Eva Lasting (2023) s02e07 Episode Script

Doña flor y sus dos maridos

[adult Camilo] The outcome of
Eva and Dr. Alicia's negotiation
took a back seat,
and no one seemed to care
in the presence of Eva's friend.
His name was Alfredo Fachetti,
a Colombian with Italian origins
and more or less
the reincarnation of Superman.
We dated for some time,
but well, things didn't work out.
So now we're like best friends. [chuckles]
We did a lot of crazy stuff there
for a while.
[Eva chuckles] Yes.
Did she ever tell you
about the stuff we did
inspired by the movies we watched?
[Alfredo] Okay. I guess not, then.
But this woman doesn't only know
about literature.
She also knows film.
[Eva chuckles]
Unlike me, I don't.
I always preferred
the pool table over school.
So much so that my parents
became fed up with me here in Colombia
that they sent me
to a boarding school in the States.
I'm making the most
of my college break right now.
I'm studying medicine,
but I hate it. [chuckles]
I came to visit Eva,
but I'm also open for whatever, right?
- Yes.
- Now that you mention it, I wanna ask
[all talking indistinctly]
[opening theme music playing]
You knew that guy
was coming to visit Eva, right?
Is that why you told me
your problems with Eva weren't important?
I'd rather not talk about it.
But, uh, did Eva and that clown
- I told you I don't wanna talk about it.
- Why not?
Anything that has to do with
the two of you,
I prefer to not get involved.
It's not so hard to understand.
Fine, but just answer this one thing.
What did you think of
What's his name? Alfredo?
Nice. He's cute.
He's cute?
Yes, very hot.
Ugh, very hot. I thought he was normal.
He's normal. He may look like
he's out of this world, but the thing is
Sure, it's probably because
he has a foreign last name
and just came from the US,
so you think that he's just
dropped from heaven.
So, by comparison,
we seem less sophisticated.
You don't have to get mad about it.
If you don't wanna hear the answer,
then why did you ask?
Anyway, in my opinion, I think he's cute,
super hot, and really cool.
Super hot? Maybe it's true.
[Camilo] Luisa, the thing is you're not
used to being with people like that.
That has nothing to do with it.
What are you saying?
Why doesn't it have to do with it?
It has everything to do with it.
Hi. Where have you guys been?
- Oh, what's up, Mom?
- Good evening, Mrs. Granados.
We were at the 68,
meeting Eva's ex-boyfriend
who came from the United States.
Oh, really?
Yeah. You should've seen him.
That guy is pretty awesome.
[Ana] Okay.
I have good news for you.
I just got a call from the school.
They're offering me a job
as the secretary to the principal.
That's great.
Congratulations, Mrs. Granados.
Yes! I'm starting first thing tomorrow.
Hired with all the benefits
and on the payroll.
[Luisa chuckles]
Don't you think it's amazing, Camilo?
Yes. Yes, Mom.
Good. Congratulations.
No. I I was just thinking about
this this piece on Rafael Antonio Niño.
I have two days to turn it in,
so I better start writing.
All right, honey.
I'll let you know when dinner is ready.
What's wrong with him?
Um, he's got some issues.
Because of Eva's ex-boyfriend?
Yeah, you know?
The guy is super handsome,
he's awesome, very charming.
[pensive music playing]
[adult Camilo] I spent the night writing,
exorcising the demons
that were now tormenting me
and that had a full name.
Alfredo Fachetti.
Was everything Luisa said true?
Was he really the perfect man?
The answer would come the next day,
and the news wouldn't be good.
Hello. It's so good to see you.
Let's go inside.
So Luisa told you?
Yeah. You shouldn't feel inferior
to anybody, son. What's up with that?
- No.
- Thank you.
It's frustrating that they're impressed
because the guy studied
in the United States
and knows how to play pool well.
Luisa says he's very cute.
[scoffs] Of course not.
Not not really, no.
Only because his last name is Italian.
They think that he's the latest Travolta
- Ana!
- Why do you think about it like that?
- Professor, how are you?
- Good morning.
[Camilo] How's it going?
Congratulations. They just told me
that you're starting to work for us today.
[Camilo] Yes!
- Can you believe it? I'm so excited.
- [Adolfo] That's great.
I'm sure someone like you
will straighten out
that principal's office,
which can be a mess.
- Yeah, yeah. Such a
- Sure, I'll do everything I can.
No, I think that
If you need anything, just ask me.
I'm standing right by you, you hear?
I'm here for you.
Really. I love that you're here.
- Oh, thank you very much.
- [Adolfo] All right.
And don't forget we still have
a salsa dance class pending.
Only if you're up for it.
[Camilo] Something going on here?
Oh no, don't even question it.
I'll drop by the bar sometime,
and we'll celebrate. [laughs]
- We have to, huh?
- [Adolfo] Yes. I'd be happy to.
[Ana laughs] Yes, of course.
I'll stop by the principal's office later
to see if you need anything.
- [Ana] Thank you very much.
- All right.
[salsa music playing]
[bell ringing]
Get to class, Camilo.
- [Camilo] What's up? What's new?
- [Eva] What's going on?
- Hey! Where were you?
- Principal's office.
My mom started working
as the secretary of Dr. Alicia.
- That's great.
- Mm! That's cool.
Nothing like having your mother around
to monitor things.
[laughs] What's up with you?
We got some news, my man.
- Guess what.
- Hmm?
- We're going to a pool!
- Yes!
Really? How come?
Well, Alfredo's the man, brother.
He invited us to spend the whole afternoon
at the club where his folks are members,
and we'll be able to,
you know, just chill like kings.
Pool, beer, and everything.
Just the way we like it, brother, huh?
- For free.
- What do you mean?
We don't have to pay for anything!
It's free!
You're coming with us, right?
Yes, of course. Why not?
- Yes, amazing!
- [Álvaro] Cool! Cool!
I need you to organize
the meeting schedule for me.
- And screen all the phone calls.
- Yes.
You also need
to keep track of the notes file
and maintain a record of all the students.
And you need to be in touch,
starting today,
with all the professors
to help me organize a schedule
for exams and evaluations.
They're two separate things.
- You got that?
- Sure. Yes, ma'am, it's clear.
- What you definitely cannot forget
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
[woman] Good morning.
[pensive music playing]
Ana Larrarte?
The beautiful herself. The one and only!
[Rosario laughs]
[Salcedo] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
- Are you mad at me?
- [Camilo] Huh?
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
No. Why?
Because you're really quiet.
Just thinking.
About what?
Um No, just, um
Are you and that Alfredo guy dating?
He told you himself.
Yes, we had something, but no, it's over.
We're very good friends.
Well, but anyone can tell
that he still has feelings for you.
It's pretty obvious.
What about you?
Do you still have feelings for Alfredo?
Alfredo is part of my past, Camilo.
What? That's not the answer
to my question.
Besides, what was your little secret
with the movies and stuff?
Okay, you shouldn't be
asking those questions.
That's part of my personal life.
I thought we were, uh uh, friends.
Yes, we're, "uh uh, friends."
But you don't tell that stuff
to your closest friends.
Oh, so why did you tell Luisa, then, huh?
I meant guy friends, not girl friends.
[Dr. Alicia] Everyone!
Good morning.
[students] Good morning.
Today, I'm here to introduce you
to Professor Rosario Cadena.
She's a psychologist
with a background in pedagogy.
And from now on,
she will be your new teacher
for behavior and health.
[soothing music playing]
How are you doing, guys?
- Hello, Professor.
- Hey, Professor, nice to meet you.
- Good.
- Great, Professor.
[adult Camilo]
Dr. Alicia kept her promise,
and the new teacher
turned out to be quite a character.
She's complicated.
A bit rough around the edges.
She had no problem
calling things as they are,
and her approach to sexuality
was relaxed, direct,
and without prejudice.
Okay, I was told
there is a pregnant girl in this class.
[Quiñonez laughs]
Which one of you is it?
[music fades]
Welcome to the club, friend.
I became a mom as a teenager.
There's the father,
but he's not showing up.
I am right here! Don't be a gossip.
- So you're gonna marry this woman, fool?
- No, but I'm gonna be present, asshole!
- [Quiñonez] Sure, idiot.
- [Rosario] Hey! Guys, stop.
Settle down. We don't have to get angry.
- [Quiñonez] Yes.
- And you are
- Quiñonez, Professor.
- [Rosario] Mr. Quiñonez.
In this class,
we're going to call men "men"
and women "women."
But you know what?
You're bringing up a really cool topic.
The relationship
between sexuality and marriage.
And here's the question.
Is sex a valid practice
solely and only
within the sacred bond of marriage?
And the answer is
it depends on what each one believes.
And that's where I want us
to start this class.
Analyzing the relationship
between sex and family.
A story that has had its own evolution
believe it or not.
Its ups and downs, its successes.
But it has also had its screwups.
[serene music playing]
A story that can be very amusing.
And, in any case,
it can help you get rid of
some kind of mental debris
that might prevent you
from understanding and enjoying
one of the most wonderful experiences
we can have as human beings.
Having sex.
[serene music continues]
[record scratching]
[adult Camilo] I have to admit,
seeing my mom and Professor Adolfo
getting so close
was starting
to make me feel uncomfortable.
And the professor was beginning to shift
from being an idol
to an unwanted presence.
[Ana] Yes, just a bit moody sometimes,
but he's okay.
Ford Mustang.
Cobra II.
Fastback body style.
Wow, look.
[gasps] Four gears.
Manual transmission.
Front and rear spoilers.
[Quiñonez] What is it?
Yeah, but this isn't the one
with the racing stripes.
Exactly that one.
So does it go fast or what?
124. Easy.
Pfft. Holy cow. That's awesome, bro.
This is the ride that I deserve.
Do you know how to drive or not?
I can manage.
Go ahead.
[energetic music playing]
- Really?
- Isn't this the ride you deserve?
Go for it, Martín.
- No, Martín, but you don't have a license.
- Sh!
Relax, relax. If an officer stops us,
I'll talk to the traffic director.
He's a friend of mine.
Psst! Oh, dude, didn't you say
you didn't know how to drive
when we went through the Devil's Nose?
Driving a truck is one thing,
but this beauty is different!
Hey, where are you Hey, Salcedo.
Don't get in that.
You're gonna get your ass burnt, brother.
You're getting yours burnt, Quiñonez.
- Snitch.
- I was born to drive this ride.
- What's up? Come on!
- No way! You'll mess up the seat.
- Salcedo the boss is driving today!
- [Quiñonez] Move. Should I go in the back?
- [Eva] Sup?
- Sup?
- [Eva] Where were you?
- Saying goodbye to my mom.
So come on.
No. Salcedo at the wheel? No.
So what? We'll have to risk it.
Otherwise, you're out of the ballgame.
- [Salcedo] You're always holding me back.
- [engine starting]
[engine revving]
[rock music playing]
[adult Camilo] We went
to pick up the swimsuits from our houses.
And with every passing second,
the Italian gained ground.
By giving the car keys to Salcedo,
he had recruited him for his cause.
Definitely, back in those days,
having a car
was like having a third testicle.
It's unbelievable.
But even now, that memory still fills me
with the same sense of helplessness
I felt back then.
This is a sick ride.
How on earth could you compete
against something like this?
[Salcedo] Thanks.
I just can't believe that.
- But people are just too much.
- Hello.
Hi there. How's it going?
[woman 1] Fine.
Mrs. Larrarte, how are you?
I'm doing good, yes.
Getting used to the job, but very happy.
Right, she's getting used to it.
- [woman 1] The newbie.
- Of course!
Mm, Sara, Professor Adolfo
told me he left something for me.
Oh, yes. He left something.
It's right there.
- This book?
- Yes.
Oh, thanks.
- The Divine Comedy.
- Ah!
Great book. I hope you enjoy it, yes?
Get some time to
Thank you very much.
- Have a nice day.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- [Ana] How are you?
What do you say?
Should we drink something and catch up?
Sounds good to me.
- Thanks so much!
- See you later.
[Ana and Rosario laugh]
[Ana] All right, so?
[Ana laughs]
[laughs mockingly]
- [scoffs]
- Well
- The early bird catches the worm, right?
- Ah!
[singing rock music]
[Ana] I didn't know
you could dance so well, José.
And I'm just starting to warm up.
- Yes.
- Can I tell you the truth?
Until recently, I was a complete klutz.
I had two left feet.
But as soon as I found out
you liked dancing,
I signed up for classes.
You really did?
Yeah, I wanna learn everything you enjoy
because I want the time we share
to be unforgettable.
Sure, and I'm the idiot
who gave you those lessons, right?
What are you doing here?
Weren't you in Cali?
No! I wanted to see how
you were betraying me with my own eyes.
- Let's go, let's go.
- You told me you up with her.
- Yes, we broke up. Come on, let's go.
- What?
- It doesn't look like it.
- Don't fight over me. Please!
No. You shut up, José!
My problem is with this slut.
- What did you call me?
- What are you going to do?
What will you do, huh?
- Come on, bitch.
- No, no, no! Oh no! No, no!
Don't push each other!
Not by the hair! No!
- No, no! Let go! Help!
- [girls screaming]
They're fighting over me!
Somebody help out!
[crowd cheering]
[Rosario] Ah, bitch!
- [crunch]
- [gasps]
[screams in pain]
[Rosario laughing]
Please, Rosario.
How could I forget about such a moment?
The only time in my life
I've ever gotten into a fight
with a woman. The only one.
I know it's too late to apologize,
but honestly,
I was really out of control back then.
Plus, I was hitting the bottle
pretty hard.
No, no, no. The best part of it all
is that we fought like that over José.
Well, but back then,
that guy had his charm.
- Well, of course, yeah.
- [Rosario chuckles]
What about you?
After that, we never heard
anything about you again.
Hmm. No.
Well, after that night, I just left.
I moved to Cali with some friends.
- No!
- Yes.
And I finished school there.
I was a mother.
I studied psychology.
And then I divorced.
And José?
We're separated at the moment.
But is it permanent?
I don't know.
Sometimes I feel it is. I don't know.
Maybe we'll get together again.
But do you still love him?
I love him.
I think it's the kind of love
that's grateful towards someone
who has been with me for many years,
who has been my partner.
[emotional music playing]
And sometimes I wonder if force of habit
outweighs love in the end.
And. And him?
[Ana] He's there.
He calls me. He looks for me.
- He's staying at his mom's.
- Oh.
But I've been very cold with him,
so we'll see how long this continues.
[funky music playing]
[adult Camilo] It was our first time
at a private club,
and we had no clue that these places
maintained a certain code of conduct,
and it was a silent one at that.
The pool had never experienced
uproarious behavior.
- Stupid kids.
- Let's get out of here.
[funky music continues]
[children screaming, laughing]
[adult Camilo] As for me,
I kept an eye on Fachetti's moves,
and I have to admit,
he was going to surprise me.
[music stops]
Babies are born in a watery environment.
So when they're born, they cry.
It's because they run out of air
and, well, they choke.
So, in a matter of seconds,
they have to learn to breathe
and use their lungs.
Yeah, I read about it
in one of the encyclopedias Camilo has.
Yeah, you know
Hippies often do They, uh
Hippies, they have water births,
like, quite often
because it's proven to work,
and it's less traumatic for the babies.
Actually, here in Bogotá,
there are some people already doing it.
[tender music playing]
So why do you know all that, Rodrigo?
Because I've read about it.
[music fades]
[man] I'd frankly prefer if it was just
the two of us speaking, Mr. Fachetti.
Why is that?
They are my guests, and they can hear
whatever you have to say to us.
That's precisely the problem. Your guests.
[Alfredo] What about them?
That some members have been complaining.
Hmm! Typical.
They've been complaining?
About what or why?
What are we doing wrong?
Mr. Fachetti, the members of the club,
when they come to the pool,
they're looking to to relax,
have some tranquility, have some peace.
And, well, honestly,
your guests are a little
How can I put it?
Um, a little rambunctious.
- This is ridiculous!
- Stop ragging on us!
- It doesn't make any sense.
- So weird.
- Pretty embarrassing, right?
- Very.
[man clears throat]
I think we can solve this problem
if they leave discreetly.
[grunts, sighs]
You're not following, Márquez.
I'm embarrassed but for my guests.
But they will understand.
Do you understand?
How about that?
Mr. Fachetti, I beg you, I implore you.
Please don't make things harder.
On the contrary, Márquez.
You need a reason to kick us out of here,
and I will give you that reason.
Shall I proceed?
Go for it.
Guys, this one is for you.
[rock music playing]
- Whoa!
- Mr. Fachetti!
[all exclaiming]
[all laughing]
[adult Camilo] How the hell do you compete
against something like this?
[Salcedo] He's my superhero.
[adult Camilo] At the time,
I felt the typical anger
of someone who's been defeated.
But gradually, over time,
that anger turned into something
closer to admiration.
[Salcedo] Show them, brother.
[José] "But at the beginning of creation,
God made them male and female."
"For this reason,
a man will leave his father and mother
and be united to his wife,
and the two will become only one flesh."
"So they are no longer two,
but one flesh."
"Therefore, what God has joined together,
let no one separate."
Mark 10, verses from six to nine.
"A woman is bound to her husband
as long as he lives."
"But if her husband dies,
she is free to marry anyone she wishes."
Corinthians 7:39.
Stop acting like a fool, José.
If anyone knows that Bible,
it's obviously me.
[José] Hmm.
Don't teach your mom
how to raise children.
No, Mother.
I'm appealing to your sense of reason,
to respect.
Don't you think that,
at this moment in your life,
you have more important things
to worry about than my virtue?
Get a grip. Come on.
[knocking at door]
[sensual music playing]
How are you, José? Do you remember me?
Rosario Cadena.
[music fades]
[Rosario] Change the look
on your face, man.
You look like you just saw a ghost.
Aren't you happy to see me?
Yes. Yeah, for sure.
But you have to understand
this has been surprising.
[laughs] You haven't changed a bit.
[José] Neither have you.
- [Rosario chuckles]
- Mother.
Um, do you remember Rosario?
Rosario Cadena.
Mrs. Sarturia's daughter.
That's me, Mrs. Lucy. How are you?
Very well, honey, thank you.
It's just that you've been gone
for a while, haven't you?
Many years, ma'am, yes.
But I'm here now,
visiting some old friends.
Well, that sounds great.
[José] Hmm.
Make yourselves at home, okay?
Son, I'm going to visit someone.
- And I'll probably come late.
- Yes, sure, I can imagine.
There's food ready in the oven.
Goodbye, Rosario.
Goodbye, Mrs. Lucy.
It was a pleasure to see you.
Same here. [chuckles]
[door opens]
- My goodness!
- [door closes]
I thought for sure your mother
was going to kick me out of here.
- She used to hate me.
- Hmm.
Yeah, she's become more open.
- [José] Hm.
- Hmm.
How did you know I was here?
Ana told me.
In fact, we were
reminiscing about the past,
and we were talking about you.
Oh, you don't say.
Yes. And we are work colleagues now.
[intriguing music playing]
Yes, I started teaching
at your son's school.
I became the new teacher
of behavior and health.
But did Ana become a professor or what?
No, she's the secretary to Dr. Alicia.
But I thought that you knew.
Yeah, yeah. She mentioned something.
["Dancing Queen" by ABBA playing]
You can dance ♪
You can jive ♪
Having the time of your life, ooh ♪
See that girl ♪
Watch that scene ♪
Dig in the Dancing Queen ♪
Friday night and the lights are low ♪
Looking out for a place to go ♪
[adult Camilo] It was the stage for
the Italian to continue gaining ground.
[Rodrigo gasps]
[adult Camilo]
Not only did he pay for everyone,
but he also gave a performance
that earned all of our admiration.
Anybody could be that guy ♪
Night is young, and the music's high ♪
With a bit of rock music ♪
Everything is fine ♪
You're in the mood for a dance ♪
Come on, you got this.
And when you get the chance ♪
You are the Dancing Queen ♪
Young and sweet ♪
Only seventeen ♪
Dancing Queen ♪
Feel the beat from the tambourine ♪
Oh yeah ♪
You can dance ♪
You can jive ♪
Having the time of your life, ooh ♪
See that girl ♪
Watch that scene ♪
Dig in the Dancing Queen ♪
[acoustic guitar playing]
I know that ♪
Love causes wounds ♪
[adult Camilo]
The situation was getting worse.
Fachetti not only had a secret
and cinematic history with Eva,
but he was handsome, rich, and cool.
He was a pro at pool and skating.
He had a car. And he could sing?
It's worth mentioning
that, back in the '70s,
a guy with a guitar was unstoppable.
I felt completely overwhelmed.
Knocked out and clueless
about how to get back up.
Everything my rival did
felt like a direct hit to the jaw.
The only consolation was the thought
that Fachetti was on vacation
and, sooner or later, he would return
to boarding school in the United States,
which meant this nightmare
would eventually come to an end.
[Alfredo sighs]
How's it goin'?
[Camilo] Sup?
It was a nice. The the song.
Yeah, it's an old song.
- Uh-huh
- I wrote it for Eva.
- Oh.
- From back when we were dating.
Oh, cool, yeah.
I knew you guys had dated,
but not that you were her boyfriend.
Eva told me that you guys had a
a very complicated story.
- Complicated.
- Anyway, what's not complicated with Eva?
Why did you have to sing
precisely that song? Huh, brother?
Why do you think?
Are you trying to win her back?
Listen, Granados.
It's only fair that you're aware
that I'm not here just temporarily.
My intention is to stay in Colombia
and get Eva back.
Hmm. Okay. Good. Great.
You should go tell her.
Eva's the one who needs to know, not me.
You're right,
but I thought I had to tell you first
and give you a polite warning.
[uneasy music playing]
Hmm. Thanks.
Thanks for the warning.
[adult Camilo] The experience of that day
gave me the key
for the article about Rafael Antonio Niño.
Blending my own feelings
with what I imagined
the cyclist felt facing the mountain,
I used the paper to take a breath.
[clears throat]
"Perhaps few will notice,
but cycling is not just a physical sport,
but a mental sport."
"It's an epic sport that pits the athlete
against nature that's hard to master."
"Today, Rafael Antonio Niño
is perhaps our best cyclist."
"In fact, it's most likely
he will win the Vuelta a Colombia again."
"Like all our great riders,
he's a born climber."
"His specialty is the mountain."
"That's why maybe
we identify with him so much."
"Because all of us,
at some point in our lives,
have faced an unbeatable enemy
and have felt discouraged,
even before starting the battle."
[Eva] "Winning the tour
for the fourth time today,"
the boy from Cucaita shows us once again
that only character and perseverance
can conquer those impossibilities
which sometimes can cause us to falter."
I love it.
That's great.
Before I took the article to the paper, I
I wanted you to be the first to read it
because it's not really
an article about Niño.
In reality, this article is about
is about us.
You're that impossible challenge
I face every day.
You're that pain
that sometimes takes my breath away.
And there's the hope
that refuses to die and, um,
demands that I give my best to not falter.
In short,
you're my reason for living.
[romantic pop music playing]
[Rosario] The concept of sexuality
has always been studied.
Whether it's good or bad,
we're not going to discuss that here.
Fidelity is not inherent to human beings.
No, gentlemen.
This condition is merely cultural.
And this is demonstrated
not only by history,
especially before patriarchal society,
there were times when sexual exclusivity
was not demanded from couples,
as evidenced by current cultures.
For example, like in the East,
where the concept of marital fidelity
simply does not exist.
What's my point with all of this,
ladies and gentlemen? Hmm?
That like most cultural conditioning
in society,
fidelity should be approached
more as a conscious choice
negotiated with one's partner
than as a moral obligation
because it's through there
that lies and deceit emerge,
which are the door through which
that great monster with a thousand heads
we call suffering peeks out.
[phone ringing]
- Principal's office.
- [José] Miss Secretary, how are you doing?
Hmm. Apparently, gossip flies.
Let me guess. Rosario told you?
Do you think it's okay for me
to find out this way, Mrs. Ana?
Do you think it's okay to leave the house?
Leave Camilo? To become a secretary?
I neither think it's right nor wrong.
You told me to handle it on my own,
and that's what I'm doing.
Any issue with that?
Oh, no. If that's the case, we can talk.
Don't worry.
No, you know it's not about that.
It's about something more important.
And you know what?
I have to thank you because,
thanks to you, I've opened my eyes.
And since you're not calling
to ask for an appointment for Dr. Alicia,
I have to go. I have work to do.
- Mrs. Ana, I would like to
- Have a good day, José.
[disconnect tone]
[Alicia] Ana.
I'm going to teach Spanish class
in room 6B.
I need you to remind me that
I have to find a teacher for that class
because since Professor Estela left,
I've been teaching it
in fifth and sixth period,
and I have no time for anything else.
Write it. Thank you.
Everything all right?
Yes. Uh, yes, ma'am.
Just a minor household issue,
but nothing that can't be solved.
Dr. Alicia. Ana.
Um, do you ladies have
any plans for this afternoon?
And this afternoon, I'm gonna go
to the newspaper to deliver the article.
They're gonna give me an advance payment,
and I was thinking you can go with me.
Then we'll go to the doctor's appointment.
And afterwards, we can go shopping.
- Yeah?
- But I can't do it today, Camilo.
Oh, no? Why is that?
Because I have something to take care of.
Something that's more important
than our son?
Why do you assume it's a boy?
She could also be a girl.
Well, yes. I mean, whatever.
But, I mean, is what you have to do
so important that you can't go with me,
and we can figure everything out together?
I already have other plans, Camilo.
And what is it that you're doing?
Nothing. Just personal stuff.
- [Dr. Alicia] Good morning.
- Good morning.
[Salcedo] Good morning!
[Dr. Alicia] Well, ladies and gentlemen,
in today's class
we're going to focus
[clears throat]
an analysis of
non-Spanish-speaking writers.
You are going to choose
an author and a work.
And that will be your first assignment.
Are there any questions?
[tuts] Uh, let her explain first, Samper.
You're so annoying.
Can we pick any author we want?
Yes, as long as this author wrote
originally in a language
other than Spanish.
Professor, I I don't get it.
So are we going to have to
read in a different language?
- Come on. Use your head, dude!
- [Quiñonez] What a stupid question.
- I'm just making sure.
- Don't be so dumb.
Of course not, young man.
You'll be reading a translated edition.
What's the goal?
For you to compare whether these authors
portray reality in a different way
than authors
who originally wrote in Spanish.
And so, in that case,
I choose to do a presentation,
and I wanna do it about Jorge Amado,
who is a Brazilian writer
who wrote a book called
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands.
In fact, it's currently in theaters.
Uh-uh. What a coincidence, right?
So smart, Samper.
She watches the movie
and doesn't have to read the book.
I've already read the book,
but I can watch the movie,
and I can do the presentation
not only on the difference
between Spanish-speaking writers,
but also the difference
between literature and cinema.
All right, Samper.
So Portuguese author Jorge Amado,
who wrote Dona Flores
[adult Camilo] I couldn't help but think
that Eva's choice,
related to a book that was now a movie,
had to do with the arrival of the Italian.
[Camilo] Eva!
Eva, Eva! What's up?
- [Eva] What's up?
- Hey, I got a plan.
Come with me to the newspaper
to drop off the article,
and then we go to the cinema
to watch your movie.
No. I can't, Camilo.
No? Why not?
Because I'm watching it with Alfredo.
- The the movie?
- Yeah, look. Here he comes.
- [Camilo] Oh.
- [tires squeal]
[Eva] All right. See you tomorrow.
[wistful music playing]
- What's up?
- Are you coming?
- I'm good.
- [Eva] Hi.
[adult Camilo] The doubts were dispelled.
The cinema held some secret for them
I couldn't fathom.
It was only then that I had a moment
to digest the events
of the past few hours.
Not only Eva's unexpected kiss
in the bathroom,
but also her flaking out
to go to the movies with the Italian.
As suspected, and as typical with her,
I would probably find a clue in the book
she had chosen for her presentation.
And the title itself
seemed to convey a hidden message.
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands.
- Uh
- The movie is in the theaters.
- Uh-huh.
- If you wanna see it, I mean.
On the screen.
Hmm. Thanks, yes.
[Sara laughs]
You must be very happy.
You know, with your mom
working in school, I mean.
Hmm. More or less.
[Sara] Because she's,
uh, been really exuberant.
I imagine she must have some,
well, um, personal reason, right?
To be so radiant, so, uh
Can I help you, Mr. Granados?
Yes, Dr. Alicia.
I was just looking for my mom,
but I'm sorry.
She went out with the philosophy teacher.
They were going to see Dona Flor.
They invited me, but I can't go.
[soothing music playing]
[adult Camilo] Seeking answers,
I immersed myself
in the pages of Jorge Amado's book,
which described the terrible life
that Dona Flor's husband, Vadinho,
a charming partygoer and womanizer,
gave his wife.
I hadn't found what I was looking for yet,
but I suspected that, sooner or later,
the truth would be revealed.
However, before that,
another surprise popped up.
[soothing music continues on radio]
[adult Camilo] That had been one of
the most confusing days of my life.
On top of my situation with Eva,
I had to add what I had just discovered
about Luisa and Arbeláez.
A few style tweaks, but it looks good.
Very heartfelt.
[Camilo] Thank you very much.
So I'll make the corrections,
and I'll come back for my paycheck.
But before you go,
I want to ask you something.
Besides writing about sports,
do you write about other subjects?
Sure, of course.
I've just lost the person
that covers the movie section.
Since I see you're reading
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands
Oh. [chuckles]
would you be interested
in watching the movie
and writing something by the weekend?
[adult Camilo] It seemed
that Amado's book was following me,
which actually meant
that there was definitely a message
within its pages for me.
[door closes]
[Camilo] What's up?
What's up?
How did your errand go?
[Camilo] Look what I got you.
Pretty Baby. [chuckles]
I got the yellow ones
since we still don't know
if it's a boy or a girl.
Blue is supposed to be for boys
and pink for girls.
They're beautiful, Camilo. Thank you.
What are you reading?
Is that the book
that Eva suggested in class?
[Camilo] Mm-hmm.
Uh, you know, also,
when I was on the bus to the newspaper,
I saw you with Arbeláez
on the street eating ice cream.
[uneasy music playing]
It was just random.
Was that your personal stuff?
[Luisa] Um
And so now, are you into Arbeláez?
He he is very sweet to me.
And he's been coming with me
to all the doctor appointments.
Luisa, listen. I haven't been
keeping up with the baby's stuff
and been caught up in a lot of things,
but those are my responsibilities.
It's something I wanna take care of.
Yes, you are right. And forgive me,
but I just feel more comfortable with him.
- So please just try to understand me.
- No, you understand me.
[music fades]
What did the doctor say?
That it's all going well.
That the baby
is positioning itself properly.
Why didn't you tell me about Arbeláez?
[sighs] I don't know.
Because I didn't want any more problems,
and you know how Martín can react.
I don't know.
It would be good for you to remember
all the mess we got into
for doing things in secret.
I don't know. Think about it, at least.
Promise me you won't say anything.
On one condition. Okay, two.
First of all, we're going together
to the doctor next time.
Secondly, we're heading
to the movies right now.
I have to write that movie review,
and this book is too long.
[feel-good music playing]
[woman] I think I love him.
[adult Camilo] It was weird
being at the movies
with the woman carrying my child,
who was falling in love
with my best friend.
Strange, but I felt at ease.
What did unsettle me, though,
was Dona Flor's story.
Now, I had no doubt that it did contain
a clear and powerful message.
[lively, percussive music playing]
[Eva] The impertinent, irresponsible,
but very amusing Mr. Vadinho.
And the serious, responsible,
and sometimes a bit boring, Mr. Teodoro.
In other words, putting them together,
you will achieve the synthesis
of a perfect man.
[adult Camilo] Here, the question was,
who was I in the equation?
Vadinho or Mr. Teodoro?
My terrible suspicion was
that I represented
the responsible and boring one.
[lively music playing]
[music stops]
The conclusion is that the perfect man
only exists in the imagination of women.
And that to be happy in love,
they should have
more than one boyfriend, husband, friend.
Each one contributing to our needs,
even if that means
having two, three, four.
Or, well, however many it takes.
In summation, to put it in context,
the couple, with the goal of fulfillment,
should reassess themselves
and should look to history
or other cultures
where happiness and satisfaction
are above the moral compass
of monogamous relationships.
As for the film adaptation, I must say
[adult Camilo] I had to make
radical decisions,
or I was going to go crazy.
Oh, what's the matter?
I need you to tell me.
What's this game you're playing, Eva.
I can't understand, honestly.
- Fine, but calm down.
- No, you can't ask me to calm down?
I don't understand, Eva. I really don't.
You've been telling me for weeks
that you can't be with me
because of Luisa's pregnancy, right?
Then, all of a sudden,
you read the article
about Niño and give me
the best kiss in the world.
After that, I was convinced that, finally,
we'd be able to be together. But no.
On the same day, you ditched me
to go to the movies with that Alfredo guy,
and he already told me.
Yeah, yeah, he told me.
He said he came here to stay
and to be with you
and that he was gonna win you back.
Do you think all of this is normal?
Do you find it funny?
Well, that depends on
what you define as normal. I don't know.
Come on. Cut the crap, Eva.
I need, and I'm demanding
that you give me a clear answer.
What's going on with us?
What do you mean?
What? What are we?
What do you want us to be?
How far are you willing to go
to be with me?
[moans] What do you mean?
You know that, for you,
I'd be capable of of doing anything.
Even agree to an open relationship?
[uneasy music playing]
- What's an open relationship?
- Oh, okay.
I wanna move
from the theory to the practice.
What do you mean?
Well, ever since we started talking
in behavior class with Miss Rosario
or in Spanish class
Okay, but what does all this
have to do with us? I really don't get it.
Well, I wanna have a simultaneous
and non-monogamous relationship
with you and with Alfredo.
[whimsical music playing]
Uh Oh.
With with both both of us at at once?
Okay, the fact that Nietzsche, Lou Salomé,
and Rilke the poet couldn't make it
doesn't mean we can't.
- In fact, I already spoke to Alfredo.
- Huh?
And he agreed.
Think about it and let me know.
[adult Camilo] Nowadays,
in the postmodern era,
many young people practice
complete sexual freedom.
Open relationships,
polyamory, fluid sexuality,
and an array of relationship styles
have become more common.
But what Eva proposed
at that moment in my life
was completely unthinkable.
It was something that challenged
not only the morality of Catholic faith
but also the idea of traditional love
in which we had all been
brought up to believe.
No, she's completely insane.
Well, come on, man. Not really.
To be completely fair,
she's putting into practice
what we've seen in the behavior class
and what she herself mentioned
in the presentation about Dona Flor.
- Thank you.
- That's that's right, bro.
But it's one thing to see what happens
in other cultures, with books or movies,
but in real life, it's different.
[Camilo] Sure.
What would you do, bro?
I don't know. I don't judge anyone,
but I'm definitely more traditional.
More traditional?
Yeah, you're conservative.
You're messing around with Luisa
behind everyone's back.
No, not at all. Why would you say that?
Don't try to deny it.
She's already confirmed it.
I'm so sorry, Granados.
No, why would you be sorry?
Come on, man. On the contrary.
I think it's great that the two of you
have decided to be together.
- For sure.
- You do?
- Yeah.
- Even if she's expecting your child?
Yes, well
After everything that has happened,
I think it's clear enough to me
that a child is not a obligation
for a couple to stay together
or to lock a woman away
in a convent for life.
- Mm-hmm.
- You won't get it by hiding.
Learn from my experience, Rodrigo.
I'm sure that Salcedo is going to kill me
when he finds out.
[Salcedo] Can't you see on that side?
Are you an idiot or what? Come on!
You better calm down.
You think I won't kick your ass?
Watch it, motherfucker!
You know, it's about time
I make a friend out of that fool
and understand that Luisa
is also much more than Salcedo's sister.
And you? What are you gonna do?
I don't know, bro.
Well, it's not like I have many choices
since Superman here already agreed.
I don't wanna be
Don Teodoro from the story.
[Rodrigo] Hmm.
- Huh?
- Like the idiot of the story, brother.
So does that mean
that you're gonna try it out?
[Camilo] Well
["Sweet Surrender" by Ray Russell playing]
[music fades]
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