Eva Lasting (2023) s02e02 Episode Script

El segundo sexo

Dude, I swear I can explain this.
Just promise me you'll listen to me first.
Especially you, Salcedo.
- You have to promise me Easy, dude.
- Speak already!
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
If you had good intentions,
you wouldn't have lied.
Listen to me, bro.
I don't understand
why we should trust you.
We're supposed to be friends.
Or is it all a lie?
That's true, man. If you have a problem,
you go to your friends.
And we're your friends,
not that snitch Quiñonez.
[tense music plays]
So then they think
I'm the one who's pregnant?
[Camilo] Yeah, yeah, exactly.
Quiñonez told them about the plan
that we had arranged,
and they drew their own conclusions.
Oh, well, giving it a second thought,
this is the best thing that could happen.
Yeah, still,
we should stick to to this plan
and come up with a lie
for when Luisa shows up again.
So? It's no big deal. Aren't you a writer?
I mean, "aspiring writer"?
Because that is what the best writers do.
They come up with
problems for their characters,
and then they find solutions for them.
Anyway, Eva, I'm very grateful.
For what?
Well, for for helping me out
with this fiction.
Don't thank me for that, Camilo.
I'm doing all this for Luisa, remember?
- Not for you.
- [Camilo sighs]
[melancholy music playing]
Okay. See ya.
[Camilo exhales]
[adult Camilo] There was no time to lose.
So the next day,
as we had agreed with Quiñonez,
we went to his uncle's clinic
to put an end to our problem
once and for all.
[Eva] No, no, Camilo.
- This place looks awful.
- I know.
[Eva] I can see they don't have
any hygiene norms here.
[adult Camilo] Luisa had asked Eva
to come along,
as she didn't feel comfortable
doing this with the two guys.
You brought in your buddies, bro.
Where are Castro and Salcedo?
Don't tell me they went for popcorn
to watch the show.
You're Salcedo's sister.
- No.
- Hey.
He he won't talk. He won't.
Don't tell me
you're the one in trouble here.
Whoa, Granados! You have some balls, dude.
Stop, man. Shut up.
Nobody's asking for your opinion, okay?
Come on. Let's move on.
Hey, take it easy, man. Why so nervous?
Very well. Shall we?
My uncle's waiting for you.
[solemn music playing]
You guys can come back later, all right?
[breathing nervously]
No. We're leaving this shithole.
You're not staying here.
- What are you Moron.
- Didn't you hear me, motherfucker?
Listen, Granados,
I already told you.
We don't do refunds here.
You know what, Quiñonez?
You and your uncle
can shove that dirty money up your asses.
I'm taking full responsibility here.
Let's go.
[unsettling music playing]
[Camilo] Here.
[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
It's not possible that his clinic
is the only one in in the city
to go do what we have to do, you know?
- Well, we should figure it out.
- Exactly, I know.
But where?
Those places don't pop up
in the Yellow Pages.
I don't know. Maybe, Eva, you know of
We have to find someone who can help us.
- I don't wanna do it.
- [Camilo] Huh?
[melancholy music playing]
I've made a decision, and
I wanna keep the baby.
And I swear, it's not out of fear of hell
or because I want you
to stay with me, Camilo.
And I really admire the 343 sluts
and all the women
that chose not to become mothers, but
but I wanna do it.
[funky music playing on stereo]
Well then, in that case,
I guess we'd better look for alternatives.
What about adoption?
I know many families who
who wanna adopt a child,
and they don't have the possibility,
so they're looking for a child
or a baby to
- Yeah, that that could be an option.
- [Luisa] No, no, no. Wait a minute.
Maybe I wasn't clear about it, but
[melancholy music playing]
I know these circumstances are not ideal
and that it's potentially problematic,
but I really wanna keep the baby.
I feel like I can love
and take care of this child
in in a way I never was.
And I think this is life's way
of giving me a sign to show me that
a baby is something beautiful
for a woman to have,
and I wanna do it.
I'm sorry, Camilo.
I'm sorry. I know that I I should've
told you this earlier,
but I was really afraid
and didn't know what to do,
and I still don't.
But I feel this is something that
I really have to do.
[Eva] Relax. You don't have to
explain yourself to us.
Just like we admire those women
who decide not to become mothers,
we also admire those
that decide they really want to.
And especially considering the situation.
[Camilo] Yeah. And
as I told you, Luisa, what
what matters is that
the choice is yours alone
and that you make it feeling totally free
and and not pressured
by by the circumstances.
Thanks for understanding.
What we have to do now
is figure out what's next.
We gotta be honest.
No, no, no. No, that's not possible.
My mom would kill me,
and my brother would kill you, Camilo.
[western music playing]
Yeah, but you can't keep hiding forever.
That's exactly what I'm planning to do.
Well, I have another idea.
Listen, I think we could go to Cali.
I have some friends that'll take us in.
So you could have the baby over there,
and we could hide
while we decide what we're gonna do.
Are you really gonna come with me?
Of course. I'm not leaving you alone.
Granados! You son of a bitch!
[adult Camilo] As one might expect,
Quiñonez hadn't kept his mouth shut
and had betrayed me.
- Asshole!
- [Eva] No! No, no!
- Salcedo!
- [Eva] Martín, please! Stop!
- Listen to them!
- [Eva] Stop it!
- [Salcedo] Come back here!
- Calm down, man!
- Ah!
- Wait, please!
- [Salcedo] Calm down, my ass!
- [Camilo] Stop, stop! Wait! Wait, wait!
Calm down!
- Stop!
- [Eva] Stop! Martín!
- Hey, stop!
- Fucking asshole!
- I'm gonna kill you!
- Calm down, Salcedo!
Follow them!
- [Salcedo] You son of a bitch!
- [Eva] Stop it!
- [Salcedo] Get him!
- Hey, look at that.
- [Salcedo] Don't let him run away!
- [laughs]
What's gonna happen?
Honestly, I don't know.
This is all your fault, man.
You stuck your nose into their business.
Oh, come on. Stop it, bro.
Are you for real right now?
Relax. How could I have known
you had gotten into this mess?
And with Quiñonez? Seriously?
Are you guys dumb, or what?
Never underestimate stupidity.
Oh yeah, you sure?
You throw the stone
and hide your hand, bro?
- Seriously, guys?
- [Ana] Where's Camilo?
What happened?
Salcedo, come on.
I swear to God in heaven
that I I didn't mean to harm Luisa.
Shut up, Granados! Shut up now!
You're as fake as one can get.
- But I can explain everything.
- Explain what?
I asked you to help me find the rat
who was messing with my sister,
and the rat was you.
Now it all makes sense.
That's why Luisa always wanted
to go to Eva's house,
so you could have your way with her.
And those letters?
I never knew who they were from.
And that's why you made me lose focus
and not take care of my sister.
You took advantage of everything I said.
I know it was wrong of me, but I
I never thought this would happen, man.
Tell me something.
Did you ever love my sister?
Or did you do this to make Eva jealous?
[unsettling music playing]
You don't just hate my sister.
You were gonna force her
to do something horrible.
And that is something motherfuckers do!
No, man. No.
What are you talking about?
You can't believe everything
Quiñonez tells you, right?
I won't force her
to do anything she doesn't wanna do.
I I took her out of that hole.
I'll just tell you one thing.
They stopped me today.
But I swear I'm gonna kill you.
Even if it means rotting in fuckin' jail,
I'm gonna kill you.
[footsteps approaching]
[guard] You may leave.
You, Granados. Your parents came for you.
[cell lock clicks]
- [guard] Do you wanna stay?
- No, no, no, sir.
[cell door closes]
[adult Camilo] I didn't speak.
Not until we got home.
Actually, I needed to buy some time
to find a way to tell my parents
why they had picked me up from
the police station in the first place.
- [car horn honks]
- [grumbles]
Salcedo came for me
at Club 68 to fight me
and we got into a fight.
And that's why we ended up
in the police station.
'Cause Luisa
uh, Martín's sister
is pregnant with my child.
[melancholy music playing]
That that Luisa is, uh, is pregnant.
Co come again?
Well, she is.
Luisa and I had something back
What kind of something?
Weren't you into Eva, huh?
- [Camilo] I can't explain it.
- [José] Well, you better start trying!
Find a way!
Do you know what it means to become
a a father at your age? Say something!
- José, stop that! Cool it. Calm down.
- Speak. Speak up. How am I supposed
How am I gonna calm down, huh?
I can't do this.
What cross am I bearing, Lord?
What cross am I bearing?
Oh, Camilo.
[Eva] I couldn't speak with Camilo
because he left the police station
with his parents.
We could call him and ask what happened.
And Martín?
Your mom got there and took him away,
but we couldn't talk then either.
They must wanna kill me.
[Eva] Oh, Luisa.
I bet that the worst is over, okay?
Everybody knows that you're pregnant,
so you should focus more
on what you wanna do from now on.
[sniffles] I wish it were that easy, Eva.
But being pregnant, it's all complicated.
Oh, I wish I could just just
go back in time, you know?
I wish I was at school
just finishing my studies.
I wanted to go to university.
Do you know I wanted to become a doctor?
[both chuckle]
[doorbell rings]
- Don't tell me Luisa is not in here.
- No. I won't deny that.
But you need to calm down, okay?
Luisa is very scared.
She's not feeling well.
Yes, and she should be.
Tell her I've come to take her home.
She's leaving with us right now.
Please, Mrs. Salcedo.
Listen, kid.
Tell her to come out,
or I'll bring an officer.
My daughter is still a minor.
She can't go around
doing whatever she wants.
And least of all,
doing so at the house of a criminal
like your father.
Because he might be lying around at home,
criminals can do such things with money,
but he is still a criminal.
Well, move, child! Bring her here!
Bring her, Eva!
[unsettling music playing]
- Let's calm down, José.
- No, no, no.
- Listen to me.
- Don't justify that irresponsible kid.
I'm not trying to justify him,
but all of a sudden,
you put your hand on your belt.
You even threatened to hit him.
What good is that going to do?
- José!
- Hmm?
- Look at me.
- What?
- [Ana] Just listen to me!
- And what do you suggest we do?
What? What do you suggest?
'Cause I'm at a loss here, huh?
What are we gonna do?
That asshole threw away his future.
And he threw away that girl's future too.
[Ana] But why would you say that?
It's not like he killed someone.
[José] Because now
he has to respond like a man.
- The way that he is!
- And he will.
- He will, José.
- You know what? This is it.
These are the consequences
of treating him like a child,
of babying him, of lack of discipline
on your part, Ana.
I can't believe this.
So you're saying this is my fault, then?
No, José.
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
Martín and his mom took Luisa away.
I'm worried about what could happen.
From this moment on, Mr. Granados cannot
receive or make phone calls. Thank you.
- What what are you doing, Dad?
- Didn't you hear me?
No more being irresponsible. You're done.
You are banned from leaving this house
or any phone calls
and any communications
with your so-called buddies.
Thank your mom for defending you
because you deserved a good beating
after what you've done.
But, no, no, no! No, poor baby!
Maybe the kid gets traumatized.
Go to your room until I say so.
One last thing, young boy.
Tomorrow, we will go
to face that kid's family,
so start thinking of ways
to respond to your clever actions.
Go to your room now!
[melancholy music playing]
[José] Hmm?
[music fades]
Mrs. Salcedo,
we are here, as a family,
to ask you to forgive us
for what happened.
And we would like to
let you know that Camilo
will respond like a man.
And how will he do that, Mr. Granados?
How? No one can go back in time.
And this young lady has failed us,
and it's your son's fault.
Yes, well, Camilo will be
pulled out of school.
He will have to look for a job.
And although their wedding will be modest,
God will bless them.
You can be sure of that.
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
[wedding march playing]
[Eva] Camilo!
[whimsical music playing]
[Adela] It has to happen
as soon as possible.
Before this young lady's belly
starts to show.
So it'll be, ma'am.
Uh, I think we should
[José shushing]
[Adela] That's acceptable.
Though that doesn't
make up for the offense,
at least it spares us the shame of it all.
- Well
- Well, hold on.
I believe we should ask them
what they think of this.
What Camilo and Luisa want.
- Yes. That's precisely what I wanted
- No, listen, Camilo. You don't speak.
I'm sorry, Ana.
I think they've done enough.
We don't have to listen to what they think
'cause that's the problem.
They don't think.
[Ana] No, no. I don't agree.
Pull them out of school?
And force them to get married?
That's hardly a solution.
I know this is
a very delicate matter to us all.
Come on. You're not thinking straight.
What about the future of our children?
That's precisely
what I'm trying to do here.
I'm thinking about their future.
[Adela] I'm sorry, ma'am.
What do you think the future looks like
for her as a single mother?
What do you think her future
will look like if she can't study?
If she can't graduate from high school?
What do you mean?
She'll be a mother! A wife as well!
Like most women do.
- No?
- No.
Like most women did
when we were growing up.
Times are changing.
I can't believe you don't see it.
Oh, Mr. Granados. I'm disappointed.
I thought you were a serious person
and that you were going
to take full responsibility
And I am being serious.
Don't worry about it.
I'll deal with this matter at home.
Everything will go according to plan.
[dramatic music playing]
That thing about disagreeing with me
has become a habit, hasn't it, Ana?
Well, then I'm sorry, José.
But how can you decide
what is to be done without asking first?
Without asking Camilo?
What are we, then, as your family?
A dead loss?
- Yes, Dad, that's not okay because
- [José shushing]
You can't be so old-fashioned, José.
You can't pull Camilo out of school.
He can't get married. He's a child.
What should I do? Give him an award?
I don't deserve an award, but I think
- Shut your mouth! Don't need your opinion.
- He didn't commit any crime.
He committed an irresponsible act.
Out of ignorance.
He is ignorant, that's for sure.
He has to answer for it.
- Yes, sir. I will answer for my actions
- Shut it! I didn't ask you anything!
How could that woman say her daughter
is a failure because she got pregnant?
- It's unbelievable.
- She got pregnant without getting married.
Don't forget that tiny detail, please.
Oh my God! You have a selective memory,
don't you, José?
Or an elastic moral sense.
I was two months pregnant
when we got married, sir!
- [Camilo gasps] What?
- How can you say that in front of the kid?
It's time for the boy
to understand how things are.
- Camilo, I was two months pregnant, son.
- [Camilo] Ah!
And that never made me
feel like a failure. Ever.
Fine. Okay. I get your point.
What happened then, huh?
I took responsibility like a gentleman.
And then what? I got married, didn't I?
No, José. You and I had it easy
because we were totally in love.
We truly loved each other.
You can't force these kids.
- He doesn't love that girl.
- That doesn't matter.
- He isn't in love with Luisa.
- They'll fall in love eventually!
- They'll fall in love later on.
- I don't wanna do it!
Shut it! Do you want me to hit you
here in the middle of the street, huh?
Listen to me.
You can say whatever you want.
You can kick and scream.
But in this family,
we will do exactly as I say. Period.
No, sir. No period.
I said "period." Get in the car.
You know what I'm getting at with this?
That evidently, you and I,
we never seem to agree on anything,
and I'm done.
"You're done"? What does that even mean?
[melancholy music playing]
I don't know
if it's worth living together anymore.
I really think that I need to be alone.
At least for a while.
I want you to leave the house.
So now I'm the one
who has to pay for this?
I guess the baby girl is off the table.
What girl?
Very well, Ana.
If that's what you want, then I'll leave.
But let me say this.
I'm also bored, you know?
I'm also very tired of being treated like
a dumbass in my own house and marriage.
Like I'm an imbecile. You should know
that I'm tired as well, Ana.
[music fades]
I want you to keep in mind
that you're the one to blame
for our marriage crashing and burning.
Were you really thinking
about having another child?
But life can be funny.
You're the one having a baby.
And now your mom and me? Who cares?
To hell with our plans.
But you'll see, kiddo.
You will see.
Find a way to survive without me.
I'll look for a job, you know?
Oh really?
Yeah. That's what I wanted to say
at Salcedo's house,
but you wouldn't hear what I was saying.
I I'll drop out of school,
and, uh, I'll look for a job
because I'll provide for that baby.
A job? What kind of job
do you have in mind?
- Well, uh, I got a few ideas.
- [José scoffs]
You won't be able to do this
without me, Camilo.
- Have a good day.
- Whatever.
- [door opens]
- [phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
- [door closes]
- [phone ringing]
- Hello?
- What's up? I'm glad you answered.
Yesterday, your dad said that
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what he said.
Don't worry. My dad has left the house.
Yeah, this whole thing's
really fucked up, Eva.
Early today, we went to Luisa's,
and that lady
Yeah, I figured that when neither you
nor Martín came to school today.
How did it go, Camilo?
[knocking at door]
Oh, wait. There's someone at the door.
Maybe my dad forgot something.
Call you back. Just a minute!
- Promise you'll call me right back.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah! Just a minute!
I'll call you back. Bye. God!
Jesus, I'm coming.
You're about to bust down the door
[melancholy music playing]
I'll leave this shameless lady with you.
Like your father told me,
you're now responsible for her.
[music fades]
Camilo, I'm sorry.
I apologize to you and your whole family.
I can't believe the fuss my mom made.
No, no, no, no. Don't worry.
I'm sure my mom will be able
to calm her down.
Don't worry.
I'm not planning to stay here though.
Actually, may may
may I make a phone call?
Who do you wanna call?
Eva. I know that if I ask her to
let me stay at her house, she'll accept.
- No.
- Then I'll think about what to do.
No, Luisa. You don't have to
leave my house, Luisa.
You you don't have to leave.
You can stay here.
Listen, if there's any truth
to what my dad said at your house today,
it's that I will answer for this.
I'm not gonna leave you alone.
Mm, I've been thinking, and I'm
I think I have to drop out of school
and find a job.
I could talk to Eva
to see if she can help me get in touch
with the man who's friends
with her family from the paper,
and maybe I can start making money
in the sports section.
I mean,
you you could stay here at my house.
If your family won't have you,
you're welcome here.
I know my mom will support us.
Don't worry about my dad.
He left the house.
Stay here, please.
[emotional music playing]
[music fades]
Come inside. Let's go to the kitchen
for a cup of coffee.
We can talk in there.
Thank you very much, but I'm fine.
We said everything there was to be said.
And I already did my part.
- Adela
- Mrs. Adela to you.
I'm not gonna tell you
how to educate your daughter.
I would never do that.
But I do know
that leaving her alone right now
would be so tough for her.
She needs you more than ever.
She should've thought of that
instead of spreading her legs to your son
as if she were a
You know what I mean.
[Ana] Come on, Adela.
They're merely children.
Well, they are adults now.
They should take responsibility
for their actions.
Listen, ma'am, you have a husband
who can provide for you,
but I don't have a partner.
And I have to provide
for my house and my two kids.
So I won't be held responsible
for her failure.
And since your son is
just as responsible as she is,
it's only fair that he and you take it on.
So deal with it.
[melancholy music playing]
I'm sure your husband
will agree with this.
[music fades]
[adult Camilo] My dad,
carrying his suitcase
and a flag of his favorite soccer team,
went to the only place he could ever go.
My grandmother Lucy's house.
So that, dear mother,
is what's happening now.
What do you think?
- Very bad. Hmm.
- Very bad. That's what I said. It's bad.
Very bad, but no, they won't listen. They
José, you're still the same oblivious
and absentminded guy you've always been.
How can you even dare
to compromise your marriage
to a woman so wonderful as Ana?
And, on top of that,
you turn your back on your son
in such a critical situation?
But, Mom, are you listening
to what I'm telling you?
Camilo's becoming a father
at his young age.
So? What's the problem?
What do you mean "what is the problem"?
Come on.
Have you forgotten Ana was
already pregnant when you got married?
I thought it was the best-kept secret
of all time, but apparently not.
My God! We all knew about it.
We just pretended we didn't,
but that's all.
What happened, José, is that back then,
we still had to keep up appearances.
But thank God,
things have changed for good.
Nowadays, the world doesn't end
if a woman gets pregnant
without being married.
My God. I don't know who you are anymore.
Do you realize what you're saying?
Tell me something important.
Is Camilo in love with that girl?
That doesn't matter.
No, sir. That's all that matters.
No, no, no. That doesn't matter.
- I honestly believed I would get here
- No, no.
- that you would support me.
- You were wrong. You were wrong, José.
But whatever happens,
this will always be your home, José. Hmm?
Of course, you can stay
until you get things fixed.
Thank you.
Your room is still upstairs,
like always, my son.
But honestly, you'll have to tidy it up
'cause now it's where I store junk. Hmm?
Well, go upstairs, get settled,
and come back down in five minutes
to pray the rosary together.
Oh! Well, I'm glad
you still pray the rosary, at least.
- [Lucy scoffs]
- [José exhales]
[joyful music playing]
Yeah, we can rearrange everything.
[adult Camilo] As I expected,
my mom agreed
to let Luisa stay at our house.
That made her feel calmer
and more supported.
That night, we rearranged the room
that had once been a study
and turned it into Luisa's bedroom.
And thus began the start of something
that was strange for the times
but would become customary 20 years later.
A blended family.
That is a family that is, in some way,
formed by yours, mine,
and, of course, ours.
Thanks for everything, Mom.
Don't thank me, sweetie.
We can't leave this child alone out there.
No way.
I know, still, I've been thinking that,
I don't know,
I should drop out of school.
I mean, I don't know.
If Dad is right about something,
it's that I can't leave Luisa alone
and the baby.
I have to take responsibility.
Oh, Camilo.
A child is a life-long responsibility.
Of course.
[Camilo] Hmm.
[Ana] But if you do that,
you would be blocking the sun
with a finger.
You wouldn't solve the problem.
It would be temporary.
What happens then?
You have to think of the future.
Do you want your kid to be happy?
Well, yeah, sure.
Then first, you have to make sure
you're happy.
Now, answer me this.
If you drop out of school and get a job
at your age,
will you be happy with that?
[melancholy music playing]
Well, no,
but having a kid is expensive, so
- [Ana] Oh yeah.
- I
Having a kid's expensive.
But you have me.
[Ana] It's Luisa I'm worried about.
What is she gonna do?
Who will take her in pregnant?
- Mom?
- Hmm?
Were you really considering
having another baby with Dad?
- [doorbell ringing]
- [knocking at door]
- Are you expecting anyone?
- No.
- [doorbell ringing]
- [Camilo] I'm coming!
- What's up?
- [Eva] Why didn't you call me back?
[Camilo] Things got really intense
like you wouldn't imagine.
- And Luisa?
- She she's upstairs.
Perfect. I have an idea.
Luisa has to go back to school.
[intriguing music playing]
If you want the kid to have a future,
Camilo and Luisa can't drop out of school.
[adult Camilo] Eva was right.
But listening to her saying
"Luisa and Camilo"
was the sign that,
under the new circumstances,
what I had with her was definitely over.
It would be the perfect proof
that getting pregnant
doesn't mean the end for a woman.
They won't let me, Eva.
But you're pregnant, Luisa, not terminal.
Yeah, but I'm sure
that the school regulation says
I can't be allowed to keep on studying.
I don't care what the regulations say.
What matters here is
that you wanna keep on studying,
graduate, and go to med school
to become a doctor, right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- [Eva] There it is.
- I think it's a good idea.
[Ana] I'll tell you what happened
in my case.
- [Eva] Thank you.
- I couldn't stay at school.
Back then, people believed
when you were pregnant,
you had to stay home.
So much for my dream of becoming a lawyer.
That can't happen to you. Mm-mm.
[Eva] You see, Luisa?
You have to do this.
Not just for yourself
but for all of those women
who might be going through this.
I guess.
If I don't graduate from school,
how will I become a doctor? Right?
[adult Camilo] That challenging day,
with a baby on the way,
any hopes I had of Eva and I
ever getting back together
got totally buried.
A failed last-ditch effort with her
meant finally acknowledging
that Luisa's permanent presence
in our lives
would always be a reminder
of the impossibility of our love.
However, there was something else
that I needed to solve right away.
At the newspaper?
I would like to collaborate
on the sports section.
You know I have a way with words.
And I need money
for everything that is to come.
Yeah, I know, but what about school?
Mmm Well, it could be a part-time job.
Listen, Eva, help me out here.
Yeah, sure. I could talk to Alonso.
- But I can't guarantee anything, you know?
- Right.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- So I'll see you tomorrow?
- Yeah. Thank you. Till tomorrow.
Go in. Bye.
[melancholy music playing]
[melancholy music continues]
[adult Camilo] It wasn't very hard
to realize Quiñonez had the upper hand
and had spread the rumor
about Luisa's pregnancy.
[footsteps approaching]
Speaking in the terms
you regard so highly, ma'am,
if I'm not mistaken,
the law demands school districts
to welcome any student
who wishes to complete his or her studies.
- Yes, Miss Samper, you are totally
- [Eva] Eva.
totally right.
But it is just that, in this case,
we are talking about
an exceptional situation.
Obviously, I don't need to explain, right?
And for that reason,
there is no chance whatsoever
for us to accept Miss Salcedo
back into this educational institution.
No, I'm sorry. You don't convince me.
Listen, Miss Samper,
I wasn't going to let you in.
However, I allowed you
to join Miss Salcedo and Mr. Granados.
I did it because I know you.
And since I don't need you
making a fuss here,
I wanted to explain this
to the three of you personally.
I think you haven't explained
a thing thus far.
Has she? I mean, nothing.
- No.
- She hasn't said a thing.
[Dr. Alicia] Okay, first of all,
Miss Salcedo, in this moment of your life,
you need to direct
your undivided attention and your energy
into pulling that pregnancy through.
But why is that?
Luisa is pregnant, not terminal.
Hmm. I have to mention
some of the teachers
and parents of our students
have expressed their concerns.
And they feel that
you'd set a bad example for the kids.
[scoffs] Why is that? I don't get it.
What do you mean?
Listen. Welcoming Miss Salcedo
back to José Maria
would mean validating what happened.
We do not wish to set that precedent here.
No, no. Just to clarify.
Does the school regulation say
that having sex is forbidden
and that becoming pregnant is a felony?
It doesn't.
- Since you bring it up, Miss Samper
- [Eva] Eva.
you can take this one.
You can memorize it.
Let me remind you
that you and the other 90% of the students
in this institution are minors.
The only people that are qualified
to apply for reinstatement
are one of the parents
or an authorized tutor as well.
You can check that
in the student regulations of our school
or in the regulations
of the Ministry of Education.
But if that option does not suit you,
I could just go ahead and make a call
to Luisa Salcedo's mother
and simply ask her what her opinion is
about what you intend to do here.
- No, that's not necessary.
- [Dr. Alicia] Nine
- No?
- [Eva] No.
- Thesis.
- [rain pattering]
And synthesis.
That is the magic formula
of the dialectics of our dear friend
and not very well appreciated Mr. Hegel.
And that will be the topic
And please pay attention, everyone.
the topic of the final philosophy test.
And those who fail to pass this test,
Mr. Acuña,
won't pass the year.
- What?
- [students groan]
- Don't start with that.
- Ugh, what?
Therefore, to have a better understanding
of this topic,
you should know Hegel, in his dialectics,
had a more idealistic point of view here,
which means
[rock music playing]
I'm sorry, Teach.
We were at Miss Alicia's office.
[professor] Yes, so I've been told.
[Eva] Do you remember Luisa?
Of course.
How are you, Luisa?
Hanging in there, Professor.
Shall we sit down?
You and Granados can stay.
But unfortunately, not Miss Salcedo.
Not until Dr. Alicia gives her approval.
Oh, please, Professor.
Let her stay till the end of the class.
As the Romans would say,
dura lex, sed lex."
The law may be harsh, but it is the law.
But! But
as Pythagoras would say,
who I prefer over the Romans,
"Do not give laws to the people."
"Give people to the laws."
So for that reason, you can stay, Luisa.
You will be our guest of honor
to our session dedicated
to Hegel's dialectics.
Thank you, sir.
- [Luisa] Thanks, Professor.
- Great. Luisa, go over there.
I'm sitting right next to you.
[tense music playing]
- [professor] Very well. Fine.
- Thank you, Professor.
Going back. The
[thunder rumbling]
- I'm sorry.
- [door opens]
- [Luisa] Don't say anything.
- Don't worry.
Martín! What's wrong with you? Wait.
What do you mean by that?
Hey, listen. I know very well
how much you love your sister.
Okay? We even talked about it once.
Do you remember?
So now what?
I don't quite understand
why all the love you had for her
disappeared once you learned
she was pregnant.
You told me you didn't want anything bad
to happen to her.
That you would fight tooth and nail
against those who would wanna hurt her.
Martín, the time has come.
Luisa needs you more now than ever.
This is your time to show her
how much you love her.
Well, it looks like
Luisa didn't care about that love
by letting my mom and me down.
And do you know what bothers me the most?
The fact that I'm also to blame. Yeah.
Because I paid more attention to you
and neglected my sister.
And I let that motherfucker Granados
take advantage and harm her!
Listen, uh Ma Martín!
No one harmed Luisa,
and you're not to blame for anything.
Camilo and Luisa are
two independent human beings,
and they are the only ones responsible.
Ugh! Please stop it, Eva!
Stop your nonsense.
And you, Granados,
don't forget our business is not done yet.
- Do you hear me?
- [sighs] Martín!
Leave me alone, Eva! Leave me alone!
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades]
Where's Luisa?
She took off running
while you guys were in the hall.
[Eva sighs]
You knew this wasn't going to be easy.
[Luisa sobs]
Yeah, but I never thought Martín
would look at me with so much hatred.
Oh, I don't think
that's what it was, Luisa.
He could be
He's worried about you.
Everything that is going on now
is new for everyone.
You can't forget about that.
In some way, I went through
something very similar
to what you're going through now.
And it wasn't easy.
But there's a big difference.
Back then, when this happened to me
women didn't have the power
or the determination they have today.
[tender music playing]
Changes are never easy. Ever.
Sometimes, we have to face
even those who love us most,
those we love the most,
to be able to follow our hearts.
To be able to take care of ourselves.
Because if we don't, who will?
So maybe you lose this battle.
But what if you win
and graduate from high school
and go to college?
To make your dream
of becoming a doctor come true.
Like my dream
of becoming a successful lawyer.
You can accomplish that.
I don't want you to quit the fight
because that would open the gate
to let frustration in.
We have enough frustrated
and unhappy women in this country.
We don't need more.
You know?
Yeah, you're right.
Uh, thank you.
[music fades]
Hmm. The Second Sex
from Simone de Beauvoir.
[Eva] Thank you.
Do you know how inappropriate it is
to read this without adult supervision?
Do you know how inappropriate it is
to make dumb suggestions like that?
That's rude.
Why would you say that?
It's just friendly advice.
Thank you.
But luckily, when one reads,
they only connect with the author's words,
not with gossipy people
who give unsolicited advice.
[whimsical music playing]
[music fades]
Very well.
Please open your books to page 90.
We will discuss the atomic model. Yes?
Can I read a passage
from this book, Professor?
[professor] Read a passage?
I figure it isn't
the Elementary Treatise on Chemistry
of Lavoisier.
It's The Second Sex
from Simone de Beauvoir.
Very well.
Yes, go ahead, Miss Samper.
Let's see if de Beauvoir
activates your classmate's serotonin
in their brains.
- Go ahead.
- Thanks, Professor.
[Eva clears throat]
"Children are not substitutes
for one's disappointed love."
[emotional music playing]
"They are not substitutes
for one's thwarted ideal in life."
"Children are not mere material
to fill out an empty existence."
"Children are a responsibility
and an opportunity."
"They are neither playthings
nor tools
for the fulfillment of parental needs
or ungratified ambitions
of their parents."
"Children are obligations
to raise happy human beings."
"The only way to guarantee
a mother brings up a happy human being
is if she is happy."
Therefore, the last thing she should do
is hide herself from the world
and accept being blamed unjustly
by a society
that is intolerant and chauvinistic.
"It is not in giving life,
but in risking his life,
that man raises himself above the animal."
This is why, throughout humanity,
superiority has been granted
not to the sex that gives birth,
but to the one that kills."
Thank you, Professor.
I can't believe
your sister was so insolent
to show up at school today.
What is her business there?
I mean, what's that little girl
got in her head?
This has Eva's name
written all over it. I'm sure.
She's the devil itself, only with bangs.
I never liked that girl. Ever.
She has only brought trouble to our lives
from day one.
She's a bad influence on you.
For all of you.
You were healthy boys, rational.
You had your feet on the ground.
But now, you're all rebellious.
You're unleashed.
You all let her poison your heads
with her crazy ideas.
[knocking at door]
Come in.
What's up?
Can I come in?
Sorry to disturb.
What is it?
Why aren't you sleeping?
[Camilo] You okay?
What's wrong?
I'm feeling horrible, Camilo.
- What for?
- Everything.
Because I'm staying at your house
and making you and your mom uncomfortable.
No, you're not causing any discomfort.
Because I feel
you're not with Eva because of me.
What? No, no, no, no.
Luisa, don't say that.
It's my fault I'm not with Eva
because of the mistakes I made.
I'm No, wait.
Not that this was a mistake,
but I I made some decisions. Listen.
I'm responsible for what goes on with Eva.
You you you're not to blame
for anything that's going on.
In fact, I brought you this gift.
I'll read it.
"Children are obligations
to raise into happy human beings."
[tender music playing]
"The only way to guarantee
a mother brings up a happy human being
is if she is happy."
Eva took this book from the library today,
and I think
you should read it, you know?
Thank you.
I hope you get some sleep.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Well, I didn't
get to read much of the book
because I lent it to Luisa.
I think right now,
she needs it more than I do.
[Eva] Hmm.
- You're right.
- Yeah.
So have you have you spoken
with your friend from the paper?
Yes. And I have bad news.
But why?
He emphasized that writing
for a student paper
and writing for a national paper
are two very different things.
And mentioned he's never hired
unexperienced people, least of all minors.
Yeah, I see, Eva,
but I'm willing to show him
I can be as good a writer
as those who work on the sports section,
or even a better one.
And, I mean,
you know this is the perfect job for me
and that I need the money right now.
Well, okay.
I'll try and talk to him again.
Now we should focus on what will be
our new plan starting today.
Do you think that
the rest are going to follow our lead?
What you read to us in chemistry class
was powerful, but
I'm not sure they got the point.
I trust they did.
[Camilo] Okay.
I also wanted to
talk to you about something else.
About the two of us.
No. There's no "us," Camilo.
Don't say that, Eva.
You have no idea what I feel when you
Hey. What's up?
- Hey.
- Hi there.
This will backfire, but here we are.
Tell us what you need us to do, Eva.
Let's shake José María once and for all.
All right, shall we?
- Let's go.
- [all] Yeah!
[Eva giggles]
[feel-good music playing]
[music ends]
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