Erky Perky (2006) s03e02 Episode Script

Flying High

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now, just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(light jazz music)
- Shh! All clear!
Go get the crumb!
- Don't let him get away
with that food Cecil.
- Come on Perky. Head for home!
- Not so fast!
- Perky!
- Throw it to me!
Perky, come on!
- Surprise! (chuckles)
Winner takes all.
Face it Erky, you
ground bugs are no match
against our flying
power. (laughs loudly)
(loud thump)
- It's not fair. The
only reason Mad Margaret
always gets the food is because
she can fly and we can't.
- Imagine if we could
fly too. (giggles)
- Dream on Perky.
How are we gonna fly
when we don't have
wings? Ugh, it stinks.
- Woah! I can fly and
I don't have wings.
(long, whizzing fart)
- But that's because
you're full of air.
- Well you've got an idea Erky?
- I sure do.
- Yes?
- How many times has Mad
Margaret got her hands on you?
- Never! I fly right out of
the way when I see her coming.
You watch. Try and
catch me Perky!
- You see Perky, if we learn
how to fly like Stinks,
Mad Margaret will
never trouble us again.
(Perky giggles)
- Of course!
Wow, I wish I could come up
with ideas like you Erky.
- Perky my pal, you
know how it goes.
I come up with the ideas and
you prove that they work.
- I suppose.
(Stinks farts and groans)
- Close un-max-imated
- Get ready Perky, he's
almost ready to blow.
- Are you sure
this is perfectly--
- Three, two, one. Lift off!
(Perky yelling)
- It worked! You're
flying Perky.
- Yeehaa!
- Uh-oh! Gas-ifi-cation
depletion iminent!
(Perky screams)
- Perky that was fantastic!
Come on let's try it again.
- I don't think so Erky.
- But you were flying Perky.
- Correction! I was flying,
Perky was passenger-ing.
- Oh come on Stinks.
You've got to help
us learn to fly.
- Okay, okay. But
let's try another way.
- [Stinks] Yeah!
This is the perfect air tube.
Now we just need to
clear out the goo inside.
- Okay Boof, when I say "blow"--
- Blow!
(Perky and Stinks giggles)
- I said, "When I say blow"!
And a-one.
And a-two.
And a--
(Perky groans)
Don't breathe out Perky!
All aboard!
It's working Perky,
we're flying!
Up up and away!
- [Stinks] Wow! Great
flotation. Awesome acceleration.
Just gotta watch your
altitudinal height.
Uhm, Erky.
- Will you stop
complaining all the time.
- [Stinks] Take it
from an expert Erky!
Alteration of course, now!
(yelling and screaming)
- Whoops. I might go and
work on some new ideas.
- [Erky] Now remember Perky,
all you have to do
is flap your arms.
Just like the flying
monsters outside.
(crow taps glass)
Flap Perky, flap!
- Look Erky! I'm flying.
(loud thud)
(Erky pants)
- Stop it Erky. You're
making me dizzy.
- No Perky, this
will make you dizzy.
And we have lift off! Woohoo!
- [Perky] All these bits
make our flying machine?
- I call it an
- With this mess we'll
never get off the ground.
- Perky, positive
point of view please.
- Oh it'll fly.
I done all the
cal-muh-fications and
it's got a 62.75%
chance of flying.
- Close enough for me!
- I hate to think
what Mad Margaret's
gonna say when she sees this.
- [Erky] Now how do we
put it together Stinks?
- [Stinks] It's really easy.
- Those groundlings can't
fly. They don't have wings.
- They don't need them.
They've invented
a flying machine.
- Oh yeah?
This I've gotta see.
Well? Where's this
so-called flying machine?
(light playful music)
- You're doing it
Perky. We're flying.
I knew we could do it.
- Erky! It's --
(Perky stutters)
- I've told you before,
stop complaining.
Just keep rowing.
Mad Margaret'll be
laughing on the other
side of her face
when she sees us.
- That's what you think!
- Margaret!
- Get them Cecil!
- Pedal for your life Perky!
- Admit it Erky, you'll
never out fly me.
- Famous last words
Margaret. Bombs away!
- Incoming!
- Tasty!
- Did you get her Erky?
- No. She got it!
- What do we do now?
- There's only one
thing we can do.
Launch a mid-air attack.
It's now or never Erky. For
the love of food, attack!
- Attack, attack, attack!
- Say goodbye to your little
flying machine you upstarts!
(Erky and Perky screams)
- Faster Perky!
Haha, missed us.
- Got it.
- Don't let him get away Perky.
- Sorry Erky.
- Finish 'em up Cecil.
I'm hit! Mayday mayday.
- Margaret!
(loud thump)
- We did it Perky. We've won!
(loud crack)
- Uh-oh.
- Keep pedaling Perky.
- I'm pedaling.
- Oh no.
(Erky and Perky yells)
(loud crash)
- I think our flying
days are over Erky.
- Along with any chance
of defeating Margaret.
- You got that right. And
now that you pests are
back on the ground
where you belong.
I've got a job for you
and your flying machine.
- It was all your fault Perky.
- Me? What did I do?
- It was your idea
in the first place.
- Quiet! Now fire me some food.
- The indignity.
(playful jazz music)
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