Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Grim Reaper

1 I don't think my dad could endure being branded a thief.
And I guess my mom did suspect that he really did it.
It made me want to stop believing in people.
I thought maybe I would feel better if I could just hate either my mom or dad.
But after years passed, my mom let it slip, "Why couldn't I believe him back then?" That made me want to keep loving both of them.
I realized that believing in people was my strong point.
ERASED What is this?! I saw Airi go in there before! S-She's probably still inside! Hey! Airi! Airi! Can you hear me?! Airi! Airi! Wake up! Heavy Hey! Airi! Dammit! I won't make it.
I'm not strong enough.
Manager! Never count on a manga artist.
We're goin' down, non-stop! Brace yourself! Satoru, go out the back.
Don't get Airi mixed up in your business anymore.
I'm getting the credit for this.
Will Airi be okay? And that fire Don't tell me he did that too That's right! Incoming Mail Sachiko Fujinuma's Phone This is Satoru Fujinuma.
Stay right where you are.
The fire was set to target Airi.
And it looks like I did it! Airi slipped the phone to me so the police couldn't see this message.
Then he knew from the beginning where Airi lived.
He followed her.
He may be closer than I think.
I'll look for him.
Either I get caught first or I find him first.
Please do not leave any articles on the train COLUMBUS RECORDS Yes? Who is this? Why don't you just identify yourself already? It's Satoru Fujinuma.
If you are Satoru Fujinuma, nice to meet you.
I've been waiting for your call.
Yes, by all means.
No, not here.
Let's meet at a public place.
I haven't given you my name yet, have I? I will when we meet tomorrow.
Because you may have murdered Sachiko Fujinuma.
Hi, Satoru.
Over here.
Good to meet you.
I'm Sawada, formerly of TV Ishikari.
I'm relieved.
You really are Satoru.
Yeah, you resemble your mother.
Him! I'm sure you're on guard, but I didn't tell anyone about this meeting, and I didn't murder your mother either.
You don't suspect me? Of course not.
Why not? Because she didn't raise the kind of son who would kill her.
I see.
Yesterday I remembered that it was in my pocket.
This keeps snowballing.
I'm pathetic.
My string of blunders makes me partially responsible.
Thinking it's your fault after the fact is just pointless.
Those are Sachiko's words.
I always liked them.
Shall we talk about her phone call? Please.
COIN LAUNDRY Sawada, do you remember? The serial killings 18 years ago Of course.
Jun Shiratori is on death row, but he still claims to be innocent.
It's just as Satoru said.
Shiratori didn't do it.
Now I know who did.
Let's meet at Koiwa Station tomorrow.
I should've asked her for the name.
Why don't we talk about a past incident? About Kayo Hinazuki's death On the night of March 2nd, 1988, Kayo was beaten by her mother and her mother's boyfriend, and locked in the storage shed.
She froze to death.
The police suspected Kayo's mother and the boyfriend of hiding the body.
But sometime between 10 and 11 pm on the 2nd, Kayo disappeared from the shed.
Kayo's mother discovered the disappearance at 12:30 am on the 3rd.
She called your house and casually inquired about Kayo's whereabouts.
Jun Shiratori had taken her away.
The footprints made by rubber boots around the shed matched Jun Shiratori's boots.
HOKKAIDO POLICE The police went public with their version of the events.
Shiratori knocked Kayo out with physical violence and then photographed her.
He put her in the family business cold storage room and used an atomizer to speed up her death by freezing.
When her temperature dropped to 20 degrees, she was brain dead.
Shiratori waited about 30 minutes, when she had almost zero chance of recovery, then returned her frozen corpse to the Hinazuki shed before sunrise.
Yuuki would never have done that! Kayo Hinazuki, Hiromi Sugita, Aya Nakanishi Shortly before those three disappeared, there was a series of abduction murders in the next town over.
The culprit was quickly arrested, but like Jun Shiratori, he denied any wrongdoing.
Including your present circumstances, do you notice a common link? I've been ridiculed for years for being a weirdo freelancer reporter who investigates crimes that have already been solved.
The truth is, none of them are solved! Both Kayo Hinazuki and Sachiko were murdered by the same bastard who gives the police another suspect! And now he's in this city.
He's a crafty son of a bitch.
He buys time by framing someone else, which reduces eyewitness testimony and changes the circumstances at the scene.
As a result, the investigation gets further and further away from himself.
This is going overboard.
So he tried to shut her up.
Satoru Fujinuma He won't be able to get at her now.
And what about the high school girl? Is she an accomplice? She helped him kill the mother and once that was done, he tried to silence her.
That's terrible.
Getting that girl caught up in his madness You're wrong.
Airi, you have nothing to apologize for.
That's right.
A stalker went after you.
You must have been terrified! Aunty, that's not what happened.
Don't blame yourself.
I'm sorry that we didn't notice anything.
It's not what you think.
The police are after the culprit.
You have nothing to be afraid of now.
They've got it wrong.
Fugitive Suspect Responsible for Arson? Suspect Targeted Co-worker's House (Chiba) I can't believe they're going after Satoru for murder and arson.
That's impossible Who would believe me A message was sent from Sachiko's phone to that girl? Yes.
According to the news, she wasn't badly hurt, but I'm sure she's still in the hospital.
This is it.
I see.
He plotted to help the investigation along by framing you for arson.
I think that's part of it, but I was already a suspect.
I can't believe he would target her, Airi Katagiri, just for that.
In other words, you think she was already his target? In order to frame me as my mother's murderer, he had to find out what time I'd be home from my job.
So in the 24 hours plus between my mother's sighting of his attempted kidnapping and her murder, he went to the pizza shop and looked at the shift schedule.
Airi must have seen his face then.
Maybe he's even someone I know.
I see.
Then he's someone who could get behind the counter at a pizza shop to look at the schedule.
We may be able to use this to reach the bad guy.
I'm going to the hospital.
There's a report on the murders from 18 years ago on my computer.
You can take a look if you like.
I think Jun Shiratori suspects his own father of being the killer.
Regarding an alibi and evidence, it's possible that his continued refusal to say anything that might incriminate his father made himself look even worse.
That would be like Yuuki, who dearly loves his father.
A classmate saw Kayo Hinazuki and Jun Shiratori together three times.
Satoru Fujinuma's testimony was deliberately ignored, but it seems much was made of the other student's testimony.
FINAL SUSPECT LIS Jun Shiratori Seiichiro Shiratori Isao Ishidou Shinji Sakashita Tadashi Yanagida A list of suspects.
I don't know any of these names other than Yuuki and his father.
And there are only five? The police guessed that Hiromi Sugita was murdered after being mistaken for a girl.
From this, the police made up a final list of five suspects who weren't acquainted with Hiromi Sugita.
We're doing folk dancing today.
Ice Hockey Club 1988 National Champions Seriously?! I don't wanna hold hands with some ugly girl.
I'd much rather hold hands with you, Hiromi! T-That's gutsy! I know why Hiromi was murdered.
He knew Hiromi was a boy, so he killed him to keep himself off the list of suspects.
Jun Shiratori was arrested after someone in the neighborhood reported that he'd been talking to a third-grade girl when she was alone.
Photos taken at the time of Hiromi Sugita's death were confiscated from Shiratori's food storage room.
The police concluded that Jun Shiratori had pedophiliac tendencies.
They also collected pedophilia-related publications from his bedroom.
That kind of stuff wasn't there! Perfect Day for Pleasure Perfect Day for All You Can See Strawberry: Beautiful Girl Photo Album High School Girls' Uniform Reference Guide Erotica Paper Craft It's all camouflage to draw attention away from himself! The list of suspects before Hiromi's death Previous Suspect List His name is on here! Ms.
Katagiri, I'm coming in.
2F NURSES STATION Excuse me I'm here to visit, but is the restroom over there? Yes.
No vacancies except for room 201.
She's sleeping.
Is that right? Crap! I'm gonna spring a leak! Please pardon my bad manners, Airi Katagiri.
You're not Satoru Fujinuma, are you? Right.
I'm his friend, Sawada.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Airi's mother.
Episode 6 Grim Reaper I'm positive Satoru didn't do any of it.
He didn't kill his mother.
And he didn't set a fire to target me! During the fire, he came to the house to rescue me! Your manager saved you, right? You must be confused after inhaling all that smoke.
I don't know what they're asking you, Mom, but they think I may be an accomplice! Not being believed is what hurts the most.
When I think about who believes in Satoru Airi Even now, I think I should've gone after him.
Go ahead.
It's all right.
I believe you, Airi.
Shoot! I forgot to turn it off.
Public Phone Thank goodness! You had it on! Airi? Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm as good as new.
More importantly, can I see you? At the usual place What? No, stay away from there! Airi, I can't have you— It's all right! I promise, I'll go alone! Go! It's flying! And here I am She may have been speaking to the real killer on the phone.
Getting Airi involved will only make it worse for her.
SHINJI What the heck?! That's not flying at all! Strange I don't know why Doing this gives it what's called dynamic lift.
Will it really fly now? It sure will.
It's true! Awesome! It went by the river! That's flyin' too far! Cool! What's an adult doing here at this time of day? Good question Is this how people thought of Yuuki? I'm here, Satoru.
As promised, I came alone.
I'm ashamed for thinking it might be a police trap.
I said that out loud! You better think that way! You're a fugitive, Satoru.
But I'm glad you trust me.
The shop? I think this Nishizono guy is fishy.
Nishizono? I've seen him two or three times.
The manager treats him with respect and from the badge he wears, I'd guess he's a city councilman.
He would've been able to see the schedule, and it's not unlikely that he knew where I lived.
I've met him before, briefly.
PREVIOUS SUSPECT LIS Jun Shiratori Seiichiro Shiratori Isao Ishidou Shinji Sakashita Makoto Kawata Sachiko Fujinuma Nishizono? He wasn't on the list.
A fake name? But a city council member wouldn't be able to use a fake name.
I think he targeted me because I know his face.
Dammit! It isn't coming together.
The final piece won't fit! Satoru I know how you feel, but you can't beat yourself up over it.
I have unfinished business from a long time ago.
It's an idea I had for a manga story.
About a grim reaper who makes a scheduling mistake that results in the death of a child.
He struggles to put things back the way they were, but the more he acts, the more other people involved suffer.
Even though he means to do the right thing, when he gets mixed up in it, other people get hurt.
It's like you right now, Satoru? Don't you think, Airi? Are you stupid? For example, I'm not hurt.
That stuff about other people is just the reaper's subjective impression.
I think that grim reaper should have more faith in himself.
I'm sure that what's in front of you is all still in progress.
The conclusion is still up ahead and nobody knows what it is yet.
Airi, I'm really glad that we met today.
I said that out loud! Satoru Fujinuma, I presume? Satoru! Don't interfere! Airi! Satoru Fujinuma, you're under arrest for murder and attemped murder resulting from arson.
The suspect was apprehended at 4:50 pm.
CHIBA POLICE Why?! Satoru didn't do it! He would never do it! Satoru! Either through being arrested or Revival, I was prepared to have my relationship with Airi disappear.
And here it is, the last time I'll see her.
The thing I should do right now is Satoru! I'm sorry! I bet they followed me here! Even though I promised I'd come alone! I have to give Airi what I wanted to give her.
Just like she did for me.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry It's my fault! What would a hero say at a time like this? Isn't it hard fighting all on your own? Airi, you've got it wrong.
I can still hang in there because you believed in me.
Thank you, Airi.
I'm glad I trusted you.