Erky Perky (2006) s02e18 Episode Script

Pangs & Peaceful Protests

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Erky!
Erky, where are you?
- Erky.
- Erky?
Oh I'm sorry!
Erky, I'm so
Oh sorry.
If this is a game Erky,
it's no longer funny!
You in here Erky?
Erky, Erky!?
Oh hey Moldy,
have you seen Erky?
He's never been gone this long.
- Last time I saw blue
boy, I was telling him all
about the great
food protest of '52.
- The great food protest
of '52, when all the bugs
were starving and
went on a hunger strike.
Thanks for the
great idea, Moldy.
- [Perky] Erky,
where are you, Erky?
- And here comes
Perky right on cue.
Over here Perky.
I mean, over here Perky.
- Erky, you look awful!
Speak to me, what happened?
- I'm so sick and
tired of being hungry.
Taking a stand
and refusing to eat.
- Refusing to eat
because you're hungry,
how does that work?
- Nevermind, it's the
principle that counts.
Tell all our friends I'm
doing it for everyone.
- Erky, don't leave
me, hang in there.
- Don't just stand there,
spread the word, go!
- I'm going, stay where
you are, I'll be right back!
- Now everyone will feel
sorry for me and bring me food.
Erky, you're a genius.
- You have to come quickly
Seduza, Erky's starving
himself because he's starving.
- But that doesn't make sense.
- He's refusing
to eat in protest.
- Now this I gotta see.
- There's no time to lose,
everyone to the bonsai tree!
- What is this, where
are they going?
- Lunch is served, it's
your favorite, Margaret.
- Out of my way!
- I could taste test it for you.
- Lay one taste bud
on it and you'll be
the second course.
Go and find out what's going on.
- Ugh, he looks
worse than usual.
- That's because he won't eat.
- Why not?
It's a protest, there's no
food in kitchen and it stinks!
- A hunger strike for more food?
But that's an
illogic catastrophe.
- Yeah whatever,
it's a protest okay?
And it won't end
until I get some food,
lots of food.
- What are we waiting for,
let's find him some food!
- No!
- No?
- Yes!
- Erky's right!
- I am?
- This is all my
Aunt Margaret's fault!
It's not fair that she can
eat as much as she likes
while everyone else starves!
It's time you all take a stand!
Let's all support Erky!
- No!
- It's time you
all take a stand!
- Seduza, what's she up to?
- I'll take an old sandwich
and we can all call it quits.
- Perky, it's up to
you to take the lead.
- I'm not a leader.
- I think you are.
- Really?
- And you're Erky's
best buddy, aren't you?
- You're right.
Don't worry pal, I
won't let you down.
- Please let me
down, let me down.
- Erky is the
bravest bug I know.
We can't let him do this alone.
- That's it, you're doing great!
- More food for all!
- [All] More food for
all, more food for all,
more food for all,
more food for all!
- The bugs are revolting!
- Well I could
have told you that.
- No they really are
revolting, they're protesting
about their lack of food.
- It'll blow over,
it always does.
- Not this time, Seduza's
teamed up with Erky and Perky.
- Seduza!
What ever is she thinking?
Tell her to come home at once.
(blowing raspberry)
She said what!?
(blowing raspberry)
But I don't understand, after
everything I've done for her!
My own darling Seduza!
(blowing nose)
- Ew.
- Oh I love that girl like
I laid her egg myself.
- Might I suggest a
small piece offering?
A token of food to end
the protest and she'll be
back home in no time!
- Oh, good thinking
Cecil, for a change.
Take the food, but not too much.
- Ahem, Margaret has
heard your concerns
and has sent this
for all her loyal bugs.
- Look at that.
- Food, two, four, six,
eight, dig in, don't wait!
- Stop, Margaret's
trying to buy us off!
- Seduza's right, we
can't let Mad Margaret win.
- Yes we can, she
wins all the time.
- But it's the
principle that counts.
- Oh no it's not, you
can't eat principle
unless it's dripping with gravy.
- You're our hero Erky,
we won't let you quit, right?
Tell Mad Margaret
Erky's not interested.
- Can't say I didn't try.
- Food, come to Erky!
- You poor brave bug.
All this food must
be sheer torture.
Let's put him out of his misery.
- Out of my misery,
what do you mean?
- Come on everybody,
let's free Erky from
temptation and
eat all this food!
- What?
- For Erky, our hero!
- For Erky!
- What, no, that's
my food, for Erky!
No that's mine, you're
not supposed to eat it!
No no stop it, that's mine!
Stop it, stop
eating the food, no!
Please, come on!
- Oh he's turning her against
me, that's what he's doing.
Enough's enough, it's
time someone remembered
who's boss around here!
- Oh that's it, that's
the last crumb.
- Such a big belly
right now. (burping)
- I propose siesta
fiesta! (farting)
- There you go buddy,
there's nothing left
to tempt you anymore.
- And what have you got to
say for yourself young miss.
- I'm so full.
Can we talk after my nap?
Nighty night Aunt Margaret.
- Nighty night dear.
- It's gone, all gone.
- Yup, this is just what
happened in the great
hunger strike of '52.
I remember the year because--
- Oh you and your
hunger strike of '52.
You could've told
me it didn't work.
Would've ruined a good story.
- Just the bug I've
been looking for.
- Margaret, what
a pleasant surprise.
- Not for you.
Complain about a lack of food?
I'll show you a lack of food!
- This is good.
- Just a bite?
- I'd love to Erky but I can't.
- Yes you can.
- When Mad Margaret
gave me this she said
I mustn't let you--
- Enough.
Look over there!
- Where?
- Erky!
You give that back.
- Get your own.
- That is my own.
- Not anymore, I liked it.
- [Perky] Erky!
(upbeat music)
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