Erky Perky (2006) s03e14 Episode Script

Bug in the Bubble

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now, just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Okay, okay, who is this?
I remember it was
back in the day
that the great. (snoring)
- Moldy.
- Ah what, oh yes,
definitely me.
- Okay, who's this?
I don't know what to
do, I'm so worried.
I hope no one rips my arm off.
Where's Erky to
tell me what to do?
I can't do anything
without my pal, Erky.
I'm doing Perky.
It's obvious, Perky.
- You do another one Perky.
Go on, you've got a
real knack for acting.
- Yeah come on Perky.
- Yeah.
- Um, okay, okay, how dare you
that food is mine,
mine, all mine.
- What's so funny?
Mad Margaret is much
nastier than that.
- You're right Erky.
- She's a tyrant.
- You know it's not fair
the way she treats us.
- If she could just see
how much happier she'd be
if she treated bugs nicely.
- Maybe there's a
way we can show her.
- What are you talking about?
- What if we put on a play?
- What's wrong with you?
- I've just seen the
most marvelous play,
it was so, so, moving.
- Really?
I've always loved the theater.
I want to see this play.
I want a royal demand
performance now.
- Let me see.
Oh that throws out my carefully
calcumulated seating plan.
- I'm sitting there.
- But-- (screaming)
- Now, that's better.
There's never enough leg room.
- Oh go and get me some crumbs.
- Good evening ladies and bugs,
and welcome to tonight's
performance of Sweet Samantha.
- This should be good.
- A cautionary tale of--
- Get on with it!
- Wish me luck.
- Sh, I'm trying to
focus on my character.
- Alas, there is no food.
We will never survive
a long hard winter,
we are all doomed to die.
- This is the good bit
Margaret, watch this.
- Fear not poor
bugs, for I am here.
- It can't be, but it is.
The most beautiful,
wonderful, kindliest bug
in the whole wide
world, Sweet Samantha.
Thank you Samantha.
- Please no, it is
a pleasure to give.
It is I who should
be thanking you.
- Oh Margaret, the
bad bit is coming up.
- Fear not children,
I'll soon have you safely
across this raging flood.
Oh, my ankle.
But I must go on.
I'll hop through the pain.
Please, run along home
dear orphan children.
Don't worry about me.
- No children, come back,
who's going to look
after Sweet Samantha?
- So much pain, so hungry.
At least I die knowing
I have done some good.
- I, I can't watch.
Poor Sweet Samantha
is going to starve.
- It's alright Margaret, look.
- Sweet Samantha, you have
always been so kind to us,
so now we will help you.
- It's a miracle.
- She can walk.
- Your love has cured my ankle.
- Hooray, hooray!
- Bravo, bravo.
It's Perky?
That was the most wonderful
play I have ever seen.
- It was?
- I just loved Sweet Samantha.
I wish I could be just like her.
- That play was okay
for a bunch of amateurs.
But wait 'til you
see my production.
- Erky.
- What are you doing?
- Another play?
Can I be the star?
- I suppose I might
be able to find
some kind of role for you.
- Oh joy.
- We start rehearsals first
thing tomorrow, don't be late.
- I won't, I won't.
- What?
- Good morning fellow actors.
Dear old Moldy, are
you warm enough?
I knitted you scarf last night.
- Thank you.
- And dear Perky, are you
getting enough to eat?
We don't want you to
become skin and bones.
- I don't believe
it, your plan worked.
Margaret has totally changed.
- It's amazing.
- During the night
I had a visitor,
her name was inspiration.
And with her help I
wrote this masterpiece.
It is a tale of betrayal,
redemption, and crumbs.
I call it the revenge
of Queen Buglia.
Margaret darling, you
will play the title role,
evil queen Buglia.
- But I want to
play someone nice.
A fairy princess or
a sweet peasant bug.
- But evil Queen
Buglia has to be played
by a bug with your natural
authority, your strength,
your beauty.
- Oh, well if it's for
the good of the play.
- It is.
And Perky will play
poor Prince Porky,
your romantic interest.
- Yes, yes, I will take
your hand in marriage.
- No, no, no, you're too soft.
You need to really
mean it, like this.
I take your hand in
marriage, understand?
- Hm, I think so.
Oh Prince Porky being
with you is like--
oh, sorry, why is my
character doing this?
- Ugh, you're wooing him.
You're persuading
him to marry you.
- But why is he
hanging upside down?
- You're a woman who knows
how to get what you want.
Now come on, the
performance is tonight.
We've got to get this right.
Now remember, out there on stage
a thousand eyes will be
watching your every move.
So don't mess up.
- Hmph, I'm nervous.
I still don't
understand my character.
- You'll be fine.
All you have to
do is be yourself,
you know, the way
you used to be?
- The way I used to be?
- And here is the
lovely Queen Buglia.
- Good evening loyal subjects.
- To welcome you to our land,
I have prepared this feast.
- There's enough food for,
For I am the evil Queen Buglia.
- What a performance.
- And this food
is mine, all mine.
Get out.
- Ah, that's not in the script.
- [Margaret] Gimme,
gimme, gimme.
- No one told me it
was a 3D performance.
The action really
leaps out at ya.
- Gimme, gimme, gimme.
Evil Queen Buglia is such fun.
This is the best play
I've ever starred in.
See ya at the after party, not.
- Wonderful, very realistic.
- Okay, I may have made a
slight error in judgment.
- We had changed Mad
Margaret into a decent bug.
- I know, why don't
you come up with a play
to teach me a lesson?
- I've got a better idea.
- Oh come on guys,
jokes over, let me down.
I won't ever direct
again, I promise.
I tell you what, we can do
another season of your play
and I can bring back the
popular tree character.
Mush, mush mush.
(upbeat music)
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