Erky Perky (2006) s02e04 Episode Script

The Club

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Good afternoon,
gentlebugs and buglettes.
Club badges and
secret moves, please.
Great, come through
and enjoy your afternoon!
- I want to get in
the club so badly!
Please please please please!
Make Frenzel pick me!
- Will you stop that?
- But I've never
belonged to a club before.
I've always dreamed of
being part of the cool group.
- Well keep dreaming, I'm
cool, you are the opposite
of cool.
- Oh, so I'm hot?
- Strictly members only.
And we only accept top
notch, sophisticated clientele.
- Can we please be
members of your club?
- Well, that depends.
- On what?
- Are you top notch
and sophisticated?
- I've been told so.
- I tell him all the time.
- Have you ever been
refused entry to any other club?
- No.
- Don't think so.
- Do you accept that you
will be put through a rigorous
and baffling series
of membership tests?
- Bring it on.
- Okay, then.
- First test, balance
and coordination.
Close your eyes and hop
backwards on one foot.
- Piece of cake!
- Okay, second test.
Demonstrate your sophistication.
- Oh, you mean like this?
- Hey, marvelous!
Perky, you're a member.
- See you inside, Erky!
I'm a member, I'm a
member, I am a member!
- Okay, Erky, demonstrate
your sophistication.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
Uh oh.
- Oh boy.
A comedian, marvelous!
- So I'm in?
- Sorry, we've already
got our quota of comedians.
- I wouldn't join your
club if you begged me!
- Wow!
This is great, Frenzel!
- We think so.
- [Perky] Although from
the outside, I thought there'd
be more happening.
- [Frenzel] Like what?
- [Perky] Well,
maybe some music?
- [Frenzel] What a great
idea, why didn't I think of that?
Boys, the music!
(upbeat music plays)
- Oh good, you're awake!
Erky, you'll never guess what
happened at Club Frenzel.
- I don't care, good night.
- I never thought I
could have so much fun!
- Good for you.
- It was completely marvelous!
Club Frenzel is the best thing
that ever happened to Kitchen
why didn't you come in?
- Oh, I couldn't be
bothered, didn't look cool
enough for me.
- Oh, but it is cool!
Look at my badge.
- Oh, lovely.
- And watch this, the
club's secret move.
You can't get in
unless you do it.
- Looks a bit too
energetic for me.
- That's probably why
they give you so much food.
- Food?
There's food?
- Sure is.
Shame you're not interested.
- If Erky can't get into the
club, maybe I need a disguise.
- I thought you said Club
Frenzel wasn't cool enough
for you.
- Look, I can go back home
if you don't want to be seen
with me.
- No, don't be silly, I
love bees, you know that.
Well, here we are.
Hey, Boofster.
- Club move.
- See you inside!
- Club move.
Club move!
- Erky!
- Erky, where?
- You weren't trying to
sneak past Boof disguised
as a bee, were you?
- A bee?
You think I look like a bee?
That's great.
- Tisk tisk.
- I'll show you, Frenzel.
I'm gonna start my own club.
- Hmm.
- Stop right there!
- Why?
- Because this is my club,
and seeing as you aren't
a member, you can't come in.
- A new club?
Oh, goodie, I want to join!
- It's a very exclusive club.
All members have to be
blue, have yellow spots, and
be this tall.
- Then I can't join?
- You could try.
- But I'm not blue
with yellow spots.
- But you are yellow
with blue spots.
- And?
- And this month, my club is
running a special membership
program for bugs your
height that are yellow with
blue spots.
- Wow, that's incredible!
How lucky am I?
- Incredible.
- So I'm in?
- You're in.
- I'm sure that old club
was down here somewhere.
- Hi, Moldy, heading
to Club Frenzel?
- Not today, Perky, I'm
heading to Club Frenzel.
- Perky's an exclusive
member of my club now.
He'll never be going to
Club Frenzel again, ever.
- You don't say?
Well, have fun.
- No fun at Club Erky, we
have much more important
things to do.
- Mhmm, like feeling exclusive.
- Extremely exclusive.
- He's done what?
- Started his own club.
- Another club?
Let's go check it out!
- Yeah, that sounds great!
- If you join Erky's club,
then you're banished from
this club!
- That stinks.
that too!
- I hereby decree club
banishment for mentioning his name.
- Whose name?
- The bug who
started the other club.
- You mean Erky?
- Boof, boof him.
- Boof Moldy, boof.
- Oh, come on, give
him another chance!
He won't say Erky again.
- Boof.
- Anything you have to say?
- My vocabularium has
entirely deleted the word Erky.
- I warned them not to
mention you know who.
- Who?
- Erky.
(bugs talking)
- Look, Perky, a queue is
forming outside my exclusive club.
- Can we join your club, Erky?
- Um, let me see.
- Why not?
- Because it's my club.
- Hey, wait a minute.
This isn't very fair.
- Well you weren't very fair.
- Voting is fair.
- Yeah, let's vote.
- Yeah, let's vote.
- Come on, vote!
- I don't want to vote!
- I move we're all
allowed into Erky's club!
- Me too!
- Whose side are you on?
- All in favor?
- Aye!
- Let's see, one,
two, three, four, five,
all against?
- Me!
- One, two.
The odds have it, everyone's in!
We're all exclusive!
- Wait a minute!
You have to do the
secret club move!
- Great!
- Show us what it is!
- Hmm.
Boof, stand here and don't
let anyone in who can't do
that move, you got it?
- Got it, boss.
- Can we get some
crumbs over here?
Lickety split!
- Club move, boss.
- Hm?
It's my club.
- Club move, boss.
- Oh, this is crazy.
- Club move, boss.
- Oh, Perky, Perky!
- What is it, Erky?
- Boof won't let me in unless
I do the secret club move.
- So do the secret club move.
- Well I can't remember it.
Show it to me.
- I can't do that, Erky,
that's why it's called
the secret club move.
- But I'm the one who
made it up in the first place!
- Well show me what you did.
- I did it like this.
- That's almost there, Erky,
you just did one too many
taps of the right
foot, try it again.
- Like that?
- Nuh uh.
- No, I think that time
you did too many spins.
- Oh, this is ridiculous.
- One more time, Erky.
- [Erky] How about this?
- [Perky] Well now
that was way off.
And where did you get that
double handed thing, anyway?
- [Erky] Well I like the
double handed thing.
It's really cool.
(upbeat music)
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