Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Out of Control

1 Satoru Fujinuma, you're under arrest for murder and attemped murder resulting from arson.
Him! It can't end here.
There's something I still have to do.
Go back Go back! Just once more! Please! Please! Go back! I'm glad I mustered the courage and came here.
I'm really glad.
Are you stupid? Yeah.
Satoru! Hinazuki! Hey there! I finished what I had to do early.
Sorry we're late.
Are we in the way? Of course not! - Right, Hinazuki? - Right.
I have to pull it off.
Satoru is a gentleman! This time for sure.
Definitely this time.
Doesn't have to be graceful, but I can't have any regrets.
Because if I fail, I'm not getting another chance.
This is my final Revival.
ERASED I'm starving.
Wanna get a bite? I don't have any money.
I just got my allowance.
Why don't we have okonomiyaki on me? - Yeah! - Nice one, Satoru! All right! By the way, Satoru Did you read that book I lent you the week before last? Poe's "The Switched Man.
" Sorry.
I haven't read it yet.
I don't remember that.
A book he lent me 18 years ago The story's really interesting.
Read it when you get home.
I'm back! Welcome home, Satoru.
Hold on, dinner will be ready in a minute.
What's wrong, Satoru? Don't just stand there Did you have a fight with Kayo? No.
I'm fine.
I see.
Okay, let's eat.
Sorry, Mom.
Remember this.
The fact is, you can go to Ueno without changing trains.
What's that supposed to mean? February 29th, 1988 February 29th, 1988.
The day before Kayo Hinazuki becomes the first victim of a kidnapping serial killer.
It's the third time I've met this day.
Satoru's got guts! That's what he said last time, albeit a day early now.
Ice Hockey Club 1988 National Champions I'm throwing caution to the wind this time.
Kenya Um, sorry.
I guess I lost the book you lent me.
Satoru, can I talk to you out in the hall? Don't worry about the book.
It never existed.
Satoru, let me say this first.
Recently How can I put it? I've seen you being serious and it makes me happy.
Before, you used to pretend, even though you didn't care at all about other people.
You did the best you could then, in your own right but I like you better now.
Except I want an answer to this nagging suspicion I have.
Satoru who are you? It's like you've become another person.
Or more like, another personality has been added.
I realized you'd changed the day I saw you looking at Hinazuki.
I'd noticed Hinazuki's cuts and bruises a long time ago.
But I couldn't do anything.
I always just looked on from a distance.
And yet you addressed the issue right in front of my eyes.
It was like a will that said, "This is what you're gonna do" had possessed your body and put me to shame too.
Satoru, who the hell are you? I I I'm a superhero.
Or, I want to be.
You're Satoru after all.
Kenya Hinazuki is going to be murdered.
I saw where she's physically abused.
I swear I'll stop it next time.
Satoru, you don't become a superhero after achieving results.
You already are one.
Let me help you.
I want to become one, too.
A superhero.
I thought you hated Hinazuki.
Like how people have an aversion to others similar to themselves.
I did hate her.
But I was also attracted to something about her.
I kind of get it.
Satoru, Kenya Stand in the hallway with those buckets.
Superheroes often get the short end of the stick.
Tell me about it.
I need to make a stop.
Hiromi, Kenya and Hinazuki, will you wait for me at the children's center? - Sure.
- Okay.
MARCH Tomorrow, March 1st, Hinazuki will be safe as long as she isn't left alone at the park.
The problem is March 2nd, the day of the birthday party.
I want Yuuki to have an alibi.
Yuuki, is your dad's bedroom on the first floor? Y-Yeah.
Facing the main street.
Why? Oh, I was just thinking it was probably noisy at night.
N-Not really All right.
One more thing Yuuki Do you sometimes see Kayo Hinazuki? W-Why? Recently, she's become a part of our group.
R-Really? No wonder I haven't seen her around for several days.
Yes! Kayo! That's the best damn possible result! That was the first time I'd heard Yuuki uttering something close to a curse word.
S-See you, Satoru! See you! I'm sure the real killer happened to see him with Hinazuki and decided then to use him as a patsy.
Yuuki, wait for me.
I'm gonna prevent the murder from ever happening.
SHIRAKABA CHILDREN'S CENTER Hinazuki! Kenya! Hiromi February 29th (Monday) Satoru, we're in the gym next door! Kenya Over here! Sorry, Satoru! We all came over here.
Yeah! Get in on this, Satoru! I guess three people can't play Othello.
I have to be careful.
If I don't avoid drastic changes like this, I won't be able to make predictions through March 2nd.
I'm back! One, two SATORU & HINAZUKI HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Satoru! Hinazuki! Happy birthday! March 2nd 1988 March 1st was X-day and it went just like last time.
Beginning with my actions today, I'm going to change the future.
I forgot something at school! You're going now? Is it something you need right away? Bye! I know it looks weird, but this isn't the time to worry about that.
I'll kill you The coup de grace! W-What was that?! Hey! Who did that?! This way the police will serve as Yuuki's alibi for tonight.
Is somebody out there?! Hey! Come out! I'll get her out of the way.
If I keep her away from Hinazuki If I just take you out of the picture Keep your cool, Satoru.
It'd be really bad if she died.
It'd be even worse if you were put away for it, unable to help anyone.
Satoru I've been following you for the past two days.
You've been desperate to save Hinazuki.
That's why I thought you'd be in danger.
Thanks, Kenya.
It's just that I thought this was the day Hinazuki was most at risk.
Satoru, you did something disturbing before coming here too.
What was that? T-That was to get the police over to that house for another reason.
I've decided.
Kenya, I want your help.
Let's get the police to stop that mother's abuse.
Satoru It could cause quite a stir.
That's what I'm hoping for.
Have you thought about how it'll all shake out? Kenya, I just came up with something.
I'll think about that now.
But I don't care if I have to commit a crime or if I'm caught along the way.
I don't even care if they lock me up.
No matter how it ends, anything is better than Hinazuki dying.
Don't do anything that'll get you arrested, Satoru.
Your mom would be devastated.
I think my mom would say "Well done.
" Actually, I can picture that.
I'm in.
All right, I'm gonna drop Hinazuki off.
Go ahead! We'll clean up here.
This time I didn't forget to bring my jacket and work gloves when I left the house.
- Hinazuki - Fujinu Listen Can I abduct you right now? Are you stupid? Yeah.
That's why this is the only thing I could think of.
That's what I thought you'd say.
Episode 7 Out of Control This is it.
A retired school bus.
I hear it was the clubhouse for Izumi Elementary's ice hockey club.
So you two came.
Are you sure this is okay? Yep.
They got a new bus last year, so this is just used for storage.
Let's open the air vents before lighting the stove.
It's rusted out.
Don't make it obvious people are in here.
- Awesome - Wow This is a great hideout.
I'd like to live here myself.
Although it doesn't have a bath Living in a big house doesn't guarantee happiness.
Even so, I have to go home.
I'll see you, Hinazuki.
I'm going home now too, but I'll be back in the middle of the night.
I'll knock three times.
Thank you, Satoru, Kenya.
No need to thank me.
We're friends, Kayo.
I promise we'll protect you, Kayo.
Ow! "We'll protect you, Kayo.
" Geez.
I wanted to crawl in a hole with your line, too.
"We're friends, Kayo.
" Yeah.
It is hard calling her that.
I think I'll go with "Hina" instead.
You call her Kayo, Satoru.
Like I said, there's no need for thanks.
Besides, we haven't gotten to the hard part yet.
That's right.
Listen, if this goes public, act like you don't know anything.
That certainly took a long time.
We stopped somewhere along the way and talked about this and that.
Did you get a call from Hinazuki's mom? Nope, no calls.
Oh, that's right.
I'm leaving early tomorrow, so you can go to bed.
This'll do for dinner.
Come in.
Were you up? I couldn't sleep.
I don't blame you.
Are you hungry? This is good.
Cup noodles in the middle of the night is good, isn't it? It's the first time I've had a night like this.
I see.
I'm planning a camping trip with Kenya and the others for the summer.
Go with us, Kayo.
I don't know if I'll be able to.
Sure you will! Then okay.
Wake up.
It's morning.
Good thing I stopped by.
We have to get out of here before the Izumi Elementary kids come.
March 3rd (Thursday) Kayo is late? This is the afternoon broadcast.
Everyone remember to wash your hands before lunch.
Nothing's happened yet.
What do you think? Has Hinazuki's mother called the police? My guess is she hasn't looked for her yet.
The last time it was March 2nd, Hinazuki got back home before 9:00 PM.
Her mother and her mother's boyfriend physically abused her.
They shut her up in the shed, but she disappeared before 11:00 PM.
At 12:30 AM on the 3rd, Hinazuki's mother called Mom.
Just before dawn on the 3rd, the kidnapper murdered Hinazuki.
This time there are major changes in the actions of Hinazuki, us, Hinazuki's mother, and the killer.
What happens after this is uncharted territory.
STAFF ROOM This is Gaku Yashiro from Mikoto Elementary School.
Don't tell Kazu or Osamu about this.
I'm sorry for getting you involved, Hiromi.
No matter what form it takes, I'm touched that you're counting on me.
And even if I went home, no one else would be there until 8:00 PM.
Sorry to you too, Kayo.
Shutting you up in here It's okay.
I've never had so much fun.
I'm glad I mustered the courage to come here.
I'm gonna stop by your house tomorrow morning, Kayo.
Her mother will have no choice but to call the police.
Hey, I understand what's going on more or less, but what happens in the end? Don't worry.
I'll take full responsibility.
Are you stupid? If I instigated it and you guys then helped me no one will be to blame, right? I win.
You're right.
That had been my blind spot.
On the way home, Kenya said, "I bet you hadn't thought of that, Satoru.
" "You're right," I answered and continued, "Someone like that is a hero to me.
" Is that Satoru?