Everwood s01e19 Episode Script

The Miracle of Everwood

Previously on Everwood: You okay? Yeah.
I'm just a little tired.
You want to take a break? Do you blab everything that happens between us to the whole world or just the stuff about me being sick? Do you understand the word "trust"? Because I don't think you do.
I simply inquired about Colin's health much the same way that you came to me.
I came to you in confidence.
How have his moods been? - Okay.
- You know with an injury like Colin's patients can behave unpredictably sometimes I'm not saying that you shouldn't stay close to Colin but things have changed.
You and Amy are gonna have to figure this out.
You don't wanna deal with the severity of what's happened to Colin.
And as your doctor and your friend I am telling you he is not out of the woods yet.
His symptoms could worsen.
Come on.
Come on.
Forget for a minute what the real world looks like.
Yes! There's 10.
Forget what you know you know.
Sometimes you need to believe in what isn't exactly there.
A daydream of better nights.
A storybook fantasy where life is ordered and consistent.
And tales get awfully exciting before they wrap up nicely for all involved.
Nuggets win.
Like you'd make the Nuggets.
I could one day.
I'm gonna be tall.
My dad's tall.
- Bright! - What?! Mom says you have to come inside and do your homework.
Mom says a lot of things.
Tell her I'm outside reading.
No you're not.
You're playing basketball with your dumb friend.
Shut up.
Mom! Bright hit me! Watch this one.
You always go for the 3.
And you always miss too.
- You can do better? - Maybe.
One-armed bandit.
- What are you holding out on me man? - Maybe.
What about the sling? That is history.
As of two minutes ago I finished my rehab.
The only thing left to do is to trash this old thing.
And my doctors say I'm officially back from the shop.
Good as new.
Gone for good the gimp has retired.
Like you're about to be.
You can play? - Better than you.
- Oh you think so? - Oh I know so.
- All right.
Yeah! All right all right.
Yeah let's do this dog.
Let's do this.
Bright! But who are we to enforce reality? After all, you never know when the good angel of fortune might bring a page from your book to life and throw a kind miracle your way.
Denver omelet please.
Maybe I want the french toast.
I'm short on time.
How long does french toast take? Not as long as you're taking to order it.
What's the rush? French toast.
Some magazine is sending a guy to interview me.
Well I wouldn't get too excited.
It's hardly rare for some local birdcage liner to want to fill the space between the crossword and the tuna frittata recipe with whatever profile they can muster.
So what rag is selling ad space on your dime? New York magazine.
You ever heard of a guy named Joel Hurwitz? Oh so you know his work? Joel Hurwitz covered Rwanda.
Last year alone he interviewed Arafat and Brad and Jennifer.
His piece on repressed renewables research was nominated for the Pulitzer in '98.
He was robbed when they gave it to that drivel on antibiotic levels in soil.
He's probably the only living writer to win the PEN/Faulkner Award who's bothered to read Faulkner.
He's coming here to interview you? It's no big deal.
I promised the editor I'd do it.
He's an old friend of mine.
Hurwitz is just gonna follow me around for a couple days.
He said he wanted to do a piece on the city mouse turned country doctor.
I accepted the fact that life stopped being fair to me long ago.
But really this is too much for anyone.
Well who knows? Maybe you'll say something interesting and he'll quote you.
That would be something.
"You know Joel a country doctor is more than just a healer he's an institution.
" That's That's good.
You there coffee man.
A pen fast.
Institution insti Edna I need you to go down to the medical supply house and pick up a couple things.
- What for? We're stocked.
We need a new defibrillator right away.
- What's wrong with the one we've got? - Oh it's broken.
It's bad.
Could you pick us up a new HeartStart FR2-plus in lemon if they have it? Don't worry about the phones I'll cover.
You should be back in a couple hours.
- Are you trying to get rid of me? - No.
- Are you lying to me? - Yes.
You think I'm gonna embarrass you in front of your schmancy-pants reporter? It wouldn't be the craziest thought I ever had.
Like I give a rat's hat about some big-city dink thinks he knows it all.
Are you lying to me? Did you see his last article? If you got a problem with Hurwitz write a letter to the editor.
Otherwise go.
Do you know what you're planning to say? It's a puff piece Edna.
We'll probably talk about my workout regimen.
Or lack thereof.
And key change.
- She never gets tired.
- I know.
She doesn't even drink coffee.
She's like an X-file.
Explain to me how this is an elective when no one wants to be here.
Amy Ephram less hablo more vibrato.
Oh Colin hello.
Hold on class.
- What do you need honey? - I'm sorry to bother you.
- But I need Amy Abbott right away.
- Of course dear.
Amy? Is everything all right? Yeah.
Miss Abbott needs to play hooky the rest of the afternoon.
It's rather urgent.
And altos pick it up from "shrink ran off to Europe.
" You have to stop following me around Arnie.
I can't.
I decided you're my girlfriend.
I am not.
I decided.
Do I have to do anything? Okay.
But only if you do everything I tell you.
Go get my loose-leaf.
Children take your seats.
Thessaly put that book away.
You should know better by now than to be reading in my classroom.
I have good news.
I just came from the principal's office where despite my protestations that I wouldn't trust you in public any more than I would a troop of baboons we discussed your class trip.
I think you will be most pleased with our choice.
We will be traveling back in time to the ancient Egypt exhibit at the Museum of History.
- We're seeing the mummies? I should point out that this fine idea came from Miss Squeaky-Wheel herself.
Delia take a bow.
She's my girlfriend.
Andy Brown? That'd make you reporter Joel Hurwitz.
Not getting in law school made me reporter Joel Hurwitz.
But yes.
Nice to meet you finally.
Glad you made it.
I was getting worried.
- Roads weren't bad.
- I meant me.
I've been practicing charming banter in my head.
Oh that's fun.
I rattled the guy who flight-tested the CyberKnife on intracranial tumors and won the Neurological Surgeons Investigator Award how many times? I'm guessing you know the answer to that.
Try me.
I don't have any patients.
Why don't we talk in my office.
No need to jump into the 20 questions.
I drove more in the last six hours than I have in the last six years.
How about we take a walk? Show me the town you left the big town for.
That'd be great.
You're gonna love it.
- Who's that? - That's Edna Harper.
She's my nurse.
She's a big fan.
So Welcome to Everwood.
Former silver-mining town and now home to a population of Actually I have no idea.
Enough to keep two doctors busy.
The other country doctor's office is right over there.
Although he's more of a misplaced city dweller than a corncob-pipe kind of a guy.
And here we have the unattended fruit stand.
Which no one would consider stealing from.
Apple? - Sure.
- Hi Martha.
Nice to see you doctor.
That's Martha Thompson.
The Martha Thompson.
Four-time winner of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Cake-off.
Okay? Bye.
Journalists can have a Heisenberg effect.
It wears off eventually.
Well fortunately we got Irv Harper.
Lucky husband of my nurse and guaranteed normal person.
Everwoodies wiggly for attention? - You have no idea.
- Just a smidge.
Well I never cared much for mainstream journalists.
One of them could come into town set on writing about one thing and completely miss the more captivating story about the lone black man living in a racially homogenous town.
But if anyone wanted to talk about it l'd probably be open for discussion.
I give up.
They're usually so quaint.
Oh please.
If this place was any more quaint it'd be a doily.
To be honest I'm not all that interested in the town Andy or country-doctoring for that matter.
Well you drove a long way for an apple.
I came to find out what happened to you.
Something made one of the world's most famous doctors dump his natural habitat to make it in rural square state America.
- I don't know if I'd say I made it yet.
- Me neither.
Everyone in New York thinks you're just on a sabbatical.
Know that? Well it doesn't matter what they think.
I know your record.
You're too What? Good.
Too big.
Too Andy Brown for the free clinic to be it for you.
To me that means you're up to something.
I want you to show me what.
I'm guessing we just jumped to the 20 questions.
Let's go! Bring it in bring it in! Hustle! Thank you! Let's play a little five-on-five.
Abbott Marlowe captains.
You pick first Abbott.
Colin Hart.
- Sorry Colin.
Can't play today.
- No it's cool.
The sling came off yesterday.
Good for you.
Now step aside.
It's all right.
I can play.
I don't care if you can dunk.
Until I see a doctor's note you're knitting bootees in the bleachers so take a powder.
Let him go.
Late again Brown.
I got stuck in lab.
Working on my study of why sports makes you call people by their last name.
That's cute.
Throw your sweats on.
Give me a lap for every minute that you're late.
- Let's go.
- Zeb.
Come on.
You're a sock.
Why do you have to fight me the whole way up? Hey! Let go of me! - Knock it off Colin.
- Let go of me! - Settle down.
- Let go.
I'd much rather we weren't in this position.
There's a very short list of things we do not and cannot tolerate from our students.
Destruction of property tops that list.
And that's what you saw? Right.
We know you've been through a lot this year.
And with the obstacles you've had to face it's no surprise that certain frustration can become well unbearable.
Not that that's an excuse.
Nevertheless if I understand this correctly this incident was not without provocation.
Benching you that was Wasn't exactly sensitive of me.
I was doing a bunch of stuff at once.
And I'm sorry Colin.
Okay then.
Fortunately no one was hurt in this.
And since nothing of value is damaged I don't think it's necessary to get parents involved.
Perhaps it's best if we just put this whole incident behind us.
Agreed? Sure.
So that's it? Yes Ephram.
That's it.
- What if they expel him? - Colin's like Teflon.
They can't touch him.
We could get the doctors to say they can't expel him that he needs the structure.
They know there's no way he'd do something like that.
- I don't know.
- Hey.
- What did they say? - It's all cool.
Really? It is now.
Your dad was an auto mechanic.
You did your homework.
My dad was a great auto mechanic.
Best in Rhode Island.
Best anywhere probably.
He specialized in French cars.
Peugeot Renault.
He liked to joke that they're the ones that require the most servicing.
But I knew it was really because they were the hardest to get right.
He liked a challenge.
You inherited that.
I don't know.
We weren't very close.
Do you miss neurosurgery? Well I do a lot of good doctoring here too.
But yeah I miss it sometimes.
But it's worth it for the kids.
I'm not saying everything's perfect with them.
We have good days and bad days.
We were talking about you.
Want to sit down? - No.
- Everything okay? - No.
- You want to talk? Totally.
Not one of our good days.
The book says I'm supposed to say prayers to make sure you get to Egyptian heaven.
I'm not really dead.
Then how can I pull your brains out of your nose? How could you be scared of mummies? - I don't know.
- I bet they're even scarier at night.
Put that back on! You're so easy.
Wouldn't it be cool if we could see the mummies at night? I wish I could sleep in the museum.
- Like in that book.
- What book? The Mixed-up Files of Mrs.
Basil E.
That girl Claudia decides to live in a museum.
We're reading it for class.
We just had a test on it.
I bet I could do that.
I bet I could sleep in the museum.
No way.
How? When we go on the class trip I'd hide and have the whole place to myself.
You'll get busted.
I won't because you're going to help me.
Dad! Dad! - What is it kiddo? - Can I sleep over at Arnie's tomorrow? We're gonna play Egyptians after seeing the mummies.
I'll go straight from school.
I'll call his mom.
We already asked.
And she already said okay okay? Okay.
- I got this one.
- Oh thanks.
You met Celine.
Your money's no good here.
So today is actually house-call day? Eleven to 4 hence lunch to go.
I used to make nonemergency calls all the time.
But it got too tough on the family.
Robert Troy.
Now you two are still taking the vitamins like I told you huh? Good lad good lad.
Here's a sucker for each of you.
There you go.
Well-met fellow healer.
Same to you.
Joel this is Harold Abbott The other doctor in town.
The other doctor.
Enjoying your time with our Dr.
Brown here? Oh he's come a long way.
Had a lot to learn from me about how to be a country doctor.
Here in the country where the very air has a palliative effect on most ailments.
Well I'd love to stay and chat but I've got an office chock-full of patients requiring my attention.
Hate to I hate to keep any of them waiting.
After all you never know which case is going to turn out to be the one that you became a doctor for.
Hurwitz if you have any questions at all about anything even about Dr.
Brown don't hesitate to call.
- I just might do that.
It's been like this nonstop.
Listen you live in a tree.
How could you have hay fever? I think I cracked a rib sneezing last night.
Any chance you might take that as a sign to return to sea level? You've been up here four weeks.
It's not an option.
If I leave they'll cut her down.
Could you toss me up some of those antihistamines? Sorry.
Damn sapsuckers are everywhere.
Want to prove they got the soy nuts to take us on.
Hey! Get back at your parents on your own time! This has to rank as one of Dr.
Brown's more memorable patients.
I don't know if I'd say that.
Really? What would you say? Tree-hopping for longhairs doesn't really compare to what he did for Colin Hart.
Who? The coma kid.
You didn't know about that? I thought that was why you were here.
Fourth of July there was a car accident.
Kid goes flying through the windshield.
He's in a coma for four months.
Nobody has any clue what to do.
That is till Dr.
Brown goes in to see him.
Now the kid's back to life like he'd done nothing more than skip breakfast.
I can't believe he didn't tell you about that.
Me neither.
What was that kid's name again? Colin! Want to play some ball? You think Mr.
Austin will let me on this time? Pretty safe bet.
He really thinks you freaked out on him.
- What do you mean? - You were just using the coma boy "get out of jail free" cards.
Playing it up right? - Definitely.
You'd do the same thing right? - Definitely.
- I'll catch up with you in a sec.
- All right.
- What's going on? - You wanna shoot some hoops? That's all right.
I'm on dinner duty.
Delia starts scarfing down cereal if I'm not quick with the take-out.
Yesterday in Ackerman's office why'd you try to sell me out? - I didn't sell you out.
- "That's it?" - I mean what was that? - It caught me off guard.
- You gotta admit it was messed up.
- It was no big deal.
No big deal? You took a bat to the teacher's office.
Hey he started it.
What about the car window? Did he start it? Or the trophy case? Yeah I figured it out.
I'm not stupid.
Hey listen man I'm fine.
I mean I wasn't for a long time but I beat it you know.
I mean I can read I can hold numbers in my head.
I can bench-press 160.
I lost a lot but I can make new memories.
- I'm doing good again.
- Yeah you're doing good.
But that guy in there with the bat wasn't you.
All right so I lost it.
But I got it under control.
You can keep me in line.
You can help me.
- Help you cover? - Would you get over this? The rest of the world has.
Maybe if I knew you when you were the golden boy but right now you scare me.
- Okay.
If that's the way you want it.
- That's not much of a choice.
What is this some pathetic last-ditch effort to get me off Amy? To get her to think that I'm still being spoon-fed applesauce? No wonder my sister took off and left you alone.
You believe whatever you want.
Rest of the world already does.
Hey come on.
Ephram! Dude it's not what you think! You watch! I'm not like that! I'm not like that! - One more try and that bitch is yours.
- I'm skipping ahead thanks.
- Is that for your recital? - No.
The recital piece I can actually play.
This is impossible.
The reason Liszt wrote it was nobody could play it.
I try to prove him wrong when I need to get out of my head.
Colin said you tried to get him busted.
You told the principal on him.
That makes sense.
Did you? I promise you pick any other subject and we'll talk for hours.
Art horses.
I'll even do sports.
You know I heard our field hockey team demolished Ben Franklin.
Just tell me what happened.
Let me guess.
Colin told you I might tell you he was sick so you'd doubt him.
Am I right? Everyone thinks I'm dumber than I am.
Why is that? Do I dress dumb? It's your fault you know.
You're the one that told me to have faith.
You're the one who told me that I couldn't give up on Colin even if I tried.
Look I promised Colin I'd stay on his side no matter what and I will.
Colin's alive.
He got his arm back.
Ninety-five percent of him is what it was before the accident.
And everyone wants to concentrate on the 5 percent that's still broken? I mean come on Ephram.
Colin's been through hell to get where he is.
Believe me whatever it is that's wrong now he can handle it.
No he can't.
Well then I can.
Good luck with that.
Look! I'm a mummy.
Not until high school sweetheart.
Children line up! - Get ready.
- You can't.
- I'm gonna.
- You have a snack? Two bags of cookies and a juice box.
Just in case.
- Thanks.
- After I've called your name please step out and onto the bus.
- Tiffany Andrews.
- Here.
- Ginny Borthwick.
- Here.
- Delia Brown.
- Here.
- Douglas Clark.
- Here.
- Lance Dobson.
- Here.
- Lisa Haskins.
- Here.
- Scotty Swanson.
- Here.
- Todd Oldman.
- Here.
"Do you feel being in a small town keeps you away from more cutting-edge technologies?" Of course not Joel.
A doctor's best piece of technology is his mind.
How does that feel? Is that too sound-bitey? I don't know.
It sounds fine.
Bright try to pay better attention.
Hurwitz's work is a direct line to Bartlett's.
Clearly a more secure form of immortality than children.
"And tell me Dr.
Abbott what are your feelings on homos?" That's "HMOs" Bright.
Could you ask Amy to do this? This is more of an Amy thing.
That would require us to be on speaking terms.
If you don't mind I need to be prepared in the event that Hurwitz calls me for an interview.
- Hello? - Dr.
Abbott, Joel Hurwitz here.
I'm glad that you called.
- Now how can I help you? - Actually if it's all right with you I'd like to speak to Amy.
I'd like to meet with her.
The recovery sucked.
I don't know how else to say it.
You know Dr.
Brown he performed his magic and brought me back to life.
But that was just the beginning of the nightmare.
I remember sitting in that hospital bed and not understanding "Why can't I move my arm?" You know everything hurt.
I tried to ask for some water and I didn't know how.
Not that I didn't know what water was.
Just not the word.
I couldn't take that again.
If I had to pick that or veg out in a coma How did you make it? I did what I had to do.
Amy she had the hardest job.
No joke.
She helped me remember who I was and dealt with the changes.
Changes? Like what? Is he different? In some ways.
The little things you know.
He's less ticklish now.
And he bites his nails.
That's new and gross.
- And kisses different.
- Better? I know there's a right answer here.
Of course better.
Comprehensive rehab.
You essentially orchestrated his surgery.
You brought Dr.
Brown in.
You never stopped trying even after the doctors told you it was over.
Pretty stupid huh? All I knew is that I loved him.
Love made more sense than science.
Before you start up to your room and slam the door the comic store called.
He said Ghost in the Shell 2 finally came in and he saved you 10 copies.
Ten? You finally find out if Motoko and the Puppet Master are sharing her cyborg body.
The first one was really good.
So how's the interview going? Oh I think I bored Joel away for a while which is good because all that smiling's giving me TMJ.
- I figured you would've liked the attention.
- I would have thought I would have too.
You're doing that lingering thing that I do which you hate.
Something wrong? There's something wrong with Colin.
I don't know.
He's been having these weird episodes.
Seizures? No It's more like he's Hulk-ing out.
- I don't know how to describe it.
- He got violent? He didn't hurt anybody but he could have.
What the hell's wrong with him? I was hoping the nausea would be the end of it.
Well it could be any number of things or it could be nothing at all.
- Can you do something? I wish.
His parents won't let me get near him long enough to find out what's happening.
- Talk to them.
- I told them.
They don't want to hear it.
- Everybody else knows.
A teacher saw him freak out.
I watched them sweep it under the rug.
No one wants to see him as anything but a miracle.
How can you and I be the only ones willing to say anything? I don't know.
Maybe it's like your comics.
Sometimes you just need to tune out and be in a world that does what you want it to.
Some people can't put the book down.
You're not scared are you? Hello? Is anyone there? Help! Someone help! Help! Pick up for Brown.
Look who decided to show up.
Keeping an eye on me? Making sure I stay out of trouble officer? I'm sorry.
Did I slam that too hard? Because that wouldn't be me.
You and I need to talk.
- You got something to say to me? - I might.
- Go for it.
- You decide to keep your mouth shut yet? I don't have to.
You're getting by because dumbo and the world has decided to kiss your ass.
- There's nothing wrong with me.
- You're a good judge of that.
You thought it'd stop with the puking.
It didn't.
You got worse ahead.
That's probably why Laynie left.
But good job keeping everybody else in line.
What did you do to keep Amy quiet? Threaten to break up with her? - Pretty calm for a little man.
- Take it easy.
We're just talking.
Man get off him.
He's had enough.
What the hell Bright? Are you on his side now? - Don't be crazy man! - Crazy?! Is that what you think? - That I'm sick? Is that what you think? - Starting to.
It's open.
Oh hey Joel.
I didn't happen to mention in our last interview where I left my car keys did I? People I write about are such self-promoters there's nothing their publicist hasn't slipped me.
But you kept the best story to yourself.
Colin Hart.
Coma bone chip.
The girlfriend who stood at his side.
Then you swoop in cape flapping.
And now coma boy's drinking milk shakes with a blond.
Well that's a romantic way of looking at it but I wouldn't be so sure.
We were just talking about sports scores.
Six months ago he was a paperweight.
- I knew it.
- Did you? Why do you think I came? I studied you doctor.
I knew you couldn't be That's just who you are.
Haven't you ever asked yourself why these things follow you? All I'm asking now is where are my car keys? I'm not the romantic.
I'm not the one who thinks he can walk away from himself and make a life in Legoland.
You know as well as I do that every time you climb a tree to pass out pills you are depriving someone of your gift.
You'll be back.
Michael Jordan's retired how many times now? I don't care.
I have a life here.
It's this.
Your life is a toothbrush? My daughter is sleeping over at a friend's house.
I saw that she forgot her toothbrush.
And I am taking it to her.
I'll see you later.
Hi Janice.
Delia forgot her toothbrush.
Delia's not here.
I'm sorry.
She's having a sleepover with Arnie tonight right? Well not that I know of.
She didn't come over after the class trip? - She told me she was coming here.
- No.
Arnie! Arnie do you know where Delia is? Hey Bright guess what.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
You okay? What happened? Nothing.
- Colin.
- What did you do? - What did I do? - What did you say? - You probably said something inappro - You're blaming this on me? Look at what he did to me.
Colin did this.
I don't like it any more than you but he has problems.
- No he doesn't.
- How can you be so clueless? You're not talking to Dad because of Colin.
Now you blame this on me? You've gotta stop okay? You've seen him.
You know he is not the person we grew up with.
- lf he was I wouldn't still miss him.
- This is when he needs us.
- You can't just give up on him now.
- Yes I can.
Bright please.
Please just don't tell Dad.
Tell him it was from a game.
That you fell.
Please? I'm in trouble aren't I? You have no idea how much trouble you're in.
Do you know how terrified I was? Even when Arnie told me you were hiding all I thought about was what could have happened to you.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Well you did.
A lot.
And you lied to me.
What were you thinking honey? I thought it'd be like in the story.
But stories aren't like life.
I wish they were.
Me too.
And you gotta promise to stop bossing that shrimpy kid around.
He likes you.
Okay? You shouldn't take advantage of people who like you.
He's not your slave.
But I need one.
Can you keep the lights on maybe? Most people get bored of Everwood in half the time you've been here.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
- You gonna make my dad look good? - I haven't decided yet.
He thinks I should be back in New York.
Well I've been saying that since the day we got here.
I'll go check on Delia.
- You got any kids? - Not yet.
Smart man.
It's your call but you might be careful what you write about Colin.
He's not what you think.
Off-the-record he has physical and behavioral symptoms no one's gonna tell you about.
A responsible journalist might want to make certain before calling him a miracle.
I've got to write something.
And these days you're not much of a story without him.
That's fine.
How can you possibly not care? I'm in enough stories.
My wife used to keep a scrapbook.
Every article ever written about me.
She called it: The Book of Andy.
It was very big.
No I'm not much of a story now.
No one notices me anymore.
People don't whisper when I walk into a room.
Do I miss it? Sometimes.
Do I think about going back? Probably.
But I found my daughter tonight because I noticed a toothbrush in a cup by the sink.
And last night I had a pretty long conversation with my son right over there.
No that might not sound like much.
But if you'd have told me that a year ago This is my miracle.
But you're not gonna write about any of that are you? I noticed you have a Rockwell there.
The Country Doctor.
It's a good one.
Wholesome comforting.
All of his paintings are.
You know Norman Rockwell grew up in Manhattan.
About 20 blocks from where you used to live.
It was one of the worst neighborhoods then.
He used to sit on his roof and watch Irish and Italian street gangs fight themselves bloody with bicycle chains.
And then he promptly went and spent the rest of his life painting comforting pictures of a kinder simpler world.
Thousands of them where the worst thing a doctor could treat is a black eye.
Rockwell employed his talents to shape reality into what he wanted it to be.
It didn't matter if that world was ever real.
He made it real.
That's my job.
Your job is to pose for the picture.
How long is he gonna be like that? I don't know.
Is there anyone in your family that you're still talking to? Down to my mom.
Dinner's getting kind of tense.
Look they're just trying to get between us.
You know me better than anyone.
You know it's not like what they said.
I mean my best friend just turned on me and I got a little mad.
What was I supposed to do? Look you brought me back Amy.
You did.
And there is nothing that is more important to me than us.
I know.
Me too.
You promise? Oh that's a great picture of Colin.
"Colin Hart's miraculous full recovery continues to stun those who knew and missed him.
Rescued by the graced hands of Andrew Brown whose wonders promise to return him to New York an even larger legend than when he left.
" - It's everything you told him not to say.
- Yep.
It makes it sound like you packed your powers and took the show on the road.
Like you came to Everwood to resurrect Colin and now you're done.
It doesn't even mention how the Harts fired you.
But it's a complete lie.
Everyone's gonna believe it now.
How could he write this? Right or wrong it's always easier to believe in what isn't there.
Rockwell himself put it pretty well.
He said, "The view of life I communicate in my pictures excludes the sordid and the ugly.
" He said: "I paint life as I would like it to be.