ER s15e18 Episode Script

What We Do

Do you want me to sit?.
We're rolling.
It's a little warm in here.
Must be the, uh-- All right.
So you guys started yesterday, huh?.
INTERVlEWER: You can relax, Dr.
And you're interested in, what?.
Life in the ER?.
INTERVlEWER: We're documenting the challenges of emergency care in the 21 st century.
And you wanna know what?.
INTERVlEWER: About you.
The people who work here.
What you do.
INTERVlEWER: How long have been at County?.
I started about 1 5 years ago.
That's actually kind of hard to believe.
INTERVlEWER: Can you focus here?.
Oh, here?.
Y ep.
Oh, uh, I was a med student then and, uh.
Well, the thing that you realize pretty soon is that you see it all you see the whole spectrum of human experience.
[CHUCKLES] Does that sound a little pretentious?.
It did, right?.
So pretent-- Uh, well, you guys are gonna probably-- Anyway.
[CLEARS THROAT] Um, well, whatever you can imagine, it happens here.
Sometimes you're there for the end, and that part never gets easier.
Uh, it can be the loneliest place in the world.
Or where you go for a second chance.
And every once in a while, if you're smart, or lucky, maybe you find exactly what you need right here.
-Come on, you can be a little late.
-No, I can't.
-What's so important?.
-Um, a murder investigation?.
Oh, that's the best you can come up with?.
Ha, ha, you're cute.
MORRlS: Hey, did you mean what you said?.
You hate the way this place is decorated?.
You're a man, okay?.
Just get rid of the futon.
I love that futon.
What's with this paint?.
It's like shades of feces.
-You know, that's all I'm saying.
-Ha, ha.
I was a bachelor till very recently.
Don't worry, Archie.
I'll whip you into shape.
[DOOR CLOSES] [CHlLDREN CHATTERlNG] CARTER: The one thing that you keep learning is that you can never think that you know what's coming.
[SPEAKlNG lN SPANlSH] CARTER: Because when the rig rolls up and the doors pop open you have no idea what's inside.
T alk to me.
B541 2, my partner's been shot.
I' m at 2549 West Harrison, third floor, rear landing.
Returned fire, officer needs assistance.
So the only rule is [DOOR OPENS] HALEH: Dr.
-never relax.
Sorry to interrupt.
Two GSWs, five minutes out.
One's a detective, multiple wounds.
All right.
Set up both trauma rooms and call for some O-neg.
I gotta go.
INTERVlEWER: Uh, can we finish this later?.
If you can find me.
The most common thing I see?.
That's easy.
Rectal insertions.
I say ""stat""-- Yeah, I say ""stat"" quite often.
This guy, he was, um, high on PCP but he was, like, over seven feet tall and we had him strapped down on a gurney.
I mean, the funny part is, is that it doesn't matter if it's a shampoo bottle, a light bulb, a whisk, whatever they always tell you the same story: ""l fell on it.
"" Thoracotomy, stat, ha, ha.
""l fell on it""?.
And that guy got up and he had the gurney strapped to his back, ha, ha and he was chasing us all up and down the hall.
People in Australia can understand me, which is good.
I've got an accent.
Yes I have, um-- [FRANK SCOFFS] ""Just clerks""?.
Those were his words.
""Just clerks""?.
He said that we didn't count as emergency healthcare providers.
Who is this he?.
-The writer, I think?.
Of a documentary?.
Documentaries have writers?.
Well, he pieces it together or something, I guess.
That's what's wrong with television.
He seemed like a pipsqueak to me.
So you've met him?.
He interviewed us yesterday.
The nurses?.
Got their own day?.
Get over it, Frank.
We go to school for this.
That's it.
If they can make own stupid reality show, so can l.
Can't argue with that.
Uh, l-- I don't think that's such a good idea.
Press and point.
You know how to work these things.
Okay, okay, but there's nothing wrong with a life lived out of the spotlight.
A stack of files, a broken stapler, a three-hole punch.
But lives are saved and lost right here.
It's a desk, Frank.
Admit, the nerve center of the ER.
What you're about to see is a document of those who serve as the gatekeepers.
My name is Martin, Frank Martin.
Jerry Markovic.
The few, the proud.
[lN UNlSON] The desk clerks.
[SlRENS WAlLlNG NEARBY] That film crew get to you yet?.
They just asked me boring questions about the effect of the economy.
The effect is that people get poor then they use guns to get money, the ER stays busy.
GATES: Now you tell me.
What we getting?.
-I heard officer down.
-How'd he get shot?.
-He's a she.
NEWKlRK: This one's ours.
Perp's coming behind.
-Okay, we got this one.
-Claudia Diaz.
I think you guys know her.
GATES: She and Morris have a thing.
-A thing?.
Is that what it is?.
CARTER: What happened here?.
Son of a bitch shot me when I was walking away.
I bit my damn tongue.
[COUGHlNG] Lucky you had your vest on.
I feel real lucky right now.
PlCKMAN: Here's the shooter.
Took multiple shots.
Get chest and abdominal films.
Type and cross-- [COUGHlNG] -Type and cross for four.
-You all right, boss?.
Work on access when we get in.
-Does Archie know?.
My partner's still on the scene.
-He said he'd call him.
-I'll try to, just be sure.
Thank you for bringing breakfast.
You know, this is nice, what you're doing.
Oh, you like it?.
You know, I was torn between an eggshell white and something bolder.
Like a robin-egg type thing.
I sound gay.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
You're nervous.
Well, it's kind of risky, asking her to move in.
Maybe she'll say no.
I think any girl would appreciate a guy willing to repaint for her.
How are things going with the Wonder From Down Under?.
Good, I guess.
As long as we don't talk much.
Typical guy.
Fellas have to have your deepest thoughts and feelings pried from your cold, dead fingers, but.
Still, he's hard to figure.
Well, it's understandable.
You know, with what happened to him as a kid.
I told him he needs to see somebody.
Well, if you've been hurt like that, you know, sexually at a young age, it doesn't just go away on its own.
Well, it's, um, good he confides in you.
It's been hard for him moving to Chicago.
There's you and there's me.
That's basically his whole circle of friends.
Real ones, anyway.
Wait, you didn't--?.
-He never told you?.
-lt, um-- -Neela, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to-- -lt explains a lot, um-- I have get to work by 9.
We've got a complicated triple-A repair Dubenko wants me in on.
-No, Neela-- -I'll see you later.
Decrease on the right.
Ten blade, sterile 8's and a-- [CARTER COUGHlNG] And a chest-tube tray.
She took two shots.
One in the buttock, one in the shoulder.
-An exit wound in the chest.
-I told you to get a desk job.
Oh, uh.
-Bastard shot in the back.
-How's your partner?.
-All right.
-You were covered?.
-Any pain here?.
-Oh, yeah.
-lt wasn't like that.
-Do you know?.
-lt was clean.
-Four milligrams morphine lV.
[THUDS] HALEH: We're out of 28.
Is 32 okay?.
-It's not okay.
It's too big.
-Let's get the films.
I'll do the chest tube.
-I'm okay.
-Just dig up a 28 someplace.
-Sats, 88.
[CARTER CLEARS THROAT] GATES: Are you sure you're okay with this?.
MORRlS: It's all you guys.
-I'm sorry, this has to stay on you.
[CARTER CLEARS THROAT] Somebody get the sterile 8's, please, ahem.
-Bullet crossed the mediastinum.
GATES: Well, that doesn't sound good.
-Probable aortic injury.
-I need a 28.
-Try the hallway.
-Whoa, whoa, half a liter out.
All right, hold compressions.
He's still asystole.
[EKG BEEPlNG RAPlDLY] Okay, start up.
Let's hang another unit.
-Should we do a thoracotomy?.
-Aorta's transected.
-There isn't much point.
-It's worth a shot, isn't it?.
When you're new, everything's a question.
Even when you know you know something you say it with an inflection.
It's never, ""Thoracotomy.
"" It's more like, um, ""Thoracotomy?.
"" [KNOCKlNG ON DOOR] You got my smokes?.
The orderly said he could get me a carton of Salems for the right price.
That was two days ago.
I hate smoking these things.
Taste like wet leaves.
Where's Carlos?.
I was, uh, kind of hoping today would be the day you remember me.
I remember you well enough.
I'm your daughter.
I'm Sam.
I said, I know who you are.
[MARY WHEEZlNG] They told me you've been around.
That's good.
You're more alert.
Yeah, this place is like a dream come true.
I feel like I won the Super Lotto.
[SAM CLEARS THROAT] Turn off my tank for me, would you?.
You can't smoke in here.
It's against the rules.
So it's your turn now, is that right?.
I just wanna make sure that you're okay.
Kelly and I both do.
Kelly never left.
Kelly stayed home and took care of me.
I don't know what you've been doing.
-You kicked me out.
-I didn't.
You called me a whore and a slut.
I didn't belong to you anymore.
You didn't care what happened to me.
You were always dramatic.
You told me no one would even notice I was gone.
I was 1 5 years old.
What happened to that baby of yours?.
His name's Alex.
When a head injury rolls into the ER, every minute counts.
-And, um-- -Delays.
T alk about delays.
A delay of even 1 5 minutes can mean the difference between life Hey.
and death.
[EKG BEEPlNG] HALEH: Here's the pelvic film.
[CARTER COUGHlNG] Brenner's calling it next door.
The guy lost a lot of blood.
Ahem, how we doing in here?.
CLAUDlA: I can't stay.
I'm late for a meeting.
-She's not lucid.
-They lose him?.
HALEH: Yeah.
-Well, I bet no one will miss him.
Come on, a guy died.
Bullet traversed the pelvis.
Could have hit it.
Or the bladder or the uterus on the way through.
-Where's Surgery?.
-ln the OR.
They promised they'd send someone in few minutes.
-There's fluid around the liver.
-Tachy at 1 34.
CARTER: Hang a unit, type specific.
Gonna need an ex-lap.
Maybe not.
Let's CT her.
It's gonna take time for the surgeons.
She could be out of the scanner in 1 O minutes.
Of course.
Mac 4 and 7.
MORRlS: lntubate?.
-Protect her airway.
GATES: Airway's fine.
-Don't know.
-Lungs are re-expanded.
-This isn't the time.
-This is the time.
-He's right.
You're right.
Laryngoscope and a tray, please.
-How's she doing?.
MORRlS: How's it look?.
-Hang in there, Diaz.
MORRlS: What happened?.
We were taking statements on a murder case.
Some guy started shooting through the door.
-Can I get that laryngoscope?.
MORRlS: Where were you?.
BERNSTElN: Right next to her.
MORRlS: Not a scratch.
What a lucky guy.
BERNSTElN: Problem?.
-Not as long as you had her back.
-Think about slowing your roll.
-ls that what I wanna do?.
Take it from me.
A badge beats a lab coat any day.
Band of brothers, right?.
Where's your chief?.
The department?.
On their way, pal.
Ease up.
This guy always such an asshole?.
Hey, come on.
You wanna get into it with me?.
You got us both in frame there, Boris?.
Composition not ideal.
You are freakishly tall and Frank's head is square like block of wood.
Thanks for the input, Spielberg.
In this segment, we are going to highlight some of the unsung heroes of the ER.
First up is Sadiq, the computer guy.
Sadiq Gilbran-Hassani, I'm not just the computer guy.
My family has illustrious history in Syria before we were forced out.
Uh, let's just try to stay on point, Sadiq, okay?.
Without me, there'd be no timely lab results or x-ray readings which are crucial in saving of life.
You let me know when I can speak again, hey, Uncle Sam?.
-Thank you, Sadiq.
-You're the boss.
And this is Crystal Hung, pharmacy tech.
Okay, when a doctor says, ""l need an amp of lidocaine,"" a nurse goes to get it.
If there's no lidocaine, it's a problem.
I put the lidocaine in the cart, every damn day.
So that's that.
Very interesting.
And here we have good old Fred T ennyson custodial service engineer and catcher for the ER softball team.
I switch out whatever's broken.
Like light bulbs.
Without light bulbs, it's hard to see.
And doctors, they-- Well, you know, they need to see stuff.
And, uh, here we have, um [CLEARS THROAT] uh, from the cafeteria.
[lN SPANlSH] [lN ENGLlSH] And without food we would all go hungry.
[lN SPANlSH] [lN ENGLlSH] And on, uh, camera we have Boris from, uh, Media Services.
Please leave me out of this.
This is horrible.
When was your last dialysis?.
MORRlS: Banfield thought I should know.
It was two days ago.
I'm not due for another four hours.
Must be fluid overloaded since he's not making urine.
-Waiting on kidney transplant?.
-Any fever?.
Increased salt or fluid intake?.
Maybe an extra sip of coffee.
I had a handful of popcorn.
Nothing crazy.
Sometimes this kind of thing is idiopathic.
-lt can happen when on chronic dialysis.
-I know.
[EKG BEEPlNG RAPlDLY] MARQUEZ: Systolic's down to 92.
MORRlS: Let's get Nephrology here.
And grab the ultrasound.
If there's a big effusion, we need to tap it.
Get my nephrologist, Gustavo Petrov at Northwestern.
Anyone else you want us to call?.
I'll be right back.
Pelvic trajectory goes through the soft tissues.
-Could have bagged the arteries.
-I need the ultrasound.
How's she doing?.
-She needs angio.
-She should go to the OR.
-Didn't enter the peritoneum.
-We don't know that.
Let's not argue here.
I'm not denying she needs surgery.
I'm saying -that let's look at the iliacs first.
-There's no hematoma.
-What if she's bleeding in OR?.
-We'll deal with it.
-You've got vascular standing by?.
-Did you listen to a word?.
-You're not thinking things through.
We've got time to be systematic.
Angio, retrograde cystogram.
-Let's not lose our head-- -Calm down and make a decision.
Archie, it's your call.
Angio or surgery?.
You guys need to decide this.
Bone fragments in the bladder wall.
She needs the OR.
The pace down here is visceral.
It demands being instinctive in the moment.
I prefer having time to think something through hash out different possible versions, make a plan.
I mean, that's why I'm better at being a surgeon than I was strictly working in the ER.
You're gonna get in trouble if they catch you doing that.
Maybe they'll throw me out.
You know, if you don't want me here, you should just say so.
It's not like I'm gonna leave, but at least we could talk about it.
Why don't we just try to forget our mistakes and wipe the slate clean.
What mistakes?.
-The ones that we both made.
-Speak for yourself.
All right, you know what?.
I' m not gonna sit and play along with you as the martyr and me as the evil child.
You don't have to sit here at all.
I was young and dumb and in love, Mom.
I believed everything he said.
I raised you better than that.
I raised you better than that.
No, you didn't.
You actually know you didn't.
What is this?.
It's all wet?.
Did you spill something?.
Leave it.
-I'll get somebody to clean it up.
It's what they get paid for.
I don't want the staff in here.
I said stop.
-It's disgusting.
-It's not.
Leave it.
Would you please get out of here, you bitch?.
-Get out.
Get out of here.
-Give it to me.
-Give it to me.
-Get out.
[KNOCKlNG ON DOOR] Mary, I was coming to get you for Flex and Fun.
You ready?.
[WHEEZlNG] Do I look like I'm ready for Flex and Fun, you idiot?.
So your mother's stroke affected her frontal lobe.
Do you know what that is?.
-Y es, I'm a nurse.
-Oh, I thought you were in fashion.
No, that's my sister.
I didn't realize there were two of you.
Anyway, what we see with frontal lobe injuries is the filters come down.
The ability to self-censor, be empathetic, sensitive, all tends to be affected.
Yeah, I know what you're getting at.
So the things that she says, it's not really her.
It's the stroke talking.
It changed her.
I appreciate what you're saying, I do.
But the thing is, uh my mother hasn't changed a bit.
What you see in there, that's who I grew up with.
That's exactly how I remember her.
A bit more angle on the needle.
I'll be right back.
We'll, uh, do a liver lac, then explore the pelvis.
Urology will fix the bladder.
GYN will scrub in to address the uterine issue.
-Primary repair will get it done?.
-I hope so.
But she may need a hysterectomy.
-Well, whatever you have to do.
She has four units cross-matched.
We'll have them sent up with her.
OR's ready.
[WHlSPERlNG] I hate the fact that you put yourself in danger every day.
Every time you do, I'm so proud of you.
Okay, let's go.
-How's it going?.
GATES: Fluid is serosanguineous and Johnny boy here is a backseat driver.
MORRlS: John.
-He's in V-tach.
-No pulse.
GATES: Did I irritate the myocardium?.
-It's not your fault.
Five hundred of calcium gluconate, amp of D5O.
-We don't know his potassium.
-Trust me.
-It's high if the kidneys can't excrete it.
-All right.
-Charged to 36O.
-Still V-tach.
You guys have a consult for Renal?.
-Mg of epi, 1 50 of amiodarone.
-Excuse me, Dr?.
-Emily Haverman from Nephrology.
Gates, switch.
-You're a student?.
-Fourth year.
I'm doing a rotation.
That is an ER Attending coding on the table and this is not a teaching case.
So, please, turn around, walk out get your Attending, and come back now.
Wheeler would prefer if I examined-- -I'm trying to remain professional.
If you're not walking away within three seconds I swear to God, I may start doing compressions on your head.
I spent a lot of years in the Army, jumping out of choppers and I thought I was a team player.
But I wasn't.
Not until I got here.
K's 7.
-Calcium's on board.
-Going again.
[EKG BEEPlNG] Back in sinus.
-Carotid's good.
-Recheck the lytes now and q3O.
I'm Dr.
Wheeler from Nephrology.
-My Attending.
-Perfect timing.
You saved me?.
I'll never live it down.
SAM: Mom?.
I gotta get to work.
When's Kelly coming back?.
A week, maybe.
I must have spilled some water on that blanket or something.
I don't know.
I'll take care of it.
And I'll get it back to you tonight.
I'm gonna keep coming here.
No matter what.
You won't go through this alone.
You do what you gotta do.
We all have our cross to bear.
The UNOS list can take a long time.
Have you thought about direct donation?.
-Yeah, I've considered it.
Your wife not a match?.
If not, we have a paired organ-donor program.
-The two of you could qualify.
-Y eah, I'm aware of that program.
I just haven't talked to Kem about that yet.
There's very little risk in testing.
Well, it's just not something we're in a place to get together on right now.
Does she know about your status?.
She knows that I have some medical issues and I came back to Chicago.
She's in France.
She's visiting her family.
I left the whole thing kind of vague.
I will shut up now.
I'm just kind of tired.
-I'll split.
-Pull that curtain for me?.
You got it.
Hey, I didn't realize you were coming in.
Yeah, me either.
I got paged for an organ transport.
Heart donor.
-Plane leaves in two hours.
-How's your mom?.
Visiting her makes me feel like Jodie Foster in Silence in the Lambs.
Hey, no offense, but this smells like piss.
I' m supposed to bring that to her but l' m not gonna make it.
-I'll take care of it for you.
-Y eah.
-All you do is send it up to Laundry -and drop it off on your way home.
-Not a problem.
-You sure don't mind?.
-Did I not just volunteer?.
You know, you're not such an ass as some people say.
Thank you.
[CHUCKLES] Um, what were we talking about?.
But, you know, eventually, I started to figure things out as a doctor.
You know, and how I fit in professionally with this place in this community of people, you know.
That's a big, big part of it, for me is, uh, being good with yourself and who you are, and who you're meant to be.
You know, finding yourself.
And then there's the next step after that which is finding somebody else.
And sometimes you think: ""You know, that's just-- That's never gonna happen for me.
"" Then you meet someone who makes you feel you know.
Who gets you and you get her.
Someone you can imagine.
S-- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
People think all we do is scrub poop and vomit off the floor.
But I refill the paper towels, the toilet papers stock the soap, the dispensers.
Without clean hands, you get lots of bad infections.
She's right.
Nosocomial infections cause over He knows.
So, boys, what's this all about?.
Oh, the interview guy said that we were non-essential staff.
-We're offering a rebuttal.
You're essential.
You're quintessential.
-Um, yeah.
-I'm sure you'll set him straight.
-Let me get a little rest, eh?.
Hey, hey.
I think this lady's having an allergic reaction or something.
Uh, okay, we'll page somebody.
Let's put her right over here.
FRANK: Let's get Morris.
JERRY: Morris is upstairs.
FRANK: How about Brenner?.
-Uh, critical lCU.
How long have you had this rash?.
[WHEEZlNG] An hour.
-Oh, she's having trouble breathing.
-Did she say ""penis""?.
-This is getting weird.
It's a peanut allergy.
I knew a kid who had this in school.
-He died.
[MARGlE GASPS] -Oh, man.
She's not moving any air.
-We need help.
JERRY: Uh, uh.
[MARGlE WHEEZlNG] No, we don't.
[SlGHS] MARGlE: Thank you.
[BOTH LAUGHlNG] -Oh, in your face, reality boy.
Do we look non-essential now?.
I thought you'd be upstairs working on Claudia.
Uh, Urology is doing the bladder reconstruction.
They swapped me out for their own resident.
-I'm, uh, going on a heart retrieval so I figured I'd grab a coffee before the airport.
A heart retrieval for Joanie?.
-Yeah, it's good news.
-That's fantastic.
The, uh, heart's in Seattle, so we won't be back until the middle of the night.
Are we all right?.
What do you think?.
Well, um, that something's bothering you.
Clever twist.
Forget it.
Explain it to me.
Hey, how is my being worried about you a twist?.
Because you keep turning everything around.
I, uh-- I don't think I'm smart enough to fight with you.
Like that.
You're plenty smart enough, but right now it's easier to make me seem hyper-analytical.
This morning, it wasn't going your way, so I was irrational.
-I never said you-- -I'm the one bothered by something.
I'm the one refusing to have a reasonable conversation and I'm the one who doesn't make sense.
-It's all a defense mechanism.
Defense for what?.
I don't know.
Something you haven't told me?.
I don't tell anyone everything.
Then what are we doing?.
We hit a speed bump weeks ago and you react by disappearing.
We see each other all the time.
We talk, we sleep together.
There's a way to do all those things and still disappear.
Why would I wanna do that?.
Tell me.
Now, Neela, there are things that should be kept private.
Not between two people trying to figure out if they belong together.
-Now, I am comfortable with you.
-Well, maybe that's not enough.
Not when I have to find out things important things, about you from other people.
Oh, so that's it, that's it, is it?.
I'm not chatty enough so you go snooping -trying to get under my skin?.
-It's not like that.
Make me be what you think a boyfriend should be?.
Sharing my emotions and talking about every stupid damn thing that bothers me?.
No! Look, a terrible thing was done to you.
I understand that.
I hate that it happened.
But somewhere in all of what's gone on between us, one thing is clear we're not meant to be together.
It doesn't mean we don't care about each other deeply.
You know, I truly believe there's something better out there for both of us whenever we're ready for it.
Something more right.
[SlREN WAlLlNG] -Northwestern, huh?.
-T oo good for County.
Well, what can I say, Frank.
I've seen how you care for your patients here.
Morris says to make sure they check another potassium -as soon as you get there.
-Thanks, Haleh.
We're gonna see you soon, right?.
Not if I see you first.
Folks, it's only a mile away.
You can visit him when we're not on the clock.
Primary repair worked.
So I guess the world can look forward to a gaggle of olive-skinned kids with red hair and freckles.
You know, if that's something that you want.
The life you lead, the things that you have been through they define how you do your job.
The quality of-- The quality of your work.
Especially in a place like this.
So at the, uh.
At the end of the day, you choose to, ahem, deny or deal.
INTERVlEWER: And which do you choose?.
It's evolving.
I'm evolving.
All I know is that I know, um that there is a lot of work that I need to do.
Can you be more specific about that?.
Not with you.
I'm Tony Gates.
I work with Sam.
I used to play.
You know, at Christmas time, I'd play the carols.
[BANGS PlANO KEYS] It's all gone now.
Yeah, well, Sam wanted me to get this back to you.
Well, she said she was coming by.
Well, she, uh, can't tonight.
She's on a work call.
-And you are?.
-I am a friend.
A friend?.
-Do you smoke?.
-No, ma'am.
I don't.
[WHEEZlNG] That's too bad.
You're a good-looking fellah though, aren't you?.
Must be the lighting in here.
[CHUCKLES] Do you know that out of all these people in here I'm the youngest one by about 1 5 years.
What the hell did I do to deserve this?.
I can't imagine.
[MARY CHUCKLES] I don't want her to stop coming.
So if she thinks that's so, you tell her it's not.
You know, Sam's an amazing person.
She's very strong, she's overcome a lot of obstacles.
When you get to know her, you'd be very proud.
-She hates me.
-No, she doesn't.
-Well, she thinks that I hate her.
-Then change that.
Well, it's up to you.
Have a good night.
MARY: Hey.
You're not lying, are you?.
She's gonna come back tomorrow?.
When Sam makes up her mind, nothing stops her.
I love helping people.
You know, originally, I wanted to be the first baseman for the Chicago Cubs.
-The thing I hate most about my job?.
-The smells.
-The smells.
Human body's got some pretty interesting smells.
What's the dating life like?.
Well, I'm not gonna tell you.
[LAUGHlNG] It's personal.
A patient is a patient.
Um, pain is pain.
It's universal.
And I reached a point about five years ago where I started to feel that every day was the same thing.
And I'd had enough.
But I've been through a lot of stuff since then.
And now I try to embrace the idea that everything that happens has never happened before.
Like that saying that you can't stand in the same river twice because by the time that you come back it's not the same river.
And you're not the same man.
Anyway I look around this place now and I can't imagine ever finding it boring.
Because right at the moment that you think you've seen it all something happens that you never could have expected.