologist in Chicago.
He's been voted Best Mushroom Man four years running by Fungi Magazine.
NlNA: l' m a chef and anyone who's anyone knows that no one can hunt down exquisite wild mushrooms like T eddy.
My gift, my curse.
All right.
Can we have some room here, please?.
Quite an entourage.
All right, I need to listen to your lungs.
This wedding is because of me, you could say.
And now it might not happen because of me.
-Which is quite a paradox.
Baby, baby, baby.
-Don't fret.
-So you're Cupid?.
Oh, it's the basidiomycetes, really some of which are known to produce a mating trigger in sows.
A sort of porcine pheromone, if you will.
I don't say I know that it works on humans but a certain beverage I concocted was imbibed by Kevin and Nina the other night their eyes met across a crowded kitchen and voila they were like Abelard and Heloise Triston and lsolde, Pyramus and Thisbe.
-Chest films are back.
-Thank you.
I need to look at these with Radiology.
I'll be back.
Come with me.
Well, don't take too long.
Love is fleeting! He'll be in surgery for a while, you'll need to come back later.
We got other interviews we need to do at the station.
-Well, nice seeing you.
You've been deprived.
Special delivery.
I'm waiting on a call from chopper transport.
I'll be in the break room if you need me.
-What's this all about?.
Oh, that's from Doris.
-The malamute breeder?.
-I told you about her?.
Lucky guess.
[PETE YORN'S ""CRYSTAL VlLLAGE"" PLAYlNG ON COMPUTER] [AMBULANCE SlREN WAlLlNG] Dawn, can you re-dress my ankle in 3 and make sure that my NPO girl is still NPO before we shift her.
DAWN: I got it.
-Excuse me.
Hey, Grady, l, uh, got your STD-Buddhist to take the penicillin.
-Oh, thank God.
Is-- Is Dr.
Morris around?.
-Uh, are you a family member?.
-I'm John Carter.
-I used to work here.
As what?.
[CHUCKLES] Can you find him?.
Can you find Dr.
-He's around somewhere.
You the one that got the nurse pregnant, and moved up to Seattle?.
[HARP PLAYlNG] -No, that was somebody else.
-Sorry, my mistake.
Elixir of love.
My Valentine's Day gift to the daring among you.
GATES: It looks fecal.
-lt works.
As what?.
A love potion?.
Puck had a magical mixture made from a flower called love-in-idleness.
And I've got my mushroom juice.
But didn't that make Titania fall in love with an ass?.
We're all asses, aren't we?.
But it was a mistake.
I mean, that's what the play is about.
It's about mistakes.
Perhaps, but without the mistake, there'd be no play, would there?.
So, what now?.
Are you done with me?.
Well, we found some abnormal nodules that are concerning.
-Did you consult a pulmonologist?.
Y eah.
Anyway, right here-- -Did you order a bronchoscopy?.
-What's that?.
It's a test where they look into your lungs.
Thanks, I got this.
We can biopsy and see what we're dealing with.
went unconscious and apneic in the rig.
Find Morris.
He should be down the hall.
Finally, a familiar face.
How the hell you been?.
Not too bad.
How about you?.
-Same old.
-What happened to this guy?.
SALTER: We're taking a statement.
He started looking bad.
-How long you in town for?.
-Uh, it all depends.
-On what?.
-A bunch of stuff, actually.
-I wanna do it.
-l-- I appreciate that, I do.
I mean, it's-- It's very sweet, but you need to think it through.
-You've explained it all to me.
-It's not like giving blood.
-It's your egg, you really should be-- -Aunt Cate.
Do you remember when I was 1 5, and I ran off with that guy?.
The 25-year-old bartender?.
-And I called you from that restaurant.
-Uh, it was a bar.
My parents had no idea.
You and Uncle Russell were the only adults I could talk to.
You saved me.
I remember driving out there.
Bringing you home.
Cleaning you up.
Getting you into bed.
That week I spent with you, sleeping in Daryl's room.
He must have been about 3.
I was so sad then.
And he was so sweet to me.
I would do anything for you.
-We brought him in as a witness.
-Flexes with painful stim but that's it.
Later he told us he got punched in the face trying to break it up.
-Tracy, what's the GCS?.
-So, what now?.
Do it.
-Archie Morris, all grown up.
No, way.
What are you doing here?.
Some business to take care of.
I'm gonna be in Chicago.
That's great.
-Ready for the etomidate.
-Pushing it.
-Thinking about some shifts.
-That's awesome.
This guy, a legend.
-We kind of met outside.
TRACY: Suction.
You might get better alignment with a shoulder roll.
Who do I talk to about getting privileges?.
Catherine Banfield, our chief.
She's out there.
-I can see the cords.
-Then go for it.
Looks like you followed my advice.
-How's that?.
-You set the tone.
I'm off to Bloomington.
They're about to cross clamp the donor's aorta in 4O minutes.
Joanie in Surgery yet?.
No, she's still in Radiology.
She should be heading to the O.
any minute.
I'll try and catch her before she goes up.
-What are you looking for?.
-Scopolamine patches.
Helicopters make me airsick.
You never told me that.
Well, planes are fine, but helicopters are so jiggly.
Well, that is good to know.
Tell me, how do you feel about boats?.
Have a safe flight.
-Hyperventilate at a rate of 26.
-CT can take him now.
MORRlS: Let's move.
-Left my backboard.
You got the story right on this guy?.
-Yeah, why?.
MORRlS: He's in pretty bad shape.
Not your average punch.
Cops took a report, people saw it happen.
Good enough.
Maybe he hit his head on the way down.
CLAUDlA: How's he doing?.
MORRlS: Not great.
Minimally responsive, we had to put a tube in to breathe for him.
He seems a lot sicker than he should be from one hit.
-Something's not right here.
It seems like our uniformed guy got a little mixed up.
Didn't happen at the club, happened at the station house.
-lt did?.
They brought the guy in for questioning turns out my guys weren't watching him as closely.
How so?.
There was a drunk thug from Garfield in the holding cell with him.
They had words and it turned ugly.
-I see.
-It's our fault.
We should have had better control of the situation.
Well, thanks for the update.
I better go check on him.
I'm gonna give you something to make your tummy feel better, all right?.
[HARP PLAYlNG] I'm telling you, drink the juice.
-Everybody's doing it.
-Oh, thanks.
But to be honest, this really doesn't look potable.
SAM: Dr.
-Hey, Sam.
How are you?.
SAM: Good.
-You should probably be back in bed.
That's for sick people.
-When did you get here?.
-A little while ago.
It's like bizarro ER.
Kind of the same but everything's different.
Well, one thing never changes.
The patients.
Welcome back.
-How are you?.
-Didn't see you come in.
-No, I kind of snuck in.
-Hey, how's Kem?.
She's good, she's great.
She's in Paris visiting her mom.
Well, how long are you in town for?.
That, uh, is still up in the air.
We're trying to figure that out.
I'm still waiting on that file, Jerry.
All right, Sam, our migraine lady's been parked in this hallway since Tuesday.
Mary, shouldn't you be, uh, leaning against a wall somewhere, smoking?.
-Meet John Carter.
-I've heard a bit about you.
-All good, I hope.
I would love to talk to you about something.
Pump-flow failed on the LVAD in radiology.
-BP took a dive.
-It's mom?.
Neela's on the way to pick up the heart.
Uh, sorry, Jim.
You'll have to catch me later.
It's John.
-Good, you guys are still here.
-ls he okay?.
Yeah, what'd the scan show?.
That's what I came to talk to you about.
You see these areas here?.
Multiple cerebral contusions as well as generalized brain edema.
-ls that really bad?.
MORRlS: Yeah, it is.
The radiologist and I are confused about something.
What's that?.
The only way to get this is from multiple blows.
Multiple blows from different directions, probably from a blunt object.
-You can tell that?.
-I don't know details but this picture doesn't match the history I'm getting.
Morris, eh-- It wouldn't be the first time something like this happened.
-What are you suggesting?.
-Whoever told you this story is lying.
The thing is, Dr Morris I'm the one telling you the story.
You don't understand, our patient is herniating.
As soon as you can.
Thank you.
-Neurosurge is in the O.
-Yeah, what else is new?.
-ln another hospital.
Guy gave me an earful about the national shortage of neurosurgeons.
They've started double-covering the Chicago hospitals.
-ls that even legal?.
-Systolics 21 4, pulse is down to 44.
Did he say how long he'd be?.
-Couple of hours, at least.
MORRlS: You're kidding.
SAM: He's gonna die if we wait.
MORRlS: But we don't have a surgeon.
All right.
So let's do it.
No, no, no.
We can't.
We don't have training or the authority to do-- What are you gonna do?.
Stand here and let the guy herniate and die?.
Sterile 8s, a bovie and a ventriculostomy tray.
Are we gonna do a ventriculostomy?.
-It's his only chance.
SAM: I'll get the twist drill.
BRENNER: Ejection fraction at only 1 8 percent.
-LVAD's definitely malfunctioning.
-What does that mean?.
The device supposed to help pump the blood isn't working.
Another 8O of Lasix.
Don't you think the girl should wait outside?.
-She can handle this.
LUCY: Fix it.
-Can you fix it?.
-Lucy, come here.
Look at me.
I'm okay.
You don't have to worry.
[EKG BEEPlNG] -Systolic's 49.
-Mom-- -Joanie, we're going to need to intubate.
-I found this in the lCU.
-What is it?.
In the event of an electrical failure, the LVAD is designed to use a hand pump.
-How do you know it's electrical failure?.
-I don't.
But it's worth a shot.
[SlGHS] BRENNER: Give it a minute.
-Good carotid.
BANFlELD: Pulse ox is coming up.
Dawn, mix a milrinone infusion.
I think this might hold us till we get to the O.
How long you gonna squeeze?.
-Until she gets a new heart.
-Gonna be any minute.
So let's get your mum upstairs.
BP's 1 90/1 1 8.
MORRlS: And -What are you doing?.
-I'm through to the white matter.
-Oh, nothing, just drilling into the brain.
Good luck with that.
MORRlS: Catheter.
TRACY: Bradying down to the 30s.
SAM: Aim it towards the medial canthus-- Opposite eye.
I know.
Everybody start praying.
How do you know you're not gonna hit a vessel?.
-I don't.
-Or a major structure like the pituitary?.
I'm nowhere near a pituitary.
I don't think.
Does the brain feel more like Jell-O or like butter?.
-Tracy, shut up.
-I'm sorry.
I mean, I'm nervous.
-Oh, my God.
MORRlS: I believe I am in.
-ls that CSF?.
Decompress the ventricles.
-Keep the lCP around 1 5.
-Heart rates up to 58 and climbing.
Recheck pressure.
Tell lCU make room.
I like it.
Nice job, Archie.
-You all right, man?.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Jerry, is Frank coming in today?.
Only if I call in sick.
No, he's not on till next week, some family thing in Cleveland.
Love is in the air.
-Did someone actually drink that?.
-That chocolate soda?.
Pretty skunky.
-No, the bogus fungus water.
-Are you sure you' re okay?.
-Y eah, all good.
I' m gonna wait for Dr.
Banfield in the lounge.
Can I just tell you, you look great in those jeans.
I know, it feels like the end of the world today but you will be falling for someone else tomorrow.
Where'd you learn that, Parenting 1 01?.
I can wait someplace else.
No, no.
Actually you saved me.
I'll get something from the Jumbo Mart.
Well, there's another thing that's different.
-That kid got like a foot taller.
-I know.
He's under the influence of a bunch of fun hormones.
Well, don't let him drink whatever Jerry's drinking.
Forget it.
So, Sam, what do you hear from Abby and Luka?.
She e-mailed me.
Sounds like it's, uh, going great.
Great for them.
[BOTH LAUGH] [DOOR OPENS] Can you check status of the transport team?.
-I want to know when they get here.
I'll call the coordinator.
-lt is good to see you.
-It's good to see you.
So you're a popular guy.
I worked here a long time.
I've been away a long time.
But I am gonna be in Chicago sort of indefinitely I was hoping to keep my skills up and maybe help you out a little.
-Help us out?.
-Pick up a few shifts.
You don't have to pay me.
I work for food.
-So you were an Attending here?.
What have you been doing since you left?.
Working in Africa.
Darfur, mostly at an lDP camp there.
I spent some time in lndonesia after the tsunami.
So now you're ready to come back to the real world?.
Well, that felt pretty real to me out there, but yeah, you could say that.
I know there's a lot of re-learning required and if you're not fully invested in it.
I don't know how long I'll be in Chicago, how many shifts I can pick up but I do know patients that come through those doors and I know quite a bit of your personnel.
And I know not to use the snack machine on 3 and how to get to the clinic without going outside in winter and the bottom right hand-drawer of the admit desk sticks unless you brace it with the bottom of your foot.
I wasted a lot of money in that snack machine.
Not anymore.
So tell me, when did you first work here?.
I was a med student in the ER in 1 994.
-You know Mark Greene, then.
I knew Mark Greene.
I learned a lot from him.
When can you start?.
-ls he gonna be all right?.
-What you guys did, I thought-- -Well, we probably saved his life.
But there's no way to know if he'll ever wake up be able to talk or understand anything.
CLAUDlA: You know.
I can tell you know.
MORRlS: Know what?.
-Don't do that.
I can tell when something's bothering you.
It was like I froze.
I didn't know what to do.
What happened?.
They took this guy into interrogation.
I stayed at the desk filling out some forms.
I go back there and there's three of them tuning him up good.
-Three cops?.
-I see them through the window.
So, what do I do?.
Go in there and tell them to give it a break?.
Get somebody else involved?.
I walk away.
Come back 1 O minutes later.
By then he's moaning on the ground, crying for help.
Eventually, they let me call 91 1.
Did you tell Detective Mallory?.
I didn't have to, because he was in there with them.
Okay, you can't just bury this.
What am I supposed to do?.
I'm the new guy, I follow orders.
I wouldn't even be there if he hadn't backed me up.
MORRlS: You can't just let this go.
-You don't get it.
-No, I do.
Things happen, deal with it.
You mean ignore it?.
There's a code on the job, you don't turn on your own.
That's something you never come back from.
Walk in, there are all picking up organs for recipients.
Robbin steps up, takes her scalpel-- BRENNER: Dr.
-The transplant attending.
She whips out the heart like it's no big deal, holds it up inspects it for a minute, then says to the room ""Looks good, thanks.
"" Thirty seconds later we're back up in the air like superheroes.
Well, you kind of are.
I don't know if I could do transplant surgeries full-time but this is kind of high.
-Robbins wants your butt in here.
-Are you off shift now?.
Uh, but I'll wait with Lucy until you're done.
ROBBlNS: Adson with teeth.
Rasgotra, you're missing all the fun.
SVC, lVC are done, saved the aorta for you.
-Wow, are you sure?.
ROBBlNS: My 8-year old could do it.
Most important thing is to cut the great vessels as close to the heart as you can.
That way we have tissue to work with when we're sewing.
NEELA: Okay.
-Less talk, more action.
NEELA: Okay.
-The aorta is divided.
-Take it out.
NEELA: The heart?.
-No, the kidney.
Yes, the big, dead organ you disconnected from circulation.
SHlRLEY: Bloomington wants a doctor.
Tell them it's going fine.
Pick it up with a clamp and pull.
Robbins, they need to speak with you.
NEELA: Voila.
SHlRLEY: They say we need to stop the transplant, there's been a mistake.
BANFlELD: Go ahead and discharge but make sure you do phone follow-up.
All right.
Gotta go.
NEELA: Lucy.
-Are you done?.
-ls the new heart in yet?.
-What's going on?.
I, uh.
Do you know what a blood type is?.
Sort of.
Your mom is a type O which means she can only get a heart from another O.
There was a mistake at the Bloomington hospital.
The donor's blood type was mislabeled.
She's an A.
If we'd put that heart in your mom, she would have died.
Fortunately, they found out before it was too late.
Your mom will get a new heart, Lucy.
[LUCY SlGHS] So, what now?.
We, uh-- We re-implant the LVAD and then we wait?.
NEELA: Well, the thing is.
The thing is, we didn't learn of the mistake until we had already taken out the old heart.
Your mom's on a cardiac bypass machine.
She needs to stay on it until we find her a new heart.
[SNlFFS] -She can't talk?.
But she'll know you're there.
[SNlFFS] CLAUDlA: Any changes?.
Well, his intracranial pressure is still spiking, it's not a good sign.
As I'm sure you're both aware, I'm required by law to report this.
Report what?.
Whenever the history doesn't match the injury we need to follow protocols.
-You know the drill.
-I don't think I do.
I've sent scalp lavage fluid to the lab where pathologists will look for substances fibers that could perhaps help fill in the blanks.
-You know, standard procedure.
-I see.
And of course I'll need to notify the state authorities start an official investigation.
[SlGHS] -What do you think you're doing, doctor?.
-My job.
See that game last night?.
The Bulls were really, uh, shooting from outside the paint.
-I don't know what you're talking about.
-Me, either.
Basketball banter.
Just trying to approximate guy talk.
Well, thanks for trying.
Can't live with them, can't shoot them.
Look, I'm no expert but if I've learned one thing it's you get your heart stomped on it's best to take all that energy and channel it into something positive.
Hi, Lucy.
Your foster dad's not here yet?.
It's okay.
I want to say good night to my mom before I go.
Well, she should be settled upstairs soon.
[SlGHS] I always knew she wasn't my mom.
I found a picture of another lady in a hospital bed holding me when I was a baby.
So I figured it out.
You're a very smart little girl.
It never bothered me.
Because she always loved me so much, and made me feel so happy.
[BANFlELD CHUCKLES] And I knew that's what a real mother did even if she's not your real mom.
Lempel, what are you doing?.
If we hold the ceremony in the next hour, we'll beat sunset.
-You can't leave now.
-Why, am I dying?.
-No, you're not dying.
-That's fantastic.
All the more reason to start celebrating.
But your bronchoscopy showed a hypersensitivity pneumonitis.
It's an immune reaction to fungal spores.
-Mushroom worker's lung.
-You've heard of it?.
Of course I've heard of it.
Pleurotus cornucopiae is a likely culprit.
I knew it was just a matter of time.
Gentleman, lady, thank you very much.
This place is nowhere near as bad as its reputation.
You need to stay and be treated.
-What do you mean, no?.
I don't know why you need me to tell you this but, uh, the only definitive treatment for mushroom worker's lung is to stay away from mushrooms.
And that, my friends, is not an option.
You'd rather have lung disease than stay away from mushrooms?.
If mushrooms be the food of love, play on.
If we shadows have offended, Say but this and all is mended -What was that?.
Why you pull that stunt?.
Put the squeeze on him like that?.
T o see that the right thing happens.
I was gonna tell him, handle it.
-Well, it didn't seem like that.
-Ha, now you wanna judge me?.
-I'm trying to help.
-Well, stop.
Last thing I need is them knowing I opened up my mouth.
Just the two I was looking for.
Morris, it turns out, there was an incident that some of the guys didn't feel they wanted to be up-front about.
It's being dealt with now.
MORRlS: Dealt with?.
The officers involved will be disciplined, maybe even prosecuted.
We can't abide that kind of infraction.
Can we, Detective Diaz?.
-No, sir.
MALLORY: I appreciate your help.
Make sure to get you a report so that your records can accurately reflect the cause of injury.
Thank you.
So you got any shifts you want me to work?.
Banfield said yes?.
-T ook a little persuading.
-Oh, she's no pushover.
-I'll be around.
-That's great, man.
You seem good.
TRACY: Thanks for showing me how to tube the effusion.
NEELA: No problem.
Check a film in an hour and call me if the fluid reaccumulates.
Grasshopper, the student has become the teacher.
I heard you were lurking about.
-How have you been?.
-Oh, I've had better days.
I hear the Carter Center is opening.
Had a few setbacks but official opening, a few weeks.
You and Kem must be so proud.
Y eah.
So I'll be around, I'll buy you a cup of coffee -and tell you tales of Africa.
-I look forward to hearing them.
John! Call me.
NEELA: Uh, what are you doing?.
It's freezing out here.
[SPEAKlNG lN lTALlAN] Oh, uh, I'm sorry.
I think I just called you my sweet idiot.
NEELA: Simon, what are we doing here?.
This is the closest that we've got to a canal for now.
But I am determined-- So determined to do better.
-What's this?.
-That's an lOU.
We take a week off in April and the spring, as you know, is the perfect time to visit Venice.
-You wanna go to Venice?.
With you.
All right.
I think this qualifies as a romantic gesture.
Y es.
No, this is nothing.
This is just the beginning.