Eva Lasting (2023) s02e10 Episode Script

Crímen y castigo

[soothing music playing]
[adult Camilo] After the talk
my dad and I had,
we both really wanted
to make up for lost time.
So he had arranged with Professor Rosario
for us to come by
and spend the afternoon with Janet.
I found out later
that she had only allowed it
on the condition
that I spend the afternoon with them.
Right. Where should we take her?
Should we take her to the park
or to the movies?
- No, no, no.
- I want it to be really special.
[Camilo] Yeah. Don't worry.
I'll think of something.
- Sure?
- Yes. Don't worry.
What's up? [laughs]
- Hello, boys.
- [José] Hi.
Hello. [chuckles]
- How are you?
- [Camilo] Hello.
Please bring her back by 6:00.
Janet has to study for tomorrow,
so she can't stay out late.
- Perfect. Sure.
- Sure.
Where are you taking me?
[both laugh]
[funky music playing]
[José] Oh!
[Camilo] Janet! Come with me, okay?
Oh man.
- [José] No!
- [Janet laughing]
[José] I'm ready to go.
Janet. Careful there. Janet.
Listen, we're going too fast, Camilo!
What is this? The conga?
[Camilo] Let's do the conga. Let's try.
- [José] I don't wanna do the conga.
- [Camilo] Push!
[José] Hold up!
[all laughing]
Well, first of all, uh, today,
people use more sparkling colors
in makeup.
[Camilo] Uh-huh.
- And well-defined lips.
- [José] Mm-hmm.
- A tanned face.
- [José] Mm-hmm.
- And a long eye line.
- Okay.
That is the fashion today,
and I want to eat ice cream.
- Ice cream.
- Ice cream. Hmm.
- What about cotton candy?
- Yep.
- Well, that'll do.
- [laughs]
- [José] One, please.
- Yeah, sure.
[José] How much?
- [Janet] Thanks, boys. I had a great time.
- I'm glad. Don't don't be a stranger.
[both laugh]
Keep inviting me.
- If the general lets me, I'll be there.
- [gasps]
[all laugh]
Okay, go do your homework, sweetheart.
- [Camilo] Bye.
- [Janet] Bye.
[Camilo and José] Bye.
- Bye.
- Thank you for your company.
[Janet] Thank you for the invitation.
Thank you, Rosario.
No. Thank you, guys.
Janet loves to go out,
but usually, I have neither the time
nor the energy to do anything.
- She's an angel fallen from the sky.
- Mm-hmm, yes.
[Rosario] Um, no, José. She's not.
She's no angel,
and she doesn't come from the sky.
She's very grounded.
She has a special condition, sure.
She's a girl who, like everyone,
needs love and gives love
but also needs structure and discipline
so she can be able to face the challenges
that come in life.
- Mm-hmm. Right.
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
[Rosario] The best thing that you can do
when you spend time with her
is avoid being condescending.
- Oh, but we we don't
- Yeah, yeah.
You guys know you can treat her like
you would treat any kid her age, right?
- Yes. She's just
- [Camilo] Sure.
[Rosario] Well, that helps her
more than anything else.
[José] What about your sister?
- She's great.
- Hmm?
She's awesome.
- She's so smart.
- Yes.
- She knows a ton about makeup.
- [José laughs]
She is a Granados.
Granados give their all
when it comes to passions.
Like you with sports.
[endearing music playing]
Kiddo, I'll drop you at Grandma's house,
and then I'll go work
'cause I can't afford plans like today's.
Oh, listen, Dad.
I was thinking that I could
I could stay over at your place tonight.
With you.
It's not my house, kiddo.
It's everybody's.
Of course you can.
Awesome, then.
Should we pick up Luisa,
and we can all go together?
And, well, maybe you could talk to Grandma
and make up once and for all.
[breathes deeply]
I don't know, Camilo.
I can't fully accept
what my mom is doing, kiddo. It's um
Give me time.
I may come around one of these days.
Yes, sir.
[music fades]
[opening theme music playing]
[adult Camilo] Despite the amount
of questions on the exam,
it wasn't particularly difficult
to answer.
But Salcedo preferred to play it safe
and went with the cheat sheet,
one of the many refined tricks
designed by Castro.
It was some kind of tribute
to our fallen comrade.
And paradoxically,
the words spoken by Eva earlier,
materialized before our very eyes.
What a joke.
I mean, after all the studying
that we did together,
you pull a classic Castro?
Leave me alone, Arbeláez.
What matters here
is to pass the subjects, isn't it?
I had to make sure I passed.
- [Eva] Hey, hey.
- Stop overanalyzing it.
- Come on. It's all good. Relax.
- He started it!
Why don't we just talk about it?
Besides, Martín just did
what he had to do.
I don't agree with that, Eva.
The cheat sheet exists for one reason.
Our education system is based
on something as arbitrary as a number.
You philosophize over cheat sheets?
Sh! Let her speak.
[Eva] Listen. A system based
on numeric evaluation
is a system that values instruction
over education.
That promotes utilitarianism
over reflection.
That favors competition and individualism
and ignores comprehension
and collaboration.
[adult Camilo] The discussion of grades
gave Eva the idea
of creating a student council
at our school.
With with Eva Samper,
numbers and grades are out of the way.
- Huh? Right?
- You have my vote.
[adult Camilo] I must admit
that it was a pretty clever idea.
We would tell the electorate
exactly what we knew they wanted to hear.
If there has ever been a single enemy
of students throughout the decades,
it has been grades.
We could write our campaign slogan
on signs and hand them out.
[Camilo] We need your support
in this election.
[adult Camilo] This time, the idea was
to argue with Dr. Alicia on her own terms.
[Eva] We invite you all
if you are interested,
to go to the principal's office
and sign up
so we can use the rights
as students of José María
to have a council
There you go, girls.
Don't forget, vote for Eva.
Last one, okay?
to defend our rights as students.
[all cheering]
That's what I'm talking about!
Go, Samper!
And don't forget
we could improve the school itself.
For example, we could fix the leaks,
the holes on the floor, the classrooms.
Cut the crap, Samper,
and tell us all like it really is.
[all exclaim]
Or will you deny
that you're making all this fuss
to protect your friends?
Those rats of the Acuñas.
- And that cheater Castro.
- Watch your mouth, man.
Shut up, moron
[Eva] No.
I won't deny that's what triggered this.
Ha! Take that, dummy.
- What's a trigger?
- Oh, it's when they try to get to you.
But that wasn't the only reason
why I'm suggesting a student council.
In fact, you, Octavio,
do you know how the school curricula
is decided each year?
What does he know?
Or what determines the use of the budget
handed out by the Ministry?
Or how professors are chosen, for example?
Didn't think so.
No, and I don't really care
about it, okay?
Like most people, all I wanna do
is graduate as soon as possible, right?
[students murmur in agreement]
And then forget about
the nightmare that is this school.
Well, speak for yourself,
not for all of us, okay?
- [all exclaim]
- Let's go.
- We'll see, dumbass.
- [all exclaim]
- What did you say?
- No, come on, guys.
- Watch your mouth!
- It's not worth it.
- Sh, sh, sh! Quiet now.
- [Salcedo] Take that, dummy! Asshole!
[Dr. Alicia] Congratulations, Miss Samper.
With your signature,
you are officially enrolled as a candidate
for the student council elections.
I wanna thank you
because no one took the trouble
of organizing it,
and I hope this is
the beginning of a dialogue
that is more fluid and constructive
between students and teachers.
No one else has signed up?
- No.
- [Salcedo] And no one else is going to.
You're the only one interested
in this type of shit.
And and what happens in that case?
If there is only one person on the list,
then the elections are held the same.
- We have virtually won.
- [Luisa] Mm-hmm.
- [José] Medicine?
- [Luisa] Mm-hmm.
Yes, sir.
I've always wanted to become a doctor.
Hmm. Very well.
All doctors I know are successful,
but we all know it's not easy.
[adult Camilo] Just like today,
in the '70s,
becoming a doctor was synonymous
with becoming financially prosperous.
But anyway,
it's very expensive for college tuition,
so I think that I'll become a nurse first
so that I can pay for medical school.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[uneasy music playing]
Since you are all here,
I wanna address something
so that we can avoid misunderstandings.
I spoke with my lawyer.
I will formally start the divorce process.
[melancholy music playing]
It will be long
because it's a Catholic marriage.
But both my lawyer and your lawyer
think I should not leave this house.
It could be considered desertion.
It would compromise
the distribution of assets.
The the distribution of assets?
What assets?
The house.
The taxi.
What we got during our marriage.
I know I never put in much money,
but if I hadn't taken care of our home
and Camilo,
you wouldn't have been able to go to work
and get everything we have.
[adult Camilo] It was clear that my mom
had sought professional advice,
so there was little space
for any argument.
That night, my dad had to sleep
in the living room,
and I had to start warming up to the idea
that my parents were staying separated.
[Eva] What did your dad say?
Well, my dad was definitely shocked.
I don't think he saw it coming.
He went to sleep on the living room couch.
And when we woke up this morning,
he was gone.
- Hmm. That sucks.
- [Camilo] Hmm.
But, well, your mom did
what she had to do.
Yeah, I know.
I'd rather have them together, you know?
Or at least if they worked it out
without lawyers, in peace.
Yes, it would be better.
But, unfortunately,
sometimes separations can go
the easy way or the hard way.
So you better be prepared.
By how things are looking,
I think it's going to be the hard way.
I wasn't expecting José to react that way.
I thought for sure he would fight for us.
But no. He stood silent. Not a word.
This morning,
he got up and left very early.
He must be talking to his lawyers.
Is it necessary
to go through all this mess?
I know the process.
- It's very exhausting.
- Mm.
Besides, you don't need
any of those things
you're going to fight for.
What are you saying?
Ana, I
I wanted to confess something to you.
I believe you know what it is.
[Ana laughs] Adolfo.
All I have for you is so much gratitude.
You are so special to me.
You were there for me
in the lowest point of my life.
You've stood by me through all this.
You've made me smile
when I thought it wasn't possible anymore.
But I am not in love with you.
[melancholy music playing]
I don't mean to be harsh,
but we can be
honest with each other, right?
and tough.
I know.
But why should I lie to you?
It is better.
At least we could still be friends?
[music fades]
Yes. You're not going anywhere.
You are the only male friend
that I've ever had.
And trust me, I need a friend
much more than I need a boyfriend.
Okay. Well, then, as your friend,
let me insist on this, Ana.
You don't need to fight that battle.
Start off alone,
from scratch.
And give up on what is mine by right?
There are laws by marriage
that give me these rights.
You men are sometimes very problematic
in that you're not concerned
with women's point of view.
But I will stand my ground.
The only battle that is lost
is that which is abandoned.
And believe me, I'm ready.
I deserve this.
[both laugh]
Wait, come here.
[touching music playing]
[music fades]
[Rosario] Come in.
I'll go get Janet.
Would it be possible
for me to take her to my house
so she knows where I live?
Well, you should ask her that question.
[José] Oh, okay. Another thing.
Listen, Rosario. I
I've decided I want to answer for Janet.
I wanna give her my surname.
Well, that is also something
you should ask her.
Although, since she is so happy
to have a father,
- I doubt she'll have a problem.
- [José chuckles]
[Rosario] But don't forget, José.
You should know
that making a decision like this
implies that you are able to take on
certain responsibilities.
Yeah, sure.
I'm referring to child support.
[pensive music playing]
The thing is, Rosario,
that right now, I'm short of money.
I mean, I barely have enough
to survive and for Camilo.
The problem is, José,
that I'm not asking you for a favor.
I'm only saying
what the law requires for Janet.
You wanna become her father?
Then you would have to
take full responsibility.
I'll go get her.
[José sighs]
[music fades]
Well, during the break,
we went to talk to my mom,
and she told us something.
A new candidate just signed up
for the elections, and he's been cleared.
That's awesome! You see?
People care more about this
than you think.
Spit it out.
We're talking about Quiñonez.
- What?
- [Camilo] Yes. Totally confirmed.
Is that dude psycho?
He'll sabotage the elections.
- Obviously.
- I think so.
Whatever the case,
we have to respect his decision.
What do you mean?
Quiñonez is the basest person we know.
He always has hidden intentions.
You know how he is.
Everybody is entitled to participate
in the democratic process.
Even people like Octavio Quiñonez.
I don't know.
We should still keep an eye on him.
We're pretty sure that
he wants to sabotage the elections
and stop Castro from coming back.
He's the worst.
- Yes.
- [Eva] I know.
What's going on?
[Quiñonez] And in this school,
the majority of students are men, right?
In fact, women, well,
they arrived here not so long ago,
and they are few.
So then, my question is, gentlemen,
if we're looking through
this democratic process
for someone to represent
the majority of us,
would it be wise of us
to send a woman to the student council
before the board of directors?
I frankly don't think so.
We should be represented by a man.
A man who has been part of this school
long enough to know it.
Someone who knows what is needed
and how to get it.
And that man, my fellow students,
is me.
- [rock music playing]
- Octavio Quiñonez.
I am willing to become your voice
in front of the board of directors
of the school.
But not by challenging them
and making a fuss over everything
but through dialogue
and negotiation, right?
I believe that is the path
towards problem-solving.
I'll let you think about it.
I hope I can count on you.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
[Quiñonez] Did you like it? Yeah.
[Quiñonez laughs]
[Camilo] Is he for real?
Quiñonez can't win this.
[Salcedo] I'm sure someone is telling him
exactly what to say.
Or we may be discovering
a new side of him.
No, it's too weird to be true.
Well, if any of you thought
he had enrolled in the elections
to sabotage them, you can rule that out
because what he said makes sense.
I agree with Granados.
I'm sure someone's pitching him.
I'm sure it's Dr. Alicia.
Then he's the candidate
of the official party.
So we would be facing
the whole board of directors.
That's the game
of traditional politicians.
If Quiñonez wins the elections,
we should forget about Castro
and the Acuñas coming back to school.
Whoa. No, don't worry.
I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry. It's just
[Janet laughs]
I have a very heavy hand.
I don't think I can do this.
How about you learn to do it?
I don't know.
No matter how much I try,
I won't get it right.
What if I do your makeup?
To me?
Yes, to you.
- I'll sit, okay?
- [Janet laughs]
And and how would I do that?
I'll teach you how to use each thing
but on your face.
So now, let's start off with color.
Color? Sure, show me.
- The color of the shade.
- The shade?
[José laughs]
What if we start by eating something?
Aren't you hungry?
What do you have?
What do I have?
I think, hmm, I have sardines and rice.
[Janet] Hmm.
[endearing music playing]
I don't really like that.
- No?
- No.
[both laughing]
Then what would you like?
[door opens]
[door closes]
[music fades]
- Hello.
- Hi, Ana.
Let me introduce you to Janet.
She is my daughter.
- Hello.
- [Janet] Hi.
How are you?
In serious trouble
[José laughs]
because my dad won't cooperate.
[both laughing]
- [José] That's quite true.
- Yeah.
You're looking heavenly today, Mrs. Ana.
[emotional music playing]
- We have to bring up his background.
- Right.
We have to mention his business
with his uncle.
I don't agree with that. No, no, no.
He's capable of mentioning
what happened with Luisa,
and we can't risk that.
If that makes Quiñonez lose,
then it's worth it.
[Álvaro] Thanks, guys.
- You all are the best.
- We'll bring him down with that.
No, no, no. We're not going to do that.
Why would you say such a thing?
Why not?
Because then we would be
playing their game.
It's one of the politically
dirtiest moves that exists.
No, we have to come up
with smart proposals, revolutionary ideas.
Let's keep our heads high.
Let's see if that dipshit
plays the game with the same rules
and with the same respect.
[Gustavo] So what's up, everyone?
- What are you doing here?
- Pabón?
And who are we plotting against
this time, guys?
So how is it?
One second.
- There.
- [Ana] Is it good?
- [Janet] Beautiful.
- [Ana] Really?
[Janet laughs]
- Can I look now?
- [Janet] Yes.
I love it!
I love it.
[Janet chuckles] I'm thirsty.
- I'll go get you something.
- [Janet] No, I'll get it.
I like it very much.
Hmm. I told you she is an expert.
José, I can't believe you have a daughter
with such an eye and talent
for makeup as this one.
[José chuckles]
Thank you so much, Ana.
For what?
For arriving just in time
and saving the day.
And thank you for being patient
and being kind to Janet.
No, it's no problem.
- And she seems really nice.
- [José] Hm.
Life is crazy, huh?
We wanted to have a girl.
You know how we were working on that
before all this started?
Yes, I do remember,
but this isn't a good time
to talk about it.
So when, then?
All we do now is fight. We argue.
We threaten each other.
[Ana sighs]
Do you know what I realized
in the middle of this?
I still love you.
And I need you each day more and more.
Tell me, Ana.
Did you stop loving me?
[emotional music playing]
I ask myself that question every day.
And I still don't know the answer.
Then why would you divorce me?
I don't wanna be attached to anyone.
I don't want commitments.
I wanna make decisions
without feeling pressured,
without being told
that what I think is wrong.
If you really love me,
you should try to understand that
and respect me.
That's pretty hard for me.
It's difficult for me to give up
before giving my life for this.
[music stops]
That's how I won you over.
Yes, but this isn't a war, José.
I don't need an enemy.
I need an ally.
Someone who gets and supports me.
[door opens]
[feel-good music playing]
I'm loving this makeup, Janet.
I feel very pretty.
Thank you.
Now let's move on to my specialty.
I love it.
- [all] Cheers!
- [Camilo] To Pabón! Yeah!
Why didn't you tell us
you were coming back, man?
What? And miss the stupid faces you made?
So what? You coming back to school?
Yeah. No, I couldn't see myself
graduating anywhere else.
How did it go at Bucaramanga?
Ah, well, quite difficult,
but thanks to a teacher and theater,
I was able
I was able to show everyone at school
many things about myself
that they didn't know and didn't accept.
That you're a homo?
[Rodrigo] Hey! Come on!
- Yes, also that.
- I mean
Are you an actor?
Actor, director, and playwright.
How about that?
Will we see you on TV?
Mm, I don't know. I wish.
Or maybe further on in the future.
What I wanna do now is
create a theater group at José María.
[adult Camilo] At that moment,
my connection with Eva was so strong
that we could understand each other
with just one look.
You have to understand that
it will take us longer than we expected.
But you can be sure
that if I win these elections,
the first thing I'll do
is bring up your case to the board.
And in the meantime?
Well, be patient.
But I brought you this book
to help pass the time.
Read it.
- Crime and Punishment?
- [Eva] Mm-hmm.
It's one of my favorites from Dostoevsky.
It will make you think.
[both] Think about what?
In this story, the main character
is pretty similar to you two,
and he asks himself many questions.
For example, about the relationship
between ideals and legality.
Or social condition and crime, okay?
Well, I need to go to the bathroom
before first period,
but let's keep in touch.
Here, you can keep it, Granados,
because books give us headaches.
Oh, please! At least give it a chance.
Maybe you'll find the answers
that you're looking for.
Listen, Granados, the only answer
we're looking for from you
is whether you'll help us
get admitted back to José María or not.
- The rest is bullshit.
- [Edgar] Yeah, Granados.
Tell your girlfriend to pick up the pace
because we're missing a lot of classes.
If not, we will need a miracle
to even graduate.
All right.
[rock music playing]
- Good luck.
- [Camilo] Thanks, bye.
What's the problem with them, huh?
There's something I'm not buying
about their desperate need
for them to come back to school.
To start with, I don't think the Acuñas
believe what they did was wrong.
I'm sure they'll keep doing it
in the future.
And Castro has always said
that school is a waste of time.
So why are they worried now
about graduating high school?
This has to do with
something else, Camilo.
Everyone wants to feel like
they're part of something.
In this case, the school.
[Camilo] Hmm.
The problems are
the groups and institutions
that reject what is different
because it challenges them to think.
For example, the Acuñas at José María.
Or like me when I arrived.
Or, um,
like your dad's reaction
to your grandma having a girlfriend.
You know about that?
Oh, please, Camilo.
We all saw it that time
when we were studying at Mrs. Lucy's.
All of you? Why didn't you tell me?
For the same reason
you didn't say anything.
It's exactly what I'm talking about.
Society is full
of prejudices and intolerance,
and if we don't do anything about it,
it will remain unchanged.
[adult Camilo] Inclusion is a subject
that is part of today's public agenda,
but it wasn't discussed in the '70s,
and things were quietly assumed
without anyone talking about them.
I see the future,
and I see you as a lawyer.
I haven't ruled it out.
It's one of the careers
I'd like to study after high school.
Hey, you know what?
I think that that could be the reason
why these dudes wanna come back to school.
Well, it's pretty clear that you have
a secure future ahead of you, but
not all of us will go on to college.
And even if we say otherwise,
being here at school
keeps us together and busy,
even if it is fighting against the system.
what happens
after school?
[melancholy music playing]
[adult Camilo] I couldn't sleep
a wink that night
so I entered the depths
of Crime and Punishment.
In it, Dostoevsky makes it clear
that character determines destiny
and not the other way around.
That point of view,
well, validated what Eva said
and posed a challenge for me.
But maybe what impressed me the most
was the love story
between Raskolnikov and Sonia.
It was a complex story,
as complex as mine and Eva's
or my dad and my mom's.
It took them seven years
and a sentence of forced labor in Siberia
to get their happy ending.
Could that be my destiny?
Was I going to face many years
and a sentence of forced labor
to finally be with Eva
as I always dreamed?
[dramatic orchestral music playing]
Hey, sweetheart!
[adult Camilo]
According to the regulations,
at least 48 hours before the election,
candidates had to debate their ideas
in front of the student body.
There are a lot of cases of women
who were important
in the field of politics.
Like Golda Meir, like Rosa Luxemburg,
Margaret Thatcher,
Isabel Martínez de Perón,
and many others
who have demonstrated
that being a woman
is not an obstacle to being a leader.
And that when it comes to representation,
the wisest choice
is the most capable person
with the best platform.
Well, um, enough stalling.
Let's cut to the chase, Samper.
We have several proposals,
but the most important one
has to do with the grade system.
We want to revisit the way
we are being measured by numbers
and establish a new form of evaluation.
A less pragmatic system.
More humanistic.
A system
that doesn't encourage competition
nor individualism but the exact opposite.
In fact, we want the curricula
to move away from instruction
and start emphasizing art.
We would like José María
to have a theater group.
- [Quiñonez] Bravo.
- An art department where
Bravo, Samper.
Well, you may be many things,
but you're definitely a good friend.
Because, and I insist,
you're doing all of this
to help your friends, am I right?
For example, you wanna help
a certain someone come back
to the school, like Castro,
also known as the king of the cheat sheet,
now turned into a professional thief.
Will you deny it?
Okay, please, Octavio,
it is my turn to speak now. Thank you.
- You will get your turn after me.
- What you proposed sounds very nice.
Right, gentlemen? That thing about
grades and art and theater.
But turns out
what we are looking for here, Samper,
is the right fit.
And I don't think you have what we need.
Am I wrong?
- No!
- [boy] None of them!
Allow me to remind you that
that Miss Samper's dad has been arrested.
He's at his house, yes,
but he has been declared
a criminal, hasn't he?
- We're not here to mix things up, Octavio.
- The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
There you go.
And let me also remind you
that the Acuñas
have pending business with the law
because they are also thieves.
And don't forget that Luisa Salcedo
Good morning.
is pregnant.
- So what?
- Shut your mouth!
Shut up.
You may not know this,
but she tried to have an abortion.
[students groaning]
Okay, so why is that a problem?
"Why is that a problem"?
There you have it. [laughs]
And let's also keep in mind
that the father of Camilo Granados
came to school recently
to wildly attack the philosophy professor.
Sir, you're not alone.
We will do right by you.
And to round it off, fellow students,
another member of the group
is Gustavo Pabón.
Remember him?
He is Martín Salcedo's official boyfriend.
- Shut your face!
- Right?
You stupid asshole!
Who was able to come back
to this place, unruffled,
after being expelled last year
from this school for perversion.
[students] Go away!
Go away!
So then, uh, gentlemen,
the question is simple.
Are these the kind of people
we want to represent us
in the new student council?
[all] No!
[boy] No!
Thank you.
[students] Bravo!
No. We looked like total idiots out there
because we played by the rules
of the democratic game.
We did what we had to do.
- Quiñonez didn't propose a single thing.
- Nothing.
Oh, yes, he has one.
- Tear us all apart.
- That was a dirty war.
Son of a bitch. I won't let it slide.
That idiot will have to face me.
Oof! I swear to God,
I'll make him swallow his words.
No, you won't do anything, Martín.
We'll stick to the plan, okay?
I'm sure people realize
we are the only group
that presented clear ideas and proposals.
And they'll vote for us.
But we can't react violently
because if we do,
then we would be playing Octavio's game.
Listen, Eva.
You're a smart woman, but don't be naive.
Hey, easy.
When you're into politics, like us,
you have to be ready
for things like this to happen.
We can't lose our integrity,
so please don't fuck it up, okay?
At least do it for me. I'm asking.
[rock music playing]
What's up?
Did you guys fall in love with me or what?
You're mad at me?
It's time you take responsibility
for everything you said this morning.
And you're gonna
gang up on me or something?
Oh yeah.
Come on, you bunch of pussies.
Get in line. I'll give you what you want.
Or you want it all together?
- Come here, asshole!
- Wait! Wait!
[stutters] Leave him to me.
This stuttering idiot
has some sense of humor.
I've been wanting to give him
what he deserves for a long time.
- Don't worry, guys.
- Come on!
In my theater classes,
I learned martial arts as well.
[Salcedo laughs]
You got this, dude.
Wipe the smirk off his face, Pabón.
This one is for you, Salcedo.
Aw! You're so cute.
[action music playing]
What are you doing?
What is that?
Very well.
I want to welcome back our former student,
who is now into theater.
And in honor of that,
I would like you all to read a book
by an old friend of ours.
The Birth of Tragedy
by Friedrich Nietzsche.
- [knocking at door]
- [Adolfo] Come in.
Hello. I'm sorry to interrupt, Professor.
Come in. Don't worry.
Some students need to go
to the principal's office.
Eva Samper.
[unsettling music playing]
Luisa and Martín Salcedo.
Camilo Granados.
Gustavo Pabón.
And Rodrigo Arbeláez.
- That's all. Thanks.
- [Adolfo] Sure. Thank you.
[Dr. Alicia] Is this what you understand
by the concept of democracy?
Huh? Gentlemen.
No, don't worry.
You don't need to speak
because Mr. Quiñonez
told me everything about the episode
in which he was victimized
after the debates here in the schoolyard.
They ganged up on me and attacked me!
Stop lying, Quiñonez! It was just me!
While they attacked me, they kept
telling me to abandon the elections.
- You're such a liar!
- Nobody told you that!
So what, then?
Are you suggesting I did this to myself?
That's not true!
You started with all this!
- Hey!
- Shut up, asshole!
I honestly expected much more,
so much more of you, gentlemen.
Of all of you.
Especially those of you who came up with
the idea of creating a student council.
And just so you know, to me,
this is a huge disappointment.
Please leave.
[uneasy music playing]
I swear to God that Quiñonez is lying.
We didn't gang up on him and attack him.
Pabón hit him just once!
[Camilo] Yes.
N no, it was the only way
to make him understand. Right, guys?
I can't believe this is the first thing
you do after coming back to school.
Where is the theater group?
Eva, we couldn't pretend
nothing had happened.
That man had wiped the floor
with all of us. You included.
That wasn't what we had agreed on.
- You said you wouldn't do anything.
- We told you that so you gave us a break.
We had to do it. Right, guys?
You didn't have to do anything,
and you fucked it up.
Well, that's proof that there are things
chicks will never understand.
- Hey.
- No, no, no.
This is proof that there are things
dudes will never understand.
That's why our world is what it is.
A mess.
No, man. I can't believe you guys
keep talking me into these things.
- Luisa!
- Oh, go after her, sweet cheeks!
We have to make it up to Eva somehow.
[funky music playing]
I think we really fucked it up.
[music fades]
[Sara exhales]
- Hello.
- What's up?
Do you have a plan?
I'm all ears, so
[José] Very well.
- First of all
- Mm-hmm.
I want you to know
I won't let you speak ill of my wife.
- But why would you Mm.
- Secondly.
You should know that
I won't do anything to damage her.
- Why would you say
- She made a decision.
- Mm.
- I don't like it, but I respect it.
- Seriously? Uh-huh.
- Thirdly.
What happens between us is our business.
No one else's.
- But
- Fourth and finally!
- Get out of my cab right now.
- What?
People like you are trouble.
Get out, please.
- I can't believe it. Come on.
- Get out. Don't make me do it!
- I'm out!
- Oh, someone's
I should have seen it coming
from someone like you! [grunts]
[breathes deeply]
- [boy 1] He's coming!
- [students] He's coming!
- He's coming!
- [students] He's coming!
[adult Camilo] After vowing
to never act violently ever again,
which was obviously not happening,
we managed to calm Eva down
and unify by election day.
[chanting] No more grades!
[Camilo] What do we want?
[students] No more grades!
[Camilo] Who's gonna help?
[students] Eva is your girl!
What do we want?
No more grades!
[Camilo] Who's gonna help?
[students] Eva is your girl!
What do we want?
No more grades!
Who's gonna help?
Eva is your girl!
[chanting continues]
[Camilo] Eva!
[all chanting] Eva! Eva!
Eva! Eva!
If you need actors,
you should call Quiñonez.
If you don't know him, you believe him.
What an actor.
The only good thing is that
everybody knows who he is.
But since you've
turned him into a victim, well
Eva, give us a break, please.
No, I mean, we have to be ready.
You know about theater.
Tell us, isn't it true that the audience
always relates more to the victim?
[Gustavo] Yes, but this is Quiñonez.
In this case, like Granados says,
everybody knows him,
and no one is gonna believe him.
[breathless] Guys.
- [Salcedo] What?
- The baby is coming!
- What? How come? It's not time yet!
- What?
[Luisa] I think my water broke.
- What should I do?
- [Salcedo] We have to go to the hospital.
Luisa, breathe! We have to go!
- What should I do?
- Let's go.
[Eva] Breathe, Luisa. Breathe.
- Let's make a way for her.
- Open the door. Open it!
Just breathe. We got you.
- Martín!
- [Salcedo] I'll call a cab!
- There it is.
- You got this.
[ambulance siren wailing]
[woman on PA] Mary Rose
to the nurse's station.
It's okay. Gonna be just fine.
It just wasn't her time yet.
I've heard that every newborn
always comes before their due date.
[gasps] Mama.
- What happened? How is Luisa?
- What's up? Fine, fine. She's fine.
You think you know.
You know how these things go.
- It's okay. You all right?
- But then they happen, and you
Oh, thanks for calling me, baby.
- Thanks for coming, Mom.
- Don't worry.
[tender music playing]
Thanks for looking out for her.
It's going to be fine. Let's pray.
Let's pray.
- What happened?
- [Ana] She is in labor.
[exhales] But is she okay?
Yes. Let's hope so.
Okay, let's hope.
Congratulations, Grandma.
Thank you, Professor.
I'm sorry. One second.
José. José! Over here.
- Is he here?
- [Ana] No. No, not yet.
- I have everything. Diapers. A bottle.
- Miss Lucy. Lucero. How are you?
Everything. A blanket, everything.
I have everything.
Well, well. Calm down. Calm down.
Can you believe
he couldn't drive the taxi?
- Lucero brought us here.
- My legs are shaking.
- Hi, Dad. What's up?
- [José] Hi, kiddo.
- Hi, Grandma.
- My baby.
- How are you?
- [Camilo] I'm fine. And you?
- Thank you, Miss Lucero.
- Oh, no need for that.
- How much has her cervix dilated?
- I don't know. When do they tell you that?
- You have to ask the doctor that.
- [Rosario] Hey there.
- Is my nephew here?
- [José] No. No. Not yet.
I found out at school
and told this little lady,
and she insisted we come here.
[José] Sure. Sure.
- Come.
- We are sitting over there. This way.
- Come along.
- [Rosario] Thank you.
[woman on PA] Dr. Perez to OR 3.
Dr. Perez to OR 3.
Hello, José.
He's almost here.
Yes, he is.
He's taking his time.
Well, I wanted to apologize to you
for, well, for
You know, for what happened.
- Don't worry, José. I get it.
- Hmm.
I wanna thank you
for dropping the charges.
Thank you.
[woman 2 on PA] Patient Nicolas Benitez
to the front desk.
Come on.
Don't thank me for that.
You really should thank Professor Rosario.
One more thing.
I want you to know
I won't interfere
in your relationship with Ana,
so don't worry.
Love her deeply and make her happy.
- Goodbye.
- Wait, José.
I appreciate the gesture.
I really do.
Uh, you're misinformed
because Ana and I are not together.
She made it very clear
she just wants to be friends.
And that is all.
So nothing else.
[woman 3 on PA]
Security personnel to room 403 stat.
Security personnel to room 403 stat.
Fuck this. No one says anything.
[Rodrigo] It's a shame
it all happened so fast.
It would have been nice
to have a water birth.
[Camilo sighs] Yes.
Thank you so much. I mean it.
Not just for backing me up
with all of this
but for being there for Luisa.
If it hadn't been for you,
this would've been much more difficult.
Thank you.
[Camilo] Thank you.
Listen, Granados.
I'll always love you as a brother.
And I'll love the baby.
And Luisa as my partner.
I know it sounds weird
but it's true.
- [Eva] Oh.
- [Luismi] What's up? Is the baby here?
No, not yet. What happened?
[Eva] What happened with the election?
- Did we win?
- No. Quiñonez won.
What? Fuck! No!
- [Camilo] Hey, don't worry.
- [Eva] Álvaro.
- No. What are we gonna do?
- [Eva] We'll work it out.
- [Camilo] It's gonna be okay. Easy.
- I can't believe it.
- [doctor] Camilo Granados!
- Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Yes, yes. What? What?
Is he here?
It's a girl.
- Oh! It's a girl!
- It's a girl!
She is a premature baby,
but she's perfectly healthy.
And her mom?
Her mama is great.
She's fine!
[adult Camilo] Now that my daughter
had been born,
the stress of having lost the election,
and over the Castro situation, melted away
I could deal with everything else later.
Get out!
You're an aunt now.
She's ready.
[emotional music playing]
- Really?
- Yes.
[adult Camilo]
Seeing all those people happy
for the promise of a new life
Thank you so much.
made me feel that maybe one day,
solidarity could save the world.
Hi, Doctor.
[adult Camilo] It also made me feel that,
though strange and complex,
this group of people in particular,
so full of problems and unsolved dilemmas,
was my family.
[emotional music continues]
Hello there.
- [Luisa laughs]
- [kisses]
- Easy.
- Luisa, don't squeeze the baby.
[Luisa] Watch the head.
[Camilo] Oh!
[baby coos]
Wanna hold her?
Look at her face.
- Martín, make sure you cradle the head.
- I'll be your uncle, yes.
I'll be your uncle.
Go ahead. It's okay.
[adult Camilo] Seeing Eva so happy
next to the mother of my child
got me thinking that maybe
the family really wasn't breaking apart.
It was more like what Eva had said,
inspired by Engel's book.
It could be reborn, finding peace
in the inevitable contractions
and complexities of being human
and being loved.
In that instant,
I couldn't help but think
that the birth of my daughter
was the happy ending of a story
that had begun in a pretty dramatic way
with Luisa's pregnancy.
That very night, as it was a habit for me,
I wrote my thoughts and feelings down
in an attempt to process everything
that had happened.
What did becoming a father mean to me?
How did it affect what I had with Eva?
Strangely enough, what seemed like an end
was really just a new beginning.
Intoxicated by fatherly happiness,
I was ready for whatever the future held.
[emotional music continues]
[music fades]
[melodic pop music playing]
[music fades]
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