Erky Perky (2006) s02e19 Episode Script

Pablobo Returns.

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Salt, Perky?
- Why thank you, Erky.
- Why thank you too, Perky!
- Bottoms up!
- Bon apetit!
I can't stand it, Perky!
This is all we've got to eat?
Flea dirt?
- Well yeah, but it's
very tasty flea dirt.
- Perky!
Do you smell what I smell?
- Sorry, Erky.
- Not that smell.
That smell!
- Oh, it's a little bit foreign
and a whole lot familiar.
Find out what that smell is.
- But Margaret, I'm
on my lunch break.
- You'll be the lunch break
if you don't get moving!
- Mm, it's fruity and meaty!
- With a whiff of a jambone!
- and a hint of
rancid guacamole!
(guitar music)
- Inky and Pinky!
- Pablobo!
- What are you doing here?
- It's good to be
back after so long.
Sorry I go last time
and not say goodbye.
- You said you'd take
us to hotdog stand and,
and you never did!
- I no find doghot stand,
but I find great fortune.
Now I am back to
share with my friends.
- Fortune?
What kind of fortune?
- I find food!
Mucho food.
All you can eat for
the rest of your life!
- Oh, Pablobo, my
new best buddy!
So where is it?
- No worry, it is safe.
But I bring you tasty sample.
- How is it, Erky?
- Now is for making big
party time for all friends
in Kitchen.
- How about a
little party instead?
Just the two of us.
- Ahem?
- All right, three.
- Erky, remember what
happened last time he was here?
He broke Mad Maraget's heart.
- Oh, Pablobo, you dance like
you have knits in your pants.
- That is because I do.
And they tickle.
- If she finds him with us,
we'll be in more trouble than
we've ever been in before.
And that's a lot of trouble.
- But you heard what he said.
Food for life!
And that's a long time.
- No, it's a short time if
Mad Margaret finds him here.
- Margaret, my
little sludge bucket.
I must seek her
out and kiss her up.
- No, you can't.
- Why not?
- Because, when you
left last time she was very,
very upset.
- My poor Margaret, sad?
I must find her and
throw myself on her mercy.
- Throw himself on her
barbecue, more likely.
- Maybe that's not
such a great idea.
Trust me, I know the lady.
- Pablobo make things
right with Margaret.
- Okay, all right.
But let me smooth
the waters with her first.
Then I'll arrange a meeting.
- Are you crazy?
We'll be bug goulosh if
she sees us with Pablobo.
- Don't worry, I've got a plan.
- Cecil do this,
and Cecil do that.
- Hello, cesspool!
Lovely day!
- Pablobo?
If Margaret knows he's
back, she'll fall for him again
and I'll be out of a job!
I have to do something, quick!
- Aha, here it is!
- Oh, Mad Margaret!
What have you done to her?
Erky, how could you?
- That's not her, it's
one of her old shells.
Now Pablobo can safely
meet Mad Margaret after all.
- Oh, I get it!
There'll be someone in the
shell pretending to be Margaret.
- Right, at first,
pretending to be angry.
- Angry?
That's good.
- Then pretending
their love can never be.
- Oh, so sad.
- But then Pablobo will try
to win her over by giving her
all his food!
- Why do you want
Pablobo to give all his food to
Mad Magaret?
- He won't be giving it to
Mad Margaret, he'll be giving it
to you!
- Me?
- Because you're the one
who's going to be in the shell
pretending to be Mad Margaret.
- Why can't you do it?
- [Erky] I'm too short.
- [Perky] Oh, right.
- So, do you have what it
takes for such a dirty job?
- Sure we do.
But it'll cost you.
- I must loosen my lips to
make for kissing Margaret.
(plays banjo)
Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi
Mo mo mo mo mo mo mo mo mo
- Good news, she's on her way!
- Oh!
Inky, what can I
do to thanking you?
- So,
how about a little
snack while we wait?
- Too tight.
I told Erky this wouldn't fit.
Help, help, someone!
Pee yew, this thing stinks!
- You called?
Don't worry Margaret,
allow me to be of assistance.
- Thanks.
- What?
- Cecil?
There's that smell again!
That two faced son
of a tapeworm's uncle!
- Margaret, it is you!
- See, I told you she'd be here!
- You've got some hide,
showing up here again you,
- See?
My Bubaloo?
- You, no good, lying louse!
- Perky, you're doing great!
- Anybody?
I'm stuck!
- Oh, I should grill you in
flea fat and feed you to the
bed bugs!
- Stick it to him, son!
Give him both barrels!
- My heart go boom a boom
at the sound of your soft voice.
- Oh.
- Hey, don't soften, Margaret.
- But the way you left
without saying goodbye,
- Yeah, heartless scoundrel!
- Now, remember the deal.
Pablobo's got to go!
- Trust me, we'll
get right on it.
- After lunch!
- And so I traveled the world
to make my fortune and prove
I am worthy of you.
A little booga looga--
- Oh, Pablobo.
Oh, let's split
this crazy scene.
- Oh, way to go, Perky!
What a performance!
And that flying trick,
how did he do that?
- Do what?
- But, you,
that means Margaret
must have been,
- That's taken care of Pablobo.
The only problem now is
how to restock Margaret's
food supply.
- Now we will
celebrate with a feast!
- No, we'll eat my food.
someone's stolen my food!
- It was Pablobo!
- What?
- Your food is gone,
Pablobo has food, that means
he took it!
- Pablobo take no food
from the bug he love.
Your lips are like jelly,
and your breath could pickle
- Oh!
- Stop!
Then, then why did he hide
when he came back to Kitchen?
- Yes, why?
- So he could sneak in and
steal your food, that's why!
- It's a lie!
- Aha!
- How could you?
You no good, low
down food napper!
- But I am Pablobo,
your one true love!
- Cecil, clear a
space on the rack.
I think I feel a new
handbag coming on!
- What's the problem?
They've made up, he'll stay
in Kitchen, and we'll have
all the food we've ever wanted.
It'll be fine, won't it Perky?
- [Margaret] Come
back here, Pablobo!
I'll stew your gizzards
and turn them into chunky!
- A lifetime supply
of food, gone.
All gone!
- You'll feel better
if you talk about it.
so what was it like,
Pablobo's food?
- It was an explosion
of deliciousness!
- Let it all out, Erky.
- [Erky] You wouldn't believe
it, you couldn't dream of,
and such juicy, succulence!
- [Perky] That's the way,
care for some flea dirt?
(upbeat music)
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