Eva Lasting (2023) s02e09 Episode Script

El orígen de la familia, la propiedad privada y el estado

[melancholy music playing]
[music fades]
You okay?
- What happened to your father?
- He get put in jail?
[pensive music playing]
Then why that face, brother?
I found out I have a sibling.
My dad is the father
of Professor Rosario's daughter.
[opening theme music playing]
Oh, but, Professor,
I'm so ashamed about this.
- It's okay, Ana.
- No.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is
you discovered what happened
between your husband
and Professor Rosario.
This was such a shock for me.
I didn't know what to do.
I ran away.
I'm glad I came across you here.
How are you now? How are you feeling?
I don't know.
[emotional music playing]
I don't know.
José and I always talked
about having a girl.
And to learn now
he has a daughter with Rosario
I don't know.
I don't know if it's something that
that actually bothers me or not.
I don't know.
[Adolfo] Of course.
Does he know?
He didn't.
He was terrified. He was more confused
than Camilo and I together.
And the craziest part is
that all of this is happening right now.
When he and I are in our worst moment.
I don't know if it's a sign.
A sign of what?
That the story of José and I is over.
We don't know.
But what I do know
is that coffee heals the spirit.
Should we have one?
[Ana] Let's go. But it's on me, Professor.
- [Adolfo] Ana.
- [Ana] No, after all this?
- [Adolfo] Oh.
- [Ana] You know what? A drink.
- That's what we should have.
- [Adolfo laughs] I'm fine. Believe me.
[Ana] Oh, what a day.
What a shitty conscience, right?
You think so?
Because maybe Professor Rosario
manipulated everything
so she could come and claim
that Mr. Granados has another child.
That's true.
And how could she know
we needed a behavioral health professor?
Or get herself hired?
[Rodrigo] That's true.
It's just a coincidence,
like in the soap operas.
What are you saying, Mother?
[animated piano music playing]
You two can't be together anymore
because you're siblings.
What? No, no, no, no! No!
[Álvaro] But look,
why show up after all this time?
Because your sister
is older than you, isn't she?
Then it really is like the soap operas.
And Professor Rosario must have been
tormented by guilt all these years.
And why guilt?
What do you mean "why"?
Because she stayed silent this whole time.
Yes, but has she told you why she did it?
No, but do you believe that, um,
that there's any valid reason
to hide a child?
- But did she tell you?
- [Camilo] No.
Everything turned out weird
at that moment because
Besides, my grandma told us
Well, afterwards,
everything turned to shit.
Well, if you don't really know,
why are you judging her?
Besides, who are you
to talk about guilt, Camilo?
[sighs] Listen, Eva, do you think
there would be a reason
for not allowing a son to know his father?
Professor Rosario
is a very intelligent woman,
and she has her reasons.
Right, yes. Women are perfect, right?
To you, women are always right.
They never make mistakes.
Men are to blame
for everything that happens.
Now, wait a minute.
Don't twist my words, Camilo.
That's not what I'm saying.
What I'm saying is
before you start judging
and placing blame,
the least you can do
is listen to her reasons.
Oh yes, that's easy for you to say
when things are not happening
to you directly.
[uneasy music playing]
No, you're right.
Well, then I don't wanna listen
to your opinion. Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
See you later.
[music fades]
No, Camilo, it's not that.
I'm not taking Eva's side,
but if you open a topic to discussion,
you can't get angry
and treat her like that
after asking for her opinion.
But she gets on my nerves.
It drives me crazy
that she always takes the women's side
just because they are women.
That's not what
I know men have been shit since forever,
but in this case, it's different.
[Ana] I don't know why you're talking.
You already left.
[José] No, but I didn't want to.
- Hello, and please go to your rooms.
- Hey.
No, no, no, no. Relax, stay.
Don't you say
that we have to talk to young people,
and we shouldn't hide anything?
In that case, I'm back,
and I won't leave again.
I don't know if she remembers,
but I built this house brick by brick
and beam by beam.
You can say whatever you want, José.
You and I have a deal.
And, for now, you're not coming back.
I don't know if you ever will.
Really? Where should I go?
To your mom's.
Don't even mention her.
To a house where sin dwells
in its maximum expression
- I will never return. Never again.
- "Sin"?
What's your mother afraid of, huh?
That I'll be a stick in the wheel
of the embarrassing relationship she has?
No, José, you're not a stick in the wheel.
However, you're a pain in the ass.
Even if I have to call the police,
you'll be leaving.
[intriguing music playing]
- Then I'll have to sleep in the taxi.
- Go for it.
I'll get my stuff.
Oh no. Hold on, Mom. What?
Where will Dad sleep?
With your grandma. While he's at it,
he could settle things with her.
No. But listen, my dad is also right
about one thing. This is his house too.
No, Camilo.
I won't share my space with someone
who is capable of doing
what that man did at the school.
Excuse me.
[Ana] Hmm.
If my dad can't be here, I can't either.
Then you should go with him, Camilo.
I won't force you to stay.
Okay. Luisa, come on.
No, Luisa stays here.
She's not going with you.
I'll let you know
as soon as I get a place.
[music fades]
[Camilo sighs, sniffles]
I'm coming with you, Pa.
But are we really going to
live here in the taxi?
- No.
- Oh.
- Let's go to your godfather's house.
- At Pelos'?
Mm-hmm. We can stay with him.
[adult Camilo] Pelos was my godfather.
A godfather I never used to see.
A taxi driver and colleague of my dad.
He was single and the most
disorganized man on the planet.
But we were lucky.
Because at that time,
Pelos was out of town,
working at the beach,
and he let us use his "palace"
to solve our housing problem.
[disco music playing]
- It's fine, right?
- Mm-hmm.
It wasn't until about the 15th century
that love began to be an element
that was considered
in the formation
of the couple and the family.
Up until that point,
the function of marriage
was primarily economic
and was centered on the education
of children as a potential workforce.
- Yes, Camilo?
- Thanks.
And that family system,
what was it, Professor?
Father, mother, children?
Yes, nuclear family, it's called.
Did it work?
Um, considering its main objective,
yes, we could say it worked. Mm-hmm.
It did work, but based in an old system
where women always got
the short end of the stick.
[scoffs] Here we go again
with your feminist complaints, Samper.
Look, in these types of families,
men would leave the house
to earn all the money,
while the women would stay at home
in order to take care of the children.
- So? What's the problem with that?
- [Quiñonez laughs]
Well, this imposed a power relationship
dominated by men.
This dynamic didn't end up serving anybody
because it didn't allow room
for their relationships to grow.
Well, that is relative
because I know many families
where women are the ones
who make all the decisions, right?
- [Quiñonez] Of course!
- [Eva] Mm-mm. No, that's not totally true.
And if that's the case,
what happens on the outside?
Oh, well, now you want women
to make all the decisions also.
- What do you mean? Why not?
- What do you mean "why not"?
You're very interested in the subject,
and there are opposing views.
I'm going to propose something.
Let's have a debate.
- No, Professor. Come on, please.
- [all groan]
Camilo and Eva will choose a team,
study the subject,
and tomorrow,
they'll present in front of the class.
[laughs] You deserve it, big mouth. Yeah.
I also want you to participate, Quiñonez.
Wait, you mean me?
There you go, big mouth. [laughs]
Given that I see
your opinion is closer to Camilo's,
then you'll team up with him.
No, no, no, Professor.
Maybe Quiñonez prefers to work alone.
- It's okay.
- [Quiñonez] Exactly!
- My decision is final.
- [Camilo groans]
I wish you good luck
with your research on the subject.
No, but how am I
gonna team up with this guy?
[Rosario] You will work together.
I'm sorry.
- Stop supporting this idiot, motherfucker.
- Hey!
It's your fault
for participating too much in class.
How difficult was it to stay silent
and go unnoticed?
Well, okay. What's done is done.
Who's with me?
Me, of course.
And me.
Oi, really, brother?
- You're a real motherf
- So what, brother?
Anything but teaming up with Quiñonez.
Well, also, because I agree with Eva.
[adult Camilo] I felt
I was getting betrayed by my best friend
and reacted like the caveman
that was possessing me.
Isn't it something else, Arbeláez?
Could it be that
you wanna impress someone?
What if that's the case?
What's the problem, brother?
At least he doesn't deny it.
Not like "someone" who did so
to make himself look good to Eva.
[Camilo] That's what I get, I guess.
Come on, come on.
Let's not argue for no reason.
Let's save that energy for the debate.
Let's go to the library.
I wanna get some books.
- Excuse us.
- [Salcedo] I'm so scared.
- Oh yes, we're so scared, right.
- Look how I tremble. Oh, oh.
We should go do the same.
Go and find material for the presentation
because she said
that it's part of our semester grade.
Okay, let's go.
- [Camilo] Oh.
- So.
We have to work together,
so tell me what we have to do.
[rock music playing]
- [Camilo] Okay, after you.
- Dumbasses.
[Eva] This is the book we'll reference
because I think
it's the best one on the topic.
Oh, Eva, isn't this too much?
I kind of know which chapters
we have to read already, so don't worry.
Great. Tell me which chapters they are,
and I'll write down the main points.
- Okay?
- Great. Cool.
I can highlight
the quotes we're going to use.
[Luisa] I'm ready.
I think that, more or less,
we're going to need
Well, then I'll be in charge of food
and the coffee.
Modesty aside, my food is great.
- You'll find what you need in the kitchen.
- Okay.
[adult Camilo] From the way
they organized their presentation,
with the girls in charge of the research
and Arbeláez in charge of cooking,
their group showed signs
of discipline and cohesiveness.
[all laughing]
[adult Camilo] In contrast, my team
was interested in any other subject
but tomorrow's presentation.
[José] That team of '61 reached
the final of the Liberty Cup of America,
which used to be called
the Cup of Champions.
That team was the best.
The best I have ever seen.
They're a soccer machine.
Hey, can you guys just come here
so we can prep for tomorrow?
[moans] Talking about soccer
made me thirsty.
[José] Who's going to get it? Who's going?
- Me.
- Going alone?
No, but I'm going alone.
Bring me a receipt
'cause I know your tricks, kid.
[Salcedo] Bring something
a little stronger!
- [Quiñonez] I really like Mr. Granados.
- Yes, yes, he's fine.
The way he beat up
the philosophy professor.
[Salcedo] Yes! You beat him good!
[Quiñonez] Yeah, he's my kind of guy.
- Yeah, bro.
- Okay, come on, come on.
We don't have a lot of time.
- Shut your face, Granados.
- Stop it. Go to sleep!
[Quiñonez] Dumbass!
The family thing has been solved
for a while. Write this down, kid. Look.
What do you need?
A man who's in charge of providing food.
A woman in charge of
taking care of the home and the kids.
And the kids who have to respect
and honor their parents. That's it.
For sure. That's what I'm talking about!
Those are wise words, Mr. Granados.
I can say it in the form of a poem. Look.
- [Quiñonez] Oh no, let's see.
- A man's home is the world.
And the world of the woman is her home.
That's what I'm always saying!
The man's a poet!
- You're a poet!
- Listen to your old man!
[José] Son, you're a smart man.
You can beat her in a second
without burning the midnight oil, right?
- For sure.
- Granados, learn from your old man.
You have to learn. You have to learn.
Don't give in to her
[adult Camilo]
According to Charles Darwin's book
The Origin of Species,
in human evolution,
there's something called
"natural selection."
And summarizing what Darwin said,
it means that
only the strongest will survive.
Not necessarily.
In fact, the human species
is a great example of this.
Without being the strongest species,
they dominate the world.
Thanks to imagination and language.
- [animated music playing]
- [students clapping]
The fact that it is the women
who bear the children
and take care of them
in their first years of life
always determines, in a natural way,
a pattern of roles that cannot be denied.
But it can be questioned.
In fact, that has always been the purpose
of what is known as culture.
To mend those things
that, by nature, are not okay.
You're making a value judgment,
and you're assuming
that assignment of roles is incorrect,
that it doesn't work. Why?
Because it's unfair to women.
No, no, don't generalize, Eva.
It's not fair for some women
because there are many,
many others who are satisfied
with their role as caretakers.
[Quiñonez] Of course.
The fact that civilization and culture
have not been fair
and have not recognized
the value of that role,
well, is a very different thing.
- [Salcedo] Let's applaud our colleague.
- [Quiñonez] Yes, sir.
- [Salcedo] Well done, Granados.
- [Quiñonez] My man.
The model of the nuclear family made
the industrialization process possible.
It enabled economic
and scientific progress
that solved many
of the endemic problems of society.
And I still don't know
of any experimental couple
that has ever worked out.
The fact that you don't know them
doesn't mean they don't exist.
And the family that you are defending
created new problems
that are probably even more serious
than the ones it solved.
You can't deny that,
thanks to industrialization,
women had the chance
to get a decent salary, a paid job.
No, low-paying jobs,
which is still the case.
Women's pay scales
are so much lower than men's.
Am I right, Professor?
Just because the system has errors
in its application
doesn't mean that it should be annulled.
It's begging to be corrected.
[Quiñonez] Well done.
Yeah, Granados. Keep going, man.
- What are we going to say? Tell us.
- [Camilo] Guys, I'll solve it.
[Quiñonez] Tell us what to do.
- My conclusion
- [Salcedo clears throat]
- Well, our conclusion
- The conclusion.
is that the nuclear family,
with well-defined roles
or well-established roles,
is the ideal place for the process
of socialization, education,
and strengthening of the individual.
[Salcedo] Thank you very much. Thanks.
Your conclusion, Eva.
Take your time.
"The family unit
that has been linked to civilization
and its overwhelming prevalence
is monogamy,
the supremacy of man over woman,
and the individual family
as the economic unit of society."
"But social evolution
operates in direct correlation
to the progression
of women's movement towards freedom,
while the decline of social order
is directly correlated
to the decrease of women's freedom."
This book is called
The Origin of the Family,
Private Property and the State.
It was written by Friedrich Engels
in the 19th century
and sums up what our group thinks
about the family model
that our colleague here is defending.
Is that what the group thinks
or what you think, Samper?
- Yeah.
- What the group thinks, asshole.
In many cases, the nuclear family
is a place for abuse,
discrimination, inequality,
and an education model
that promotes not freedom but dependence.
And so now?
An institution badly designed,
based in the subjugation of women.
What? What's the solution, then?
I didn't hear any solutions.
- [Quiñonez] Yeah, yeah.
- So should we end the family, huh?
Essentially, at least end marriage
based in monogamy
because it only exists for women
because of maternity.
And many times, it is presented
not as a cultural construction
but as a natural order.
You keep talking about destroying it.
You keep talking about destroying it.
- [Salcedo] To destroy, to destroy.
- [Camilo] I haven't heard any proposal.
- I haven't heard anything.
- [Quiñonez] At least one.
Three concrete proposals.
The substitution
of marriage by civil union,
women's liberation
through salaried and well-paid work,
and the socialization of domestic chores.
Thank you.
Congratulations, everyone.
You have all presented
some excellent work today.
And you have also demonstrated
that a good debate
requires both sides of the argument
in order to make a decision.
Your groups are going to get
a very good grade.
[laughs] Great, Granados.
And to everyone else,
what you have just heard
should make you more open to the idea
about the complexities of family.
[Luisa] Can you help me
put the chair inside?
What? Would you deny we destroyed you?
Yeah, right. Of course.
Okay, Martín, stop.
But seriously, Eva's behavior
was really weird. For real.
And what she said at the end
was just a tantrum.
- She can go fuck herself.
- Ah, stop saying nonsense!
Eva was the one who destroyed me,
but you are so dumb you couldn't notice.
[Rodrigo] There you go.
Come on, Arbeláez, bro. Shut your mouth.
We all know you're a snitch and a traitor.
Yeah, Granados.
After we helped you with your work.
I'm surprised about the "dumb" part.
What do you mean you helped me?
You didn't do shit.
You just drank beer
and talked about soccer with my father.
Now you're blaming your old man?
Oh, stop talking and eat shit.
You did nothing.
Ugh, enough.
I'm sick of all this nonsense.
And Granados is right.
That girl destroyed him.
But not because that girl is very smart.
No, it's because you're dumbasses.
[Salcedo] Ugh, leave, asshole.
Go lick some boots.
Look, Samper, I didn't understand
what you said in class,
but whatever it was,
I don't agree with it, okay?
Excuse me.
Even though I don't agree
with what you said at the debate,
I must recognize
that your arguments were intelligent.
[pensive music playing]
Do you see? The blondie says so.
[adult Camilo] That act of gallantry
was the final blow
with which Eva finished disarming me
and crowned her victory.
[Álvaro] They don't accept it
because they are lazy.
[Camilo] Thanks, Nico. Put it on my tab.
Eva, look.
Well, it's a waste of time
to keep lying to myself.
I agree with almost everything
you said at the debate.
In fact, while you were talking,
I couldn't stop thinking about my family,
that, just right now, is ceasing
to be a typical, nuclear family.
I love it like that,
whatever, whatever it becomes.
[Eva] Hmm.
Then don't you think
that it'll be a good idea
to patch things up with them?
[wistful music playing]
[adult Camilo] There was no doubt
that my return into the cave
these last few days,
in a desperate attempt
to regain my relationship with Eva,
had reached its ending.
Now, it was time to get out of my head
and face the changing times
that we were living in.
I talked to my mom
and apologized for being
uncompromising and backwards
the last few days.
She understood and ended
our little quarrel with a loving hug.
That was the easy part of the job.
The hard part, as usual,
would come from my dad.
[music fades]
So, you're going back to your mom.
- And with Luisa.
- Hmm.
Don't you care that your mom
has something with that professor asshole?
My mom isn't in a relationship
with Professor Adolfo.
And if she was,
well, we have to respect it.
- It's her private life.
- Hmm. Perfect.
And I'm also going to respect
that my grandma's with her her friend.
That she's in a relationship
with a with a woman.
Wonderful, Camilo. Wonderful.
You should do the same, Pa.
Look, times are changing, okay?
And families have to start adapting
to to this change.
We have to begin to understand
that women have been the most harmed
in the models of the traditional family.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Again with your story
of times are changing.
No more! I'm fed up, Camilo. Hmm? Look.
Times are changing
because people put in their heads
that they're changing.
And, therefore, end up changing.
- [Camilo] Hmm?
- No worries. I get it now.
You allowed them to brainwash you,
and you're complicit
in the immoral acts of this family.
Don't be dramatic.
Try to understand just a little.
You're asking me
to do the impossible, Camilo.
Like they say,
"You live alone and die alone."
I have to accept that you betrayed me.
- [Camilo sighs]
- Anything else, sir?
- Well, yeah, it's not such a big deal.
- I wish you well, then.
Better alone than in bad company.
[whimsical music playing]
[adult Camilo] It wasn't easy
to end on those terms with my dad.
Especially after I had just been
one step away from becoming his replica.
But I hoped that time would heal
all of our wounds
and put everything right.
And so I asked Eva to accompany me
on the last leg of my journey,
where the present and the past
were leading me.
I'm sorry, Professor.
We didn't call before coming, so sorry.
[door closes]
And who told you where I live?
Um, my mom
because she now has access
to the professor's curriculum.
Well she gave me the info.
The thing is, um
I want to meet my sister.
The other day,
we couldn't talk or anything.
And if you don't agree, it's fine.
I get it.
Nevertheless, I'd like to, well,
talk to her and meet her. I don't know.
It's fine.
Sit down.
- Thanks.
- [Eva] Thank you.
[Janet] Coming, Mom.
[tender music playing]
- Hello.
- Hello.
[Janet] I see you.
I see you. [laughs]
And I see you don't look like me.
And siblings always look alike.
[laughs] Yes, but
But you're cute.
[Camilo laughs] Thank you.
- You're also very cute.
- [Janet] Thank you.
And I'm not wearing makeup
because my mom, Rosario, who's hovering
[Camilo and Eva laugh]
she doesn't like me
wearing makeup at home.
I like your face.
[laughs] Thank you.
But I'd touch it up.
- Mm-hmm.
- [laughs]
I'd love to get your advice.
Well, but that's going to happen
another day
because this girl has homework.
[Janet groans]
What a bore, Mom.
Well, enough. Don't make a fuss.
Say goodbye and get back to studying.
It's not easy to live with her.
[both laugh]
- But there's no choice.
- All right.
I'm happy to have met you.
- Me too.
- [laughs]
[Janet] Take care of your girlfriend.
They're being stolen on the street.
- It happened to me once. Mm-hmm.
- [laughs] Oh! Really?
[Rosario] Janet!
Ugh! My mom is so annoying.
- [Camilo] Is she?
- [all laugh]
[Camilo] Oh, well,
we'll see each other later, okay?
Yeah, I'd like that. Sounds fun.
All right, me too.
But we have to ask my mom first.
[whispers] Okay. I'll ask her.
- [Janet] Goodbye.
- See ya.
[bell ringing]
[adult Camilo] The day before
had been full of emotion,
and the visit with my sister
had touched my heart.
But the semester exams were coming,
and those were always turbulent times.
The first one is Spanish,
and then algebra.
Tests and more tests.
Why the fuck do tests exist, huh?
- Relax, come on, dude.
- Why do they torture us this way?
- [Camilo] What do you mean "torture"?
- The bimonthly crisis.
No, you know what, brother?
I should drop out of school
and think 100% about soccer
because studying is not good for shit!
Or tell me. Let's see.
What good is physics
or chemistry or algebra to me?
Or all that, bro?
All I'm doing here is wasting my time
instead of training
and practicing every day.
How many times a week
have we heard the same thing?
Try it out to see if it's true.
Or have Willington Ortiz or Ernesto Díaz
been helped by all the garbage
they learned at school?
Yeah, right?
Let's see. Answer this question, Álvaro.
What's the maximum age of a soccer player?
Well, around 35.
[Eva] Uh-huh. And after that, what?
- Well, that's when you become a coach.
- And if you don't?
What if you're not successful there?
We need to have a plan B in life.
Yes, especially in your case.
God forbid you get hurt.
- You have to retire sooner than expected.
- Sure.
No, come on. That sounds very tragic.
But there's a possibility, brother.
Don't forget Alejandro Brand.
It must be taken into consideration.
But tell me what else I can do, huh?
It's just that physics
or any of those subjects
don't make sense to me,
not even a little bit.
I'm in the same boat.
I have an idea.
Let's get together and study in a group.
- You want to?
- That sounds great.
What do you think?
[funky music playing]
It's to help you.
We have to.
- Camilo.
- No, this isn't it.
- We also have to do that problem.
- [Eva] Camilo, look.
[adult Camilo] The headquarters
of the study group was at my house.
Eva was in charge of Spanish,
Arbeláez of algebra,
Luisa of chemistry,
and I was in charge of philosophy.
We were working against the clock
as the final exams
were quickly approaching.
Black coffee, Coca-Cola with aspirin,
and other magic formulas
helped us stay awake.
These were the nights
where we pulled together as family.
Nights that I remember
with nostalgia and melancholy.
- Martín!
- Martín!
Did you die in there or what?
[Luisa] I think he's playing dumb
so he doesn't have to study.
[Luisa chuckles]
I brought some warm milk and honey.
Remember, it's not good for you
to drink so much coffee.
Thank you.
It would be a good idea
for you to go to sleep.
You have to sleep.
[Luisa chuckles]
The baby moved.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm. [laughs]
[Rodrigo laughs]
[Rodrigo gasps]
- Again.
- Right?
[both laugh]
[Luisa] That means that
that it's getting comfortable.
It's fine.
Again! It's exciting. [gasps]
You know, I feel that
that the baby is happier when you're here.
[tender music playing]
If that's the truth,
then I'm even happier.
[music stops]
[car horn honks]
[Camilo] What are you doing, Dad?
Can't you see?
I'm coming back to the house.
I should have never left.
Why should I not be coming back?
What do you mean?
Because of what we talked about at Pelos'?
To hell with that shit. Don't be dumb.
What about Mom?
Your mom and you
can say whatever you want,
but I'm not moving from here.
Yeah. Great question.
Where's your mom? I don't see her.
She's at the movies.
[scoffs] I can imagine with who.
So she's living her crazy life,
turning the house into Sodom and Gomorrah.
- Here you go again. It's so ridiculous.
- Do you know what I just saw?
Arbeláez making out with Luisa,
the girl you got pregnant.
That's an aberration!
It's probably a mortal sin!
Why is that happening?
Because your mom was careless. Yes.
Because your mom lost the responsibility
as a mom and as an example.
What are you saying?
This has nothing to do with them.
I already knew they were dating.
[uneasy music settling]
I think it's best for us
to get outta here.
Sir, we still have a lot left to study.
We are not ready.
Oh, brother. This man is furious.
When we were outside, he didn't hold back.
Do you wanna go home with us?
- No. What about Mom?
- [José] You all need to leave!
- This is not a commune.
- [Camilo] Dad!
I'm sure you're marijuana addicts.
Disgusting hippies.
Go on. You're leaving now, go.
- We're all just studying for our exams.
- Do you think I'm dumb, Camilo?
I know these people. They're lazy.
You wanna convince me they're studying?
That they have common sense?
Hey, don't be like that.
Seems extra. I thought we were friends.
[José] I never said anything
about being friends!
- Okay, get out of here!
- [Camilo] No!
[door opens and closes]
What's with the screaming?
What are you doing, José?
I live here, Mrs. Ana.
I talked to my lawyers
and they explained to me
that I don't have to leave my own home.
Hmm. Unbelievable.
I will not allow you
to set a bad example for the child.
Just when he is at the age where
he has to learn values, customs, morals.
You have no idea what I saw, Mrs. Ana.
An aberration.
Although I'm sure you can imagine
what I saw, but you don't care.
Look, I don't wanna fight, José.
If this is how it's gonna be,
then I'll be the one leaving the house.
[uneasy music playing]
Where to? To your lover's? Aphrodite?
Not a bad idea.
[music fades]
Now what?
Luisa, you and I are going
to Adolfo's house in Pablo Sexto.
I'm sure he'll take us in.
I don't know. I think that's too much.
No, we haven't even finished studying.
I won't offer my home.
You know what it's like.
I can't offer mine either.
I can't show up to my house with Granados,
and even less so with Luisa.
And my landlady doesn't allow anyone in.
Too bad.
We'll have to cancel the study group.
No, no, no, no. We can't do that.
[Camilo] No, no. Relax, relax.
I have a solution.
[Camilo] He started yelling
and kicked us out of the house.
He could see we were studying
but wouldn't let us stay there,
so we had pretty much nowhere else to go.
That can't be. Your dad went too far.
Sometimes he behaves like a caveman.
Yeah. My mom had to go stay
at Professor Adolfo's house.
Uh, but they're but they're not dating.
Well, together.
According to my mom, they're just friends.
Well, but at the rate your dad is going,
he's the one that will make them go
from friends to something more.
You think so?
Well, Grandma. Anyway, thank you
for letting us study here in your house.
Oh no, Camilo. I'm happy
that you and your friends are here.
I'll make you a nice meal in a little bit.
Thanks, Grandma.
Oh, and
I'll tell you something
that could be of value, Camilo.
[soothing music playing]
Lucero is a professor of mathematics.
Ah, great.
She could give us a hand, huh?
Of course. I'll go upstairs to tell her.
Thank you.
Oh, Grandma, one last thing.
So, um,
I wanted to tell you that I met my sister.
[Luisa] Mrs. Lucy is lovely.
She treats me like her granddaughter.
Oh, that's good.
Camilo, can I ask you a question?
Yes, what?
is Mrs. Lucero your grandma's partner?
- [Eva] Guys, we're in trouble.
- What's going on?
The dumbasses Castro and the Acuñas
are detained at the police station.
[Camilo] What? Why?
Hold on. Hold on. Wait!
[adult Camilo] Faced with little progress
with his studies,
Castro started looking for a plan B
that would allow him to live
without sacrificing his career
as a future soccer star.
So it was easy for the Acuñas
to recruit him for a new job
using the parrot trick.
[rock music playing]
[adult Camilo] Unfortunately for Castro,
things didn't turn out well,
as the elderly couple he robbed
turned out to be
a couple of undercover cops
who were after the gang
behind this ingenious form of robbery.
[officer] Place of birth?
Relax, nobody cares about your hair.
[music fades]
Don't you realize
that if you continue on this path,
you're gonna be alone in life, José?
Like I said to Camilo,
rather be alone than bad company.
- Oh, you're so stubborn.
- I'm not stubborn, Mom. I'm not stubborn.
It looks like nobody realizes
how serious this is.
Last night, I came home
and found the girl who Camilo impregnated,
making out with one of his friends.
Then I tell Mrs. Ana,
and you know what she did?
She ran away to be with her lover.
Now, let's talk about you.
Because frankly
No, no, no, no!
Let me be in peace.
I don't need anyone to be questioning me.
And instead of seeing
the sawdust in the other's eye,
why don't you see the plank in your own?
Or you think it's okay
to learn you have a daughter
and react like you were
struck by lightning?
Do you think this is the way
a responsible man acts?
A good Christian?
You know what? Go.
Take a shower, get dressed
because I need you
to run an errand with me
that may change your stubborn mind.
- Come on, José.
- Yes, ma'am.
[exhales sharply]
Yes, Mom, but try to understand.
I had no other choice.
[adult Camilo] Because he was a minor,
and it was his first infraction,
Castro was freed with just a warning,
a mark on his record,
and a promise to his mom
that he'll be more responsible
for his actions.
[Eva] Um, agent.
Agent, hi. What happened to the Acuñas?
[officer] Are you their family?
Um, no. We're actually
their friends from school.
Well, because your school classmates
are re-offenders
and they have priors,
they will be transported
to one of the correctional facilities
in the city.
There, I'm sure
they'll be facing many years locked up.
[unsettling music playing]
Anything else? You want a coffee?
[music fades]
[José] What are we doing here?
Be patient, José. Be patient.
It's your friend's house?
If that's the case, I refuse to enter.
Don't be a child.
Lucero is living with me in my home.
[Lucy scoffs]
[Lucy] Hello.
[Rosario] Hello.
[uneasy music playing]
- [Rosario] Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
I'm sorry we came unannounced.
No, relax.
This is becoming a custom in this house.
[Lucy] Mm.
We wanted,
if you agree,
to meet your daughter.
I don't think it's the right moment.
[footsteps approaching]
Mama, who are they?
[pensive music playing]
But [sighs]
I'm so sorry.
He's going through some things.
[music fades]
[Salcedo] What are we going to do?
We can't leave the Acuñas shit outta luck.
Yes, those guys have no one to vouch
for them. No dad, no mom, no nothing.
Relax, I'm gonna go
talk to my dad's lawyers.
If they were able to get him house arrest
after he committed serious crimes,
well, then it's possible
they could get the Acuñas out of jail.
Would they accept it?
How are we going to pay?
No, no, no. Don't worry. I'll pay for it.
[rock music playing]
[music fades]
[door closes]
[Camilo] Hello.
What's up.
Um, I came to get some clothes.
Where are you staying, Camilo?
Mm, at my grandma's.
You can come back
whenever you want with Luisa.
I don't know. So you're more comfortable.
Um, thanks, but
I think we will stay at my grandma's.
I met your sister.
Wait, what?
[uneasy music playing]
I didn't know how to react, Camilo.
There were so many emotions.
I felt fear. Tenderness.
With me,
with life,
with God.
Nothing like this has ever happened.
I didn't know if I had to say something
or to do something.
The only thing I did was run away,
grab the cab, and come here to think.
[breathes deeply]
Do you have five minutes, Camilo,
to spare so we can talk?
[both] Thanks, Eva.
Your dad's lawyers ended up being
much more effective than our cash.
I hope this will help you
to get on the right track, bros.
- Yeah.
- Because next time, it'll be worse.
There won't be a next time.
- That's the attitude.
- [Luisa chuckles]
Yeah, it won't happen again
because we won't work with rookies.
[rock music playing]
Understand that, for us,
this is just how it goes.
But why? You're stealing.
So what? Nobody's gonna die or go broke
if we steal a phone
or a blender from them.
And shut your mouth, Granados.
Don't play dumb, okay?
Or did you forget
that you helped us with a job?
[uneasy music playing]
Are you being serious right now?
What? We live off this,
and we're the best.
Sometimes, we even create jobs.
And there's the proof.
Well, yes.
[scoffs] No.
[adult Camilo] After the novelty
of the controversial return
of the Acuñas wore off,
the first test arrived,
which was the physics exam.
And it was also the first opportunity
to test the effectiveness
of the study group.
- [knocking at door]
- [door opens]
[Ana] Excuse me just a minute, Professor.
Will the following students,
William and Edgar Acuña
Álvaro Castro,
please come with me
to the principal's office.
[unsettling music playing]
[Camilo] I have never seen him like this.
He was all sad and remorseful.
He almost cried.
But what did he say?
How did he react when he met her?
No, it was terrible because he ran away
as soon as he saw her.
But why?
He wasn't capable
of handling the situation.
[sighs] José never changes.
- Hmm. What's up.
- [Salcedo] Hey.
- How'd it go?
- Martín, how did it go?
Well, I think I got two wrong,
but I'll just pass.
- Oh, but that's good.
- That's good.
She expelled us.
[dramatic music playing]
[Ana] Eva!
Eva, you can't go in there like that.
You can't mix up the situations,
Dr. Alicia.
What Álvaro, Edgar, and William did
was outside of school hours.
Let me refer you, for the umpteenth time,
to the school rules.
Clause 3, rule 11.
Let's see if you can perhaps understand
[Eva] I refer you to the provisions
that the Ministry of Education
has on school districts.
Supposedly, you have to receive
any student that wants and needs to study.
You said it yourself.
They must be received
but not necessarily be kept.
Much less in the manner in which
they have violated the regulations.
The Acuña brothers are repeat offenders.
They have a record.
They induced a classmate
to commit a crime.
Although, Mr. Castro did it on his own.
- They deserve another chance.
- Pardon?
I said they deserve another chance!
It will have to be in another school.
- We won't allow this injustice to happen.
- Oh yeah? What would you do?
A protest?
Calling your friends from the newspapers?
I don't know. I don't know!
But this time,
as I see the doors of dialogue are closed,
we'll come up with something.
[dramatic music playing]
Ready, Professor. Thanks.
[soothing acoustic guitar music playing]
[car door opens]
- I'm sorry. I'm not in service.
- No.
If you don't do something,
you'll lose your wife,
and I will also lose Professor Adolfo.
- Do you remember me?
- No.
I'm Sara Ordóñez.
From the library.
Uh, the librarian of the school.
Oh. Okay.
Do you have something
with Professor Adolfo?
Well, no.
We were working on it,
and we were on a very good path
until your wife got in the way of it all.
So, what?
Aren't we going to do something?
You're not gonna allow
this to happen, right?
You better put your cards on the table.
Are you going to confront her?
[unsettling music playing]
[William] I'm with Eva.
We can't allow this injustice.
Injustice. You say it's injustice,
but I don't think it's that, brother.
Do we have to explain to you again
why and how it is that we work?
Guys, you can say whatever you want,
but what you do is stealing.
It's as simple as that.
Now, is that how it's gonna go, Rodrigo?
You snitch.
Are we just gonna accept our fate?
No, wait. Of course not.
No, but this time,
we will have to find another solution.
Dr. Alicia has gone too far,
and we will need to be ready to fight.
I know we can find a way
to answer to her so-called regulations.
[rock music playing]
[rock music continues]
Ooh yeah ♪
Blackhearted woman
Got the devil in her eyes ♪
Shakes her moneymaker
'Cause she knows what every man likes ♪
Blackhearted woman ♪
Got the devil in her eyes ♪
She'll burn your soul down ♪
Leave you hanging out to dry ♪
Oh yeah ♪
Blackhearted woman
Got a love no man can take ♪
She'll steal your money
Gonna lie right to your face ♪
Blackhearted woman ♪
Got a love no man can take ♪
Mmm ♪
She'll burn your soul down ♪
She's gonna bend you till you break ♪
Oh yeah ♪
Blackhearted woman ♪
Ooh yeah, yeah ♪
Ooh yeah ♪
Blackhearted woman
You can tame your wicked mind ♪
[music fades]
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