Eva Lasting (2023) s02e06 Episode Script

La revolución sexual

- Why?
- Well
- [screaming]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- Camilo!
- Luisa! Luisa!
[adult Camilo] 1977 marked the year
of the release
of Spielberg's Jaws in Columbia
and the deaths of Elvis Presley
and Charlie Chaplin, the silent film icon.
[animated piano music playing]
- [crowd screaming, cheering]
- [lively music playing]
[adult Camilo] Rafael Antonio Niño
won the cycling race Vuelta a Colombia.
[man 1] Long live freedom!
[man 2] Freedom! Freedom!
[adult Camilo] It marked the year
of the National Civic Strike,
which was a time of great social turmoil
- [muffled rumbling]
- [high-pitched squeal]
that affected nearly everyone.
[man 3 muffled] Long live freedom!
[muffled screaming]
[high-pitched squealing continues]
[siren wailing]
[rock music playing]
[adult Camilo] This was also the year
of the dramatic robbery
of the Bank of the Republic.
[triumphant music playing]
[adult Camilo] Rocky Valdez
won the middleweight championship
[announcer] We have a winner!
Rocky Valdez is the new champion!
[cumbia music playing]
[adult Camilo] and Junior
won the championship
of the Professional Colombian
Football League.
[salsa music playing]
[adult Camilo] The novel
Que viva la música by Andrés Caicedo
was published in '77.
That same year, he committed suicide.
Some more girls joined José María,
but honestly, that was less convenient
at this particular time in our lives.
It was our senior year,
which meant that maybe,
in a few more months,
we would never see each other again.
I became more aware
that my relationship with Eva
was now a war against time.
[opening theme music playing]
On the document I just handed you,
you will see the entire schedule
of each subject you will have this year.
If you have any questions,
this is the time to ask.
Of course, little Miss Different.
Shut it, asswipe!
[adult Camilo] Ugh, I forgot.
Now Quiñonez was in our class.
- Samper?
- [Eva] Eva.
Listen. My classmates and I
have been thinking,
and we decided it would be great
to include sex education
as a new subject
in this year's curriculum.
[adult Camilo] That wasn't exactly true.
She was the one who had come up with that,
and she made the decision
right then and there.
[Adolfo] Listen, please.
I don't think this is a bad idea at all.
I'm sure that if these kids
receive information about this topic,
they'll avoid a lot of problems.
No, those problems
will become more serious.
Are you kidding me?
So "sexual education," huh?
Tell me. What will we teach them?
Were you born
in the Middle Ages or something?
I'm sure there are many things
about this topic that escape your grasp
and that you don't even know.
Listen, do you think
this is some kind of joke, Professor?
[Adolfo] No, sir. Quite the contrary.
I think we should be
taking this very seriously.
- That's why I suggest that
- Hey, easy, easy.
Why don't we summon a parents' meeting
so we can discuss it with them, hmm?
[Dr. Alicia] No.
That option is absolutely off the table.
I won't let Miss Samper expose us
in the most important newspaper
in the country.
[Tello] So so what do we do?
Well, if the kids want
to have a class about sex education,
we will give them
their sex education class.
[Eva] No, you can't go on thinking
that sex is what you see
in magazines and porn films.
Listen, Ava. Turning it into a subject
like physics or chemistry,
I think it's quite
- What?
- Hey, let me.
Well, listen. It makes perfect sense
when you think about it.
The periodic table and the residue theorem
will do absolutely nothing
for you in life.
However, knowing about sex
is fundamental to achieve true happiness.
Of course.
Hey. Hey, man.
For example, do you understand
how women's bodies work?
Because if you don't,
you'll find it really hard
to make your partners happy
when the time comes.
Trust me. Having a satisfying sex life
is vital to any couple.
In fact, many of us women
don't know our own bodies.
Right, Luisa?
We have been led to believe
that our bodies are sin cities.
That is why we're ashamed to explore it,
[emotional music playing]
get to know it,
touch it.
We end up accepting our domination.
It's really hard to enjoy sex
if we don't even know our own bodies.
I know firsthand about this.
Ten years ago,
the contraceptive pill arrived in the US.
Do you know how it works? No.
There's just so much to learn, you guys.
You know about everything, don't you?
I wish, but no.
No, I also need to learn.
A sex education class
would be perfect for that.
Oh, guys, come on.
This is supposed to be
our senior year, okay?
We have to leave a legacy
for those after us.
Yes, yes, guys. I totally agree.
We have to know how this works
to avoid problems that
that can't be solved later on, you know?
Problems? Like what?
- Like, uh, problems
- An unplanned pregnancy?
That, uh No.
Listen, I I wasn't thinking about you.
- [Eva] Shut up.
- [Álvaro] Harsh. That was heavy.
Well, this time, I'm not with Eva.
Besides, what else
do we have to know about sex, huh?
Weren't you listening?
We should learn how a woman's body works.
What about it? Come on!
What is a better way to learn?
Reading a book
or watching schoolgirls getting screwed
in porn films like there's no tomorrow?
Or watching that chick in Deep Throat
doing all the things she does?
What's her name? Linda Lovelace.
I'm not so sure
those women enjoy those scenes.
Don't forget they're acting.
Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not convinced.
Anyway, how would this class work?
Who would teach it?
What would the assignments be?
No, man, this is super weird.
For now, it's just a proposal.
Let's see what happens, okay?
I don't know.
I'm still not convinced.
And you? What do you think?
- What do you think about this?
- I couldn't care less.
All I care about is Luisa.
Didn't you see her when she left?
[uneasy music playing]
Yes. Yeah.
Sometimes Granados doesn't know
when to shut his mouth.
Well, maybe
that wasn't his intention, man.
He just wants to suck up to Eva,
and that's a downer.
[José] Mother?
- Hi, good evening.
- [José] I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.
You didn't cook anything.
[Lucy scoffs] What do you mean?
Aren't you capable of frying an egg
and heating up a pot of rice?
I couldn't find the eggs,
and I've been trying to open this thing
for half an hour, but something's wrong.
Oh, something is wrong with you.
Help me with this.
Keep it steady. That's it. Let's see.
Where were you?
Mm, around.
- "Around"?
- Yes.
So the mysteries aren't over.
Oh my God!
And your scenes aren't over either.
There it is.
That's it.
Look. That wasn't so hard.
[Lucy groans]
Mother, I think we're both adults.
- Hmm.
- Mother, you can talk to me.
What's going on? Tell me the truth.
Oh, José. Listen.
I'll tell you so you stop moaning,
but please, don't put on a show.
I've started seeing someone.
[whimsical music playing]
What? Do you mean a a
A relationship.
And that's all I'm saying, okay?
That would be so much better with rice.
[music stops]
[Dr. Alicia] After analyzing
Miss Samper's proposal,
which was made in the name of all of you
Yes, sir?
I just wanna clarify
that Samper wasn't talking for all of us.
Just her idiot friends.
[Salcedo] You're the idiot here.
[Dr. Alicia] Mr. Quiñonez,
there's no need to use that vocabulary
in this institution.
And regardless of the circumstances,
as requested,
we have made the decision to include
the subject of behavioral health
in this year's curriculum.
[tense music stab]
Behavioral health?
No, listen.
We asked for a sex education class.
This is the name of the subject.
But why does it have to be called that?
Why can't it be called sex education?
Because we consulted
with the Ministry of Education,
and they suggested this name.
Think about it.
It has everything to do with it
because you'll discuss
behaviors and health.
No, I don't agree.
I think that name gives the subject
a rather moralistic overtone.
You're never satisfied, are you?
You're irritating.
Well, the other news I have for all of you
is that the person who will be
in charge of teaching this new subject
is our own dearest Professor Tello.
[students laughing]
The king of the virgins.
[laughter continues]
You're joking, right?
[Dr. Alicia] No, I'm not joking.
We believe he is the most prepared person
to handle this topic with all of you.
Guys, are we gonna let them
make fun of us like this?
[funky music playing]
[Eva] Not only do they name the subject
in a way that literally
cancels the objective it should pursue,
but they chose
the religion teacher to conduct it.
Are you okay with this?
I think it's fine, Professor.
Tello is the right fit for it.
[Eva scoffs]
[music stops]
It's not that we don't want to help you,
but Emiliano took a look
at your résumé, and
[sighs] I know.
I don't have any professional
or academic experience, but
there must be something I can do.
- Please tell me there is.
- [Pilar] I know.
But this company is precisely specialized
in computers and systems.
I can typewrite.
I'm great with a typewriter. I'm fast.
They're looking for programmers,
not typewriters.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for trying to help me.
Don't worry.
But I still need to find something
because I really need to pay the bills.
Have you thought of anything else?
[chuckles softly] Of course.
I even considered selling Bibles
door to door, so you can imagine.
I thought I could talk to Adolfo
and ask him
if I can waitress or something.
do you know what I would do?
I would find a job as a secretary.
You were always so energetic
and very wise.
If you're as good with a typewriter
as you say,
then that's a pretty good start.
"Corinthians 6:9."
"Or do you not know that the unrighteous
will not inherit the kingdom of God?"
[whispers] Camilo, check it out.
- [Tello] "Do not be deceived."
- [laughs]
[Tello] "Neither the sexually immoral,
nor idolaters, nor adulterers,
nor effeminate men
who practice homosexuality"
"Galatians 5:19."
"Now the works of the flesh are obvious."
"Sexual immorality,
impurity, and debauchery
that is idolatry."
I have a question, Professor Tello.
You have to listen first
and then ask what you want.
How many times a week
do you have sex with your wife?
[students] Oh!
Stop it, stop it, stop it!
Because you have to know
what you're talking about,
especially if you're a teacher.
And I get the feeling you have
absolutely no clue what sex is all about.
[students laughing]
And and and do you know, Miss Samper?
Well, I'm sure I know
a lot more than you do.
[Camilo] A lot more?
[Tello] "Hebrews 13:4."
"Let marriage be held in honor among all,
and let the marriage bed be undefiled,
for God will be the judge
of the sexually immoral and adulterous."
Have you ever given your wife an orgasm?
Do you even know what a female orgasm is?
[students scream, laugh]
No, Eva, you really went too far.
Admit it. It's the least you can do.
But are you telling me
you didn't realize what was happening?
That wasn't a sex education class.
That was Professor Tello
trying to scare you with hell.
Oh, don't tell me
you guys believe in those things.
Eva, you can't be right about everything.
- You wanted this class, now you have it.
- That's not the class I wanted.
Did you ever ask us what we wanted?
No, you never asked.
You told everyone
that you were speaking on our behalf
when you never asked any of us.
[Álvaro] Yes, that's true. Listen.
I personally don't want
any more problems, okay?
All I want is to graduate
without drawing attention to myself
and put an end to this torture.
But what's the rush, man?
Have you decided
what you will do after graduating?
Yes, of course.
Of course, dude. I'll be a soccer player.
And what about you? What are you gonna do?
Wait, let's get back
to what we were talking about.
Don't we all agree
that they made fun of and provoked us?
[Camilo] Because I'm with Eva on this one.
- You can't walk away right now, guys.
- What a coincidence.
And you support Eva. Why, Camilo?
Because you agree
that this class isn't the one we deserve?
Or to be on Eva's good side?
[pensive music playing]
The first thing, clearly.
Are you sure?
[bell ringing]
[Eva] Luisa, wait a minute.
What's wrong?
[Luisa] No, Eva, I'm really sorry.
I'm really sorry. I didn't mean
to make you feel bad, but I just
[Eva] But but what?
It's okay. You can talk to me. What is it?
[sobs] It's just I can't. I
I don't know if I can go on with all this.
[melancholy music playing]
Eva, every day of my life,
every single day,
I wake up thinking
that the only reason you and Camilo
aren't together is because of me.
And since I have to live in his house,
it's even harder
because I see him suffering,
and I feel guilty,
but then I remember I'm the one
suffering the most in this situation.
That's why I get really angry,
and I take it out on other people,
and I take it out on him,
and I don't I don't know.
Trust me, I get you.
I thought after the trip and everything,
I had managed to move on,
but now we're back.
I see how I react
and realize I can't keep lying anymore.
And I hate being there. [sobs]
I hate living in a house that's not mine.
I hate being in his house.
I hate being in the house of someone
who thinks I'm a problem
that can't be solved. I hate it.
[Luis crying]
I don't know if hearing this
will help you in any way
but you should know
that you're not the only reason
why I'm not dating Camilo.
I'll tell you something
that has to do with
what I told you the other day.
But you can't tell anyone. Promise?
[music fades]
Hey, man. Was it too obvious?
What do you think?
That sucks.
That's just what I needed right now.
Opening my mouth and hurting Luisa.
Well, yeah.
Lately, that's all you've been doing.
And for nothing.
'Cause you aren't getting closer to Eva.
Well, man, don't be so pessimistic.
[Rodrigo] It's the truth.
You give her Christmas presents.
You second all of her motions.
But you're standing in the same place
you were a few months ago.
I say this as your brother.
I think it's time
for you to forget about Eva.
You have zero chance, especially now.
Oh, thank you so much.
Those are the exact words
I need to hear right now.
Consider this.
We're about to graduate high school.
Maybe you never see Eva again.
Instead of wasting your time
going after her,
you should focus on Luisa, bro.
she's amazing.
- [soothing music playing]
- She's loving.
And talented. And noble.
She's easygoing.
And intelligent.
I know that deep down,
she's still into you.
Think about it.
[Adolfo] I'm sorry for the delay.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Today, we will have
a very entertaining class.
Silence, please.
We will talk about Epicuro de Samos.
The dilemma philosopher.
Do any of you have a dilemma?
[adult Camilo] Luisa's reactions,
my conversation with Arbeláez,
and the philosophy class
about Epicuro de Samos
got me thinking and reminded me that,
even though I was internally facing
huge dilemmas,
I had a life that demanded
I take responsibility and make decisions.
First of all, I would like to thank you
for welcoming me.
I know you're a very busy person,
so I'll cut to the chase.
Um, I need to get
my job at the paper back.
I know that you were absolutely right
when you fired me,
but I am in desperate need
of another chance to do it right.
- Well, Mr. Granados.
- I'm sorry. Excuse me, just for a minute.
I know I made an unforgivable mistake
regarding my trip to Puerto Rico.
And I understand that, like my mom says,
there is never a second chance
to make a good first impression.
But, um, I'm going through
a very difficult situation.
I really, really [groans]really need
to get back to work.
You don't have to know about this.
It's not your problem,
but, um,
I'm having a baby.
[gentle music playing]
I imagine that you know what that means.
It means you're making
your second mistake, Mr. Granados.
Applying for a job,
exposing personal problems
is devaluing yourself as a professional.
This may sound harsh,
but I'm not looking
for journalists in need.
What I want are good journalists.
And I am good.
Well, why didn't you start from there?
You're right about that.
I'm still getting good comments
about the article on Pambelé.
And and I know I can do better than that.
I I just need you
to give me another chance.
It's very likely that Rafael Antonio Niño
will win the Vuelta a Colombia again,
so his triumph won't be so exciting.
I want something different,
like what you did with Pambelé.
Mm-hmm. I'll give you something special.
Thank you.
Sorry I came to you uninvited.
I didn't know where to go.
What happened?
No, I I'm ashamed to tell you.
Oh, José. What did you do?
Not me.
No, not me.
[José sighs]
It's my mother.
- Mrs. Lucy?
- Mm-hmm.
What's wrong with her?
Can you imagine she confessed
she's starting a relationship
with someone?
- Hmm?
- Hmm.
Can you picture my dad
turning over in his grave,
knowing that my mother,
at this stage in the game,
is in a romantic relationship?
[Ana] I don't think
he is turning over anywhere.
And I don't think this is something
you should make a fuss about.
Your mother became a widow many years ago.
She has the right to rebuild her life.
What is the problem with that?
My mother is an old woman.
That's the problem.
So what do you mean?
Are you saying that because she is
an old woman, she can't fall in love?
You should feel happy for her.
[José exhales]
- [Ana] You asked for my opinion.
- Well, thank you.
Hmm. Frankly, Ana, I'm quite worried
about the moral relaxation
that our family
and the world is experiencing.
On the contrary.
I think this is a sign from life.
To you.
So you understand,
even if you don't like it,
that women, nowadays, are so much more
than just a wife or a mother.
Is that why you can't be with me?
Among other things, yeah.
Thank you for your time.
I realize I made a mistake by coming here.
Have a good day.
[melancholy music playing]
[Ana] José.
[music stops]
I hate having to bring this up, but
I need money.
For Camilo's allowance,
some bills, the market.
That's strange. Aren't you a feminist now?
You can live alone,
but you can't provide for your family?
You know what?
Forget it.
[Ana scoffs]
- What's up, Pa?
- [José] Hey, there.
What are you doing here?
Screwing things up. You know me.
- Hmm, well
- [José] Hey, kiddo.
- Are you busy?
- No.
All right, then. Come with me.
Um [sighs]
- Where are we going?
- You'll see.
[engine starting]
Thanks for coming with me.
No problem.
I'm not busy at all.
Come on, Luisa. Tell me the truth.
Do you really want to be here to study,
or is it because you don't want
to be at the Granados' house?
Talk to me. You can trust me.
What happens between us stays between us.
Ana is a sweet woman.
She treats me as if I was her daughter.
Camilo is doing a good job.
He tries his best.
It's just that I know
I'm a problem in that house.
And I feel so ungrateful
because I wake up every day
with the urge to leave
when they just wanna
make me feel welcome there.
But I know I'm a problem
they can't break free from.
That's not true.
I spoke with Camilo, and I know that
[Luisa] No, Rodrigo.
Don't comfort me with lies.
Please don't lie.
I wish I was invisible
so I could come in and out of the house
without them seeing me.
But since I wasn't born with that power,
the only thing I can possibly do is
leave early and come back late at night.
[melancholy music playing]
I'm sorry.
Can I ask you a favor?
You can say no. I can go on my own.
Of course. Tell me about it.
So it's, uh, here.
Okay. So this is where
you and your friends come to chill out.
Yes. More or less.
But we can go somewhere else.
Oh, no, no, no, no. Come, kiddo.
Let's stay here, man. The place is nice.
Besides, we won't stay long.
Just one beer.
this weird thing you have
with with Eva, right?
You screw it up or what?
- All the time.
- Hmm.
Why are we like that, huh? Tell me.
Well, I think that
we like women that are bigger than us.
- Mm-hmm.
- [laughs]
Don't generalize, kiddo. You
Hey, hey. Let me.
That is that's your problem, not mine.
My case is quite different, kiddo.
[José blows raspberry]
Why am I trying to deny it?
You're absolutely right.
[sighs] Your mom
is too much of a woman for me.
[melancholy music playing]
I'm nothing but a useless idiot.
You have to help me, Camilo.
Help me.
But what can I do for you, Pa?
Just talk to her.
- Ask her to forgive me.
- Okay. It's okay, Dad.
Tell her to let me come back home, kiddo.
Listen, I I'll do whatever she says.
Swear to God. I'll change.
I'll become someone else
if that's what she wants, but
- Hey, it's okay. I'll I'll talk to her.
- I really need to
I need to be with your mother again.
- Hey, I'll talk to her, okay?
- Thank you, son. Thank you.
- I love you, okay?
- Me too.
You're a hell of a son.
[adult Camilo] I promised
to talk to my mother.
I did so because
I didn't wanna hurt my dad,
not because I thought
he stood a chance of getting her back.
To be honest, I thought his case
was as difficult as mine with Eva,
or even worse.
Yes, ma'am. Don't worry.
I'll eat here at Grandma's.
- [Ana] You sure don't need anything?
- Yes, I'm fine.
- Okay, son. I love you.
- And Luisa?
- I don't know. She's not here.
- She's not there yet?
When did you see her last?
Well, uh, last time I saw her
was when we all left school.
About three hours ago?
Yes. It's weird.
Well, let's wait a little longer.
Well, uh, I need a favor.
Can you give me a call when she arrives?
- Of course, Camilo.
- Okay, Mom.
- I love you.
- Love you too. Bye.
Hmm. I just got your dad
to lay down in bed.
- [Camilo] Hmm.
- What did he drink?
- But he drank them all?
- [Camilo] More or less.
He's feeling down because of my mom.
I figured.
Well, I'll go cook something for you.
Thanks, Grandma.
Oh, wait! Could I use your phone again?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [Camilo] What's up?
- It's Camilo.
- [Eva] How are you?
I'm fine.
Hey, listen, are you with Luisa?
No. I haven't seen her
since we left school. Why?
Well. She hasn't arrived home yet,
and I thought you were with her.
No. No idea. Have you called Martín?
No. I wanted to call you first.
- Mm.
- [doorbell rings]
Okay. Let me know when she arrives, okay?
Don't worry about the time.
If I know something, I'll call you.
I need to go.
- Okay. Thank you. Uh
- Bye.
[Eva clears throat]
[apple crunches]
[romantic music playing]
- [door handle rattles]
- [Luisa grunts]
- [Luisa grunts]
- [door handle rattles]
That keyhole is tricky.
[Luisa] Mm.
First, you have to Let me.
First, you have to pull, and then Look.
First, you have to pull like this.
Then you turn and push.
Where where were you?
I'm not trying
to get in your business or anything,
but we were all a bit worried.
Um, I went to visit a friend
from my old school,
but I lost track of time,
and I forgot to let you know.
They gave me my job back
at the newspaper today.
- Hmm?
- Yeah.
That's great.
I'm gonna
I'll write about Rafael Antonio Niño.
Really? Hmm.
They're giving me an advance
on my paycheck,
and I think we could use that, uh,
to pay for a few doctor appointments
and to buy some clothes,
and the cradle and diapers.
The baby's gonna need a lot of things,
and it's it's best if
Luisa, hey.
About what happened earlier at school,
I just wanted to let you know
that I don't think
you're a problem at all for me.
I know. Don't worry. I get it now.
And I know that with all you have going on
with Eva, I'm the least of your worries.
Good night.
But what do you mean?
Uh, come back! Luisa!
[adult Camilo] Even though I insisted,
Luisa wouldn't tell me anything else,
so I didn't sleep a wink that night
because my head was a mess.
The next morning
came full of more surprises.
- Good morning, Mom.
- [Ana] Good morning, son.
Ah, thank you.
Where's Luisa? She's not upstairs.
[Ana] She left early this morning.
I have a feeling she wants
to spend as little time here as possible.
I have the same feeling.
What should we do?
[Ana] Hmm.
Camilo, did something happen
that you're not telling me?
In a way, yes.
Okay. You'll tell me on the way to school.
I wanna know.
On the way to school?
I'm going to school with you today
to ask if they can give me a job.
Don't take long. I wanna talk
to Dr. Alicia before she gets busy.
- Blow on that chocolate. It's really hot.
- I'm not
Wait, Mom. Mom, wait a minute. Listen.
I wanna tell you about something, hmm.
- [Ana] Mm-hmm.
- I spent some time with my dad yesterday.
Mm, and well, he's really struggling.
- [melancholy music playing]
- We we've been talking.
And he said he regrets
everything that has happened,
and I really think
you should listen to him.
- [Ana] Camilo.
- Because I
José's sending me messages
through you now?
Uh, no.
Then tell him that our problems
have to be fixed between us.
He's so childish. Jeez.
[adult Camilo]
Evidently, my dad's situation
was much more complicated
than what I had ever imagined.
All right.
They told me they have great doctors
that can take care of you.
They aren't doing appointments,
so you have to get in line.
Well, then I'll get in line.
I'll have to miss out
on the first hour of class,
but you can go if you want to.
I'm not gonna go anywhere, Luisa.
I won't leave you alone here.
But I don't think it's right
for you to hide this from Granados.
I know that he's committed to the baby.
Yeah, you're right.
But I feel like Camilo has other things
to take care of right now.
Like what?
Well, I had a conversation
with Eva yesterday.
I could tell you about it
if you promise you won't say a thing.
[laughs, kisses]
My lips are sealed.
- [Camilo] Morning.
- [Eva] Good morning.
Good morning. No to sexual misery.
- No more sexual misery.
- What's this?
[Eva] Good morning. Thank you.
Sex education
is very important for all of us.
[chuckles] I didn't expect
any less of you.
- Good morning, Mrs. Granados.
- What's up?
- Hi, Eva.
- Good morning, Camilo.
- [Camilo] What is this?
- Read it.
[adult Camilo] Was this what Luisa
was referring to yesterday
when she said I had bigger problems?
Was Eva fighting another battle
that was going to kill me too?
- Yeah.
- Where is my sister?
I don't know,
but Arbeláez isn't here either.
I couldn't care less about him.
Are you dumb?
[Camilo] But, man, I have no idea.
- Who knows? You?
- Look at that butt.
Ah, go fuck yourself, dipshit!
I know nothing, man.
She wasn't home when I left.
- Why isn't she here?
- I know as much as you do.
Luisa lives at your house.
I know, man. I know.
But I've been pretty busy, you know?
I arrived home late last night.
We didn't talk much.
And this morning, she left super early.
Snap out of it, man.
- You promised me you'd take care of Luisa.
- [Camilo] I know.
And I can see she's not really comfortable
with you right now.
No, don't worry about it, man.
I'll take care of her.
I got my job at the newspaper back,
and with that money,
I'll be able to buy the things she needs,
and I'll take her to the doctor.
Trust me. Everything's everything's fine.
I'll try.
- Hey, go sit.
- [Adolfo] Good morning.
Before we begin with the incredible class
we have for today,
Eva would like to read something for us.
[students groaning]
- [Adolfo] Come on.
- [Eva] Thank you, Professor.
I guess most of you read this already,
but since I know
that some of you are allergic to books,
I'm more than delighted
to share this with you.
Yes, sir?
Are we forced to listen to this pipsqueak?
Of course you do, Quiñonez. You should.
Because maybe I'll get motivated
and end up using this topic
for our first exam.
- [students groaning]
- [Adolfo] Sh!
[Eva] It's a passage from
The Sexual Revolution of Wilhelm Reich.
"The sexual misery of youth
is basically a social problem
that would not exist
but for the demand for sexual abstinence
made by conservative society."
"All the phenomena of the conflict
and the neurosis of puberty
derive from one fact."
"This is the conflict between the fact
that an adolescent, at about the age 15,
reaches sexual maturity
i.e., experiences the physiological
necessity of sexual intercourse."
"And the other fact of being
economically and structurally incapable
of creating the legal framework
demanded by society
for sexual intercourse."
"The reactionary will never understand
the fundamental truth
that sexual misery is an integral part
of the social order which he defends."
"He sees its cause in human sinfulness
or believes that sexual misery exists
because people do not follow
his ascetic and monogamous demands."
"He cannot be expected to admit
that he is an accomplice in the very thing
which he tries to abolish
with his reforms."
"The result
might shake his economic basis."
Well, what I'm gathering
from what I just heard, basically,
is that Miss Samper here
has a pernicious disposition.
And if you are in search
for someone to punish your naughtiness,
I'd be more than happy to help you.
- Watch your mouth, man! Respect her!
- I'm speaking with the lady, asshole.
We debate with arguments here, Quiñonez.
I think your point of view
is a bit reductionist, isn't it?
It is, Professor,
but it's also true in a way.
Just one thing. If I were to look
for someone to punish my naughtiness,
you can be sure
you would be the last person on the list.
- [students laughing]
- [Salcedo] There you have it.
Well, but, uh, why is that, Samper?
You would enjoy yourself more with me
than you do with that idiot Granados.
Hey, don't talk about me, man.
Although I always wanted to tell you, man,
that I would love to know your formula.
Because you've been with
the only two women in class.
- I'll give you that.
- [boy] He's right, dude.
- Although next time, you should share.
- Shut your mouth!
Why are you pretending to be a tough guy
in front of the teacher, asshole?
[rock music playing]
Oh! Miss Larrarte.
I apologize, but I can't talk right now.
I have to go
talk to the students in class 6B.
- I'll wait for you, then.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- No, but he has to respect
- Back to your seats.
And we're back
with the anonymous posters, Samper.
Well, I wouldn't say they are anonymous
because everyone here
knows I brought them.
And I did it because
the behavior and health subject
is a joke to me.
So I will exercise my resistance.
Really? What will you do?
Teach your own subject?
[Eva] I can't understand why a subject
that was created with the aim
of providing information about sexuality
has turned into a court
where you try to control
the freest of human feelings.
What are you talking about, Samper?
Apparently, you haven't read Reich's text.
[students murmuring]
I know the author's work.
But the fact that his ideas
are put together in a book
doesn't immediately give him
all the truth on this subject.
Well, I think that Reich's ideas
are much more comprehensible
than those of Professor Tello,
who, I think, is more a representative
of the Inquisition than a school teacher.
[students laughing]
I demand you show respect to the faculty.
Well, then you should show
some respect to us, right?
Don't talk for all of us, Samper, okay?
I feel represented by what Eva is saying.
- Of course, obviously.
- Hey, calm down. Calm down, boys.
This is all your fault, Mr. Adolfo.
You allowed your class
to become a rally
against this institution.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Mr. Tello,
with all due respect, Dr. Alicia,
let me remind you all
that this subject is called philosophy,
and Reich is one of
the most important authors
of modern philosophy.
Let me also remind you
that this institution
allows academic freedom and honors it.
Or am I wrong, Dr. Alicia?
[salsa music playing]
[Salcedo] Yeah. Preach, Professor.
Tell them!
Everything is in order.
The baby is healthy. Congratulations.
Thank you.
Did it bother you that I told the doctor
you were the father?
I didn't feel like explaining myself,
you know?
No. Not at all.
In fact, I felt really good.
I mean, I never thought of myself
as a dad before.
And I have to say,
kinda like the idea.
[Luisa] Hmm.
Thank you so much, Rodrigo.
You're a good friend.
If we hurry,
we can make it to third period.
All right, but would you mind
if we arrived separately?
I don't want people at José María
gossiping about us.
No, sure. Go ahead. You go first.
Thank you so much.
I love you.
[romantic pop music playing]
Running a school like this one
is not easy.
And dealing with a student
like Eva Samper, much less.
She's the only one who unsettles me,
and I end up making mistakes.
I know I shouldn't have interrupted
that philosophy class. No!
And least of all,
expose myself to have a discussion
with her in front of her classmates!
No, I lose authority!
And you better believe it.
To deal with these kids,
that's what you need.
Full authority.
But having conversations are helpful.
I know, sure.
But to have effective
and constructive conversations,
one has to be calm and collected,
and I was very unsettled.
[Dr. Alicia sighs]
I'm sorry, Miss Larrarte.
I didn't mean to drag you
into my exercise of self-criticism.
[sobs, sniffles]
I needed to let off some steam.
[melancholy music playing]
Oh, it's all right.
Well, um, tell me.
What brings you here?
How can I be of service?
Well, Dr. Alicia, I came here
because I'm looking for a job,
and I wanted to know
if you needed a secretary.
Once again, thank you
for everything, Professor.
- [Adolfo] Mm-hmm.
- [Eva] Yeah.
It's been no problem. Happy to help. Yeah.
Actually, we're thinking
of doing more interventions,
and we will need your support.
Ah, listen.
I'm with you guys.
But you have to fight this battle
on your own.
This is a battle
against the establishment.
And although I don't feel proud about it,
I'm part of that establishment.
I'll give you a piece of advice.
What you want to do
has a lot to do with politics.
And this country is still a democracy.
You have to learn
and master the art of what? Negotiation.
Because imposing one's ideas,
whatever the cost,
is the first step to absolutism.
Be careful with that.
You have a golden opportunity,
but be wise and make the most of it.
[pensive music playing]
[Camilo] Mom. Mom! What's up?
- Shouldn't you be in class?
- I wanted to talk to you.
How did it go with Dr. Alicia?
I just left her office.
She'll try to find something for me here.
As a professor?
[scoffs] Camilo, please. I wish.
I need a bachelor's degree,
and I didn't go to college. Hey.
I saw you arguing in class. What happened?
We're trying to change things,
but Professor Adolfo has suggested
we stop protesting against the system
and negotiate with Dr. Alicia.
Oh. He's an interesting professor.
Yes, yes, yes.
Adolfo is the best at school.
- Well, go back.
- Yes.
- Love you.
- Love you, Mom. See ya. [kisses]
Are you aware of what you're asking me?
I'm just trying to work as a mediator
so that this crisis
doesn't escalate any further.
It was a mistake
to appoint Professor Tello
for the subject of behavioral health,
and you know it.
The kids have a good point.
So why do you
keep refusing to hear them out?
No, not the kids.
Eva Samper.
And we both know that.
Let's forget about Eva.
You can't solve a problem
by creating another one.
And least of all, by being so emotional.
Professor, let me remind you
who you're talking to.
There's no need.
I'm talking to the boss
whom I respect and admire.
And if I didn't, I wouldn't serve
as a mediator between you and Eva Samper.
- She's willing to negotiate?
- Yes.
[Dr. Alicia exhales]
Then we can talk today after class ends.
All she is asking is
[chuckles]is for it
to be held on neutral ground.
[adult Camilo] The library
was the neutral ground chosen
and mediated by Professor Adolfo.
Dr. Alicia and Eva sat at the table
in a very complex negotiation.
[adult Camilo] Finally,
they came to an agreement.
However, we were about
to face another crisis.
We were at Club 68
waiting for Eva to arrive
and celebrate with us
what we considered her big triumph.
Where were you this morning?
Granados told me you left early today.
- And you missed the first hour of class.
- I was busy.
Doing what?
Ugh. No, Martín.
Are you gonna be
the annoying older brother again?
Why can't I worry about you?
There isn't anything to worry about.
Everything's good. Relax.
Are you sure?
Something's going on with Luisa.
She left my house
super early this morning,
and she missed some classes.
Hey, you did that too.
- Where were you?
- [unsettling music playing]
- [Álvaro] Hey, guys.
- What's up?
[Álvaro] I'm good.
Hey, Eva's taking long, right?
Yes, but, well, you need some time
to work on a negotiation
like the one
she's closing with Alicia, bro.
I know that, but what I don't get
is why we couldn't be
part of that negotiation?
Look, if you can't help,
at least don't hurt, man.
Besides, you haven't been exactly
supporting Eva with this situation, hmm?
But what should we do?
Lick her boots like you do every day?
Well, I just hope Eva
manages to convince Dr. Alicia.
It'll be tough. Let's play.
I think the wait is over.
- Look. There she is.
- Huh?
[rock music playing]
[Camilo] What the fuck is going on?
Is this the man from the pictures?
[music fades]
[funky music playing]
[music fades]
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