Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) (2016) s01e11 Episode Script


1 Shall I tell you a story about my past? About when I was in sixth grade Once, a girl, one of my classmates, brought a box of seven or eight hamsters over by me.
They had bred after she'd been careless, and now she was at a loss, unable to take care of them all.
I agreed to take them.
On the way home, I filled up an empty large fruit wine bottle and drowned all of the hamsters in it.
Three hours later, after dinner, I went to my room, where I was captivated by what I saw.
One hamster, treading water above the other floating, lifeless hamsters.
To be honest, it excited me.
I named the survivor Spice and decided to raise it.
The moment I saw it in there, I thought of the short story, "The Spider's Thread.
" Do you know it? A sinner named Kandata is in Hell one day when Shakyamuni, moved by the single compassionate act of his life, sparing a spider's life, lowers a spider's thread down from Heaven to him.
Kandata begins climbing towards Heaven, kicking down at his fellow sinners when they try to climb up after him.
Then the thread snaps, and Kandata falls back down to Hell.
I don't think you'll believe this, but I'll tell you anyway.
Or maybe you will understand.
Since I became acquainted with Spice, it's as if I could see the spider's thread.
I've murdered the people who I could see were connected to it.
But at some point, a boy disrupted my plans.
And then I saw a spider's thread attached to the top of his head, too.
Yashiro! I know your future! But he didn't die.
I named him Spice and began observing him.
I'm talking about you, Satoru.
ERASED That'll be 987 yen.
Thank you.
ICHI REAL ESTATE Come to think of it, didn't Satoru tell me once The fact is, you can go to Ueno without changing trains.
It's true.
What was that about? FIGHT, WONDER GUY! TV THEME SONG Good morning, Satoru.
I'm surprised.
It's hard to believe you were asleep for 15 years.
Fif teen years Oh! You can speak.
I don't think you'll have to wait long before starting rehab.
Mom has spent four hours of every day for the last 15 years caring for my body.
For the last three years, she's been using an EMS device to prepare for the day when I woke up.
She took care of my joints and my muscles.
I was 139 cm tall in fifth grade, and now I'm 169 cm tall.
Kitamura keeps saying, "This is all because of your mother" and "It's remarkable.
" Well, Satoru, I think this is a good time for it.
Answer my next question.
What's the last thing you remember before falling asleep? The last thing I remember Huh? Huh? What was it again? That memory was blocked, locked up tight behind a door.
Do you want to see yourself? Don't be shocked.
What? Your face has changed a lot since you were 11.
Your memories are scrambled too, so there may be discrepancies regarding your sense of self.
At the time, I thought maybe he was right, but even being in the Heisei era for the first time, nothing felt out of place.
PATIENCE "Patience.
" "Heart rate monitor.
" "Arbitration.
" ARBITRATION I can read all of these words.
When in the world did I learn them? BOYS' FLIGH Who am I? Good morning, Satoru.
Good morning.
Satoru, you've got visitors.
Long time no see, Satoru.
You look good, Satoru.
Kenya Kobayashi and Hiromi Sugita were especially good friends of mine.
Kenya's a lawyer now, and Hiromi's a doctor.
I talked with them about trivial things.
It seemed that Kenya wanted to ask me something, but I think Mom had given him strict instructions.
So we just chatted that day.
See you! See you! There were a lot of things I wanted to ask them too, but it seems Mom was trying to avoid the topic of my past.
Mom had been spending her life for the past 15 years only for me, having faith that I would awaken one day.
If it's what Mom wishes, I guess I don't have to remember.
Are you okay? Why don't we call it a day? Satoru! Congratulations, Kayo.
Episode 11 Future I got married.
My name is Kayo Sugita now.
Your baby's father is Hiromi then? Yeah.
It seemed like Hiromi wanted to tell me something.
Maybe it was about your child.
Could've been.
Come to think of it, the baby has Hiromi's long eyelashes.
Yeah, even though he's a boy.
His name is Mirai.
Mirai The "future" That's a good name.
Satoru To be honest, we felt kind of uncomfortable.
Thinking "Is it all right for just us to become happy?" Even though we may have been the cause of you being in a coma It kind of felt like we were leaving you behind.
Kayo, my fate is my own.
There's no need for you to feel responsible.
I'm sure that what's become of me was a result of something I wanted.
You were asleep for 15 years but still have a silver tongue.
Even so, Satoru Before, I could only imagine being alone, but now I've got a family, and it was all made possible because of you.
Thank you.
Thank you What did I do? Okay, okay.
Are you hungry? Okay, okay.
Satoru? Are you all right? Yeah.
I'm sorry to spring all of this on you.
I've tired you out.
Well, I'll visit again.
See you later.
Oh, Satoru.
You're back? Yeah.
Hinazuki was here a little while ago.
I saw her too.
Her baby's adorable, isn't he? Listen Mom Yes? They're here again.
What is it? Photographers for gossip rags.
They want to write articles about you being in a coma for 15 years.
Oh, that's right, Satoru You were going to tell me something? No, it was nothing.
Come in.
Thank you for everything.
Kitamura, when will I be able to walk again? I don't know.
That could depend on you.
Then from today, please let me do twice as much rehab.
I'm anxious to walk outside.
I'll think about it.
Excuse me a minute.
Yes, thank you, Director.
He's making a smooth recovery.
He could regain his memories at any time.
As I said the other day, I have to refuse that.
My patient isn't a mouse— SATORU FUJINUMA Excuse me.
Amazing, Satoru! Your arms and legs have gotten a lot stronger.
Congratulations, Satoru! That was great, Mr.
Fujinuma! You really walked all that way! It was an awesome effort! Satoru, Kenya is here to see you.
Hi, Kenya.
Sorry to bother you now.
No, thank you for coming.
Hello, Satoru.
Nice to meet you.
I used to work with your mother.
We met several times before you started elementary school.
That was over 20 years ago.
He could never remember that.
Well, I'll visit again.
Take care.
We've waited 15 years for this.
There's no need to be impatient now.
Let's take it slowly.
I see.
So you've got surgery the week after next, Kumi.
My sister is going to give me her bone marrow.
They say that's what's going to cure me.
But I'm scared.
Is it true you were asleep for 15 years? You've been here for about three months, huh, Kumi? Yeah.
I've been trying all this time to look good in front of you.
I'll be really disappointed once you're out of here.
Want me to tell you how to muster up courage? You picture the smiling face of someone who's dear to you.
Of course, you have to smile too.
Time's drifter He wakes up after 15 years, is interested in little girls, is a kid at heart with an adult's body, and he may be released soon.
How do you like that angle? Nice.
Secretly taking photos of a civilian in the hospital Defamation, trespassing Plenty to warrant punishment by law.
Get your asses out of here.
The flowers were beautiful.
Nishizono! Hello! Hi, Kumi.
Satoru Fujinuma Yes It's me.
Have you forgotten? Well, I've changed a lot.
Here, I was your homeroom teacher in fifth grade.
Gaku Yashiro.
I go by "Nishizono" now.
I changed my given name to "Manabu.
" Why did you change your name? Actually, I got married five years ago and was adopted into her family as a son-in-law.
My father-in-law was a city council member for many years, but he passed away three years ago.
I inherited his constituency and joined the council myself.
That's when I changed my given name, keeping the kanji but going with the more common reading.
So you're a politician now? Still a freshman council member though.
But I have a feeling you'll make a great politician, Mr.
I met Kumi at a charity event for leukemia.
The director of this hospital is my acquaintance, and he introduced us.
Oh, really? I found out you'd regained consciousness some time before that.
It took me long enough to pay you a visit.
You went out of your way to visit me? I'd been anticipating your awakening for 15 years.
Thank you.
You must've been through a lot.
I'm sorry.
I Yes, I've heard.
You haven't regained all of your memories, right? Remembering them gradually is best.
Yashiro Are you also going to see Kumi? Yes.
Her surgery is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, and this is the last day she can have visitors.
I just saw her now.
That being said, she was sleeping, so I couldn't talk to her.
Oh, really? Then maybe I'll try again later.
Since you're here, do you have time to chat? Sure, but I don't want to be interrupted by the gossip mag hounds, so why don't we go somewhere else? I found the perfect place.
DELIVERIES You didn't know about this elevator, did you? This is kind of an adventure, isn't it? Would you push the roof button? Too bad If it'd been a clear day, the sunset would've been beautiful.
But there won't be any weird photographers up here.
The roof is really off limits, so don't tell anyone.
I'm reminded of how you, Kenya and Hiromi often said, "Let's go to the hideout!" Your pretend secret base, right? Yashiro I have my memories back!