Erky Perky (2006) s02e10 Episode Script

The Principle of the Thing

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(bluesy music)
(ball springing)
(bugs gasping)
- Boof 12, Perky zip.
He's killing you on
the hypotenuse, Perky.
(Stinks farting)
- Hmm.
(Erky gasping)
(Frenkel groaning)
(horn tooting)
(Frenkel groaning)
- Aw!
- Ha, I won again.
That's 20 games to
me, retaining my title
as Rock Eye Champion as Kitchen.
- What?
- That's 10 crumbs you
owe me, so hand em over.
- Oh, not so fast.
- Let me play one more.
- With what, you don't
have any bug eyes left.
- Boof 13, Perky zip.
(Stinks farting)
- I'm exhausted, I
haven't eaten for weeks.
- Lend me one of yours
and we'll go to all or nothing.
- Lend, I'll sell you one.
- How much?
- Uh let's see.
Hmmm, four crumbs
could just about cover it.
- [Erky] Okay, I'm in.
- But Erky, Erky I haven't eaten
in weeks to save those crumbs.
- Oh trust me, Perky,
after this one game
you'll be feasting til your
belly pops, I can't loose.
After you, champ.
(dramatic music)
(eyeball squeaking)
- Ah come on, come on, come on.
Come on, bug eye!
(Erky gasping)
- I win and don't
even think about it.
- One more game.
- Ah, you're already
in deep enough.
You owe me 10 plus
four, that's 16 crumbs.
- But Erky, that's
all we've got.
- Shh, 16 crumbs.
That could take me a wee while.
- You've got until sundown.
(Erky gulping)
- Okay.
(light jazzy music)
(Perky moaning)
- Erky.
- Over here, Perky.
Are you sure no
one followed you?
- No one.
- Three, four.
- I was so looking
forward to eating these.
- Don't worry, Perky,
I'm going to hole up here
until he forgets all about it.
- But what if he doesn't,
what if he finds you here?
He'll find our stash as well.
- Good point, we'll
leave the crumbs here
and I'll hide somewhere else.
- Ooh, how about
the silver cave?
- Perfect, he would never
think of looking there.
(brakes squealing)
(light playful music)
- Oh so hungry,
can't go outside.
Can't get caught, but so hungry.
Perky, where are you?
(lightly tense music)
(Perky groaning)
- Ah-ha just as I thought,
he's hiding in the silver cave.
- Frenzel smart.
(tense music)
(metal clattering)
- Ohh, ow, ooh.
(Erky grunting)
- Oh, it's only you then.
- Is that all I get?
I've been here for
days, I'm wasting away.
- It was all I could carry
without looking suspicious.
- Did someone see you?
- No.
- Because I'm not
giving up one crumb.
No way, no how.
- Maybe you'd be
safer if I didn't visit you.
- Don't be silly Perky,
I need more food.
I can't even think straight.
- Shh, okay, okay, I'll go
back to the you know what.
- Oh great, see if you can
find some of those orange
crunchy ones and a
bunch of that green gunk
and if it's not too much trouble
you won't forget a handful
of those purple flakes.
You got it?
- Got it.
(Frenzel laughing)
- [Frenzel] I'm wise to
you, my bloated little friend.
- Erky hiding.
- You follow Perky, he's
probably heading to their stash.
- Boof follow Perky.
- I'm gonna pay our
friend Erky a surprise visit.
(light mysterious music)
(spring pinging)
(water splashing)
(Erky screaming)
- Ah-ha!
- Hey Frenzel,
buddy, pal, best mate.
You fancy a game of bug eyes?
- Game over, 16 crumbs.
- It's not over
until I say it's over.
(bugs groaning)
(bouncy music)
(Erky grumbling)
(Erky screaming)
- I'm coming to get ya, Erquel!
(bugs groaning)
(Erky screaming)
(air whistling)
- Perky, hi.
(Perky laughing)
- Hiya, Boof.
No crumbs.
- Play ball?
- Oh, Perky love ball.
(Erky gasping)
(Erky sniffing)
- Now, what do we have here?
(wings buzzing)
- Halt, this is the
property of Margaret,
Queen of all things in Kitchen.
- Buzz off, Cecil, I am in
the middle of something here.
- As Margaret's
personal representative,
I hereby order
you to stand guard
until I return with her.
(Perky groaning)
(Stinks farting)
- Boof four, Perky zip.
- Can't, can't go on.
I've gotta have
something to eat.
(Perky groaning)
(Perky munching)
(Erky laughing)
- Surprise!
- Frenzel, it's
not how it looks.
- Hmm, you may be smart Erky,
but you'll never
outsmart the Frenz.
- Yep, you're so right, Frenzel.
What was I thinking?
- Yep, I reckon there's
a good 16 crumbs
in this little beauty.
- Uh, so we're all square then?
(Frenzel munching)
- Mhmm, oh yeah.
- Boof.
(Perky grunting)
- Game over, Boof wins, 18 zip.
- Good game, Perky.
(ball bouncing)
- I won, I won, I
won, I won, I won.
- But Frenzel?
- All fixed and I did it
without even touching
one crumb of our stash.
(Perky laughing)
- The stash.
- Let's celebrate.
(Frenzel munching)
- But it was right here.
- Where is my giant crumb?
- Your crumb?
But Erky told me it was his.
- Everything in Kitchen is mine.
- Erky, you're gonna pay!
(tense music)
When I find you,
you'd better be hiding
for your own sake.
- No!
- Look on the bright side, Erky.
- There's no bright side.
- You don't have to hide
anymore and I'm not hungry.
- [Erky] You ate all our crumbs.
- [Perky] Let it go, think
about something else.
- [Erky] Even all
the crunchy ones.
- [Perky] Hey, how about
a game of bug eyes?
- [Erky] Play for crumbs?
- [Perky] Um, we
don't have any crumbs.
- [Erky] Oh, do you
have to remind me?
(fun bouncy music)
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