Erky Perky (2006) s03e05 Episode Script

Car Trouble

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now, just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Whatever you do, Perky,
don't let go of that bean!
- Don't you let go!
- What did I say
about not letting go?
- I use up more energy in
walking to collect food
than the food actually gives me.
- Maybe we could just
slide down that thing!
- It looks dangerous.
- Looks more like fun to me!
- Oh!
- Is it a bug?
- It's like a bug.
- Greetings, visitor to Kitchen.
We come in blue and yellow.
Right, then, Erky,
Kitchen Roach Bomb Squad.
For your own safety,
move away from the bean.
Right, here's the plan.
You distract it,
I'll snatch the bean.
- What?
- Perky!
- Erky!
Erky, Erky are you okay?
- Okay?
Did you see that?
I was moving without walking!
Oh, and look at that,
it comes with storage!
You know, Perky, if we can
work out how to keep this thing
moving, we can get around
Kitchen without walking at all!
- When do I get to ride?
- As soon as I'm 100%
certain that it's safe.
- What in Bug Nation?
- Come on, move it, old bug!
I've got places to
be, bees to place!
- Huh, what?
Where are you taking me?
- Faster, faster!
Is this top speed?
If these things can't get
around without other bugs
pushing them, I'm surprised
they're not extinct!
- Whoa, your old movalator!
- Which no longer moves,
thanks to Mr. Exhaustion.
- What you need is a power
powerful energization gizmo.
(talking over each other)
- Girls.
- Hiya, Perky!
- Hi, Seduca.
- That looks like fun!
- It is!
You want to come for a ride?
- What's the problem?
- Out of gas.
Oh, I know!
- Yum!
- Impressed?
- Hm.
Nah, I've seen better.
- Better?
What, where?
Come on.
- Well, for starters, your
stinks mount is loose.
See, there!
- Loose, Boof fix!
Not loose!
- [Perky] I've got a
bad feeling about this!
- [Erky] Coming through.
- [Perky] Hi!
- [Erky] Step aside.
- [Perky] Hello, oh, sorry.
- [Erky] Mind your antenna.
Watch your feet.
Oopsie daisy!
- You've captured
quite the likeness.
- Thank you, Margaret.
I don't think your loveliness
could possibly leap out more!
My life's work!
- Stop right there!
- Margaret!
- Cecil!
Where do you think you're going?
- See, I told you it was safe.
Did I ask you to clean it?
Right, everybody out!
- I want to go again, Perky!
- No, we can't, I mean--
- Can we, can we?
Oh please, Erky?
- Oh, of course you can but
you know there's wear and tear
involved, I can't just
give away rides for free.
So for now on it's
three crumbs a go.
- Oh, great.
Oh, boy.
- [Erky] One crumb.
Two crumbs.
- I want those crumbs for the
damage you did to my lair!
- Nope.
They're off limits.
Under your own rules.
All bugs are safe to eat
crumbs in their own homes,
and this,
is a mobile home.
- And exactly how do you come
to have that many crumbs?
- Erky's payment for the ride!
It's the best, Aunt
Margaret, you must have a go!
- I don't want a go!
- Don't tell me you're afraid.
- Is all this really necessary?
- Now, it's important to
be ready for when (yells)
- Good as new!
- Cecil?
Oh, my!
(excited yell)
I'll take it!
(sighs of relief)
But I'd like it in
a different color.
Oh, and with some side mirrors.
And one more thing.
I'm not very
mechanically minded.
You'll have to show
me how it works.
- You just need to
wind this thing.
- Show me.
- But,
- I said show me!
- Hm, I see!
- [Cecil] I'll
save you, Margaret!
- [Margaret] Erky, Perky!
- You know what else
is better than walking?
- Running!
(upbeat music)
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