Erky Perky (2006) s02e06 Episode Script

Party Pooper

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Good day to you!
Hello there!
How are you?
Yes, nice to see you.
Hello! Ladies.
- Hi!
I wonder why no ones
waving back to me.
- There's a simple
explanation for that Perky.
You're not me.
- Hm?
- Just the bug I
was looking for.
- Oh you're just saying that.
- No. I mean it!
- Oh? Really?
- Ugh!
- I'm having a little
party this afternoon
to celebrate my new room.
- Oh you mean a nest warming?
- It'll be a great
chance for you
to meet some of my friends.
- We'd love to come.
- We?
- Oui, oui, mademoiselle.
- Okay then. See you later.
- (gasp)
You okay buddy?
How are ya? Yeah.
Oh hello! Hi!
Oh yes!
- Oh no!
There's a nervous rash
on my nervous rash!
Maybe I shouldn't
go to this party.
Stop bein' a larva-livered
coward about it.
It was awfully nice
of Sajuica to invite me.
And it would be nice
to meet her friends.
- And of course I'll be there.
- You know what?
I'm going to the party!
- Oh hurray.
But if you're going
to be seen with me,
you're going to have to act
like a sophisticated
party animal.
- Well how am I
going to do that Erky?
- For starters,
stand tall.
Not that tall!
Walk proud.
Not that proud.
Make delightful conversation.
- Ummm.
(crickets chirping)
- And when all else fails
follow my lead.
- I'm a sophisticated
party animal.
I'm a sophisticated
party animal.
I'm a sophisticated--
Ooof! Ohh!
- Sorry bugs but you're
not on the pest list.
- I don't see any list.
- Maybe not, but I can
spot riffraff a mile away.
- I'll have you know,
we were both personally
invited by Sajuica.
- Well you're going to have
to lose the anxiety rash.
And you,
don't even get me started.
- Well now I know why
they call them bouncers.
- (gasp) I'm so glad
you made it Perky!
- And what about me?
- You made it.
I can't wait to show
you my new room!
(sparkling harp melody)
This is my room.
- Wow!
- And these are my friends.
- Really?
- Hello! Ha ha!
- Oh are those
guys from Swatter?
- No silly!
Bug Zone!
- Okay, ou est le food?
- Just beautiful.
- Keep it down to a dull roar!
- Party killer! (coughs)
- Oh don't worry!
Aunt Margaret promised
to stay out of the party.
Didn't you?
- I've got my eye on you!
Keep it down to a dull roar!
- Come meet the lady flies.
Girls, this is the bug
I've been talking about.
- Well hello-ho!
I'm Natalie
- Ah ha, pleased
to meet you Natalie.
- This is Perky?
- No, that's Erky!
This is Perky.
- Isn't it a hoot
how everyone always ends
up in the kitchen at parties.
- Will you fellas excuse
us for a moment?
- Well this ain't very nice.
- Just follow my lead Perky
and you won't go wrong.
- Who invited that gas bug?
- He invited himself of course.
- Ew!
- Everyone, it's
time for dancing!
(upbeat dance music)
- Come on bugaboo
let's cut a rug!
- Perky, would
you like to dance?
- I'm not really a very
good dancer Sajuica.
Not like Erky.
- That's a relief.
Come on!
- Here we go!
- Awesome!
- Moonwalk!
- Oh watch this!
- Aaand
- Oh no.
(loud boom)
- Oh!
- Whoo hoo, ah ha, yes!
- You owe me big for this!
- And spin!
- That's enough dancing!
Maybe I should
bring out the food.
- Oh food! Thank goodness!
All this dancing has
made me peckish!
- I made these myself.
- And now for my
famous impression
of the vacuum sucking monster.
(vacuum suction)
- Erky!
- Oh! No more for me thanks.
I'm stuffed.
- That's it!
Aunt Margaret!
- Your time is up.
- Oh ho, where's
your sense of humor?
Has to be in there somewhere.
- Well you know
where to find me girls.
- Bleh! Ugh!
- Well I guess it's
time for us to leave.
- No Perky,
- No but I should go with Erky.
- The whole point of this party
was so that we
could get to know you.
- Really?
- So
- Well, just for a little while.
- Hmph, well it's
their loss, hmph!
- When Perky's embarrassed
he turns the prettiest colors.
- Wow! I am a
sophisticated party animal!
(fast hiccupping)
- Oh no! Perky's
got the hiccups!
- No, it's
It's okay.
Yeah, I know how to
what to do.
All gone.
- Aww, what a gentlebug.
(distant party music)
- Hey! Sounds like a
real wingding up there!
- Well you couldn't
be more wrong.
I was at that so-called party
and those bugs just didn't
know how to get down and--
- And Now you're a party of one.
- Well not if you join me for
a game of vermin checkers.
It'll certainly be more fun
than what poor Perky's
enduring up there.
(loud music and laughing)
- Eeyikes!
(loud crash)
- Perky are you okay?
- I have to be extra
careful around Kitchen
because of my allergies.
If I don't watch out
I'll end up like this guy.
- Fun, Funny, and he
knows about hand bags!
- Oooh! Let's bounce some more!
(loud music and laughing)
- That's it!
Enough with the noise!
Party's over!
(stretching and yawning)
- Okay just one more
game of vermin checkers.
I'll be dust mites
and you can be amoeba!
- But I'm so tired I can
barely keep my eyes open
- Don't worry,
I'll make your moves for ye.
- Wow what a great time!
We danced
and laughed
and bounced and then--
- Perky! You're back!
- Thank goodness!
Eh, why don't you take my place.
- It was so much fun!
I can't wait to see them again!
And I thought I didn't
have any friends.
- What are you
talking about Perky?
You always had me.
Of course, if all
you care about now
is your fancy new friends.
- Oh no, no, no,
of course not Erky.
- Good!
Now make a move.
Not that one!
Are you insane?!
- Oh sorry Erky.
This one's better, right?
- He he, perfect!
I win! (laughs)
- Really Perky,
Who taught you how
to play vermin checkers?
- Well you did Erky.
- Oh, well you need
more practice buddy.
Let's go again.
- Okay
- Now make a move.
(lively music)
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