Erky Perky (2006) s02e09 Episode Script

Beautiful Music

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Hey, Perky!
Watch this!
pretty impressive, huh?
- Amazing, how'd
you do that, Erky?
- Talent and skill.
- Wow.
- Now you show me
something as impressive as that!
- Me, do something impressive?
- That's right, top that,
show me something you're
really good at.
- Well, no, not that.
Like, no, no I can't.
I can't think of anything!
- Oh, come on, everyone's
good at something, even you!
You just have to find it.
- You're right.
I'm gonna find what I'm good at.
And when I do, you're
gonna be really impressed!
- Good luck!
- I'm gonna find something
to really impress Erky.
(playing string music)
- You're really
good at that, Moldy!
- I have to agree!
- I wish I could
make music like you.
- I hear you.
Hold on a minute!
(tiger roars)
Try this, it's called
an insectislide!
- For me, but I
don't know how to--
- The music is already
in there, you've just got to
let it out!
My pal Buggy Holly had lips
like stale dinner rolls, and he
could blow that
thing like a hurricane!
Why, one day we (snores)
- Hmm.
(laughs) wow!
(plays music)
- Hit it!
(both play music)
- I found it, I found
something I'm good at!
Listen to this.
(plays music)
- Hey, how did you do that?
- I play one note and
as soon as I hear it,
I know what to play next!
Just like that, pretty
impressive, huh?
(plays music)
- Huh?
Oh, what's happening?
I can't stop!
Stop playing, Perky!
- Now don't tell me
you're not impressed.
- Did you see that?
The music, it makes me move!
- You want some more?
(plays music)
- What are you doing?
Knock it off!
Give me that!
- Admit it, you were impressed!
(plays music)
- Hey, it's show time!
You can really
blow that baby, Perk!
You've got talent!
but that dancing stinks!
- Nice moves!
- We could start a bug band!
- Perky, stop!
- Did you notice my
handbag fell off the wall?
No, and now it's broken.
And if you can't fix
it, I'll need a new one.
Maybe a Cecil colored handbag!
- It's fixed!
- Hmm,
well, it's not the same
now, it's lost its glow.
I don't know what it'll take
to make me feel better.
But you better find it!
- I'll find it, you
can trust in me!
(plays music)
- Stop, enough already!
- Come on, Erky, my
playing, your dancing?
It's brilliant!
(music playing)
- What's going on?
- It's the Erky and Perky show!
- Music, dancing, oh,
Margaret will love this!
Stop, I have an announcement!
Margaret is feeling full of
goodwill and generosity today,
and would like to invite you
two up to her lair for a snack.
- Margaret, feeling generous?
Yeah, I don't think so.
- Yeah, and she's gonna
adopt some orphan bugs, too.
- Forget it, I'm not going.
But just out of curiosity,
what kind of snacks did she
have in mind?
- Stinky cheese, crumbs,
dried up coffee grounds.
A real feast.
- We accept!
- No way, that doesn't sound
like Margaret to me, she never
gives anything away.
- Shh, think of the food!
- And all she wants in
return is a little entertainment.
Margaret loves
music and dancing.
- I'm not going.
- What's the problem, I'll
dance and all you have to do
is blow the thing!
(plays off key note)
- Oops, sorry.
Are you okay, Perky?
Oh, he's fine.
We'd love to entertain Margaret.
- Splendid.
- Oh, it's feast time!
- I can't hear anything!
- Announcing Erky and Perky!
- What?
- Well they're here
to entertain you.
To lift your mood, they're
very funny, trust me.
- Oh, all right, get on with it.
- And what are you waiting for?
Go on, play, play!
Play, play, play!
- Sure, fine with me.
I'll go away.
- Not go away, play!
- What does that mean?
- Just do what you did before.
- This is a tense moment.
Maybe I should play
something to lighten the mood.
- You are going to love
this, I told you you could
count on me.
(plays off key note)
- Oh, that's awful, stop!
- Perky!
What are you doing?
- Stop that awful noise!
- Play like you did before!
- Stop!
- Give me that!
- Oh, she must want
me to keep going.
- I'm gonna,
(plays loud note)
- She really loves it!
- Stop it, Perky!
- Whew.
- [Erky] Perky?
- Hello!
One two three, testing!
I can hear!
Erky, I can hear!
- So hear this!
I'm gonna do something so
horrible to you, I haven't even
worked out what
it's gonna be yet!
- Take one step closer and I'll,
- You'll what?
(plays note)
- Run!
- Cecil!
- Ow.
- Oh, boy, that was close.
- I know.
I almost lost my
beautiful insectislide.
- Oh no you don't.
Wait until Mad
Margaret comes after us!
It's our secret
weapon against her.
But until then, no playing.
- But,
- My insectislide!
Oh, I've been looking
for you everywhere!
(playing music)
- How's that?
- My mood is lifting, Cecil.
But I'm not smiling yet.
(plays music)
- No more insectislide.
- No more lasso.
- But I loved that insectislide,
and I was good at it.
- Certainly had a
big impact on me.
- You were a very good dancer.
- Well it's my natural
sense of rhythm.
- Now I'm gonna have to find
something else I'm good at.
- I'm sure there must be
something, you just have
to find it.
- Hey, I used to be able to
make this really good sound.
If I put my hand
under my armpit and,
(farting sound)
- Oh, yeah, I can do that too.
- [Perky] Good one!
(upbeat music)
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