Erky Perky (2006) s02e08 Episode Script

Tomorrow’s Outlook Fine

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(funky music)
- I can't concentrate with
you bouncing that ball.
- Is this gonna take long?
- Just a few more goes,
and this morsel will be mine!
I mean, uh, ours.
- 'Cause I'm meeting
up with Sajuica.
She loves to watch me dribble.
Says I do it the best.
- I'm so happy for ya.
- (chuckles) I feel so good!
Nothing's gonna spoil my day!
- Ah, Delilah!
Here with a grim new
prophecy to brighten our day?
- A straight line
leads to dusty corners.
- Ah, that's catchy.
I'll have it embroidered
on a tea cozy.
Have a dire prediction
for Perky, too?
- Uh, why, of course, darling.
Um, a ball of wool
Won't grow horns!
- Fascinating.
- Yeah, but what does it mean?
- Farewell, and beware.
- Drop in again sometime.
- A ball of wool
won't grow horns?
What do you think it means?
- Oh, it doesn't mean
anything. (grunting)
- A ball of wool.
That means I'm gonna
get all fuzzy and itchy.
- I liked it better
when you were
in a sickeningly good mood.
(laughs) Grub's up!
- A ball of wool
won't grow horns.
Am I supposed to grow horns?
What if my head gets
so heavy it falls off?
How will Sajuica even know
it's me if I'm missing my head?
How will I know it's me?
- Excuse me. (shouting)
- Who are you? (ball smashing)
- Vermit, how do you do?
A stranger here, and all that.
- A stranger? Talking to me?
This must be the horrible
thing that's gonna happen!
Delilah's prophecy was right!
- Prophecy?
- Oh yes, a terrible
prophecy, I'm doomed.
- Just so happens I'm
gifted with insecti-sight.
- Insecti-sight?
- I can read minds
and see the future.
Might I hear this prophecy?
- A ball of wool
won't grow horns.
- (chuckling) And you
thought that was bad?
On the contrary, my dear friend,
it actually means you
will meet a stranger
who will bring you great luck,
as long as you look after him.
- Really?
Well, now I just have
to find a stranger so I--
- Uh, hello?
- Hmm?
- Arrived just now? Moments ago?
Someone you don't
know, i.e. a stranger?
- Ooh, she must've meant you!
Wow, what a coincidence!
- (chuckles) Show me around.
Seems like a lovely place.
- You're not wearing
wool, are you?
(heavy breathing)
- Is there any
reason you're fearfully
scuttling along like that?
- I really can't
be seen with you.
- Why?
- Mad Margaret, she's nasty.
Unless she likes you,
then she probably won't
do terrible things,
but you can't be sure.
She's very
unpredictable that way.
- Stop, I'm getting a
vision of this Mad Margaret!
- Huh?
- She's, uh, she's--
- Very big, with wings.
- She's flying.
- Where?
- And she's got--
- Food?
- So she controls the food here?
- Wow, you really
do have insecti-sight.
- Hi, Perky.
Sorry I'm late.
- Oh (chuckles), hello, Sajuica.
- Who's this?
You're not from around here.
- My name is Vermit.
- He's-- (chuckling)
- Clairvoyant. (smooching)
(Sajuica chuckles)
- What?
You can float, too?
- (chuckles) It means
he can tell the--
- Future, yes, I can.
- Then you've
gotta meet my aunt.
She's kinda the
main bug around here.
- Would your aunt's
name be Margaret?
- Wow!
- Wow!
- How did you know that?
- It's a gift.
I would like very much
to meet your aunt,
and perhaps read her palm.
- She'd love that!
- Will there be sandwiches?
- Oh, what about my dribble?
(funky music) (grunting)
And he's smart, and, and
nice, he's got insecti-sight.
He's gonna end up
being Sajuica's best friend.
- Aw, and you said
nothing could spoil your day.
Oh well.
- Worst of all, Sajuica's takin'
him to meet Mad Margaret.
- Hmm, well, in
that case, I predict
he's got a very
short future indeed.
(toaster crashing)
(Perky shouts)
- Oh, you can see all that
just by looking at my palm?
- It's a gift.
This hasn't got much taste.
- Oh, I've a lovely sauce.
I'll be right back.
Don't buzz off, now! (chuckles)
- [Erky] Hmm
(Sajuica shouts)
Hmm, he's with Mad
Margaret, stuffing his face,
and I'm starving!
- He said I'd meet a stranger
who'd bring me luck as
long as I looked after him.
- What does he
think this is, a picnic?
- Unless there's another
stranger about to arrive.
- He's got to go.
- Maybe many strangers,
disguised as balls
of wool, with horns.
- The only question is how?
Think, Erky, think!
- What if Vermit is the leader
of the pointy-horned
wooly balls?
- That'll do.
- Erky?
- Get up there,
and on my signal,
get him to stand up.
- What for?
- Trust me, Perky.
- Gosh, uh, fancy
meeting you two here.
- Hello, Perky.
- Oh, yes, Perky.
(heavy breathing) (chuckling)
- What can we do for you?
- Well, um, uh, I
I have to ask
Vermit to stand up.
- Why?
- Well, I, I, I think you
might be sitting on my hat.
- I'd know if I was
sitting on your hat.
- Oh, did I say my hat?
What I meant was,
um, how tall are you?
- Seven millimeters.
- Are you sure?
- Oh, all right.
- Hmm, hmm.
(gunshot) (grunting)
- With or without antennae?
- I'm back. (chuckles)
Oh, I think you'll
find this sauce
will add a certain piquancy.
- Uh oh! (shouting)
- What on earth
are you playing at?
- You can't fool
me, you're the leader
of the horned wooly-balls!
- What?
- And you're
planning to invade us!
Just like Delilah said.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
I've got a good
thing going here,
and you're messing it up.
- What?
- I've got Sajuica and
her aunt completely fooled.
Reckon I'm set for life.
Thanks for the
intro, but now, scram.
- Completely fooled?
I think not!
- Uh, oh, uh, very good,
uh, no, wait, um, I meant--
- I think you should
go away now.
- Let me explain!
- You've explained enough.
- Well, what does your
insecti-sight tell you now?
- Um, uh
- Because, I see travel
in your immediate future.
- Oh dear!
- I'll teach you to
freeload in my kitchen!
- (chuckling) You
got it, Sajuica.
- Thanks, Perky, but I'll
never be as good as you.
And thank you for
looking out for me.
You're a real hero.
(smooching) (Perky chuckles)
- Really?
Did you hear that, Erk?
I'm a hero.
- Oh, bully for you.
- Delilah was right, because
I was nice to a stranger,
I got all this good luck.
I told you everything
would turn out fine.
- With a little help
from your friend.
- Hey, we should figure out
what your prophecy means.
A straight line leads
to dusty corners.
- [Erky] Prophecy! (laughs)
- [Perky] Well, let's
find a straight line
and see where it leads us.
- [Erky] Who
needs insecti-sight?
(upbeat music)
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