Erky Perky (2006) s03e15 Episode Script

To Bug or Not to Bug

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now, just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
(Perky humming happily)
- See Erky, I told
you it was fun.
This slime is fine!
- Yes, but not much of
a challenge for, whoa!
You see Perky, I'm
what's called a natural.
- A natural what, Erky?
- A natural at executing
beautiful moves like this.
(angry grumbling)
- Are you all right Erky?
- Of course Perky,
I meant to do it.
- Erky, it's coming after me!
- It's only a bubble Perky.
Go Perky!
(breathes deeply)
- That was close.
Help me Erky!
- What's that, Perky?
I can't hear you!
- Ohh!
- Perky, come back this instant!
- I'm trying!
I'm trying!
- Stop running Perky,
you're making things worse!
- Hey!
- Perky!
Quit fooling around and bring
yourself back over here.
I'm just trying to get
you out of that thing.
- Whoops.
- Well, there's always
that way I guess.
(splats on ground)
Oh Perky, you're free at last.
- Hey thanks, Erky.
You know, bubble riding is fun.
- Fun you say?
Uh huh.
I think it's high time we shared
our bubberlicious
discovery Perky.
- That's very
generous of you Erky.
- Oh yes it is.
And generosity pays, Perky.
It pays very well!
(all laughing)
That's it joyriders, it's
all plain floating from here.
- Now, first rule, don't panic!
You want to go left then
lean over like this.
And to go right lean this way.
- Woohoo, I think I've
finally found the answer
to our food problems Perky.
- [Frenzel] Hey Stinks,
that's my bubble!
- No way Frenzel, I was
definitingly here first.
- Relax, there's plenty
of bubbles for everyone.
- Whoa!
- (chuckles) Enjoy
your ride Frenzel.
Okay Boof, you can stop now.
Well at least my
crumbs are safe.
Oh no, my crumbs!
My precious babies!
Come back!
(thuds on ground)
- Ooh.
Are you all right Erky?
- I would be if Boof could
actually make a decent bubble.
Get in that bubble and
chase those crumbs!
Wow, Perky, you've really
got the hang of it!
Oh ho ho, you're a genius!
Perky, you're the worst
bubble pilot I've ever seen!
(panicked screams)
- Margaret, an intruder!
- What!
Try and steal my food will you?
Well, time someone
burst your bubble!
- Uh oh.
- You sure showed him
who's boss Margaret.
- Well, he should
have known already.
And it looks like a few
more need to be reminded.
Follow me Cecil!
- With unimaginable
pleasure, Margaret!
(lullaby music)
(clears throat)
- [Moldy] Now it's over there.
(grunts in frustration)
- Perky!
(angry grumbling)
(squeaking happily)
- How dare you think you
can fly in my Kitchen!
- Yeah!
How dare you!
(ninja yells)
- Erky, you move more
softly than a silkworm!
- Erky and Perky!
I knew they'd be at
the bottom of this!
Follow me, Cecil.
- I'd follow you
anywhere, Margaret.
- What?
- Except into that.
- Cecil?
Get me out of here!
- Of course Margaret,
I'll be right back.
- Poor Mad Margaret.
- She's bubble wrapped!
(both laugh)
- Harrumph!
- Quick, Perky!
- Huh?
- No!
- Hmm, and they serve
food on this flight too.
Not bad.
- Quick Perky!
- Nice try, Erky.
- Nice try?
Nice try?
Perky, this isn't
a spectator sport.
Our survival's on the line here!
Now follow that bubble!
You see Perky, I'm finally
getting just what I deserve!
- Um, Erky?
- What?
- Behind you!
- Perky, why didn't
you say something!
Come on Perky, do
something useful!
- I'll try Erky!
- I don't want you to just try
Perky, I want you to succeed!
- I've got it Erky!
- That's my boy Perky!
- Phew.
- Well I hope all that effort's
leading up to something
useful, Perky.
Like getting closer
to my crumbs!
- Sorry Erky, I'm trying.
- Oh, that's it Perky!
I take back everything
I've ever said about you.
And that's a lot to
take back, believe me.
Almost there, that's it.
I did it!
Okay Perky, mission
Time to bring those babies home!
No Perky, wrong way!
This is not playtime Perky!
- You're telling me.
You and your lousy
bubble rides, Erky!
(breathes deeply)
- Rescue is at hand, Margaret!
- About time Cecil!
- Oh, Margaret, I'm
so glad you're free!
- Talking about free, here's
my free home delivery!
And next time make it
a family size serving!
- Um, Erky?
- I'm not in the mood to
hear your excuses Perky.
- Just get this
thing off my head!
And stop laughing Perky!
This is not funny!
Not funny at all!
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