Erky Perky (2006) s02e11 Episode Script

Funny Bum

Life was good
on Hot Dog Stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
( music)
- Moss! (Moss squealing)
- Remind me why I'm here.
- Because exercise
is good for you.
Keeps you trim.
- But I don't want to be trim.
I love my body as it is.
You beautiful blue thing you.
(grunting) (farting)
- Push it stinks .
- Wha?
no pain,
no gain.
(grunting) (farting)
(laughing and coughing)
(upbeat workout music)
- Use it or lose it, Grandpa.
- I thought I'd get warmed up
for my big bugger
ball game with Sajuica.
Well that doesn't
look like a bugger ball.
- Oh this, I found
it this morning.
Somebody must've dropped it.
(Erky gasps)
(dramatic tone)
- I'll bet they're
pretty bummed out.
- Yeah, it was strange, Erky.
I heard a noise,
I turned around, and there
it was sitting right there.
- Sitting, was it?
- That makes sense.
- Sorry, I'm obviously
a little behind.
- More like no behind.
(dramatic tone)
(Perky screaming)
- My bum is missing!
- No, it isn't Perky.
You're holding it.
(Perky crying)
- My beautiful,
soft, cuddly bum.
How could you
desert me like that?
- Now Perky, there's
no need to overreact.
Just relax and sit down,
or maybe just relax.
(bugs laughing)
- I hope my glutinous maximus
never drops off. (laughs)
- We should be so lucky.
- Hmm.
(suspenseful rhythmic music)
There you are.
(Perky grunting)
- What does this
look like, Erky, hmm?
- Like someone with
no bum wearing a skirt,
but I'm sure the
look will catch on.
- This is terrible.
What will Sajuica think?
- Perky, there's
no reason to panic.
You know your
bum will grow back,
- Erky, she and I are playing
bugger ball this afternoon.
- Well, at least you two
hadn't planned on dancing
cheek to cheek. (laughing)
- What is she gonna think of me?
I feel like half a
bug without my butt.
- Oh Perky, calm down.
You're forgetting
that you have a friend
who's an artistic genius.
- Oh, I do?
- Come with me.
(marching music)
Thanks to my latest masterpiece,
others can now
know what it's like
to have the perfect
behind, mine.
- Erky, I'm really grateful
for your help and everything,
but isn't it a little big?
- Why does being an artist
have to be such a struggle?
- And the color
seems a little off.
- Oh, so now
you're an art critic?
That is clearly Perky yellow.
- Okay then.
- Perky, have I ever
once steered you wrong?
- Well, there was the time
you steered me right
under the suck monster,
and of course there was the time
you sent me head first
into (mumbles) canyon.
But apart from those, never.
- Trust me, Perky.
(Erky grunting)
- Hold still!
- I'm trying, ow.
- [Erky] Perfect!
- Really?
- Absolutely.
- So you think it looks real?
- Oh yes, wear it with
my pride, my friend.
You never looked better.
Now, don't be late for
that bugger ball game.
(upbeat rhythmic music)
- It looks just fine.
Nobody will even notice.
Just have to act normal.
(bugs laughing)
I must've missed a joke.
Nothing to do with me.
- Hi Perky.
- Hi Sajuica.
- What's with the you know what?
- I have no idea what
you're talking about, Sajuica.
Ready to play bugger ball?
- I sure am.
I'm gonna kick your
I'm absolutely ready to win,
that's what I meant.
(Sajuica laughing)
You're hardly moving, Perky!
This is too easy!
- I've got my strategy.
- Come on, where are
all your groovy moves?
- Like what?
- Like that.
- I'm warning you,
Sajuica, the end is near.
- It sure is.
- Oh no.
Oh! (gasps)
- Leave something behind?
- Oh, this is definitely
the worst day of my life.
- Perky, I don't mind
that you're missing a bum.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm,
you can be the no
posterior poster bug.
- No posterior poster bug!
- Was it something I said?
- Genius!
thanks to your condition
I've come up with
a wonderful idea.
I'm making more fake bums.
- But--
- Bums, butts, whatever
you want to call them.
The point is ordinary bugs
can finally have a magnificent
behind exactly like mine.
- And why would
they want that again?
- Well for starters,
everyone knows the bigger
the bottom the bigger the brain.
- Is that true?
- Of course it's true.
I'm living proof.
I look gorgeous.
- Well mine sure
didn't fool Sajuica!
The game was a disaster.
- [Erky] Perky, you can't take
the way you look too seriously.
You're still the same
good old bug on the inside.
- But I look ridiculous.
- No you don't.
- But everybody
is laughing at me.
- Well then laugh
along with them.
That'll show everyone
you're okay with yourself
and your physical appearance.
- Even if I'm not?
- Exactly, make a few
jokes about your bum,
and before you know it
the subject will drop off
faster than, well, your bum.
- So that's your secret,
Erky, laughing at yourself?
- I'm sure if I had
any shortcomings
I'd be able to make fun of them.
- I'm not sure I
can do it, Erky.
- Well, there's only
one way to find out.
(Stinks groans and farts)
- [Stinks] Feel the burn.
- Looking good, come on,
keep it up, atta boy.
- Everyone, Perky made
the funniest joke this morning.
Go ahead, tell them.
- Well (coughs)
- I was saying how much I miss
all the delicious condiments
when we lived at hot dog stand,
and then Perky said
- What I'm really
missing are the buns.
(Erky laughing)
(Perky laughing)
(bugs laughing)
- No buns, good one.
- Hey move it!
- Hey, no butting in line!
- Well, then I must
be in the right place.
(bugs laughing)
(Stinks farts)
(Moldy van Oldy mumbles)
- (laughs) Perky,
I think it's great
you have such a good
attitude about your, you know.
- Well, I just figured it's way
too late to be bummed out.
(bugs laughing)
And let's face it, folks,
bugs with no butts
are hard workers.
It's not as if they're gonna be
sitting around
all day. (laughing)
And bugs with no rears
just have to get used to being
the no butt of everyone's
jokes, don't they?
Are you with me?
- You can do it, come on.
10 more, that's it, come on.
You're doing great.
- What happened?
- That's happened.
(Perky laughs)
- You're back!
- Your bum is back.
- It is!
And it's never looked better.
- Perky maybe,
but compared to the
bum of yours truly, it's still--
- Ringing up the rear?
(Erky laughs)
- Yes, that's a good one, Perky.
- Thank you, Erky.
- You're sure you don't
want one of my bums?
- I'm happy with what I've got.
(upbeat rhythmic music)
- [Erky] I could do one in red.
- [Perky] No thanks.
- [Erky] With green spots.
- [Perky] No.
- [Erky] Okay, suit yourself.
(upbeat music)
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