Erased (Boku dake ga inai machi) (2016) s01e12 Episode Script


1 Even so, Satoru Before, I could only imagine being alone, but now I've got a family, and it was all made possible because of you.
Thank you.
Thank you What did I do? Okay, okay.
Are you hungry? Okay, okay.
That's right.
I saved Hinazuki.
And after that, we tried to make it so that Aya Nakanishi and Misato weren't alone.
Yashiro I have my memories back! ERASED Fight! -Osamu Good luck! -Kazu So Kazu is a carpenter Sounds like both he and Osamu are working really hard.
Come to think of it, Misato said she was going to pay you a visit.
Really? I thought Misato hated me.
This brings back memories Like that lunch money thing A lot happened back then, huh? But Misato is the one who proposed fundraising activities to help pay for your medical expenses.
You tried to help Misato that day, right? You remember everything, don't you? Why didn't you tell us? I didn't want to get you involved.
It's been 15 years.
All of the evidence is gone and I doubt anyone would believe my testimony.
I was so happy to see you wake up after 15 years, Satoru.
Nothing could've made me happier than your return.
That's why I didn't ask you about the past.
You've fought plenty already, and I didn't want to jolt you when you were healing your wounded mind and body.
But if you intend to fight alone again, I want you to take us with you.
Hiromi has been coming to the hospital all these years to see you and now his goal is to become a doctor.
And I became a lawyer.
Even now, Sawada and I are pursuing him.
You were our hero back then, Satoru.
Now we understand why we wanted to catch up to you and fight alongside you.
It was the same with the stuff about Hinazuki.
You believed in me then and told me the truth.
That's why I believed in you.
I want to believe you for my own sake.
It's the flip side to someone saying "please believe me.
" Airi That's right.
I have friends I can trust.
The killer is Yashiro.
I figured as much.
When I deliberately tapped my finger on the wheelchair on the way you stifled a response, didn't you? 15 years ago you completely ruined my plans.
That was far beyond the level of a child.
It was as if you could see the future.
Yashiro! I know your future! How? How did you know what I was thinking? What did you mean by "I know your future"? You intend to murder me as soon as I tell you, right? I know what you're doing.
You've got a cell phone in your pocket.
Are you recording this? Or are you on the phone with someone? If so, is that person Kenya? END CALL What happened 15 years ago has passed the statute of limitations.
So you want to ask me about crimes I committed that haven't passed the statute of limitations, right? Except they don't exist.
So you can never capture me, Satoru.
Look, you have a text from Kumi.
Satoru, thank you for listening to my wishes.
Incoming Mail Kumi Kumi's IV drip will start at 4:30.
Of course, your fingerprints are on the bag that has a muscle-relaxant drug mixed in it.
You've led a ten-year-old girl who was worried about her surgery to a merciful death.
And feeling guilty about that, I jump off the roof.
You read my mind again, though there's nothing you can do to save your own life.
On the other hand, you can save Kumi's life.
Even if I talk, what guarantee do you have that you'll help Kumi? There is no guarantee, naturally.
But there is a possibility.
If you don't talk, there isn't even a possibility.
Too bad.
We're out of time.
This was a sink-or-swim gamble for me.
But in the end, there was no special significance.
It was all coincidence.
You saying you knew my future was just a bluff, too.
Have peace of mind.
I'll leave a few heartfelt last words to your mother.
Please forgive me for dying before you.
Text Sachiko Fujinuma To Mom Well, Satoru, I work tomorrow morning, so I'll see you in the afternoon.
Sleeping, huh? Mom To be honest, I have your memories back, right? I know.
Since Kayo visited you, right? Yokai When Kayo visited, you didn't forbid her from talking about it, did you? Actually, after Kenya and Hiromi left, I felt like I'd made a mistake.
I thought they weren't able to say what they really wanted to tell you.
After seeing Kayo and her baby, I didn't have the heart to hush her up.
After all, she came to see you after waiting 15 years for you to wake up.
I saw your face and talked to you every day, but when you spoke and your voice broke, I felt like you'd grown for the first time.
I was moved.
You're an adult now.
Mom I want to take the bull by the horns and live.
After all this time, what are you talking about? Before the coma, you always took the bull by the horns.
Life is filling up what's missing in you.
That's what I said when I took charge of the sixth grade class.
The day Hinazuki was taken into protective custody, I saw your face in profile reflected in the snow.
That is what stuck in my memory the most.
My father left the picture soon after I was born.
That's why I don't remember what he looks like.
But in that one moment, you were my father, Sensei.
You filled the hole inside of me.
I've also been waiting 15 years for you to wake up, Satoru.
Ever since you left, I lost that impulse that defines me.
It's been so long.
But— You're not alone anymore.
How do we settle things between us? The police catch you? You kill me? It's already settled.
I think I've won.
Kayo Hinazuki, Aya Nakanishi, Hiromi, Yuuki I saved all of them.
And Mom, whom you murdered in the future.
Murdered in the future? Satoru, what are you I ruined your plans because I know your future.
That's all.
That's how I was able to protect everyone.
That's why you weren't able to kill anyone with a connection to me.
Including myself Satoru, I could've killed you anytime.
Of course, now too.
You let me live, Sensei.
For 15 years.
Because you needed me! I was your reason to live.
I was your hope.
I filled the hole in your heart! I beat you, Sensei.
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! This time too I'm gonna win! You can't kill me, Sensei.
15 years is a long time, isn't it? I was asleep, so it passed by in an instant for me, but I think 15 years went by excruciatingly slowly for you, Sensei.
FUNABASHI GENERAL HOSPITAL You're alive because I'm around.
You feel like you're alive.
I've relived this life a number of times.
You've murdered a number of my friends, Sensei.
But right now, I bear you no hatred.
In this world, the only person who knows the real you is me.
That's right.
Satoru I can't live I can't live without you.
You're under arrest for attempted murder.
But we didn't tell her about Yashiro.
Not with her surgery coming up Right.
"Believing in someone.
" That's a weird phrase, isn't it? After all, if you truly believed in a person, you wouldn't need to say, "I believe in you.
" It's like saying, "I believe in air.
" You mean "believing" because there's doubt? I don't mean to say that "believing in something" is like a lie.
"Believing" is really a term of hope of wanting to believe.
CHIBA POLICE I lost my life from the age of 11 to 25.
But that lost time itself is my treasure.
In a town only without me, my friends spent the precious spare time in their lives on my behalf.
Heroes always come running in at the last minute! - Here's Satoru! - You're late! - Finally! - Took you long enough! As usual.
Because he's stupid.
A town without me alone Time without me alone That's my treasure! Episode 12 Treasure BOYS' FLIGH You're blowing me away! I love it when you take the bull by the horns, Sensei.
Then I'll keep going in this direction.
Sorry to have you come all the way here.
Are you going on a trip? Yes.
After this, I'm going back to Hokkaido to see old friends.
Oh, that's right.
RECEPTION ROOM Please have a great weekend.
And I almost forgot! GALACTICA SWORD ~7 HEROES~ TO THE KING'S STRENGTH GATHER FELLOW COMRADES! Congratulations on the upcoming anime version! Right now, I make a living as a manga artist.
Revival hasn't happened to me since then.
SHIRATORI FOOD PRODUCTS YANAGIDA BAR SATORU FUJINUMA MIKOTO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Ice Hockey Club 2010 National Champions Two weeks until the opening of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver I'm going for a walk.
See you later! See you later.
They said we're getting even more snow this evening.
HIGUMA MOVING CENTER "My Hero" by Satoru Fujinuma.
I don't have the courage to take that first step.
That's why I don't have any good buddies.
It's fun playing with casual friends, "good buddies" and "casual friends" are different.
I saw the final episode of my favorite anime, "Fight, Wonder Guy!" yesterday.
In the first part, Wonder Guy was fighting alone.
He'd go down again and again but had the courage to keep fighting and never give up.
"If you don't take that first step, a path won't open for you.
" That's what he said and kept on fighting.
Then other people felt his courage, and little by little, became buddies with him.
That's why in the end, even when it looked like he was going to lose to the bad guy, he never stopped believing that his pals would come to the rescue.
But I don't have Wonder Guy's courage or good friends like that.
So I felt really envious.
It made me wish to have true friends, friends who trust each other, when I get bigger.
BIG WAVE, SMALL WAVE Can you believe this snow? They said on TV it's the most the Kanto region has had in ten years.
Can I take shelter from the snow with you? I never stopped believing.