Eva Lasting (2023) s02e08 Episode Script

¡Que viva la música!

[Eva] Camilo!
- [Camilo] Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
Good. All good.
- Did you do the movie review?
- No, I couldn't write anything.
Yes, I figured.
That's why I brought you this.
It's called Visor 35.
It's a magazine that some guys
were publishing in Cali.
They do movie reviews and critiques,
so I think it could work
for what you have to do.
Yes, for sure. It's exactly what I need.
In fact, there's an article
about Stanley Kubrick's
A Clockwork Orange,
which is also based
on a novel like Dona Flor.
And that book?
Oh, yeah. When I went to the bookstore
to ask about the magazine,
they told me that
the director's name was Andrés Caicedo,
and he committed suicide a few months ago
by taking 60 secobarbital pills.
The thing is that, before he died,
he left this novel written,
and it has just been published.
So I bought the magazine for you
and the book for me.
- Liveforever?
- Mm-hmm.
How is it?
I don't know.
I haven't started it yet.
[bell ringing]
[professor] Now, to teach you
from the simplest to the most complex
[Eva] "Hey, you."
"Make your childhood more intense
by loading up on adult experiences."
"Couple corruption
to the freshness of your youth."
"Rappel down
the possibilities of precocity."
"You'll pay the price."
"By 19, all you'll be left with
are tired eyes,
emotions spent,
strength sapped."
[adult Camilo] That day,
Eva and I took advantage
of the complicated
and always incomprehensible
trigonometry class
to read in a camouflaged way.
Me, the film magazine,
and she, the book by Andrés Caicedo.
This book was a Pandora's box
that led us
on a long journey of experimentation.
[radio tuning]
[psychedelic rock music playing]
Okay, guys.
Are the rules clear?
- Sure.
- They're clear on my end.
Yeah, sure. Me too.
On my end as well. Of course.
Any questions?
Then let's make history
and make Wilhelm Reich's
Sexual Revolution a reality.
[Eva chuckles]
[adult Camilo] And there I was,
heading straight into the unknown,
ready to challenge thousands of years
of morality and customs,
determined not to be
the one behind the times,
and above all,
supporting the woman
for whom life was worth living.
[opening theme music playing]
[disco music playing]
[adult Camilo] At the skating rink,
I remembered what Eva had said
about The Divine Comedy,
and I crossed the threshold
into the first circle.
I entered the paranoia.
[Alfredo] This is called Roller 77.
A very popular acid
in the clubs of the United States.
It is similar to LSD but milder.
Weed is ancient history, guys.
With this, you can touch the sky
and see life in color.
[psychedelic rock music playing]
[adult Camilo] Weed was not
exactly ancient history.
But the fact
that psychedelic drugs had appeared
was the talk of the town.
And now, I was about to try it for myself.
I must admit that I did it more
to avoid not fitting in
than anything else.
[Alfredo] Cool.
[music distorts]
["Daddy Cool" by Boney M. playing]
She's crazy like a fool ♪
What about it, Daddy Cool ♪
I'm crazy like a fool ♪
What about it, Daddy Cool ♪
Daddy, Daddy Cool ♪
Daddy, Daddy Cool ♪
Daddy, Daddy Cool ♪
Daddy, Daddy Cool ♪
[adult Camilo]
Actually, one of the dangers
of any drug trip is paranoia,
and that prevented me
from enjoying the plan.
I ended up feeling excluded
and turned into a spectator of Eva
and the Italian's game.
She's crazy like a fool ♪
What about it Daddy Cool ♪
[music continues on stereo]
[adult Camilo] It was a miserable night.
It wasn't just the puking,
the songs, or the roller skating.
It was having to ride in the back seat.
It was having to accept that Batman
would take me home in his Batmobile.
And, above all,
to think that once they dropped me off,
they would go on the road together.
Maybe to continue the party
in his Batcave, but without me.
It was extra time that my rival
was gaining, and I couldn't do anything.
Definitely, in that
first day of adventure,
the one and only loser was me.
Hi, son. Where were you?
Hi, Mom. Hanging out with the guys.
[Ana] Hmm. Here you go, Professor.
[Adolfo] Thank you, Ana.
Hello, Professor.
How are you, Camilo?
All good.
[Ana] Are you hungry?
No. No, I'm not hungry.
I'm gonna go upstairs because I have
to write something for the newspaper.
About Dona Flor. You watched it, right?
- [Adolfo] Mm-hmm.
- Mm, yes. We liked it, right?
A lot.
Did you like it?
Mm, kind of. Excuse me.
See you.
- Would you like one?
- Please. Thank you, Ana.
[melancholy music playing]
[adult Camilo] Even though
I was running out of time,
I couldn't write anything about the movie.
My mind, the lunatic
that gave me no peace,
kept imagining what Eva and Batman
would be up to at that hour without me.
[knocking at door]
Hey, there.
- Hi.
- Are you busy?
No, it's fine. Come in.
[Camilo sighs]
[groans, grunts]
- How did it go?
- [groans, exhales]
Rodrigo told me what Eva proposed
to you and Alfredo.
Yeah, but I shouldn't have accepted it.
It's clear he has
all the odds in his favor.
But it's not a competition, is it?
I don't think that was Eva's intention.
Rather, I think it's like a way of
of sharing love.
But don't look at it as a competition
because you're going
to screw up the experience
and end up losing out.
With her, everything always goes wrong.
When she proposes something to me,
and I end up accepting it,
I take one step forward
and two steps back.
Today, we did this new drug,
and I ended up all panicky,
puking like an idiot.
Meanwhile, they were having a blast.
No, Camilo, but you have to be
very careful with drugs.
That's very serious.
You're gonna be a father.
I know, I know. Don't worry, okay?
Don't worry. Calm down.
My relationship with the Roller 77
started and died today.
Rodrigo told Martín
what's happening between us.
I have to tell you something.
About Luisa.
What about my little sister?
[uneasy music playing]
[Rodrigo exhales]
[exhales sharply]
I'm in love with her.
For real?
How did he take it?
[chuckles] Good.
He'd prefer me to be with him
than with someone
as immature and unstable as you.
[scoffs, blows]
What? This weekend with my dad?
That's exactly right, Camilo.
Don't make it difficult for me.
I already told José, and he agrees.
Without asking me about it?
Don't forget he's your father,
and we don't live together anymore.
He wants to spend time with you.
- Right, and I suppose you wanna go to
- Hey!
Be very careful with your words, Camilo.
Show some respect.
- Then you can call your dad.
- No!
Tell him that you don't wanna
see him this weekend.
Principal's office.
- [pensive music playing]
- [Camilo sighs]
[Ana] Yes, ma'am. Tell me when.
[melodic acoustic guitar music playing]
[adult Camilo] I may not have had the car,
the looks,
or the voice of the Italian guy,
but I had something
that could balance the scales with Eva.
I knew that, when I focused,
I could write with talent and depth.
Two qualities she really valued.
It's ready. Do you wanna read it
before I call the editor?
Yes, and then let's celebrate.
But this time,
we have to find a different place.
Where are you thinking?
[salsa music playing]
[adult Camilo] I entered
the second circle, the ecstasy one.
Hand in hand with alcohol and salsa brava.
Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz welcomed us
with the beat of drums and trumpets.
Hey, hold up, Eva.
[salsa music continues]
[salsa music continues]
[sensual music playing]
[Eva] "Leave something of yourself behind
and die in peace,
trusting a few close friends."
"Let no one turn you into a grown-up,
a respectable man."
"Never stop being a child,
even when you've got eyes
in the back of your head,
and teeth are starting to fall out."
[Eva] "Your parents gave birth to you."
"Let them support you forever,
and fob them off with empty promises."
"Who gives a fuck?
Never save for the future."
"Never let yourself
become someone serious."
"Let your lack of
reflection and contradiction
be your rule of conduct."
"Refuse all truces."
"Make your home amid ruins,
excess, and trembling."
"Everything is yours."
"You are entitled to everything."
"Charge dearly for it."
[soothing music playing]
- [Camilo moans]
- [José] Hmm.
- [slurred] Hey, Dad.
- Finally has the decency to show up.
What's up, Dad? [drunken laugh]
- Camilo, you reek of alcohol.
- Ah, no way!
[José] Sh.
No, I just had one beer
with the guys, that that's all.
That's all. No big deal, no big deal.
- Oh, no big deal?
- Mm-mm.
Family's falling apart, and everyone,
except for me, is having a blast.
[Camilo] Mm-hmm. [drunken chuckle]
This family is falling apart,
and I'm having a blast.
[chuckles] That's a good pun.
- Can I borrow it for the
- I'm not joking, Camilo.
- [Camilo groans]
- Really.
It's alarming
what is going on with this family.
Look at your grandmother.
An elderly woman
who is out for the weekend
with her boyfriend.
And you? A minor,
arriving this late, smelling of booze.
What about your mom?
I called her, and Luisa said
she hasn't come home tonight.
- Who knows where she is?
- Hmm?
[José] Huh?
I know where she is
and I would worry more about her.
- [Camilo clears throat]
- What do you mean?
Tell me. What are you talking about?
[salsa music playing]
[Adolfo] I have to go on in a minute,
but for now, I'd like to dance.
[indistinct chattering]
[Ana] Yeah, sure.
Of course! Oh, I get it.
This is why you wanted me
to stay with my dad, right?
Oh, please, Camilo. I don't have to hide
from anyone to do what I want.
So are you gonna keep denying
that you are up to something
with Professor Adolfo?
Nah, ah, ah!
And I don't have to tell you
what I'm up to either.
Don't you cherish your privacy?
Then please respect mine,
even if I'm your mom.
[sighs] Drop the tragic face, Camilo!
I'm not interested in a relationship
with anyone, okay? I'm serious.
I'm still working things out
with your dad.
You think I wanna jump to another man?
No! No, I don't.
I wanna be free,
to be happy, to be content,
to be able to go out
and do things just for me.
Without being tied down.
And if I wanna go have fun with someone,
I'm gonna go do it
no matter who likes it, hmm?
Mom, are you drunk?
You're so exhausting, Camilo.
Just like José.
[Camilo] That hurt.
[Camilo laughing]
- I'm just joking with you.
- Tell me now.
- Tell me now!
- No.
Are you gonna tell me or not?
I'm just I'm just wasted.
[José] Mm-hmm.
- [retches]
- Hey!
[adult Camilo] Pretending to be drunk
and then asleep,
I managed to dodge my dad's questions.
Or, at least, postpone the answers
until the next day.
I spent the rest of the night
reading the book
that Eva had devoured in two days.
It was clear she identified with Mona,
the protagonist of the story,
a rebellious girl from a good family
who, through a party accident,
had discovered the underworld
and, above all, the salsa scene in Cali.
In the novel,
there were two important male characters
who interacted with the girl.
Rubén Paces, a tormented young man
who played Richie Ray's salsa at parties,
and Bárbaro, a thief who was
a fan of mushrooms and adrenaline.
Reading the novel,
I thought again that,
despite what Luisa said,
this was indeed a competition
that threw me into an old dilemma.
Which of the two characters
did I wanna be?
The tormented Rubén or the daring Bárbaro?
And even more important,
which of the two did Eva prefer?
[phone ringing]
[Camilo snoring]
- [José] Camilo.
- [moans]
Camilo, wake up.
[Camilo snoring]
- Camilo! Wake up!
- Ow!
- Wake up right now.
- Ow! I was sleeping.
- [José] Your friend Eva is calling.
- Huh?
Just a second.
- Too hungover?
- No, no, I was asleep.
[José] Hmm.
- Hello?
- [Eva] Hey, Camilo.
Hi, Eva. I'm, just
- Did I wake you up?
- Yeah, just a little bit.
- I can call back later.
- No, no, it's all good.
- Okay, I wanna throw something out there.
- Yeah.
- I'm going to the desert.
- Tomorrow?
- You going to school tomorrow?
- What time?
- Like, at 9:00?
- But we have school.
Wanna ditch? So are you in?
Well, yeah, fine. Will you pick me up?
Yeah, no problem.
Okay, okay. See you tomorrow. Bye.
See ya.
Kiddo, your article is in the newspaper.
Oh, yeah, about
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands.
- Yes.
- Did you read it?
Yes, I liked it.
- Oh.
- It's good. Let's read it.
"Despite the film's lighthearted tone,
the characters stray from the stereotype,
and at times, there are more questions
than answers left hanging in the air."
Yes, it's
I don't understand, kiddo.
What are you saying?
Is the movie good, or is it bad?
I The thing is that
I explored some concepts
so that the people who read it
can decide whether
the movie is good or bad.
- Oh, very smart of you, kiddo.
- Yes.
- Why don't you do the same with me?
- How so?
Tell me what your mom is up to,
and I'll decide if it's good or bad.
No, no, because Ah!
Don't tell me it's 'cause you were drunk.
I wanna hear it!
- Stop!
- Tell me now! Let's put it this way.
Either you tell me now,
or I won't let you cut school.
- I'll ruin your plans with Eva. Tell me!
- Dad, why?
What's your mom up to?
[psychedelic music playing]
And and you just eat it?
Mm, yes. That's it.
And what do you feel?
Didn't you read the book?
Yes, but I haven't finished it yet.
[Alfredo] You'll hallucinate.
And the effect is more powerful
than the Roller 77.
Okay, let's do it.
Think about it so you don't feel bad
and end up at the doctor.
No, my problem is with pharmaceuticals,
not with nature, bro.
[Eva] Well, good, then.
They say that with mushrooms,
the shapes look different,
and you see colors
you've never seen before.
[Alfredo] And it's possible
that you'll end up facing your ghosts.
[Eva] Oh, yes.
They also say that a trip with this
is like a year of psychotherapy,
and we all need it here, no doubt.
[psychedelic rock music playing]
[Eva chuckles]
[adult Camilo] It was the age
of curiosity and risk,
that time when
we all felt eternal and invincible,
capable of opening any door
without fear of what we would find
on the other side.
And so, I penetrated the third circle.
Enter the confusion.
[psychedelic rock music continues]
Eva! [echoes]
Eva! [echoes]
[baby cooing]
[snake hissing]
[voices echoing]
[baby cooing]
[baby scream echoes]
[psychedelic rock music continues]
[both laughing]
[adult Camilo] What began as a good trip
ended up forcing us to face our demons.
- I don't have any more time.
- Do you hear the sky?
[adult Camilo] As Alfredo had anticipated,
the demons that lived
in each of us surfaced
and prevented us from reaching
the promised land mentioned by Caicedo.
[music fades]
[adult Camilo] In our absence,
the world continued to function
without control and without needing us.
[pensive music playing]
So Granados left you alone all weekend?
It wasn't like that.
I didn't wanna go with him
to his father's place,
but Mrs. Granados looked out for me.
That asshat is not fit to be a dad.
He does what he can, Martín.
He's already got a job.
He's started buying presents for the baby.
What that idiot needs to do is focus
and stop being Eva's lapdog,
which is why his life's a mess.
Look! They're not even here yet.
I wouldn't be surprised if they are
cutting school for their stupid games.
Guys! The professor
is not coming today. [laughs]
He's with Granados' dad outside,
who's beating him up!
Come on, let's watch!
[rock music playing]
didn't stop him. Are you okay?
So that you learn
to respect married women.
Do you understand, lousy philosopher?
Do you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let me go.
I've already done what I had to do.
- I won't do anything else.
- Hey, hey! Why are you taking him away?
Why are you arresting me?
He's messing with my wife!
[crowd clamoring, whistling]
Hey, philosopher, look at me! Look!
[rock music continues]
- Let us see the show go on. Come on!
- Hey! Hey!
It's not my fault.
I'm just asking for respect.
Why don't you take it out on that pervert?
He's a stalker. Respect!
- Let's go! Hey, move!
- Respect married women!
- [indistinct shouting]
- [siren wailing]
[music stops]
[Dr. Alicia] Ana.
You can take the day off
to sort things out if you need to.
I'm so embarrassed.
With the students, Professor Adolfo.
Don't worry. He's fine.
The chemistry teacher helped him.
They went to the health center
and put a stitch in his eyebrow.
That's all.
I think it would be best for me to resign.
No, no. Why?
What just happened
is not enough, Dr. Alicia?
No, on the contrary.
I think it's very serious,
but you're not responsible
for what your husband does.
- That's nonsense.
- [Rosario] I totally agree.
So far, I have had no complaints
about your work.
On the contrary.
Thanks to you, I have been able
to to manage my time and everything
like never before.
I am not willing to lose a hard worker
just because her husband
acted out of his mind today.
I'm very grateful
for your faith in me, Dr. Alicia.
- I prefer to avoid long-term problems.
- [Rosario] Ana, just listen.
Listen, it's the best thing
for you right now.
Ana, calm down. Gather your things.
Go home and fix what you have to fix.
I'll wait for you here. See you tomorrow.
[melancholy music playing]
[music fades]
[adult Camilo] We lost Eva,
and no matter how hard we looked,
we couldn't find her.
So we decided to return
in the hope of finding her on the road.
There was no doubt
that the experiment had failed.
We had too much on our shoulders
to have ventured out
to challenge our ghosts.
[adult Camilo] "Do not expect love
to bring you peace."
"Sex is the act of darkness
and infatuation,
the gathering of torments."
"Never expect that you will achieve
understanding with the opposite sex."
"There is nothing more dissimilar
nor less given to reconciliation."
It had been an intense trip,
but it was time
to return and face reality.
[salsa music playing on stereo]
[Camilo exhales]
Oh, thank goodness I found you.
You left your bag in Alfredo's car,
and I was worried because you left.
- Where did you go?
- Thanks.
No, I don't even remember how I got here.
I knew I would find you here.
Today, I realized that there are things
that I thought I had overcome
that are still inside me.
And there's an explanation.
do you wanna tell me, or
They have to do with
with Alfredo.
Mm, that's fine.
I I was pregnant with his child.
[emotional music playing]
But I never told him
because, when I found out,
we had already broken up,
and he was far away
and with another girlfriend.
So, well,
it was obvious
that I wasn't ready to be a mother.
in spite of what I thought
about the family,
and also because of my own history
I don't know, I always imagined
that when I had a child,
I was going to have it
with a mother and a father present.
And I didn't wanna repeat my
my story of abandonment
and loneliness.
[music fades]
That's why,
without telling anyone
I decided to go to an abortion clinic
and terminate the pregnancy.
[emotional music playing]
That is something that, until today,
only Luisa knew.
And now, well, you.
Thank you for telling me.
I thought I had already
overcome that, but
[clears throat]
in fact, I had not.
But do you feel guilty?
Of not telling Alfredo, yes.
I feel he he deserved to know.
And do you think
that would've changed your decision?
Well, if you want me to be
completely honest with you,
I don't know.
So now,
what do you wanna do?
Find him and tell him.
I know it won't change anything, but
[sighs]it's the right thing to do.
Wanna come?
[emotional music playing]
[adult Camilo] There had been
such intimate moments, so sincere,
that despite having a thousand questions
in my head, I kept silent.
I was finally learning
to manage my timing,
and it was not the time to ask
for more explanations or clarifications.
It was time to respect the gift of trust
that the woman I loved had given me.
[melancholy music playing]
[adult Camilo] We became the victims
of our own experimentation
by playing with our unpredictable
and fickle nature as human beings.
I can say, by way of apology,
that we were too young to know better,
but even so,
we had to assume the consequences.
- Eva. Eva, wait. Uh
- Camilo, not now. Please.
[music fades]
[tender music playing]
What's up?
[Camilo] What do do you think?
[Alfredo sighs]
What do you think?
With Luisa, we, uh, at one point,
we were contemplating the idea of, um
of terminating the pregnancy.
Why didn't you do it?
It was her choice.
I think in these situations,
women are the ones
who should make the decision.
That's what I think.
That's how it should be.
Do you like the idea of being a dad?
Yes, I think that
I like it more every day.
[Alfredo sighs]
At least I didn't have to think about it.
I don't really see myself as a dad,
now or ever.
[Camilo] Hmm.
Eva made it clear to me
that I have no chance with her.
[melancholy music playing]
I guess because, by telling me the truth,
she released the guilt she had,
which was her last bond with me.
And you? What's next?
I guess I'll keep suffering
because, for a while now,
everything I do ends up pushing me
further away from her,
and I honestly don't know
how to change the situation.
But I don't wanna give up.
I get it.
Something similar was and is
happening to me.
And you?
What's next?
The only solution I see is to escape.
I'm going back to the US.
I don't have your martyr's soul.
[scoffs] Not a martyr's soul.
What you have is more money
because, if I could,
I would go far away, but, oh, well.
[chuckles] You couldn't.
You're going to be a dad.
[chuckles] Good point.
[adult Camilo] It was the last time
I saw the Italian guy.
And after that night,
I was left with the feeling
that if circumstances had been different,
we might even have been friends.
[Camilo sighs]
Hi, Mom.
Where were you all day?
With, uh
I'm sorry I didn't tell you anything, Mom.
What happened is that
I had to do something important,
and that's why I missed school,
but I had already talked to my dad.
Have you talked with your friends?
Why? What happened?
[rock music plays]
Your dad really socked it
to the professor.
But seriously,
I think he was asking for it.
[Camilo] Yeah, my mom told me.
Yeah, but I didn't know your mom
was dating Professor Adolfo.
No, no, my mom's not
dating anybody, dipshit.
- [Camilo tuts]
- No? What, then?
Nothing. He's been hitting on her,
and that's why my dad
had to do what he did.
Had to do it?
Yeah, he had to
stand up for himself, right?
Stand up for what? How so?
Stand up for himself, Eva.
Come on. My mom is his wife.
- [Salcedo] Granados is right.
- [Camilo] Of course.
Mr. Granados couldn't look like a fool.
He had to respond like a man.
- Yeah, I know.
- Yes, it's true.
Your dad had to clock him in the face
so he wouldn't look like an idiot.
- Exactly.
- [Eva] Wait, wait, what's wrong with you?
Are you listening to yourselves?
Look, uh, Eva.
You may not understand this
because now you are acting all
- What? How? Because I'm a woman?
- [Camilo] No!
- It's a matter of honor. You don't get it.
- No, fuck that honor, Camilo!
What your father did was a barbaric act,
and it's incredible
that you are justifying him.
And what was Mr. Granados supposed to do?
Just stand by
and watch his wife get screwed?
No, no, wait. No one is
screwing my mom, asshole!
I can't believe that.
After all we have learned in class,
behavior and philosophy,
you still think that women
are the property of men.
And men of women! They're married.
- That's how it's supposed to work.
- I can't believe you.
That has nothing to do with it!
And because of those thoughts,
horrible things like what your dad did
to Professor Adolfo keep happening!
- He was defending himself.
- No!
The thing is, if Mr. Granados found out,
it was because someone told him, no?
Me! I told him.
Someone has to tell him, right?
Am I right?
- No, you're wrong, Granados.
- [Camilo] Oh, come on.
What would you have done then, huh?
I don't know,
but I wouldn't make a fucking mess.
Sure, because you don't care
about your parents, but I care about mine.
More so now
that that I'm gonna be a father.
[Eva] Well, it is very strange
the way you worry about your parents.
Do you actually believe your dad
will have any chance with your mom
after what happened?
But he took a stand!
No, that is a demonstration
of anything but respect! Dumbass.
- [mockingly] "Anything but respect."
- Really?
Eva is right, bro.
Your dad really screwed up.
And by you justifying him,
you're just making it worse.
Oh, don't be an ass, Arbeláez!
Yeah, bro. Just go. Bye!
- See ya.
- Relax, bro. You're right.
- You and your dad did what had to be done.
- Mm-hmm.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
[adult Camilo] It was the first time
in my history with Eva
that we were at opposite ends.
All because of the sexist views
that refused to die.
Mr. Granados.
So nice to see you here.
How are you, Romero?
Well, better than you, it seems.
[José] Hmm.
I guess you already know
I've been here since yesterday.
[Romero] Yes, I read the report.
It's too bad I was not here
to welcome you.
Hmm. Yes, I was desperate to see you.
Did they treat you well?
Yes, thank God. Yes.
[Romero] That's great. Let me tell you.
For what you did,
you are entitled to 48 hours of detention.
But you are a lucky man.
The victim dropped all the charges.
[pensive music playing]
What do you want me to do?
Go and thank the philosopher?
[Romero] I don't know.
Do what your heart tells you.
They're waiting for you outside.
Well, well, well.
Silence! Silence, or you'll scare him!
Thank you very much, Officer.
That was a nice one.
What are you doing here?
In order to be released before 48 hours,
there must not be a report.
And I was the one
who talked to Professor Adolfo
to get him to withdraw it.
Really? That was unnecessary.
If I ever see him again,
I'll punch him in his big mouth.
That is the second reason why I'm here.
Since you are still
behaving like a little child,
a responsible adult
needed to come and get you.
And guess who that adult is?
And where's Ana?
To be honest with you,
I doubt very much
that your wife is so eager to see you
after what happened.
Shall we?
Mom! Mom! Wait. Where are you going?
Your dad has already left the station.
I'm gonna talk to him.
- Do you want me to go with you?
- No! You won't miss any more school.
This is between me and your dad.
- Yes, but calm down, Mom.
- Don't ask me to calm down!
It just makes me angrier!
I hope my rage lasts long enough
to tell him off.
Well, then I'm gonna go with you.
Come on in.
Are you more relaxed now?
[José] I was always relaxed.
Don't think that I smacked that pervert
because I lost my mind.
It was a completely conscious act.
[sighs] You are such a stubborn man.
[José sighs]
Look, thanks for picking me up
at the station,
but I guess you have things to do,
so have a good day.
No, no, no, no, no. No, sir.
Don't think I went to the trouble
of doing what I did just because I'm nice
or for old times' sake.
Which, by the way,
were not such good times.
- Really?
- No.
And the truth is
that I have a little matter
we need to talk about.
- A matter between me and you?
- Yes.
- Well, Rosario, listen
- And it is a rather delicate matter.
Well, um,
I'm gonna tell it to you
without sugarcoating it.
What is it?
Well, you and I have a daughter.
[unsettling music playing]
What? What do you mean
you and I have a daughter?
Her name is Janet,
and she is a little older than Camilo.
[music fades]
You're so stubborn.
You should have stayed in school.
No, I was not gonna be able
to focus anyway
without knowing what was going on
with you and my dad.
And, well, anyhow,
I'm responsible for what happened.
No. Don't say that, son.
Why would you be responsible?
Not at all.
The thing is that
I told my dad what's going on
with with the professor.
You did what?
- Well, like I just said, I told my dad.
- Why would you do such a thing?
Because he called me on Friday,
all desperate, and I told him.
I I told him.
Wait a minute. You and I
had agreed on something, right?
I know, but he also had a right
to know what's happening, doesn't he?
And look what happened.
I mean, look what he did.
Was it better to lie to him?
[Ana] No, I'm not saying that.
You should have protected my privacy,
not gone out and completely exposed me
the way you did though.
He was gonna end up finding out about it.
About what? What was he gonna find out?
Well, that you
that you are dating Professor Adolfo.
I'm not going out with Adolfo.
I thought you understood that at the bar.
And what if I was?
That doesn't give you the right
to discuss my private life,
especially not with your father!
- Well, you have to understand.
- [Ana exhales]
No, I do understand
that I can't trust you, Camilo. How sad.
[melancholy music playing]
- You're just like your father.
- Oh, come on!
Don't talk to me.
I don't wanna talk.
That afternoon, when I received
the result of the pregnancy test,
I came straight to this house to find you,
but your mother told me
that you were not here.
And in the street, they told me
that you were at the party at
at the social dance, so I went there.
And when I arrived
and saw you happily dancing with Ana
I was even reminiscing
about that day with her recently.
Well, when I saw you like that,
I got all upset,
and I grabbed Ana by the hair,
and everything ended up in a scandal.
I suppose you remember.
[José] Mm-hmm.
And I guess you also remember
what happened afterwards.
When Ana went home.
[José] Hm.
[rock music playing]
José! José, come, come, come, please.
What you've done is unacceptable, Rosario!
How could you come here
and attack Ana like that, huh?
Oh! Are you really gonna take her side?
Well, of course I am
because we were just having some fun,
and you come here acting so scandalous!
- But I just needed to tell you something.
- No, no, no, please. You and I are over.
Weren't you moving to Cali?
Yes, but I need to tell you something.
No, no. You listen to me. It's all over!
I don't like you!
I don't love you anymore!
I'm in love with Ana.
I'm deeply in love with Ana,
and I wanna be with her.
Stop embarrassing yourself.
[music fades]
[Rosario] Those words you said, well,
grounded me in my sad reality.
So, I decided to run away
and have my daughter in Cali
and try to build a life there.
And I did.
I was even married for a while,
but it didn't work out. That's it.
[José] Hmm.
So, I ended up accepting
and assuming my life as a single mother.
But fate is fate, José.
[José] Hmm.
I came back to Bogotáand, by pure chance,
I ended up working in the same school
where your son studies
and your wife works.
[José] Hmm.
And so I thought that was a sign
to tell you the truth.
[José exhales]
Well, uh, Rosario, but
- What what do you want out of this?
- Hey! Take it easy.
I won't ask for anything.
So far, I've been able
to raise my daughter on my own,
and I will continue to do so.
I just felt I had to tell you,
and that's it, okay?
- Well, anyway, for for me, it's
- [knocking at door]
Wait a second.
- We need to talk.
- Hi, Dad.
- I can't believe you would just
- Hey. Mom, wait, wait. Just
[José] Oh God. What are you doing here?
I never expected to find you here.
Well, I'm here.
[Ana] Hmm.
If you don't mind,
I really need to talk to José.
- [José] No, uh Yes. Yes, please. Now.
- Yes, sure, no problem. I'm leaving now.
However, since all of us are
here together right now
- They have nothing to do with it.
- Why not, José?
- Tell me what's going on.
- Not a good idea.
- It's a good idea.
- [Ana] Go ahead.
- [José] I don't think so, please.
- My daughter's father is José.
[tense music playing]
That is not proven yet.
[Rosario] We can do the necessary tests
whenever you want,
but I'm telling the truth.
- No, but I
- [door opens]
- [Lucy] Come on in.
- Oh, Mom.
Hey, Grandma.
Mom, how are you? Come in come in.
Uh. Wait a minute, son.
- Mom, go go ahead, just
- Wait, José, please.
[music fades]
- Hello.
- [Rosario] Hello.
Uh, actually, I am glad
you are gathered here because
I wanna introduce you to Lucero.
- Hello. How are you?
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
- Come in.
She is my partner.
[tense music playing]
[adult Camilo]
I had a sister I didn't know,
and my grandmother's boyfriend
was actually a girlfriend?
[hard rock music playing]
[music fades]
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