Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) (2016) s01e10 Episode Script


1 MIKOTO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 21st GRADUATION CEREMONY MIKOTO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Ice Hockey Club 1988 National Champions Congratulations! My original life, 1988.
Kayo, Hiromi and Aya Nakanishi had disappeared, and then their bodies were found.
I blamed myself for not being able to save any of them.
I made an effort to forget about all of it.
What was left was a gaping hole in my heart.
There have been many fun things, sad things, successes and failures.
Today you graduate elementary school, but there is still so much that's missing.
That goes for me, too.
And yet, I think filling up that missing something is what life is! ERASED Hello.
Who are you? I'm Satoru Fujinuma, a 5th-grader at Mikoto.
I'm Kenya Kobayashi.
I'm Hiromi Sugita.
Have we met before? You're Aya Nakanishi, right? I hear you're good at playing the piano.
Yeah, I'm pretty good.
Have we met at piano class? No, that's not it Hey, what are you reading? Oh, this? KING LEAR SHAKESPEARE Shakespeare.
King Lear! I've only read Romeo and Juliet! My parents recommended the piano and Shakespeare to me.
What are they talkin' about? You wanna get a little closer? I thought I saw you before! You're the kids who're always sneaking into that building across the river! The hideout So it's totally in the open from here.
Hideout? How childish.
Y-Y-You Don't call it childish.
Boys are always sneaking around building "secret bases" and "hideouts.
" I bet you're playing at being superheroes, aren't you? D-Don't make fun of superheroes! Satoru! Well, I have to go.
Bye! Wait! - Kazu? - Kazu? Huh? Wh-What do you want? Hideouts show man's adventurous spirit! If you have free time, visit our hideout! Then you'll understand! You're all weirdos! Childish Yesterday was fun, wasn't it? They're here after all.
Can a girl even understand "adventurous spirit"? The gloves I left here and forgot about 18 years ago It looked like she didn't.
I don't like spending time on leveling up.
That's what makes it fun.
Hey, Satoru, Nakanishi should be going to the park soon.
It's okay.
I can see her from here.
I see.
Yesterday was a failure.
But how can I get close to her? I had free time so I'm here to see your hideout.
Welcome to our hideout! 5th Grade, Class 4 See you! Bye-bye! Are you going to see Aya again? Well, yeah.
We'll both go to the hideout later.
HOPE So see you later! Later, Sensei! You mean "goodbye"! It's strange to think of those two together.
Then I guess this solves the Aya Nakanishi problem.
Um Satoru Kenya too Thank you.
I think getting rid of someone's "alone time" is a great thing.
Since both of my parents work, the house is always empty when I come home, so I can understand.
I was thrilled when you did it for me, but for Kayo and Aya, too.
Hey! Let's go to the hideout! I'm sick of waiting.
Huh? Where's Kazu? He went to meet Aya.
Why? Why Aya knows where the hideout is, right? Yeah, that's true, but Well, whatever! Let's go! Y-Yeah! Goodbye, Sensei! Hurry up! There's no rush! Wait for me! That's right! Aya Nakanishi.
Hiromi Sugita.
And Kayo Hinazuki.
He murdered the three of them the first time around, but this time, they're out of his target sight.
Still, now that clues have been lost, will I be able to find him? See? Now he looks even more like a girl.
Amazing, isn't it? Satoru Is this the end of "playing detective"? Of course not.
It's not over yet.
In 2006, Mr.
Sawada said Mom knew who the real killer was.
COIN LAUNDRY I think it was someone Mom knew back in 1988.
It's not like Sensei's candy, but after the killer lost his targets, I bet anything he's looking for a substitute.
Well, we're going to watch the ice hockey match.
- Is Hamada gonna be in it? - Of course.
Well, tell him I said good luck.
- Sure! - See you later.
Sorry to keep you waiting! Have you noticed how Yanagihara has been alone a lot lately? Misato? She's kind of been on the outs with everyone ever since that business with the lunch money.
I see.
I'll try talking to her on Monday.
March 15th 1988 Thank you! I may be a little late today.
That's fine, but call me when you know what time you'll be home.
See you later! See you later, Satoru! Goodbye! We get to ride in Sensei's car! Really? We can go ahead, leaving you-know-who behind.
Good idea! How can I start a conversation with her? Let's do it! A bus? Satoru I hear Misato's the next person who's "alone"? Yeah, but She may be heading for Wakaba Gymnasium.
Really? Mr.
Yashiro said he invited her to cheer on Hamada.
Come to think of it, she was alone at the game last week too.
Thank you! Want us to go with you? Nah, I think I'm better off on my own this time.
And it's just a look-see.
I see.
If you're still playing detective, I want a full report tomorrow.
Of course! If anything happens, come to the hideout! I will! See you later! - See you! - See you tomorrow! - See you! - Bye! See you! He makes a big deal out of it every day.
I know.
Even though we're going to see him tomorrow It's colder in here than it is outside.
Hamada! Go, go, Kouichi! Shut up, ugly! Just watch, with your mouth shut! We can say what we want! Kouichi! Watch your mouth! There'll be no dinner for you! You're not serious? There she is.
And she is alone.
All right! Start warming up! Okay! At any rate, the killer lost two targets at once.
Is she just the person to make up for it? The bathroom The game starts in five minutes! Right! It's taking her too long.
EXI I just went out for a sucker.
What's wrong? The game's going to start.
What are you doing here? U-Um Uh, I wanted to talk to Misato.
Misato? Huh? - Did Misato go outside? - Yeah.
The game hasn't started yet.
SHIRATORI FOOD PRODUCTS Yuuki's family truck? Sensei! There's something I need to check on right away! Help me! If this is true, we're talking a crime.
We call it "playing detective.
" We pretend there's a kidnapper at large, then talk to and befriend girls who are alone a lot.
It's supposed to be a precautionary measure against abductions.
I get it.
You may be playing, but it's effective.
Thank you, Sensei.
Satoru, your seat belt.
Huh? Oh, it's been sticking lately.
There! So you've noticed that Misato has been alone a lot lately.
No, not until Hiromi brought it to my attention.
Even so, I respect your spirit and drive.
Really? But this time I used my difficulty in talking to her as an excuse, and as a result, Misato has become like bait.
Bait, huh? You're pretty serious.
So there's a flip side to your sudden friendly overtures with people recently.
I wanted to fill the hole in the heart.
Other people's and my own.
I just regurgitated Yashiro's own line.
We have a lot in common, Satoru.
That's exactly my philosophy in life.
I intended to bring that up at the graduation ceremony ever since I was put in charge of sixth grade.
It seems you regret using Misato as a lure, but there's no need to feel guilty or ashamed about it.
The essence of good deeds and evil deeds is the same.
They're both no more than a person's actions to make up for a defect in themselves.
That's an extreme way of thinking.
To get closer to someone recently, I've taken all kinds of measures.
Sometimes I'm straightforward.
Sometimes I throw a curve ball.
I've even tried using what can be called "illegal moves.
" Boy, it's been fun.
Um You're talking about a girlfriend? Certainly, there are similarities with a romantic situation.
I guess "filling the hole in your heart" is the commonality.
Want a candy? Thanks, Satoru.
But there is no candy in there.
After all, this isn't my car.
Episode 10 Joy What do you mean it isn't your car? Your happiest moment Don't you find that gets updated again and again? My latest "happiest moment" happened today.
Filling up that missing something in your heart is the finest moment.
Finding what you're looking for and then obtaining it The more difficulties there are, the greater the happiness when you overcome them.
I don't get it.
What's he talking about? HARASOKAI Dissolves fast Laxatives? Satoru, you lied to me about one thing.
You said you're pretending there's a kidnapper, but you've actually confirmed there is one and now you're acting on it.
I resisted that idea.
I couldn't believe it.
Rather, I didn't want to believe it.
That someone was anticipating my thinking.
Don't worry.
Misato isn't in that car.
The only person in that vehicle is the driver, Jun Shiratori's father.
WILD CAMPING SITE I had no idea until that day I saw you tailing Aya Nakanishi.
The day I dropped you guys off is the day I was going to carry out my plan.
Still, it's funny, isn't it? Here you were, trying to snatch my prey away from me, and I seriously gave you advice on how to do it.
That was the second time you prevented my plans.
That's when I began to suspect it was more than coincidence.
Misato was ostracized, so I encouraged her to go to the hockey game and then told Hiromi about it.
Satoru, if you came, my suspicion would turn into conviction.
That you're my enemy.
I don't believe it.
I waited for the right time, then gave Misato a drink laced with laxative.
I'd ordered bentos from Shiratori beforehand.
It can't be! It can't be! All of the pieces fit into place, just as I planned.
This is my true form.
By the way, I switched to this car right before coming.
My standards for choosing a car are a little different from everyone else.
I have several cars of the same make and color in the area, dummies that I can use at a moment's notice.
Although this is the first time it's come in handy I'm an idiot.
It was so obvious.
Kayo's going to be okay now.
I just couldn't accept it.
The name Manabu Yashiro was on Mr.
Sawada's list of suspects, too.
Jun Shiratori Seiichiro Shiratori Isao Ishidou Sachiko Fujinuma Junya Saitou Manabu Yashiro Shinji Sakashita It's just that my mom's name was on there too, so I disregarded the meaning of the list.
I had so much trust in Yashiro that I rejected any doubts.
But the killer is right next to me Yashiro! It's snowing, huh? That won't come undone.
Game over.
For you and me.
Satoru, I still can't believe it.
You thoroughly anticipated my plans and crushed them.
To be honest, I'm stunned that you cornered me like this.
It's like you've seen the future.
I don't want any hard feelings, so let me just say this.
You've interfered with my plans, but what I'm about to do is not for revenge.
I truly do respect you.
I want you to think of this as my sublimation for not being able to satisfy my desires.
I thought you said it was game over for you, too! Satoru, you've won peace for this town.
Isn't that what you wanted? And what I get to have is your death at my hands and for my sake.
Yashiro! I won't die until I see you destroyed! That's what they call aiming too high.
Yashiro! Bastard! You go to hell! Dammit! Dammit! I'm going to leave this town.
Yashiro! I know your future! Crap Cold! I can't Crap! Can't feel Crap Mom What is it, Satoru? When I look up, our eyes meet.
Everyone Satoru! Thank you, Satoru.
Kayo Airi