Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) (2016) s01e04 Episode Script


1 March 1st, 18 years ago.
As usual, Hinazuki was standing alone in this park.
I think it was a little before six.
At the time, I was on my way to the hideout.
I went looking for my missing gloves.
I don't remember if the gloves were actually there.
After leaving the hideout, I looked towards the bank and saw Yuuki sitting there, facing the river.
After that, when I cut back through the park, Hinazuki was gone.
February 24th All right, all eyes on the blackboard.
Kayo Hinazuki is going to be the first victim in a series of kidnappings and murders, a week from now.
MARCH X-day.
Safely getting through March 1st and spending the next day with Hinazuki at my birthday party That would definitely change the future.
I'll make sure those crimes never happen.
ERASED February 25th 1988 Morning, Satoru.
Breakfast will be ready in a few.
Yea Thank you for this meal.
Hey, Mom I want to go out next Saturday.
On a date? N-Not like that! I thought we'd all go to the Science Center.
Too bad.
If it were a date, I'd give you money for it.
Seriously? It really is a date, isn't it? Yeah.
You should bring her here.
We'll have hot pot or something.
Hinazuki will be here for the birthday party.
Hinazuki, from the fifth block.
She's already asking me leading questions.
Just be careful when you go out.
Thank you.
Now hurry up and eat your breakfast.
Right! Ice Hockey Club 1988 National Champions Rise.
Goodbye! "Liveman" is starting soon! Isn't it cool? Yeah! What's a "falcon"? A hunting bird! You know a lot! Saturday I'm going to take Hinazuki away from her house or, more precisely, her mother's abuse.
- Sensei! - Sensei! What is it? I don't get this, so explain it to me.
Let's see It ticks me off how they're all so flirty with him.
You know everything, Sensei! Until recently, you were the same way, weren't you? Don't be stubborn.
You can go up there, too, y'know.
What's that, "y'know"? Are you trying to sound cool? Crap.
Sensei thinks I'm a thief.
And so do you.
Never mind.
Hey, you guys.
I have an idea.
What is it, Satoru? Um Why don't we all go to the Science Center on Saturday? I'm gonna ask Hinazuki, too.
That's a great! Sorry, Satoru.
I have something to do that day and I can't get out of it.
O-Oh Sorry, Satoru.
I got somethin' important to do, so I can't go either.
T-That's right.
I wanna go, but I've got something to do, too.
M-Me too.
Oh It's better for just you and Hinazuki to go! See you! Fujinuma Did something happen? Uh, no I told them I couldn't play on Saturday because I have a date with you.
Should I say that? I did say that But my mother told me to get home early on Saturday.
There's a place I wanna take you.
I'll try talking to her.
Kenya Could you stop by the staff room? Forget it.
I don't believe in two children going out somewhere together.
It wouldn't just be to play! It's a learning experience, too.
You can learn at home.
Kayo helps me at home on Saturdays.
Helps? With what? Helps you blow off steam? I'm not obliged to tell you that.
Why do you want Hinazuki to stay home so badly? I can think of several reasons! For one, you're both children.
If something were to happen, who would take responsibility?! She's turning it against me.
What's with you? Taking my surly daughter somewhere What do you stand to gain? When it comes to saving a friend, there are no gains or losses! Saving? Saving Kayo from what? You think you're a prince on a white horse? Crap.
I shouldn't have hinted at her abuse.
What do you think, Kayo? You want to go with this kid? Get your minds out of the gutter, you perverted brats! Mom! Stop it, Ms.
You don't call children "perverted brats.
" Ms Fujinuma This isn't your business.
I'd say half of it is.
You see, my son shows motivation in everything he does.
And I want to help him.
After all, I'm his parent.
I think your household and mine are similar.
Why don't you visit for a chat next time? Kayo, get inside.
S-Saturday I'll see you then.
Did I butt in? No.
Thank you.
I got off work early.
It's lucky that I happened to see you two and followed you here.
You followed us?! I-I'm kidding, of course.
But well, everything should be okay for today.
That girl was actually wearing nice clothes.
It's because the mother cares about appearances.
HINAZUKI Do you know what's going on over there? No.
But between our conversation and seeing the mother, I can take a guess.
She didn't work for a TV news department for nothing.
Kayo is a cute girl.
What am I embarrassed for? I'm 29 years old! Don't abandon her now.
Of course not.
February 27th - Saturday February 27th, Saturday.
It's a clear day.
It seems Hinazuki's mother has refrained from physical abuse for the past several days.
That's my friend.
Are you stupid? I love this place! There's hardly anyone here.
Isn't it exciting, like we just snuck in? When I see somebody else, I hide.
She didn't say, "Are you stupid?" Look at this! PLANETARIUM Wanna see the planetarium? It's good timing.
We saw plenty of stars last time.
That's true.
I'm gonna run to the bathroom.
I'll be around here.
What is this feeling? Is it déjà vu? I often came here, but it's my first time with Hinazuki.
Hinazuki Fujinuma Thank you for inviting me today.
Did you know I liked this place, too? Did I know? Is that why I chose this place? Do people who want to make manga Do people who want to make manga tend to come to places like this? I remember this same conversation from 18 years ago.
I came here alone then and ran into Hinazuki by chance.
What is it? N-Nothing.
M-Maybe there is a connection.
Am I repeating the same time? I intend to change the future, but I've unwittingly been riding the same rail of time? Hinazuki, I'll carry your coat.
Now? I can change a lot through my own behavior.
Believe it.
I can change the future.
Fujinuma I'm glad I mustered the courage and came here.
Yeah Satoru! Hinazuki! Hey there! I finished what I had to do early.
Sorry we're late.
It's changed.
Are we in the way? Of course not! Right, Hinazuki? Right.
Satoru is a gentleman! Episode 4 Accomplishment 5th Grade, Class 4 Good morning! Morning, Fujinuma.
M-Morning, Hinazuki.
That's a relief.
It's Monday, but she's not late.
You're pretty.
I actually said that D-Did you just hear that?! February 29th - Oh my God! - Satoru's got guts! Are they gonna get married?! Idiot! First they gotta get engaged! - What's that? - Congrats! Hey! I'm ready to get started.
HOPE Hinazuki is due to be murdered tomorrow.
March 1st.
This is the real showdown.
See you, Hiromi! See you tomorrow! Hey, Hinazuki I'll pick you up at your house tomorrow.
Let's walk to school together.
Mom Good evening.
Well, I'll stop by tomorrow morning! See you later! Okay! I left the house a little early.
March 1st, 1988.
The day Hinazuki disappeared 18 years ago.
Good morning.
But today is different.
Good morning, Fujinuma.
Good morning.
Hinazuki isn't going anywhere.
Well, see you later.
- Morning! - Morning! Circumstances have changed a lot between 18 years ago and now.
Satoru's got guts! Hinazuki was targeted because she was always alone in the park.
Well, you guys all better be there tomorrow.
- Sure! - Of course.
Those circumstances disappeared days ago.
Hey, let's stop at the children's center.
And I'm with her today.
I want to get home early today.
Don't be like that.
Hang out with me.
It'll be fine.
I win again.
You're good! It's still fine! Hey, Fujinuma I wanna go home.
Snow RESTAURANT ROW Answer the questions below: Question 1: Make a sentence using the word "pole" in it.
The polar bear from the North Pole ate the teacher.
The polar bear from the North Pole ate the teacher.
Answer the questions below: Question 1: Make a sentence using the word "pole" in it.
I'll pick you up tomorrow, too! See you then! Okay.
I said it as loud as I could.
It was for Hinazuki, her mother inside, and anyone else who may have been listening nearby.
I was saying that I'm here.
X-day is almost over.
I got through it this easily? I'm an idiot.
Coming here I did it! With this one day, I definitely changed history.
Morning, Mom.
It's not even six yet! See you later! What about breakfast? After that, I couldn't sleep a wink.
And at that moment, I wanted to see Hinazuki's face as soon as possible! Morning, Hinazuki.
Are you stupid? Is everyone still okay for today? You know it! We're gonna go to your house and par-tay! Then let's all go shopping first— Hey, Satoru! Kayo! Come here.
I want your help.
Why today of all days? We don't have a choice.
It's probably because we blew off the last cleaning duty.
I guess This is heavy.
But no one's waiting for us.
That's kind of cold-hearted.
SAKAI SUPERMARKE BARGAIN SALE That's exactly 5,000 yen.
Come to think of it, it was 5,000 yen on the nose 18 years ago, too.
I was in such high spirits because of my birthday that I spent all the money I had.
Did Mom and I make tons of sandwiches, but just the two of us ate them? I'm back! One, two SATORU & HINAZUKI HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Satoru! Hinazuki! Happy birthday! Y-You secretly made all this? They said they wanted to do it themselves, so I gave them a hand.
Don't tell me the after school duty, too Yep.
We asked Mr.
He told us it was Hinazuki's birthday, too.
Happy Birthday Satoru Happy Birthday Kayo Well, we did want to surprise you a bit.
I was surprised! And Satoru insisted on getting two cakes.
I'm sorry, Fujinuma.
I didn't have time to finish your present.
Were you working on something? Yeah I see.
She wanted to go home early for that.
I almost had it done last night, but I fell asleep.
Don't worry about it.
Give it to me later.
All right, everyone! Let's make sandwiches with 5,000 yen worth of ingredients! Yeah! You used all the money?! It was a lot of fun making sandwiches together.
Unlike 18 years ago, we finished them all off in one day.
It's fun having friends.
Hinazuki and I got several presents from everyone.
And then Open it! Thank you, Fujinuma.
Everyone, thank you.
We'll clean up here.
Walk Hinazuki home.
I-It's cold Are you stupid? W-Well, see you.
You and the others, too I'm glad we became friends.
Thank you for today.
I'll give you your present tomorrow.
That's a promise.
I can't wait.
Good night.
Good night.
I did it! I did it! I won! I changed history! When I got home, everyone had already gone.
My exhaustion from the day before had reached its peak and my tense feelings relaxed all at once.
I collapsed then and there and slept like a log.
MIKOTO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Crap! I'm late! Good morning! Satoru.
I was about to mark you as tardy.
S-Safe Is Kayo the only one who's late? Hinazuki didn't come to school the next day.
The last promise made between me and Hinazuki was never fulfilled.