Erky Perky (2006) s03e16 Episode Script

The Miracle Shootout

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now, just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Now hold that and
don't let go until I say.
- Erky, what are you doing?
- You'll see, keep holding now!
- Hey wait a second, how come?
When can I let go Erky?
- Now.
Can you see the crumb, Perky?
- Yeah I can see it Erky.
- Then hurry up and get it
before Mad Margaret spots it!
- I got it Erky!
- Great, now bring it down.
- It's a miracle!
- I'll say, I never
thought I'd get this crumb.
- He's a miracle bug.
- Perky, a miracle
bug, oh brother.
Now I've heard everything.
- Can you do another miracle?
- What do you mean Moldy,
I can't do miracles.
- Of course you can, Perky.
- I can?
- And to prove it, Perky's
going to perform more
miracles right here later today.
Bring your crumbs and be amazed.
- Erky what are you doing?
You know I don't know
how to perform miracles.
- Yes, but they don't.
All ya have to do is perform
a few tricks and we'll have
a sack full of crumbs.
Just leave the details to me.
Step right up and watch
the amazing miracle bug!
Be amazed, be astonished,
and be ready to pay!
And now, put your
claws together for the
amazing miracle bug!
(upbeat music)
(clearing throat)
Behold, he's mystical,
he's magical,
and he's my best friend.
You ready to perform
some miracles Perky?
- If you say so Erky.
- Go Perky!
- His first miracle, a
crumb out of thin air!
But now watch him
make it disappear!
- Tada!
- Amazing, unbelievable.
- Watch as I put one
black crumb in the bag.
And now I put one
red crumb in the bag.
I say the magic words "abra
kadabra, za tang za tang!"
And behold!
The red crumb has turned
black and the black crumb
has turned red!
- I give you Perky,
the miracle bug!
- Wow Erky, everybody loves me.
- And it's just the
beginning Perky,
a few more miracles and we'll
have all the food in kitchen.
There will be more
miracles friends.
Keep those crumbs coming.
- (cowering) Erky!
- Oh for Pete's
sake, what now Perky?
- There better not be
food in that sack, Erky.
- Of course not Margaret.
As if.
- Quick Perky, do something.
- I can't, I'm all
out of miracles.
- Miracles!?
What miracles?
- Perky's been performing
miracles for us, Aunt Margaret!
He's a miracle bug.
- Oh yeah?
Well there's only one
bug in kitchen who can
do miracles and that's me!
Now hand over the sack.
- No, not unless you can do
a better miracle than Perky!
- Are you challenging me?
- I am!
Whoever can do the best
miracle gets to keep
the sack of crumbs.
- Fine, but I'm
warning you Erky,
you're gonna lose
more than that sack!
(upbeat music)
- Welcome one and all,
to the greatest miracle
show down of all time!
And competing for this sack
of crumbs, you asked for him,
and here he is!
Give it up everybody
for the reigning champ!
He's magnificent, he's
masterful, he's Erky's friend,
he's Perky the miracle bug!
- You can do it champ,
you're undefeated!
- And now for the challenger.
She's larger than life and
more colossal than a mound
full of termites.
She's gargantuan,
she's enormous, she's--
- (growling)
- Scary, I mean she's
Margaret the Great!
- Don't worry Margaret, Perky's
no match against your might.
- Okay the rules are simple.
You must each make food
appear from nowhere.
The most amazing miracle wins!
- Quick Cecil, go get
me some miracle food.
- From your miracle horde?
- Where else?
- Margaret, you are brilliant
as well as miraculous.
- Just get the food!
- How am I gonna make
food appear Erky?
I can't really perform miracles!
- All under control Perky,
I've conveniently hidden a
secret stash of crumbs
where no one will find them!
Hey come back!
Oh no, they've
eaten all my crumbs!
- We're done for.
- Aha!
Wait here Perky,
I'll be back before
you can say "crumb central."
woo, it's a tad warm up here.
Woo hoo, come to Daddy
you little beauty!
- And now everybody,
Margaret the Great
will perform her miracle!
- Take a look, there's
nothing in Albert,
he's as empty as
the day he died.
I say the magic
words, abra whatever!
- And there ya have it, folks!
Margaret's miraculous miracle!
Can Perky top that!?
- How about a little
round of applause for
Margaret's amazing act, yay!
- Talk about hot.
- Here's a good joke, what
do you call a bug that lives
on the moon?
- A lunatic!
Get it, luna tick?
Tough crowd.
- Come on, get on
with the miracle.
- Hey, what's that smell?
- Hold on folks,
smoke on the horizon.
What's cooking?
- Oh no, Erky!
- Look at him go!
- I'll save you Erky!
- The miracle bug has
dived into crumb central,
will he survive!
- Nope, he's a goner!
- Poor Perky!
- Uh oh.
- Well, looks like I win!
- You did is Perky,
you saved me!
- Wow, that's gotta be
the best miracle ever!
- Call that a miracle?
I'll show you a miracle.
Tada, now that's what
I call a miracle!
- That was all your fault
Perky, you left the food behind.
- I was rescuing you.
- I didn't need rescuing.
- Yes you did.
- I did not, you're not
the only bug who can
do miracles you know.
(upbeat music)
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