Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) (2016) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Hinazuki is late? She said she was going to give me my present today.
If she was up all night making something, it makes sense that she'd be late Satoru but Satoru! Y-Yes! What's wrong, Satoru? Are you worried about something? HOPE Ice Hockey Club 1988 National Champions Hinazuki! Is anyone home?! Hinazuki! Don't tell me Rubber boots? An adult male's size It snowed the night before last.
In other words, an adult male came here after that.
What are we gonna do? Five court musicians playing drums and fifes! It's a fun Girls' Festival! THURSDAY, MARCH 3rd, 1988 KAYO HINAZUKI DISAPPEARED ERASED After that, I stayed home from school for two days.
Is Mom out shopping? Actually, a similar incident happened in a neighboring city.
They caught the culprit soon afterwards, but now this? We don't know who did it yet, but we'd better do everything in our power to prevent it from happening again.
Of course that's part of it, but about clamping down on the press I'll call you right after I talk to the school.
I'll talk to city hall, too.
I'm counting on you.
Mom's former co-worker A reporter for TV Ishikari.
The kids shouldn't have to remember something like this.
So this is where it started HOKU-HOKU BENTO I know you're worried, but it's not your fault, Satoru.
I didn't make a difference.
I don't know about that.
I didn't want Hinazuki to be all alone.
Then you succeeded.
It wasn't enough.
There must have been something else.
Thinking it's your fault after the fact is just pointless.
There's only so much one person can do.
That holds true for me and you.
Go to school tomorrow.
Being alone here only makes you depressed.
Now let's eat before it gets cold.
I've been keeping something from you.
Actually, I lied when I said Kayo was at home with a cold.
She moved to her grandmother's home for personal reasons.
It happened so suddenly that she wasn't able to say goodbye to you, but I hear Kayo is doing well in Sapporo.
Ran away from home? I heard her mother beat her! That's terrible! Then it's better this way.
Satoru! Don't worry! Yeah! You'll see her again! Satoru The school and the PTA had a discussion and decided what to say about Kayo.
For the time being, go along with this story.
I'm sorry.
It seems the press has been muzzled, but a police vehicle has been parked near Hinazuki's house for the past several days.
Apparently her mother is a suspect at this stage.
Only six days after Hinazuki disappeared.
LOOKING FOR AYA NAKANISHI 11 YEARS OLD March 8th 1988 March 9th 1988 The city has issued an advisory.
When you leave school grounds, always be with a guardian.
A second child has disappeared.
It's sooner than I expected.
March 9th 1988 March 10th 1988 Satoru have you heard? About Aya Nakanishi from Izumi Elementary? Yeah.
A friend of mine from Izumi Elementary said she ran away and then went to live with her grandfather.
That sounds just like Hinazuki.
I'm sure the part about running away is a lie.
My guess is this is really a case of serial abductions.
March 10th 1988 March 11th 1988 There are differences in details, but we've definitely begun to go down the same flow of time as 18 years ago.
March 11th 1988 March 12th 1988 KAYO HINAZUKI NEXT UP: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT MISSING HOKKAIDO - CHILDREN'S WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN The investigation became public, but TV Ishikari only ran news of the story early in the morning and late at night, and adults with children were advised to only let them watch TV Ishikari.
I'm back! March 12th 1988 March 13th 1988 The police car that had been camping out in front of Hinazuki's house day and night only appeared sporadically after the Aya Nakanishi disappearance.
The focus of the investigation must have shifted to "serial abductions.
" Just ten days after her daughter disappeared Inside the garbage bag she threw out were a pair of knit mittens.
I'll give you your present tomorrow.
That's a promise.
Where am I? Am I back? In 2006 23-1, 4th Street The victim is Sachiko Fujinuma, 52 years old.
We're searching for Satoru Fujinuma, 29 years old, as a suspect.
We do have eyewitness information.
Are you Satoru Fujinuma? Wrong.
You're wrong.
It wasn't me Dammit! I couldn't help Hinazuki Mom is still murdered and I'm the suspect! That's the reality I'm faced with.
Get ready! Run away! Episode 5 Getaway In the end, I'm under a bridge.
Some imagination I've got Even though I haven't made the news yet First off, I have to think.
Why was Mom murdered? Because she realized the identity of the culprit? Was her cell phone in the apartment? What about her bag? No, neither were there.
So the killer took them away? Because it was possible Mom would've leaked info about him? Dammit! My head feels heavy.
I want to sleep the day away.
Here, eat.
I apologize for today.
This is the first time you were absent from work without permission.
Katagiri was worried about you, too.
Knowing you, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation, but Anyway, let's eat up first! Thank you.
I see.
So you had a fight with your mother, huh? Yes.
Old people can be set in their ways.
You can stay here as long as you want, but you've gotta patch things up with your mom.
I will.
You want a beer too, Satoru? No.
I'm out.
I'll go buy some more.
My impression was right.
He is the "annoying big brother" type.
I'm sorry for lying to you.
The police received a tip and hurried over.
They discovered the body of a woman believed to be the mother of the apartment's resident.
The police are currently searching for the male resident as a person of interest in the case.
This has taken a disastrous turn! And now, sports.
Today the Japanese soccer team left for Germany, where the playoffs will be held.
I've been way too naïve! No.
I can't blame the manager! He's always trying to do the right thing! Of course he'd give me up! Son of a bitch! Are you stupid? Airi You called me "Airi," Satoru.
You can't leave your phone on.
They'll track you with GPS.
What are you doing? Hop on! You want to get away, right? I'm sorry, Katagiri.
It's "Airi.
" Riding double on the bike makes us equals.
You don't mind letting me in your house? You do know what happened, right? The police came to the shop today and talked to the manager.
It was on the news, too.
Then why It's obvious! There's no way you killed your mom, Satoru.
I see.
Thank you.
You don't need to thank me.
I can't believe they're chasing you, the one who's grieving the most.
Though you really are connected to a lot of crimes NIPPON SHOWA'S MOST SHOCKING CRIMES Here.
You forgot it at the shop the other day.
I read the part you had bookmarked with an envelope.
It happened in your hometown when you were a kid, right? Kayo Hinazuki's death To die on the day of the Girls' Festival I cried when I read that.
Girls' Festival? Yeah.
March 3rd.
You can relax here.
I have to take the bike back to the shop.
Don't even think about leaving this room.
KAYO HINAZUKI (10 YEARS OLD) The book's information has changed KAYO HINAZUKI (11 YEARS OLD) Then it can be changed.
If I can go back there one more time, I can save Hinazuki! That's right.
I'm in Airi's room.
Dear Satoru, I think it would be a good idea if I went about my normal routine today, so I'm going to work.
My family will probably leave the house around ten.
They said they'll be back after eight tonight.
The house key and bike key are next to the clock.
My cell phone number is SASAOKA It's not "Katagiri.
" Thank you so much, Mr.
Nishizono! That's all right.
I'm in your father's debt.
No, no.
Not at all.
My dad was overjoyed.
He said one stoplight and one pedestrian crossing totally changed the flow of customers for us.
That has more to do with your father's business acumen.
All I did was give him a little boost.
Besides, it's a school route.
We would occasionally talk about it at city council meetings.
Bye, Manager! I just finished.
Good job, Airi! What's that? Take-out pizza.
You should've told me! I can treat you once in a while.
Thank you! But that's okay.
This is for my friend.
O-Oh, your friend A girl, maybe? I'll see you tomorrow! She's cute.
Pardon me! But, well, she's only 17, and still immature Well, I should be on my way as well.
Thank you again! CHINESE CAFETERIA Airi! Manager! Here, you forgot this.
Part of the sales promotion, remember? Thank you.
Also about Satoru I can't believe that he murdered his I mean, that he did any of that.
I agree! If you happen to run into him, do what you can to help him out.
I will! We're all on the same side, so contact me too if you see him.
Thank you! Can I close in on the killer by investigating like this? A child abduction in the city three years ago Come to think of it, I recall that.
The suspect was arrested three weeks later.
But he claimed he was innocent the whole time.
What is this feeling? Something bothers me about this.
What do you want with the police Manager? Airi! You told me to help Satoru.
You said we were all on the same side! That's what you said! Y-You have the wrong idea, Airi! I, um, was worried about you Then why didn't you tell me that from the start?! I wanted to trust you, Manager! I-I was worried about you.
I believe that.
I'm sorry.
Manager please If you're worried about me, don't call the police over to my house.
I'm sorry, Satoru.
You have nothing to apologize for.
In fact, thank you.
You gave me a chance to rest.
You can't go back to that house now.
Yeah, but it's better this way.
By the way, it's not really your parents' house, is it? No.
My mom's big brother and his wife live there.
My parents live out in the country.
I was going to find a boarding house so I could commute to high school, but they invited me to stay with them in Chiba.
Can I ask you one more question? What is it? Airi, how can you believe in me? It isn't that I "can.
" I want to believe in you.
When I was still in elementary school, my dad and I went grocery shopping.
A chocolate bar fell out of his pocket.
It was a small town and we knew the owner.
If he admitted to stealing it and apologized, the owner said he would let the matter drop.
But Dad refused to admit it.
Dad was a kind man.
That was the first time I heard him yell.
The owner felt obliged to call the police, and Dad, a member of the local agricultural coop, was suspended for three months as punishment.
I know! I saw the whole thing! You didn't do anything, Dad! Dad quit the coop, got a divorce, and left home.
I guess Mom thought he really did steal it.
I want to believe you for my own sake.
It's the flip side to someone saying "please believe me.
" Go back home.
Tell the police I threatened you, forcing you to hide me.
Are you stupid? There's no way you can get away by yourself, and I refuse to tell them that.
Would you stop asking me if I'm stupid? Anyway, I'll at least bring you a change of clothes, Satoru.
Manager After that, he didn't make a report to the police.
Incoming Mail Sachiko Fujinuma's Phone What is this? This is Satoru Fujinuma.
Stay right where you are.
What does it mean? Satoru found his mom's phone? How? No! It's from the killer! "Stay right where you are"? Y-You've gotta be kidding me! No way No way!