Erky Perky (2006) s02e07 Episode Script

You Nut!

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(lively percussion music)
(slow meandering jazz)
(smacking lips)
- Hmmah, my
high-shelled beauty.
- There he goes again, Erky.
- Same time every day,
keep your eyes on him.
(panting and whimpering)
(footsteps clattering)
- Hello, my lovely!
- Perky, look at it! It's huge!
This is what we've
been looking for.
- The fabled Lost City of Mold?
- No! A source of
food that Mad Margaret
doesn't know about.
- What?
No more grease dip?
- Well, you ate it all.
- Nevermind who ate
it, get me some more!
- Yes, ma'am.
- Aha! We knew you
were up to something!
- What's a-- don't sneak
up on an old bug like that.
- Is this yours?
- It's none of your concern.
- Is it food?
- It's a "noot."
- It's newt food?
- No. It's a "noot!"
N-U-T! "Noot."
Marbles of design,
shells as hard as rock
and a treasure inside
that's even better than food.
- Even better?
I didn't know there was
anything better than food!
- Oh, don't be silly, there's
nothing better than food.
- That's what you think.
- Okay, we'll help you open it.
- I've had this nut for
years! I don't need your help.
Now get out!
- Well, just tell us, hmm?
What's the treasure?
We can keep a secret!
- Come on, Perky.
- Yeah, but--
- We'll come back later,
when Moldy's gone.
(mysterious jazz)
(footsteps clattering)
- But we aren't taking
it from Moldy, are we?
- You heard him.
He's had it for years!
We're going to
help Moldy open it
and then share the treasure.
Now, are you going
to give me a hand?
- Okay.
- Wow, this really is
a tough nut to crack.
- So tell me,
what part of this
is not stealing?
What could be inside?
Maybe it's a pink bug ball.
- Just push!
- I've always
wanted one of those.
(grunting and straining)
- We drop it, it
breaks, we rejoice.
And then we share it with Moldy.
Half the food for
him, half for us.
- But Moldy said what's inside
is even better than food.
- There isn't anything better.
- Ooh, I know!
It's a pair of those little,
fluffy antenna warmers.
- Why don't we just
open this up and find out?
- Check. You push, I'll pull.
(grunting and straining)
- Uh, I'll push, you pull.
- [Both] Try again.
- Woo-oo-oo!
- Perky, you nutcase!
You cushioned the impact!
(muffled shouting)
Okay, Perky, I'm coming.
Hunger makes a bug
do desperate things.
(splat) Oh!
- Ooh! Hmm?
- Aha!
(panting) - Oh,
that was terrible.
I'm gonna have
nightmares about that.
- Hmmhmm
Well, I'm out of ideas.
This is nuts!
- Well, maybe what's inside
is one of those things you,
you hang up and when
the wind blows, it tinkles.
- Well, I want it open,
and I want it open now.
- Well, maybe,
Erky, if we're patient,
it just might open itself.
(whistling and humming)
(foot tapping)
- Oh, this stinks!
(farting noises) - Hey
what a fantabulous find!
A spheroidical container!
(tapping) Hmm
A hard outer layer. (farting)
What do you call it?
- It's called a nut.
- And what's inside
is better than food.
Like, maybe, ooh, ooh!
The meaning of life!
- Can you help us open it?
- What do I get if I help?
(sighs) Okay.
We'll share it with you.
Half for you, half
for us, half for Moldy.
- Sounds good!
- Is it as good as grease dip?
- It's better than grease dip,
it's big, round, shiny,
and Erky and Perky have got it.
- Not for long, they don't!
(upbeat jazz)
- Okay, let's crack this nut!
- Whoa!
I'll never go hungry again!
- Oh no! Frenzel!
- He'll be squished!
Wait, Stinks!
(booming and whistling)
(laughing maniacally)
- What the--? (thudding)
- The nut!
It's getting away!
(gibbering in alarm)
- Aha! Freeze!
(shouting in alarm)
(screaming) (splat)
- Hey, where's the nut?
- Yeah, where did it go?
- Oh, here comes Erky
and Perky, I'll ask them!
Erky, where's the-- (zooming)
- Hey, Perky, did you see the--?
- What's going on?
- Oh, look.
(rumbling) (suspenseful music)
(all panting and screaming)
- Oof! Erky!
- Perky! Little buddy!
(all grunting)
(rumbling stops,
then gets louder)
(all screaming)
(rumbling and screaming stop)
(all sigh)
- Oh, phew!
(menacing music) -
You are all in big trouble!
I can't believe you were
trying to keep this from me!
- It's not food!
- It's even better than food!
- Nothing's better than food.
- Inside this nut,
is a pink bug ball,
a pair of fluffy
antenna warmers,
and one of those
things you hang up and,
when the wind blows, it tinkles.
- What sort of a bug
would want any of those?
- Ooh--
- It's Moldy's.
- Well, where is Moldy?
(all gasp)
(rumbling stops)
- Moldy?
- What in tar paper are
you all yammering about?
Even inside my
ultra-quiet sleeping shell
I can hear you!
- Hey, where's the food?
- Aha!
Hand it over!
- Get out! There's
no food in here!
- Moldy, you said there
was treasure in there.
Something even better than food.
Where is it?
- This is it, a nice,
quiet place to sleep.
When you get to my age,
that's better than all
the food in Kitchen.
(nut creaks shut)
- Well, that was a
huge waste of effort.
- Cecil! Where's my grease dip?
- Well, I guess it's
back to life as usual.
- Ah, don't worry, Perky.
One day, we'll find it.
- Oh, a bug ball?
- No.
- A pair of antenna warmers?
- Uh-uh.
- A hanging tinkly thing?
- No, a source of food
that Mad Margaret
doesn't know about.
- [Perky] Oh! He
sleeps inside it.
- [Erky] You know, if you ask
me, that Moldy is a bit nuts.
- [Perky] Well, you
know what they say.
- [Erky] What's that?
- [Perky] You are what you eat.
(theme music)
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