Eva Lasting (2023) s02e01 Episode Script

Cartas a un joven poeta

[lively music playing]
[adult Camilo] 1976 was not over,
and we were still going to witness
the kidnapping and murder
of union leader José Raquel Mercado.
The success of vallenato music
in the interior of the country,
the Colombian premier
of the movie Deep Throat,
Indira Gandhi's dictatorship in India,
the loss of Kid Pambelé's world title,
my newly acquired paternity,
and, above all,
Eva's absence and emptiness.
- [baby crying]
- [Luisa] Camilo?
[moans] What, Luisa? What?
I can't take it anymore.
The baby won't stop crying,
and I don't know what to do.
I don't either.
I don't know what to do either.
[baby continues crying]
[Camilo groans]
[Camilo sighs] Don't bring him here.
Look, I have to start writing.
I have to turn this in tomorrow.
I don't think
that what you are trying to write
is more important than your own child.
[melancholy music playing]
You only think about Eva, right?
Oh no. Please don't leave him here. Luisa!
Hey! [shushing]
Yeah, yeah. [shushing]
- [baby crying]
- [Camilo] I know. I know.
- [José] Can you shut that child up?
- Yes!
- [José] He's going to drive us crazy!
- Yes, yes, yes! All right.
Come on, Luisa.
Please don't leave me with him all alone.
[baby continues crying]
- [Ana muffled] Camilo.
- [music fades]
- [woman] Camilo.
- [Camilo] Huh?
Didn't you hear what your father said?
- What?
- [José] Son, look.
I was talking to your mother.
Do you remember
that we had saved up to change the taxi?
Well, we've decided
that we're going to spend that money
by going to the United States.
- [Camilo] Mmm.
- And there, you can be reunited with Eva.
What do you think?
So you'll stop moping around
like you've been for the past 15 days.
Hmm? So?
Well, I'm not hungry.
I'm going to my room.
[melancholy music playing]
What's wrong with this moron?
Huh? He doesn't care about what I said?
[adult Camilo] Two weeks had passed
since Luisa's call.
I think I'm pregnant.
I was consumed not only by the prospect
of facing the responsibility of a child
for whom I was not prepared
and the reactions
of my parents and Salcedo
but, above all,
what this would mean for Eva
because it was different.
The external circumstances separated us
from the ones we could always fight for,
but this was me making a fool of myself.
And through my own mistakes,
I had killed any chance
with the woman I loved.
[lively piano music playing]
Hi, Mom.
Son. I'll warm up your lunch
once I finish this paragraph.
Yeah, that's fine.
What's with the face, Camilo?
I have a problem, Mom.
Yes, I already knew that.
Do you wanna sit down
and tell me about it?
[Camilo] Mm-hmm.
[doorbell rings]
Wait a sec.
[dramatic playing]
Hey there.
[music ends]
[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
Eva, welcome back.
- You know, this will always be your home.
- [Eva] Thank you.
I'm really glad you're here.
Camilo was so miserable, he didn't eat.
Yeah? But he doesn't seem
too thrilled to see me.
- No, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- [José] He's excited.
It's just that I still can't believe it.
Mm-hmm. I guess it's it's hard to believe
because it's been what, 15 days?
You didn't stay long. How come?
What happened is that my father
decided to negotiate with the government
and took advantage
of the "sinister window"
[José] Mm-hmm.
which basically is like a type of amnesty
for funds from money laundering
in the marijuana business.
He had to give everything back.
And in exchange, he received house arrest.
And I was able to return,
and I'm living with him now.
Aw, what a lovely family. Hmm.
And you guys? Did you miss me?
- Ask this knucklehead. See what he says.
- Oh yeah. Of course.
[laughs nervously] We did.
[melancholy music playing]
It's great that your dad
settled things with the law
and that you're back.
Well, he hasn't exactly solved everything.
He can't leave the house.
And keep in mind that having my dad
in the house all day can be a nightmare.
Mm-hmm. Yes.
But you have your Granados
to comfort you, or not?
And I'm really glad that you guys
get to be together
like you wanted all along.
This guy had us fed up
with all the crying over you.
- Seriously.
- Hey. Come on, man.
Too bad Salcedo isn't here to celebrate
'cause we are going to celebrate, right?
You just summoned him, brother.
[Álvaro] Salcedo! Guess who's back?
Hi, Eva.
How are you, Martín?
You're not happy to see me or what?
No, it's not that.
[Rodrigo] What is it?
This morning,
my mom got a call from Popayán.
Luisa ran away from boarding school,
and we don't know where the fuck she is.
[tense music playing]
[music fades]
Well, I do think it's tough for Martín,
but to be honest,
I'm happy that Luisa ran away.
- Mm-hmm.
- Too bad we're not there to support her.
Hey, where's your father?
He must be locked up in the study
with the lawyers,
figuring out how to get out of
the very, very serious mess he is in.
[both chuckle]
Go on.
[adult Camilo] It was a strange situation,
and I knew that sooner or later,
I would have to tell her
what was happening.
I tried to hide the agony
in a nervous laugh that wasn't enough.
[both laugh]
[Eva] You're silly! [laughs]
Are you gonna tell me what is going on?
Why are you so sad today, hmm?
- No.
- No, don't deny it.
I noticed that when Álvaro said
that I was already here to comfort you,
you made a terrible face.
[chuckles uncomfortably]
It was very obvious, Camilo.
It's just that
[exhales] We need to talk, Eva.
[Eva] About what?
Uh, about Luisa.
- Do you know where she is?
- No.
[Camilo sighs]
I don't even know where to start. I
[Camilo groans]
The problem is, um
Luisa is pregnant.
[melancholy music playing]
[Camilo] No, really.
From from the time that
[thunder rumbling]
we were together here, and
now she's pregnant.
She called me from Popayán and told me,
and I think that's why
she ran away from the boarding school.
[rain pattering]
[music fades]
I feel horrible telling you,
but I feel that you should know, and
well, I'm also like embarrassed.
And I am so I'm angry. I'm angry.
I'm angry with the world,
and I'm angry with myself.
[tense music playing]
Why didn't you tell me before?
[exhales] Because I didn't know how
to tell you all of this.
And Luisa?
I don't know. I didn't
Well, I only talked to her once,
so I don't know.
Eva, forgive me, okay?
Eva, please forgive me.
Look. I swear to God,
if I could turn back time,
I wouldn't have been with anyone but you,
but I swear it.
That's the least important thing
right now.
What do you mean
it's the least important thing? I
Because it is.
It's just that I love you
with my entire heart, okay?
No, no, no.
Right now, we have to focus
on finding Luisa
because she must be going through
a very hard time.
What about us, hmm?
No, Camilo. There's no "us" anymore.
No, don't say that. Don't say that.
It's very unfair that you say that
because of one mistake I made,
because of one screwup.
I mean, it's entirely unfair that
what you and I have should go to hell.
[Eva] But it's the truth.
[Camilo sighs]
[melancholy music playing]
[Eva] Here.
Read it when you get home.
I don't wanna talk anymore.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[thunder rumbles]
[adult Camilo] "Don't think
that the great love
which was once granted to you as a kid
has been lost."
"Or can you deny
that vast and generous wishes
ripen in you at that time
and serves as a guide
by which you are still living today?"
"I believe that that love
remains strong and intense in your memory
because it was your first deep loneliness
and the first inner work
that you did in your life."
The book was Letters to a Young Poet
by Rainer Maria Rilke.
There was no doubt Rilke's words
were Eva's way of making it clear to me
that our love story
was now just a powerful memory.
Mrs. Ana, I have a question.
Is your son
Is he going to starve to death?
Is he going to starve to death?
How long has he been stirring his food
without eating anything?
What if I'm not hungry?
We have to purge him.
Bring me the pastor oil.
- [Camilo] Huh? Why?
- Castor, castor.
Castor oil, whatever.
Let's purge him right now.
Don't start with that nonsense.
No, don't talk to me like that!
You better watch your mouth!
But I'm sick of you, Dad.
You're always watching me,
criticizing what I do and what I don't do.
Mind your own business.
Just leave me alone! [groans, grunts]
I'm gonna talk to him.
- This is not normal.
- Ana. Relax. Relax.
With all due respect, right now,
Camilo doesn't need a mother.
He needs a father.
Oh, José.
- Please don't make things worse, okay?
- No, no, no. On the contrary.
I'm gonna help him because he has no idea
how to handle a relationship,
and he's tangling himself up.
He needs fatherly advice.
I'm going to give it to him.
I'm sorry for talking to you
like that, Dad.
I swear I won't do it again.
It's okay, son.
I get it.
That doesn't mean this can happen again,
but I get it, son.
I once went through something similar.
To be honest, I
I doubt that you've gone through
something similar.
Let's see.
Um, how
We are Us men
As men, we are hunters by nature.
We always look for something.
We look for the prey.
Some more than others,
but we we all are.
In fact, I'll let you in on a secret.
Do you know what they used to call me
at school when I was your age?
[Camilo] Hmm?
- The Predator.
- [mysterious percussive music playing]
- Because when I chose a prey, I just
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it.
Don't say anything to your mom, okay?
We all are. Yes.
We like to hunt.
We like to stalk.
But what happens?
What happens
when we finally have the prey?
When it's already ours.
We all become crazy.
We don't know what to do
because we complicate our lives.
Relax. Don't worry, son.
The same thing happened to me
with your mom.
- Mm-hmm.
- It'll be okay!
Don't be so hard on yourself all the time.
Just ask me.
- I'm here to give you advice, son.
- Hmm.
Whatever you need.
You can count on me.
I'm The Predator.
[Ana] Camilo, Eva's on the phone!
- [Camilo] Fuck! Stop!
- No, no, no. Wait, man!
What are you doing?
Take your time, Camilo.
- Let her wait for you.
- Oh.
- Let her know who is in charge.
- [Camilo] Yeah.
Take it easy, man!
Son, relax.
[whimsical music playing]
[music fades]
Thanks, Mom. Hello?
- [Eva] Luisa showed up.
- Where is she?
At my house.
[melancholy music playing]
[Ana] Camilo, put your coat on.
Don't you see it's cold?
You've got a weak immune system,
and you're not eating anything.
A flu could hit you hard. Camilo!
[Camilo] No, Mom.
Don't wait up for me, okay? Bye, Dad.
Ciao. [chuckles]
[door closes]
Oh, did I tell you or not, Mrs. Ana?
[Ana sighs]
I know that with age comes wisdom.
What Camilo really needed
was the advice of The Predator.
Oh, José. What is that? The Predator?
That's a story that
that I could tell you, but
that will depend on how you behave.
[Ana] Hmm?
What are you doing?
You're alone.
I'm alone.
And the house is empty.
What do you say?
Thank you for taking me in.
I didn't know where else to go.
Don't worry. You did the right thing.
You can stay here as long as you want.
But keep in mind
that you can't hide forever, Luisa.
Yes, I know that, but
[sighs]but I don't know what to do.
What do you wanna do?
Well, I have to marry Camilo, right?
[unsettling music playing]
Luisa, he doesn't love you.
But I'm pregnant.
Yes, but the only reason
to get married is love.
[Luisa] Then what?
[Eva] Do you do you wanna have the baby?
Because there are other options.
Like maybe,
for example
not having it.
Eva, that's a sin. A big one.
[doorbell rings]
Oh, that must be Camilo.
[breathes nervously]
[Eva] What's wrong? What's wrong?
[Luisa] I don't know. I'm kind of
kind of nervous, ashamed.
Ashamed? Of what?
Well, that I ruined both of your lives.
Luisa, don't say that, not even joking.
It's true, Eva. Or are you gonna tell me
that things between you two
are going to be easier
now that I'm pregnant?
No, but that's different,
and we can figure out
how to solve it later.
No woman should ever
feel ashamed of being pregnant.
[knocking at door]
[Luisa exhales]
[emotional music playing]
[music fades]
[José] Mrs. Ana,
can I ask you a question?
[Ana chuckles softly]
With such a serious tone, José?
[José chuckles]
Would you like to have another child?
We could have a girl.
[Ana] Hmm?
Camilo is about to graduate from school,
and he's going to be moving out fast,
and he will be leaving us all alone.
I'm too old, José.
You don't have to answer me now,
but you can think about it.
And then you answer me. Take your time.
[soothing music playing]
Because we always wanted a girl.
Why not now?
It's done.
[adult Camilo] Ironically,
in that room and in that bed,
which was where Luisa and I
had conceived the child we were expecting,
we explored all the possibilities.
Even a marriage that Eva flatly ruled out
for not being based on mutual love,
Luisa and I agreed on that.
And it was Eva herself who, convincingly,
came up with the conclusion.
The only solution that I see
is that Luisa doesn't have the baby.
Oh no.
No, no. Don't look at me like that,
and don't say anything
about the deadly sin.
That is only a concept
invented by the writers of the Bible,
who, by the way, were men,
and they didn't consider
and had very little understanding of women
unless it was
to blame them for bad things.
Or have you forgotten the story of Eve,
the serpent,
and the expulsion from paradise?
Well, in that story, my namesake
was charged with all the guilt of sin,
and Adam was left completely free
of any kind of responsibility,
which wasn't fair.
Because among other things,
the only thing Eve did was
to approach the tree of knowledge
to change the history of mankind.
[Eva sighs] Guys,
it's about time
that women have the right
to decide about our own bodies
and what happens to them,
including motherhood.
Sure, of course,
but abortion is forbidden.
[Eva] Well,
it was also forbidden
for us to go out at night,
to open a bank account, and to drink,
to go to university, to vote, to work.
Understand that, sometimes,
to break with an absurd prohibition,
it is necessary to defy authority.
In fact,
last year in France,
they decriminalized abortion,
and, to a great extent, thanks to this.
- [emotional music playing]
- [Eva clears throat]
"A million women
have abortions every year in France."
"They do so in dangerous conditions
because of the clandestinity
to which they are condemned."
"I declare that I am one of them."
"We demand free access to contraceptives,
and we ask for legal abortion."
This is
the Manifesto of the 343 Sluts.
And it was signed in 1971
by women like Simone de Beauvoir,
Catherine Deneuve,
Marguerite Duras, and Agnès Varda.
Women who risked going to prison
for claiming the right
to decide about their own bodies.
A right from which they were excluded.
And look, five years later,
society proved them right.
The real question here is for Luisa.
Under the condition you are in,
do you or do you not wanna have the baby?
I will
Well, I'll [clears throat]
I'll support you
in whatever you decide to do.
No matter what my responsibility will be.
I don't wanna have it.
[somber music playing]
[Luisa sobs]
[adult Camilo] There was no doubt
that Eva came from the future
to shed a little light on
the turbulent present that we were living.
I loved her even more and kicked myself
for the mistake of the recent past
that had kept me so close
but so far away from her.
[phone ringing]
Hello? Who's this?
Um, hey, it's me.
Luisa, where the fuck are you?
I'm not gonna tell you, Martín, but
but tell Mom, please, that I'm fine.
I'll call back soon.
- [disconnect tone]
- [Adela] Who is it?
[somber music continues]
- It was Luisa.
- [gasps] Oh, my dear God.
What did she say?
Where is she?
We do know there are some secret places
where, for money, they interrupt
[Eva] Sh!
interrupt pregnancies.
[Camilo] Tell her.
What? What's up?
It's just that [clears throat]
here at José María, there has always been
a rumor about Quiñonez.
What rumor?
That when he was in the fourth grade,
he got a girl
from the neighborhood pregnant,
and he solved the problem
in one of those those places.
Well, then we have to find out
if this is a rumor or if it is true.
And if it is true,
we have to get the name of the place.
Of course. So I'll go talk to Quiñonez
and tell you what I find out.
[Eva] Mm-hmm.
[melancholy music playing]
[Eva sighs]
Come on, bro. Think, okay? Think.
Don't you think that those two guys
are up to something weird?
I don't know, bro.
Like like if they were hiding something,
you get it?
Hey, listen to me. Salcedo, come on.
And don't tell me
that it's all fucking Granados' fault
that he's heartbroken
because, no, it's not like that anymore.
Because the girl returned,
and he's still the same.
You know what, bro?
I don't give a fuck
about those two assholes.
I got more important things
to think about.
[Eva] Hi, guys. How are you?
[Salcedo] Bad. Awful.
[both] Why?
Luisa called last night.
But that's good news, bro, right?
No, because she didn't say where she was
or if she's going to return.
My mom is devastated. All she does is cry.
I keep imagining the worst.
Well, don't be pessimistic, bro.
If she called, it's because she's fine.
And well, sooner or later,
she'll show up, right?
What if she doesn't, Granados?
What if she's in danger?
Luisa is too young.
She seems very clever,
but she is very naive.
If anything happens to that girl
No, no.
my mom will die, and I'll
[unsettling music playing]
[Álvaro] Salcedo, bro.
[adult Camilo] Salcedo had gone
from rage to worry to sadness.
And it proved that he adored his sister,
which made me feel even more miserable
and more on the razor's edge.
Good morning, gentleman. And young lady.
- [Camilo] Hello, Professor.
- Come in.
We have to be careful
with Salcedo and Castro.
It's the third time we've ignored them,
and they're going to find out.
Well, but Martín's attention
is elsewhere right now.
Yeah, but Castro's not, and you know him.
Uh, we'll have to deal with that later.
What did you find out from Quiñonez?
That the things they say at José María,
some are true, and
others are fake.
[whispers] That guy
didn't get anyone pregnant.
The gossip started
because his uncle owns a clinic,
and that's where they perform
all those kinds of procedures.
That's what they call it.
I took the opportunity
to open negotiations with him
without telling him much,
and and so we agreed
to go to his uncle's place.
Sure. Mm-hmm.
Okay. Perfect. So you guys do that.
Go over there to check things out,
and I'll stay with Luisa.
She was, uh,
very nervous and very sensitive.
[Rodrigo] All right.
[bell ringing]
[Eva] Well, see you.
[suspenseful music playing]
Don't worry about my dad.
He must be very busy,
seeing as how he divides his time
between his business
and, well, his legal problems.
But does he know I'm staying with you?
Yeah. Yes, I told him,
and he didn't say anything.
So it's cool.
Are you nervous?
The decision is yours, Luisa. Only yours.
It's your body.
It's your life.
It doesn't mean that, in the future,
you can't be a mother
when you are ready to do it.
Either way, if you're not sure,
there's no problem.
We'll cancel everything
and look for another solution.
You might think I'm stupid
for saying this,
but to be honest,
I'm afraid of committing the grave sin.
People always say that after that,
you go crazy and go into the fire.
Do you remember the 343 sluts?
[emotional music playing]
Well, I don't think
any of them went crazy. [chuckles]
And I don't believe
they ended up in hell either.
And if they did end up there,
well, surely, they didn't mind,
and they must be having a great time.
Luisa, in Colombia,
there must be thousands of women
going through the same situation.
Alone, full of fear and confusion.
And if we had women or people
moderately intelligent making the laws,
then surely, abortion would be legal.
It would be a right for us.
As it is in England,
in France, in the United States.
[Eva] That would prevent so many women
from endangering their lives
by going to such bizarre places
that lack even
the most minimal hygienic measures.
And to stop with the literature,
to help you believe what I'm saying,
I'm going to tell you a story,
but you have to swear
you're not going to tell anyone.
Why? What is it?
You have to swear.
Yes, I swear.
[joyful music playing]
[Rodrigo] Hello.
[Quiñonez] Uncle.
- Uncle.
- [uncle] I'm here.
Come here.
- [uncle] Yeah.
- I brought 'em!
[uncle] Just wait there.
- Excuse me.
- [Quiñonez] Go on.
[suspenseful music playing]
Did Octavio tell you
how much the procedure costs or not?
Yeah. These fools know the price, Uncle.
[uncle] Oh, okay.
Sir, uh, the thing is
that we we came to ask, uh,
if it's the final price, or is there
a discount or something for the procedure?
The minimum. The minimum.
And you should thank me.
I'm giving you a special price
for being recommended by my nephew here.
Because because when they are underage,
the price increases.
- Ah.
- [uncle] Hmm.
Well, thank you.
Okay. Uh, the payment is in advance
and in cash.
- [Camilo] Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
And how long is the operation?
Just about an hour.
And the patient doesn't
Is she safe? Nothing happens?
There's no risk
of something happening there in the
Oh, let's see.
I treat cases here on a daily basis.
- And so far, no one has complained.
- [Camilo] Ah.
- Thank you.
- [uncle] See yourselves out.
Wait a sec.
Does the patient have to know
or do something?
Do we need to know anything
before coming with the patient
or something like that?
[uncle] Nothing, nothing, nothing.
The only thing is that
she should come as soon as possible
because the longer she waits,
the more complicated things get
and the higher the the price.
[Camilo] Oh.
Hey, hey. Let's just go now.
Are you sure about this, Granados?
Well, I'm sure that
I won't leave Luisa with the problem.
And if
she decided
that this was the best thing to do,
I have to be there for her.
I have to support her
and bite the bullet, you know?
Yeah, you're right.
Now the problem is getting the money.
I was thinking.
- You don't happen to have some savings?
- No. Don't be an idiot, Granados.
You know that I don't have any money, man.
[Camilo] Hmm.
[Rodrigo] Come on.
Don't you think
that if if everything goes well,
maybe you'll have a chance with Eva again?
But why?
Bro, think about it.
The problem is that
that Luisa is pregnant.
And if if there's no pregnancy,
then there's no problem.
[melancholy music playing]
[adult Camilo] I had been
so dazed by the situation
that I had overlooked that possibility.
And now, Arbeláez was tossing me
some distant hope
that in the midst of my defeat,
there could be a new opportunity.
Why do we have to talk here?
Because I don't want your mom to hear us.
- But when is
- Relax, it's nothing bad, man.
Look, Camilo.
A predator, by no means,
reveals his tactics of conquest
in front of a woman.
- Even if the woman is his wife.
- I don't get what you're saying.
Pay attention to what I'm gonna tell you.
I made you a list of plans
for you to make with Eva
to see if it helps you
get out of the darkness you're in
that has you lost and confused.
- So listen to me.
- Hmm.
"Plan number one.
Go to the park El Salitre." Okay?
What are the advantages?
You will ride the Ferris wheel.
And in the line, all right,
or on the ride itself,
you can talk with her.
It'll be natural, right?
If she's scared, you hold her hand.
If you're up there, you tell her,
"Oh, look, you can see this from here."
"Plan number two. Going to the movies."
Camilo, this is key, not porn.
- Oh, Dad! Why would I do that?
- I know you! I know you!
Look. Advantages of this plan.
The same movie by itself
not only gives you
the topic of conversation.
It's not just about,
"Did you like the actresses,
or how about the actor?"
All that, right?
But see, this advantage,
you will have between an hour and a half
or two hours of darkness.
That's when you make your move, Camilo.
- Yeah, I get it.
- If she's scared, hold her hand.
Or say, "I'm right here for you."
"Plan number three."
- "Listen to music in a place"
- No, no. Wait, Dad.
- I think the plans are cool.
- They're good, right?
Yes, they're cool.
The thing is that they all have a problem.
- Which?
- The money.
Mm-hmm. So?
Well, they all need money,
and I imagine that
since you're such a good father, right,
and as you are in this whole process
of guiding me in my conquest,
you're going to sponsor me, right?
Well, you're wrong.
Sir, you are wrong. No, sir.
Look, as a father and your guide,
on the contrary,
I'm going to give you a chance.
You're going to pay for these plans.
- How? I'm not
- How? With the sweat of your own brow.
Saving up from the allowance I give you.
The shitty allowance that you give me?
I can barely afford
the bus to get to Unicentro.
Go fuck yourself.
I'm just saying that I need money to
Come on, Dad!
As soon as I asked him for money,
he got angry
and hasn't spoken to me since last night.
- Now my mom is not
- [Quiñonez] So what then, princesses?
Listen, my uncle wants to know
when are we finally going
to schedule the procedure.
[Camilo] Uh
Tell him we need a couple more days.
That we're still thinking about it.
[laughs] No, dude. What do you mean
you're still thinking about it?
You're crazy.
You thought this was like buying arepas
or what, asshole?
With my uncle,
it's like with lawyers, you get it?
And look, any visit generates a charge.
- That's how it works.
- Fine, man.
- Look.
- Hey, stop. What?
[tense music playing]
[Quiñonez] I don't care who the victim is
or why you're doing all this, right?
But my uncle is not gonna waste his time.
So regardless of
whether the process is done or not,
you're gonna pay for sure.
Hmm? Yes?
Or else I'm gonna tell everyone
what you are doing! [laughs]
- I guess we don't want that to happen.
- Stop. Don't be so loud.
Yeah, well
Hmm. Do you still doubt
that these two guys are up to something?
With Quiñonez?
Well, I don't know. I don't know, bro.
But whatever it is, we're gonna find out,
and we'll have to put an end to it,
for fucks sake.
You know what? Come with me.
- [Camilo] Hey, stop! Leave him alone.
- [Rodrigo] Hey, stop.
Hey, hey, hey. Look, this is the thing.
We need money, and we need it urgently.
Do you have anything to sell?
[rock music playing]
- [scoffs]
- [both] So, then?
Well, you once said that we were perfect
to help you with any kind of job, so
Well, more precisely,
you said that with our stupid faces,
we could help
with something you were planning.
[Álvaro] Move, move, move!
Hey, Granados! What's up!
- That's why I'm selling this thing.
- What are you up to now?
- Ah!
- Hey! You're so annoying!
Because you know what?
We got something juicy planned today.
Today is the premiere of
Deep Throat, my brothers.
They say that movie will change
the history of porn as we know it.
Yeah. The thing is, we can't
The protagonist is this chick,
Linda Lovelace, yeah?
They say she does all kinds of things
in the movie. Hmm?
So why don't we take advantage
that your girlfriend is too busy now?
We also need to cheer up Salcedo
because of his sister.
Sure, yeah, but we can't
because we have to go study physics.
Final exams are coming up,
and we are failing, so
We're going today to Eva's house
to study with her
because, you know, she gets it.
Why didn't she wait for you?
Well, she left first
because she had to run an errand
for her father
because he can't leave the house.
Yeah. [tuts] Right. I forgot.
Well, the two of us are gonna go
because we have a date
with Miss Deep Throat tonight.
- Oh.
- Yeah, well, good luck with that.
No, no, good luck to you guys
with all of your studying.
If we didn't already have plans,
we would go with you,
but as they say,
plot-driven porn
is way better than physics, right?
- Fartknocker.
- Yeah.
- See ya.
- Hey. No, no, no, no!
We can write to each other.
Send a love letter or whatever.
[Camilo] Whatever. Oh, sorry, Professor.
I believe Castro smells
that we are up to something.
He needs to mind his own business.
Good thing Salcedo is not
paying attention to him.
He's thinking about his sister.
Yeah, but one day, he could notice,
so we have to be very careful.
- Yeah, and speed things up.
- Hmm.
If they start putting the pieces together,
we're screwed.
We're here. Let's go.
Right here! Stop!
Yeah, we already
checked everything out, and
everything is scheduled for Saturday.
Did they explain what they will do to me?
Yes, it's called curettage.
It's a Well, it's a surgery.
It takes 15 minutes,
and they do it under anesthesia.
How do they do the procedure?
[melancholy music playing]
According to what I understood,
they scrape the uterus
so there is no pregnancy.
- Does it hurt?
- No.
No, they do that with anesthesia,
and and it doesn't.
- [music fades]
- [Salcedo] I don't see anything unusual.
They were probably doing
the physics papers like they told us.
[Álvaro groans] I don't know, bro.
It's just there's something
that doesn't add up.
I know. Why don't we follow them, okay?
- Come on.
- No, Álvaro!
You can follow them.
You're the one who's obsessed with them.
I don't know why I listen to you
and to your crazy ass.
No, Salcedo!
Come on! Come on, bro! Now, take it easy.
Breathe. Yeah?
It's okay.
I admit it.
It was my mistake to come here,
and I can be wrong too.
But look, I'm sure of one thing.
Those two guys and Eva
are up to something, okay?
Why don't we just follow them?
Also, we're still in time
to go to the movies, right?
No way, bro.
Instead of listening to you
and following you here,
I should be with my mother,
who is devastated
without any news of Luisa.
I always listen to your bullshit.
But if I don't pass and fail the year,
my mom will kill me!
[funky music playing]
[reporter] Thirty days have passed
since the kidnapping
of union leader José Raquel Mercado
by the M19's Simón Bolívar
and Camilo Torres commandos,
and the government
has yet to make a statement
on the armed group's demands.
Hmm. Mrs. Ana,
I think Mercado will be murdered,
and things are going to get complicated.
Okay, José.
Let's have a child.
[tender music playing]
I don't know
if this is an act of irresponsibility
or of love.
But I'll stop taking the pills.
Are you serious?
[Ana] Mm-hmm.
[both chuckle]
We can start now if you want.
[both laugh]
[music fades]
[adult Camilo] "You are looking outward,
and that is precisely
what you should avoid right now."
"No one can advise or help you. No one."
"There is only one single way."
"Go into yourself."
"Find out the reason
that commands you to write."
"See whether it has spread its roots
into the very depths of your being."
"Ask yourself whether you'd die
if you couldn't write and, most of all,
ask yourself
in the most silent hour of your night,
'must I write?'"
But despite the urgency
of my present situation,
I had only one answer.
Eva. Always Eva.
Even what was happening with Luisa
revolved around her.
What would happen
once the pregnancy issue was resolved?
That night, anxiety took hold of me again,
and, heeding Rilke's recommendation,
I spent the night putting down on paper
what I needed to write
in order not to die.
[doorbell rings]
[adult Camilo] The Acuña's plan
was so ridiculous
that I thought it was a joke.
But no, it was a coldly calculated action.
I am looking for my parrot.
[adult Camilo] The idea was
to rob an elderly couple
who lived in a house
in the San Fernando neighborhood
by pretending to be new neighbors
with a lost parrot
that had flown from our house to theirs.
[imitating parrot]
- Hey, thank you.
- [woman] Huh?
Is that you?
[imitating parrot]
[Camilo] There's this teapot.
[Edgar] Oof.
[Camilo] 160 for porcelain.
Look, 50.
And well, the last thing are these
these porcelain kittens.
This is fine porcelain.
Look, this is the last of it.
- Be careful, you'll damage it.
- No, those were like that.
Ha, it's no longer a hundred. It's ninety.
Brother, but it's a little scratch.
Ninety. That's it.
Ready, okay? We got it?
[both] Good job, Granados.
I knew you, with that good boy face,
you were the one for the job.
[both laugh]
[William] Here.
If you are interested,
we have located other houses
in other neighborhoods.
- We can even increase your fee.
- No, no, no, no, no.
This is my first and last one here
in the world of crime.
- Ah!
- Ah, no!
But why? At least think about it.
I have an eye for this,
and you could be good.
[whimsical music playing]
[Camilo] Thanks.
So I'll expect you tomorrow
with the patient, right?
Hey, remember, Granados,
there's no refunds.
This has to be secret, Quiñonez.
[Quiñonez] Well, if you want
You know what? We can make an "excection."
I'll give you back your money, and you
look somewhere else to solve your problem.
See you tomorrow. And it's "exception."
[unsettling music playing]
Quiñonez, how's it going? All good?
Hey, dude. Good. And you?
Yeah, yeah. I'm good.
Hey, uh, Quiñonez, are you gonna tell me
what's the big secret you have
with those morons?
Don't be nosy, Castro.
Snitches get stitches, huh?
Oh, really? It's that big of a secret?
Are you that curious?
Well, I guess so.
Uh-huh. And how much will you pay
for the information?
Let me tell you, it's a bomb.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for you.
[tense music playing]
What for? Why?
- To show your face.
- We know everything, Granados.
Too bad, Granados! Too bad!
[tense rock music playing]
[music fades]
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