Erky Perky (2006) s02e03 Episode Script

Broken Wings

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Oh.
I don't want to do this.
I'm scared of heights.
- Well, stop whining.
You've always said
you wanted to fly.
This is the next best thing.
(Perky whimpers)
Perky, come back here!
(Erky groans)
(Mad Margaret hums)
- Even if I do say so myself,
I look magnificent!
- Just one little
tweak around the back
and you will be
perfection, Margaret.
(wings tear)
- Cecil, what was
that ripping noise?
- Um, ah (laughs nervously).
- No, Cecil, look
what you've done!
- I'm sorry.
You moved while-
- (sigh) Go get
another pair of wings.
- You don't have any
more wings, remember?
You threw them all out
when Beetle Bottoms
went out of style.
- What?
Well, there's only
one thing to do.
Go and get my wing
designer, the great Armandor!
I'm already late for
my tour of inspection.
Goodness knows, what
those bugs are getting up to.
- Ready?
- For what?
- Ha ha, it works!
(Perky whimpers)
- Woah, hey, woah, woah, woah.
- How come the most famous
wing designer doesn't fly?
- Armandor does not
talk to servant bugs!
(happy music)
(Perky whimpers)
- No, no, over this way, Perky!
(Perky whimpers)
(Perky whimpers)
- Oh, oh, oh my, (whimpers).
(Perky screams)
Look out!
Help me!
- Cecil, you've
ruined our invention.
- Me?
Why was Perky in my air space?
- Hey, this bug
doesn't look so good.
I think he's unconscious!
- Unconscious and unattractive.
- Shhh, it's the great Armandor.
- The Great Armandor?
- What's he great at?
- Get him off me.
- Oh, no!
Margaret's replacement wings!
- Replacement wings?
- No, I mean, I mean.
- Is something
wrong with her wings?
- No.
- Does she have wings right now?
- No, oh, I mean yes.
- Well, which is it?
- Oh, I damaged her last pair,
and Armandor was
bringing replacements!
You have to help me!
- (gasps) That's great!
At Last, Mad Margaret
brought down to earth!
- If you don't
help me, I'll tell her
it was your fault the
wings are broken!
- It was an accident!
- Oh, imagine it.
A kitchen where bugs
can walk around freely,
without having to
always look up in fear!
- [Mad Margaret] Cecil!
- (wails) I'm doomed!
- There, there, Cecil,
I know the feeling.
- (laughs) We're
free, we're free!
Without wings, Mad
Margaret is powerless!
- Maybe you could fix the wings?
- Fix the wings!
Perky, that's brilliant!
I know you can do it.
- Me, but I, it was
only a suggestion
- Cecil!
Where the heck is he?
I'm just gonna have to
start my tour of inspection,
wings or no wings.
Besides, it doesn't
look that far.
- Oh, this is the life.
- Okay, now just to drop down.
(she screams)
- Yes, indeedy, a new kitchen,
where we can take
any food we want
without worrying
about Mad Margaret
dropping out of the sky?
- Oh.
Erky, have you seen Cecil?
- Maybe, why should I tell you?
- Because I'm ordering you to.
- I don't take orders
from a bug without wings.
- What did you say?
- What're you going to do?
Now that you have to
walk like everyone else.
- Who rules?
- Margaret rules,
Margaret rules!
- Now get me Cecil.
(Mad Margaret laughs)
- Ooh, I really like
these, mesmerizing.
- They'd be even better
if they actually worked.
- Hmm, shame.
Hey, here's one
that isn't broken.
Oh, here's another.
Wow! It's so beautiful,
and delicate, and-
- I've got bad news
and I've got worse news.
The bad news is Mad
Margaret's left her lair.
- And the worse news?
- She's not in a good mood.
So unless we appease
her with some (gasps).
Oh, hello!
Well done, lads.
- Wait, those wings don't match!
- So?
- We don't even
know if they work!
- Maybe someone could test them.
(Perky laughs)
- Who would possibly do
something as dangerous as that?
I didn't mean me!
- You always said
you wanted to fly.
(Perky yells)
- Don't forget to flap.
(Perky yells)
(Perky pants)
- (laughs) I'm flying!
I'm flying!
- Okay, they work.
Come back, Perky.
- (laughs) I feel so
free, so, so happy!
So, so powerful!
(evil laughs)
- Perky!
(laughing and exclaiming)
- Cecil, where have you been?
- Oh, Aunt Margaret, we
found you some wings!
- Well, where are they?
Another bug using my wings?
Cecil, after him!
(Erky whistles)
- Perky! Perky!
- I've never felt like this!
I'm not giving them back!
- Perky!
- No, I'm finally free!
I'm never coming down!
(Perky yells)
- My wings.
(Perky whimpers)
(Armandor groans)
- Oh, Armandor!
My savior!
I need some wings.
- You have destroyed them!
- No, I didn't.
- Armandor will not
tolerate this insult!
I am not your savior!
Armandor is striking
you from his client list!
(all gasp)
- No, no, please!
Anything but that.
I'll do anything to
make it up to you?
(all gasp)
- Grovel to Armandor.
(Perky squeaks)
- Armandor is the greatest
artist in the entire universe.
He has more
talent in his right ear
than I have under my right arm,
and more creative flair
than I have under my left arm,
and more vision than I
have under my little toe.
- Oh, that's going
to leave a mark.
- Very well, you will have
your wings in one week.
- But what will I do
in the meantime?
- Armandor does not
care, borrow some wings.
- Hmm.
Now who do I know who has wings?
(he gulps)
Looks like it's going to be
another rough landing, boys.
(grunts and thuds)
(grunts and thuds)
No, no, no!
We're going to keep
doing it until we get it right.
Let's go.
- [Erky] I can't take much more.
- [Perky] Are you kidding?
This is wonderful!
We're flying, Erky, flying!
- [Mad Margaret] Shh, you're
ruining my concentration!
- [Erky] Well, it can't
make your landings
any worse, can it?
- [Mad Margaret] Oh, that's it!
I'm landing on your
side this time, Erky!
- [Erky] No, no, no, no!
- [Perky] Flying, whee, flying!!
(upbeat music)
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