Erky Perky (2006) s03e19 Episode Script

Magic Box

Life was good
on Hot Dog stand ♪
For two bugs
with food demands ♪
Had our last meal
one sunny day ♪
They got caught
up and swept away ♪
Into Kitchen's
where they landed ♪
We're so hungry ♪
And we're stranded ♪
Finding food is
quite a mission ♪
Other bugs are competition ♪
Now, just one question ♪
How do we find our
way back home? ♪
- Oh boy! (whimpering, grunting)
(whimpering, grunting, groaning)
Oh! (grunting)
- Good work, Perky, keep it up!
- Erky, (panting)
I've got an idea.
- I've warned you
about that Perky.
- Instead of pushing this
crumb all the way back home,
why don't we just eat it here?
- Yummy, yummy, yummy.
This crumb is so rich,
we have to eat it
in small pieces Perky.
If we eat it all in one go,
we'll be too fat to
push it anywhere!
- Whoa!
Hey Frenzel, where's our crumb?
- What crumb?
- Whoa!
- The one that fell in your box!
- Don't play fun on the
crumb with us Frenzel.
It's in that box
and we want it back.
- If your crumb
went into this box,
you'll never get it back!
- Give it back!
- You don't understand!
Everything that goes
into this box disappears!
- Disappears?
I've never heard
anything so ridiculous.
- Told you.
- Right, I'm holding
on to this box
until we get our crumb back.
- Ah keep it, I was
throwing it out anyway.
- Are you sure the
crumb went in there?
- I saw it!
This box is magic!
Well now what?
- Well, let's see!
It's gone!
- Hey, it has too!
- (laughing) We've got to
get this box back home!
(whimpering, grunting)
There must be a way we can
use this box to get food,
oh there must!
- We could
put on a
magic show.
- Quiet Perky, I'm thinking!
Wait! I've got it!
We could put on a magic show!
- (grunting) And charge
anyone a crumb to get in!
- Don't interrupt me Perky.
We could charge everyone
a crumb to get in!
- Erky, could you help me?
- I'll have a big hat and
a cape, and a magic wand!
Erky's Magic Show,
the most magical show
in all of kitchen!
Roll up, roll up,
roll up. (grunting)
- What magic show?
- Oh Margret! (laughing)
I didn't hear you!
- That's because I
move with the gentle
flutter of a butterfly.
- Ooh!
- Is this thing part
of the magic show?
- Yes, it is.
I use that box to make things
- (laughing) Hi Margret.
- Oh look Cecil,
this box has made
Perky's body disappear!
- What a shame it
didn't finish the job!
- What other tricks can you do?
- We haven't got any tricks!
- Hundreds of tricks!
Thousands! (laughing)
- In that case, you're
going to put on a magic show
for me in my lair tonight.
- Great.
- But if I don't like
it, I'll flatten you out
and use you as a floor rug.
That wasn't a joke.
- Oh, sorry Margret.
- Imagine being squished so flat
that Margret could use
you as a floor rug!
- Yeah that'd be horrible.
What are we gonna do now?
- There's only one
thing we can do Perky.
We're going to put
on a magic show!
OK, here's the plan for when
we get into Margret's lair.
You ready for this Perky?
We do a few easy tricks first,
then we get her to climb
into the box and poof,
she disappears!
- Then what?
- Then we raid her food vault
for all we can eat of course.
- This could
(whimpering) get us into
terrible trouble!
- Oh rubbish!
Nothing could go wrong when a
master magician is in charge.
And now juggling like you
have never seen before!
(grunting, gasping)
- Oh dear!
- That's not magic!
- It's not even juggling,
I ordered magic tricks!
- Yes, that was just
the warm up act.
And now, I am going to cut
my beautiful assistant in half!
- What?
You never said anything
about cutting me in half!
- Ooh, I like the sound of this!
- Just go with me Perky.
Lie down there please,
beautiful assistant.
- (whimpering) Have you
ever done this before Erky?
- No.
But I've dreamed about it.
- Cut him in half,
cut him in half!
- Oh, goodie!
- Tada!
- You said you were
gonna cut him in half!
- Boo!
- Yeah,
I've had enough of this.
- Oh no, wait, wait!
Perky, bring the
magic box over here!
- Hmm, OK!
- Hey, I did cut you in half!
- Oh my, come back here!
- This is my magic box!
I can use it to make
anything or anyone disappear.
A volunteer from
the audience please!
- Oh, OK!
- Let me do it Margret!
Please, please!
- Whatever!
Don't you need to say
abracadabra or something?
- Not really.
Oh, woo hoo!
That's great! (laughing)
Now, make him come back.
(nervous laughing, stammering)
(polka music)
- Where's Cecil? I said
make him come back!
- Well I just do
the disappearing,
I leave the rest to my
beautiful assistant!
- But I can't bring him back!
- What do you mean you can't?
Cecil was right,
you're not magic!
- Look out!
- My paintings!
My beautiful
paintings! (yelling)
(laughing, yelling)
- [Erky] Hello!
- She's gone!
- Of course she's
gone, it's a magic box!
Hey, she's gone!
That means we can get all
the food in her food vault!
Come on!
How are we supposed to break
in through all these locks,
that is just so inconsiderate!
- Erky, it's open.
- Yes! (laughing)
- Perky, it's paradise!
- (laughing) What'll
we get first?
- All of it!
- Erky, I don't think I can
carry all this back home!
- Well that's a shame!
I was going to get you
to carry mine as well.
- Well what are we gonna do?
We can't eat it all now!
- We need a box to put it in.
- Hey, there's a box.
- Perky.
- Mm hmm?
- Did we just put all the food
into the disappearing box?
- I think we did.
That wasn't a very
good idea was it?
- What did I tell you
about having ideas?
- I'm sorry Erky, you
said you needed a box!
(crying, banging)
- Give us back our food!
We stole that fair and square!
(laughing, shrieking)
(whimpering, yelling)
- It's chasing us!
(grunting) Uh oh!
- (laughing) Hey look,
I made you reappear!
- [Perky] Erky, I know this
might not be a good time
to mention it but,
I'm really hungry!
- [Erky] Me too Perky!
(crying) Me too!
(bouncy music)
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