Erky Perky (2006) s02e02 Episode Script

Boof is Born

Life was good
on Hot Dog Stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(Perky and Erky groaning)
- Oh come on, Perky,
you're not trying.
As usual, I'm
doing all the work.
- I don't like it
here, it's too dark.
- There's food in
here, I know there is.
(spring pinging)
- Food.
(wall crashing)
(rocks settling)
(playful music)
- Erky, Erky, Erky,
look what I found.
- This is fantastic,
this is huge.
- It's just a crumb.
- Oh and the first of
many more, Perky old pal.
(Erky munching)
(bugs coughing)
- What if there's
something else in here.
Something scary,
something unknown.
- [Erky] Well, of course it's
unknown, I just discovered it.
- I don't like it in here.
I want to get out,
I want to get out.
- Oh trust me, there's
nothing going to happen to us.
(wall crumbling)
(bugs moaning)
- Who would have dreamed
my life would end like this?
(Erky sniffing)
I can't feel my.
- You know what
this is, don't you?
- A big round thing that
nearly ended my life?
- This is where
crumbs come from.
Watch closely and learn.
Ow, oh, oh.
- It's angry!
(Perky moaning)
(bouncy playful music)
You put that back!
- We've got to roll
this crumb case home
so we can open it.
- Out in the open?
If Mad Margaret sees
us, we're doomed.
- Good thinking, Perky.
Then the quicker we get
it there, the safer we'll be.
- Right.
- So you push
and I'll run ahead.
- But, how come I'm
always the guy who has to?
(fun playful music)
(Perky laughing)
(Perky groaning)
(Perky gasping)
(brakes squealing)
(Erky yelling)
(Erky vibrating)
That is one strong crumb case.
- I've got a better idea.
(mysterious music)
- Oh!
- [Erky] Stand clear!
(Erky screaming)
- No, wait, stop!
Erky, there's something
funny about this crumb case.
(wings fluttering)
Oh, Mad Margaret!
- Quick, hide it!
(fly buzzing)
(Margaret growling)
Nice wig, is that new?
- Enough!
- You heard her, enough.
- What is that there?
- What, where?
- My eyes don't just sparkle.
What's that big round
thing behind you?
- Okay, it was supposed
to be a surprise for Perky.
- A surprise for me?
What is it, Erky, hmm?
- What he have here is
Kitchen's latest must-have addition
to your home, it's
a place to sit, Perky.
(Perky grunting)
(Margaret growling)
Place to sit, silly me, I
meant to say exercise.
Really tones the tummy.
(fun playful music)
And it's also an oh
so easy to play drum.
(rhythmic tapping)
- I'm taking it.
- Oh don't.
(wings fluttering)
(tense music)
- What's in this, Cecil?
Do something!
- Got it.
(air whistling)
(springs pinging)
(playful rhythmic music)
(bugs gasping)
- I told you there was
something funny about this thing.
(egg rattling)
(trumpet blasting)
(Boof grunting)
- Neato, thanks Erky!
This is the bestest present
I've ever been given.
Way better than
those flypaper bags.
(Boof grunting)
- Oh, where are the crumbs?
- Exactly, where are the
crumbs to feed this beast?
Kitchen doesn't need
another mouth to feed.
- You fools.
(Boof grunting)
- Get rid of him by nightfall
or I'm gonna have
to get rid of you.
(wings fluttering)
(Boof grunting)
- Nightfall?
Oh Erky, I'll miss you.
- I'm not going anywhere, he is.
(Boof grunting)
Oh cut that out.
- Oh, can we keep
him, Erky, can we?
Can we, huh, can
we, can we, please?
- Are you crazy?
You heard Mad
Margaret, he's got to go.
- Or we could keep him.
- Perky.
- Perky.
(Perky chuckling)
- Oh, he said my name.
- Boof, Boof, Boof,
Boof, Boof, Boof.
I'm gonna call you Boof.
- Why Boof?
- I don't know, it
just came to me.
- Come on.
- Yeah, come on, Boof.
- Boof, Boof, Boof.
(fun bouncy music)
Six little fleas
said hi what's new
Fat one skinny
ones tall ones too
But the one little
flea in a funny red hat
He led the other
with a rat tat tat tat
(Perky and Boof laughing)
- Here we are.
- Well, this is goodbye, Boof.
- Boof go.
(Perky sobbing)
Perky wet.
(Erky groaning)
- The hole's too small.
- Boof stay.
- No Boof go, anywhere, just go.
- Problem?
- Boy, do we.
Unless we make this giant
toadstool disappear fast,
Mad Margaret will
be on us like fruit flies
to a black banana.
- Hmm, hmm.
(Frenzel chuckling)
He's a big one, but
consider it done, for a price.
Say, five crumbs.
- Five crumbs?
- Four.
- Two.
- Seven.
- Done.
- He likes it when you
scratch him right here.
- Don't worry, I'll
take care of him.
Come on, big guy.
(Boof moaning)
- Perky.
- Bye bye, Boof, keep bouncing.
- Bye, if I never see you
again, it'll be too soon.
- I miss the good times already.
- You've only known
him for 10 minutes.
(lightly sorrowful music)
(Perky sobbing)
- I can't believe you
took back my surprise.
- It wasn't a surprise,
don't you remember?
I made that up.
(wings fluttering)
- Have you disposed
of our little problem yet?
- All done and dealt with.
- Oh, how did you do it?
- Well, let's just
say it was a big job.
(Margaret laughing)
(Perky sobbing)
- What the?
- Boof!
- Perky!
- Food.
(Perky laughing)
- Yeah, Boof got it
from behind the walls.
He's a tunnel bug.
- Yeah, but he's way too
big to get in through that hole.
- There's more than
one way into the walls.
(Erky laughing)
- I knew there was
food back there.
Good work, Frenzel,
I'll cut you in for half.
- Hey, we did a deal, pal.
This is my food and
I don't share, Boof.
- Well, we could do a new deal.
- Boof work now.
- See you around, Boof.
- I told you we
should have kept him.
- But.
- I begged you, but
would you listen?
No. - But.
- I discovered an
unending supply of food
and you have managed to ruin it.
- [Perky] Yeah, but.
- [Erky] This is the
worst day of my life.
- [Perky] But I thought
you said meeting me
was the worst day of your life.
- [Erky] Did I say that?
- [Perky] Yes.
- [Erky] Well that was a
bit harsh of me, sorry Perky.
(upbeat music)
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