Everwood s01e20 Episode Script

Moonlight Sonata

Previously on Everwood: Ludwig Van Beethoven.
Piano "Sonata No.
8 in C minor.
" Play.
- You're gonna invite me to your recital? - You'd want to come? Of course.
You're an awesome player.
- You're still upset with me.
That's fine.
- Still upset? Should I be over your total betrayal of me after only one day? I mean come on Ephram.
Colin's been through hell to get where he is.
Believe me whatever it is that's wrong now he can handle it.
- No he can't.
- Well then I can.
Good luck with that.
Throughout the centuries mankind has been fascinated by the nighttime sky.
Ancient peoples believed that the heavens were ruled by a pantheon of gods while others thought that the stars were diamonds dangling just out of reach.
Thanks for the ride Grandma.
If it weren't for you I'd never see Colin outside of school.
- Junior isn't driving you? - I refuse to ask him for any favors.
Why would I give him the satisfaction of being dependent on him when I can be dependent on you instead? I see your point.
Although Mr.
Randolph does have that taxi available.
If he would just acknowledge he made a mistake I might forgive him but he won't.
- He just thinks he's totally right.
- And you think he's totally wrong? I know he's wrong but he acts all righteous and puffy like he's so smart that I wanna Grab him by the hair and beat his head against the wall till he barks like a fox? - Yeah.
- Believe me I've been there.
When I told your dad I was marrying Irv you should have heard him go on.
All puffed up like a damn blowfish.
The trick is don't let him get to you.
Remember it's all about power.
You're so right.
You're the only person in the whole family that's even tried to see my side of this.
- It's like you're the only one who gets me.
- No no.
Maybe you and Irv could come over for dinner tomorrow.
It's been a nightmare lately but if you're there it might take some of the pressure off.
- Or it might piss off your pops.
- That'd just be a bonus.
Count me in.
Hello? It's for you.
Oh I gave Colin your number.
Is that okay? - Of course it's okay.
- Thanks Grams.
Hello? Oh I miss you too.
Grandma! I gotta go.
I'll call you back.
What? Would you look at that.
It's all glowing.
With all the advances in technology of late modern science offers more opportunities than ever before to help unravel the mysteries of the night sky.
What the heck do you think it is? Amy? Amy? Hey Colin? Yeah I'm back.
Yeah I don't know some weird star thing.
And yet, it seems that the closer we get to the stars the less we actually understand them.
Now be honest but constructive.
So what do you think? It's good.
Wanna try one of my soon-to-be-famous omelets? - It's safe I promise.
- That's all right.
I should get going.
- Did you pick up my suit? - Yeah I picked both of ours up last night.
Do you think dark blue is appropriate for an Everwood recital? Yeah it should work.
I canceled my appointments for Friday.
- I don't want anything to interfere.
- It's a recital.
It's not that big a deal.
Do you get to do the finale? He always gets the finale.
- It means he's the best.
- I don't know yet.
The finale was a bigger deal in New York.
Here I'm playing with guys named Billy Jack who think arpeggio is pasta.
- You didn't invite too many people did you? - No.
And you know who to invite right? - Who? - Who what? Who'd you invite? - Don't you trust me? - No.
Nina Sam Edna Irv Harry.
- Who's Harry? - lf you want I'll disinvite him but he's gonna be disappointed.
Harry can come just nobody else.
I don't want a huge cheering section.
If I see one video camera I'm walking out.
You're in charge of cups.
Roger that.
- Cups.
- Don't worry Dad.
I got your back.
Dodd, I don't know too many real-life lumberjacks except for Paul Bunyan and that paper-towel guy.
Well we're just like normal folks just got more chain saws that's all.
Well sit down and tell me what the problem is.
I've had some bruises kind of crop up lately.
I don't know where they come from.
I'm not the kind of guy to be worried about a little bruise but Betsy wanted to get it checked.
They're very purple.
I woke up one morning and there they were.
- They're getting worse too.
- Well let's have a look.
- What do you think? - Well it's hard to tell at this point.
It could be any number of things.
It could be an infection or sometimes an allergic reaction can cause bruising.
Or it could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency.
But we ought to run a blood test just to make sure it's nothing more severe.
I'm gonna leave town in a couple of days.
Things have been kind of slow here so I'm going to Alaska to work.
Can this wait till I get back? Didn't you hear Dr.
Brown? I mean this could be severe.
You're not going anywhere until we know for sure.
- She loves me.
- Well I wouldn't worry too much about it.
I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this.
- Describe what it looked like.
- It's hard to.
All I know is that it was the strangest thing I've ever seen.
I ran into Brenda Baxworth at the market.
She'd been on the telephone to NASA trying to get somebody to identify it.
There's only one explanation: aliens.
- Bright.
- Oh whatever.
Yeah don't believe me.
When the green men come who do you think they're gonna invite on their ship? We should be so lucky.
Why do we have to figure it out? Some things can't be explained.
Stonehenge crop circles Edna's aversion to cooking.
You don't look like you're starving to me big fella.
I hate to end this aimless debate but the answer's rather simple.
The aurora borealis a.
the northern lights.
Now if we could change the subject to something less tedious? You're wrong.
Excuse me? The northern lights are from chemical reactions solar winds colliding with air molecules.
They only move on the Earth's magnetic fields so you only see them closer to the poles.
We're too far south.
And the clouds are very colorful.
Red blue violet.
The lights we saw were white and moving around.
How do you know all that stuff Miss Honor Science? God had to do something with the other half of your brain.
- Okay.
- Grandma you and I can figure out what it is like when we used to play X- Files.
We can gather evidence on the Net look for clues.
It'll be fun.
- You're forgetting you are grounded.
- What for? Mulder here blew the curfew last night came in late from Colin's.
What's the big deal? It's not like I'm doing something that counts as fun.
No offense.
- None taken.
- We're gonna solve a mystery.
I'm still grounded.
Do you think if aliens would probe you you'd still be considered a virgin? - Is that what you're playing? - No I got something better.
"Axel F.
" from Beverly Hills Cop.
Hey guys.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Okay so the recital is in two days.
I thought we'd change things up by rehearsing together.
So I want you to split up into groups of two.
That person will be your page-turner during rehearsals.
But have your music memorized before the show and I'll let you know by Friday what the order for the show will be.
Ephram you're with Kate and you guys will play first tonight.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- So how's it going? - Good.
- How long have you been with Matt? - A couple of years.
You? Oh just a few months.
- You wanna go first or should I go first? - I'm already memorized so - Okay well my stuff's in my bag.
- No worries I'll just go.
- Where were you? - After spending the early-morning hours delivering the last of the invitations I decided to go shopping.
- I was supposed to get regular cups right? - So what did you get? Well you said you couldn't remember which kind Mom got so Fortunately Mr.
Johnson just had a shipment of 16-ounce Solos.
They were a steal.
So what do you think? Does red say "recital" or what? I don't know Dad.
You might have to take some back.
Either that or throw a kegger.
- What are all these for? - For your guests.
- What guests? - Four people just RSVP'd.
I hand-delivered the invites myself.
Good then you can take them back.
- What? The cups? - No the invitations.
Was the recital canceled? I decided I don't want anybody there.
No big deal.
It is a big deal.
What? - Could you at least tell me why? - Because it's my recital and I don't want anybody there.
Does this have something to do with Mom? - I know your last recital - No it's got nothing to do with that.
- That's not what everything's about.
- Then what is it about? Just because it's not Mom doesn't mean I'm gonna tell you.
I guess I'm supposed to be happy with that.
We could throw a "pregger.
" Look at this.
The good ship Fruitcake has definitely landed.
Enjoying this are we? Hello.
Come on you losers.
Blast off you bozos.
Move it.
Oh let me just hit this one.
How many points is that? Hello.
You and your tie-dyed space freaks move it.
My God.
- Hey would you like to buy a crystal? - No sir I would not like to buy a crystal.
What I would like is for you and the rest of your hippie entourage to hightail it out of here yesterday.
Hey the power vortices are moving northward man.
You better be prepared.
"Power vortices.
" What is that a term you picked up in Ben & Jerry's physics class? No way dude.
Vortices are part of the alien plot.
I'm sure it's pointless but might I point out that after several NASA missions and the spending of billions of tax dollars the search for extraterrestrial life has proven fruitless for decades.
We are alone dude.
Better get used to it.
According to Carl Sagan it's 99 percent certain that there is other life in the universe.
I should have known you'd be on the side of the wack jobs.
If you could find a race that didn't watch Joe Millionaire you wouldn't relocate? Trust me if I thought that was even a remote possibility I would have been beamed up long ago.
Well your blood test came back negative for infection and allergies and you're clearly suffering from something much more severe than a vitamin deficiency.
So then it might be aliens? Well if I had to bet on a fight between Chuck and an alien l'd put my money on Chuck.
But we could always bring in Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster for questioning.
- Are you a heavy sleeper Chuck? - Yeah as a matter of fact we both are.
We joke that if the house were to burn down while we were sleeping neither of us would wake up.
Good to know.
Well how about sleepwalking you ever done that? Yeah as a kid.
My mom used to say she'd catch me in the kitchen in the middle of the night stealing cookies.
That was years ago.
Nonetheless a previous history is a good indication that this might be your problem.
I'm gonna recommend we set up a sleep clinic right here in my office.
- A sleep clinic? - Just standard procedure.
You go to sleep like normal.
The difference is you'll be here instead of at home.
That'll give me a chance to figure out what's causing these bruises.
- Should I come too? - I'd rather observe Chuck alone.
In a clinical setting it's better if the patient remains isolated.
Can you make it through one night? - lf it'll make him better I'll do it.
- Great.
I'll see you tonight.
- I'll bring the milk you bring the cookies.
- Great.
Chocolate chip or oatmeal? Oh Ephram's recital.
I see your dad went for the fancy lettering.
I didn't know he sent you one.
So are you nervous? - I try not to think about it.
- I know.
My ballet recitals are always so stressful.
My dad invites like a million people.
Well consider me RSVP'd anyway.
- You sure about that? - Yeah I mean unless you don't want me to be there? I just I don't know if it's the best idea.
You afraid you'll mess up or something? Look Amy I appreciate you trying to act like everything's normal with this whole Colin thing but we both know it's not.
And I think it's best if we just you know kept our distance for a while don't you? Yeah.
I guess you're right Ephram.
Good luck.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Have you always gone to County? - Not by choice.
- That's weird.
I never noticed you before.
- Should you have? Well I like to know when I'm in the presence of greatness.
I mean I thought I was good but you were amazing.
You didn't notice my dynamics were off my fingering was wrong and I rushed the tempo on the allegro? No I'm just glad I'm not gonna have to play after you.
- How do you know you're not? - Well because you're the best.
- The best player goes last.
- I could play perfectly and I still wouldn't make the finale.
- Matt knows what he's doing.
Matt does know what he's doing.
Trust me Liberace has a better shot at the finale than I do.
What is this? Hello? What? Excuse me.
Can I get in past you all strange people? Excuse me carbon-based life form coming through.
Excuse me.
How many in your party today doc? - Are you telling me there's a wait to get in? - Unless you wanna share a table.
I'd just as soon buy everyone here a ticket to Roswell before I'd be seen breaking bread with the lunatic fringe.
What? Speaking of This is a turn of events.
Maybe the first time this year that you are not the craziest person in Mama Joy's.
It feels good.
You don't happen to have that recital invitation I gave you? - No.
Why? - I have to disinvite you.
It's not my choice.
I have no choice.
I take it back.
You are still the craziest person in Mama Joy's.
No no it's not me.
It's Ephram.
He keeps changing his mind from one minute to the next.
- I can't figure out what he wants.
- Sounds like a case of pre-recital jitters.
He's nervous.
He doesn't want to make a fool of himself in front of 300 people let alone his father although you have humiliated yourself plenty in front of him so it's not like it's a big deal for your family.
- Dr.
- Hey Chuck.
You remember that sleep clinic thing we were gonna do tonight? I can't do it.
Something came up.
Can we switch it to tomorrow? Sure give Edna a call.
She'll put it on my schedule.
I appreciate it.
What were we just talking about? Ephram's recital tomorrow.
Oh damn.
I don't suppose you've ever run a sleep clinic have you? Nice try doctor.
I'm not here to pick up your slack.
I'm sure that you and Mr.
Dodd will find a mutually agreeable time.
Well that's gonna be tough especially since he's leaving town in a couple of days.
He has got these mysterious welts all over his body and I'm just afraid if I wait the Everwood lights will disappear and quite possibly Chuck's welts with them.
You and I both know that the Everwood lights have nothing to do with Chuck Dodd's mysterious welts.
Yeah? Tell that to Betsy.
She is so convinced that aliens have done this she gave Davenport an exclusive for the Pinecone.
I don't wanna see what these press people are capable of once they get their hands on some hard evidence.
If I do this you know it is only because I cannot pass up an opportunity to disprove the National Enquirer.
Oh absolutely.
Menu? No wait wait.
Go back to the phosphorescent minerals.
- That theory doesn't make sense Grandma.
- Why not? Because light from minerals would be seen just above the surface.
The lights were too high in the atmosphere for that.
What's? What's that? "Newhart2002"? Oh that's just an Internet thing.
All right well what else we got? How about ball lightning meteor showers renegade comets? Well that's about as likely as aliens.
Well Grandma I think the Internet has taken us about as far as it can.
No we can't quit.
If I don't come back with a scientific explanation I have to give Irv 50 bucks and three hot meals a week.
And we're talking stove hot no microwave.
I'm not suggesting that we quit.
I'm saying we should take this investigation to the next level field research.
We could camp out hang with alien freaks roast marshmallows.
It'll be fun.
You forgetting the definition of the term "grounded"? - You eavesdrop now.
Good to know.
- What do you say Junior? You gonna give my granddaughter permission to go off base tomorrow night? Mother you of all people should know when a child is grounded it is like a prison sentence.
That means no telephone no TV and absolutely no going out.
Well where we're going there are no phones no television and with me as chaperon it'll be more like a prison than a prison.
- It's practically like homework Dad.
- Fine.
Fine you may go and since it is practically like homework I want a 1000-word typed double-spaced report on the mystery of the Everwood lights on my desk by Monday morning.
- You have got to be kidding me.
- That's the deal.
Take it or leave it.
Fine I'll take it.
All right.
Tomorrow night at 1800 hours sharp.
- Good choice Junior.
- Yeah as if I ever had one.
It's better but not exactly up to snuff Kate.
I'd log in some more rehearsal time before tomorrow if I were you.
Speaking of which I've made my decisions on the playing order so listen up.
Hank Daniel Evelyn Afton Chris Laura Kate and Ephram you're our anchor.
Do us proud.
What'd I tell you? - Laura you wanna go next? - Okay.
- Bravo.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
I'd like to thank the academy.
I'd like to thank Mama Joy's for supporting my french-fry habit and my piano teacher Matt for taking a chance on a no-name.
I'd love to take the credit but it's all you.
- Well I'm obviously a raw genius but - Don't forget humble.
But I'm not the best player.
Which begs the question: why'd I get the finale? - You want me to give it to someone else? - No but Kate's obviously a better player.
Kate's terrific but that comes from hours of practice.
She has diligence you have a gift.
Sucks for her.
Cool for you.
- It's that simple? - Such is life.
So what are we gonna tackle next? Because I'm not loving Schubert right now.
That won't be up to me.
You're gonna let me pick out my own music? Sweet.
Bring on the jazz.
Actually I wasn't gonna tell you this until tomorrow but this is our last lesson.
I got another job Ephram.
I didn't even know you were looking.
When? Where? A conservatory in London I applied to years ago is finally interested so I'm packing up and flying out of here.
- It happened kind of fast.
- I met the people when I was in New York.
It's just something I've been working on.
Anyway I guess Everwood can't compete with London right? Well Madonna lives there for a reason.
It's gonna suck losing one of the three people in this town I can carry on a conversation with.
That's why God invented e-mail.
Come on.
Try that last chord progression one more time and then you're free.
I know the place where we can get the best view.
It's just past Miller's Field.
We should have the whole place to ourselves.
Grab that tent would you? - So what exactly is the plan for tonight? - Recon.
The first thing we gotta do is get a better look so I packed my telescope.
- I thought we'd take some pictures.
- Great idea.
So how about you do the whole telescope thing by yourself and I will meet you later to take all the pictures? - I'm better with a camera anyways.
- "Meet you later"? Where are you gonna be? Well I thought I'd go help Colin on this test he's got on Monday.
I figured that you would understand because we know me being grounded is another one of my dad's lame power moves right? Amy I suddenly feel like I'm being hornswoggled and I don't like it one bit.
No that's not how it is at all Grandma.
You wanna manipulate me into letting you see Colin because your dad won't let you.
This whole X- File reunion tour was just so you could use me.
I didn't use you.
I need you.
It's different.
Well sell that to someone who buys malarkey.
- Get in the truck.
- You're seriously not gonna let me go? - Seriously.
- Can I tell him I'm not gonna make it? - No.
- Why not? Grandma I thought you understood me.
- I thought I did too.
- Fine then just take me home because Forget it.
We are going camping we are gonna figure out what those lights are and we're gonna do it together.
- But Grandma - Truck! No it's gonna be fine Chuck.
You have nothing to worry about.
You're in very very good hands with Dr.
- You're pulling all my hair out! - You do it sweetheart okay? So meet him at my office at 9:00 and then I'll call you tomorrow afternoon to see how it went okay? All right good luck.
Hey you're looking sharp.
- Is that Matt's present? - Yeah I'll give it to him after.
- What did you get him? - This old subway map of London.
Well that's very thoughtful.
I'm sure he'll appreciate it.
So you nervous? I had a couple of whiskeys to take the edge off.
I should be fine.
I figured you might be nervous.
I dropped those cups off at the concert hall.
Well you've done a fine job with the cups.
Mom would be proud.
So how many people RSVP'd for this thing? Is this a trick question? Because you asked me to disinvite everyone yesterday so I did.
- Oh you did? - I did what you told me to.
- Nobody else is coming? - You didn't want anyone to come.
- I have a witness.
- Don't look at me.
I'm working my ribbon.
- I mean it's no big deal.
- No wait a minute.
Maybe we can - It's fine.
Forget it.
- Are you sure? There's still time.
It's Matt.
I'll see you guys there.
I'm gonna get a ride with him all right? - Come on sweetheart.
Let's go.
- But the recital's not for another hour.
- We got plenty of time.
- No we don't.
We gotta go find an audience.
My God.
Dodd it's difficult to conduct a sleep clinic if you do not go to sleep.
I'm trying Dr.
What is it you need an Ambien some warm milk? - Shall I recite Goodnight Moon? - I can't sleep without my Betsy.
Oh you must be kidding.
I need Betsy.
If I don't have my arm around her I can't sleep.
Do you have to have her next to you? Doctor I appreciate the offer but I really need my wife.
No I was offering you a pillow.
Fine fine.
Let's go find your Betsy.
Well so much for having the whole place to ourselves.
- Can I have some cocoa? - Sure knock yourself out.
I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you had some matches.
My family's over there and we're trying to start a fire.
- Sure.
- Quite a night isn't it? I can't believe how many people came.
We overestimated the apathy of the general public where little green men are concerned.
It's wonderful isn't it? Nowadays I can't even get my kids together for a meal and then something like this comes along It is hard to get a family together these days.
It reminds me of my fourth abduction in '79 That's not right.
Maybe it was my third.
So hard to keep track.
- You have such pretty hair.
- Here's your matches.
Keep them.
Thank you.
Well so much for sleeping tonight.
She's right though.
Whatever those lights are they brought all these people together tonight.
It's pretty impressive.
Amy Abbott! Did someone just call my name? - Edna Harper! - We're being paged in the forest.
Brown? I'm sorry to crash your mission Edna but I need to talk to Amy.
Is everything okay? Ephram's piano recital is tonight and I'd like you to come.
I know he'd really like you to be there.
Actually he made it very clear that he didn't want me there.
I learned a very valuable lesson this week which I am now going to impart to you: Whatever he says about his piano recital he means the exact opposite.
Well I'd love to but I promised my grandma that I'd stay here tonight.
It's kind of important.
- It's okay go on ahead.
- Well I don't want to abandon you.
I can defend the universe from an alien invasion all by myself.
Okay well I'll come back right after the recital I promise.
- Just don't figure anything out without me.
- Promise.
- Right over here.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
The house opens in 10 minutes.
Get ready.
- Have you seen Matt? - He's downstairs making a phone call.
This fortissimo is killing me.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Matt? Nice job Ephram.
You were amazing tonight.
- Yeah right.
- I mean it.
You really nailed the finale.
What's your problem? I'm saying you did great.
- Look I get it all right? I'm not an idiot.
- What are you talking about? Matt gave me that slot because he didn't wanna blow his cover by giving it to you.
You were awesome.
You earned the finale.
- I don't need a pep talk from you.
- I can't even give you a compliment? Yesterday you wouldn't say two words to me.
Now you wanna be my best friend? - It's so obvious what you're doing.
- Is that so? Don't worry I'm not gonna blow your cover.
People will figure out how naive you are without me.
Oh you think I'm naive? If you can't figure out why 28-year-old guys date high school girls I can't help you.
Matt and I are in love.
Is that why he's dumping you for some lame-ass job in London? You really don't get it do you? Matt's not dumping me.
He's leaving town because my dad found out about us.
- What? - Yeah.
But hey I guess you believe everything Matt's ever told you.
Who's the naive one now? Sweet Betsy.
For God's sake woman wake up.
Why does it smell like beans out here? I forgot the eggs so we're having huevos rancheros minus the huevos.
How was the recital? I think I fell asleep before you got back.
It was awesome.
I really think Ephram's gonna be a famous piano player one day.
I mean even bigger than Tori Amos or that guy from Shine.
- I'm glad you had a good time.
- Yeah and that's kind of what I don't get.
- What do you mean? - Well you were really mad at me when I wanted to go see Colin but you had no problem with me going to see Ephram's piano recital.
Is that your way of telling me that I chose the wrong bachelor Grandma? No I'm not trying to choose your boyfriends Amy.
I'm just trying to keep you from losing too much of yourself while you figure it all out.
You and your dad are a lot alike.
You've both got tunnel vision like I've never seen.
You focus so intently on one thing that you forget everything else around you and right now your tunnel leads to Colin and only to Colin.
- Yeah but l - Love him.
I know.
I know.
And I understand.
But there's a very fine line between devotion and obsession.
Besides Colin's not the only one who needs you.
Your dad does I do and last night more than anyone Ephram did.
And you were there for him.
And that's the kind of person you've always been and I just didn't want you to forget it.
So basically you're saying that there's more to life than boys? Well if you want to be succinct about it sure.
What is this? - What? What are we looking at? - Moths.
There's millions of them.
Oh that's disgusting.
No it's the answer.
Remember that article we read about how sometimes swarms of bugs can get caught in some kind of electrical field and glow? The article said the bugs travel in a mass so it almost looks like a UFO which would explain all the alien theories.
- And totally disprove them.
- Exactly.
We did it.
- It was kind of the article but we did it.
- Wait till I tell Irv.
I should have bet him two months' worth of foot rubs.
Wait maybe we shouldn't tell Irv.
Or anybody.
People would be happier thinking that there's still something magical out there you know? You're on sport.
You did a nice job last night.
- That's all you got to say? - What more do you want? - Some honesty would be great.
- I am being honest.
No you're not.
You lied.
You lied to me you lied to Kate.
All you had to do was tell me the truth.
- Why should I have? - Because I deserve it.
No you don't.
Not where Kate and I are concerned.
When it came to the music what was really important I was honest with you.
Forget the music.
This has nothing to do with that.
I trusted you.
I believed what you told me not just about the piano but about life about people everything.
I took your advice to heart because I thought we were friends.
- I am your friend.
- I'm not friends with somebody like you.
You know what made you cool to hang out with? You didn't act your age.
- How do you live with yourself? - Don't worry about me.
I'm not.
I'm worried about Kate.
She has no idea what kind of person you are.
- And you do? - You're a liar.
Don't be so quick to judge.
In 10 years you'll do things you never would have thought possible.
We'll compare notes.
Screw you.
You're a better pianist than you were two months ago.
My job was to bring out your abilities.
That's what I was hired to do.
Is that what you were hired to do for Kate? Hey.
How'd it go with Chuck? That well huh? What did I tell you about arguing with lumberjacks Harold? So Chuck wasn't the one with the sleep disorder.
Turns out it was Betsy.
Betsy did this to you? But she's so tiny.
Can we keep this conversation strictly medical? Of course.
So what was your final diagnosis? REM behavior disorder a type of parasomnia that involves odd or dangerous behavior during sleep.
- People acting out their dreams.
- In this case Betsy wasn't acting out dreams.
She was acting out anger.
Chuck told her about going to Alaska she was upset but instead of talking with him about it - She beat the sleeping daylights out of him.
- Feisty little one isn't she? - That's one word for her.
- What did you prescribe? - A punching bag for Betsy plenty of Tylenol for Chuck and a promise that he will stay in town for the time being.
And as for myself I am going back to my original medical regimen which means staying as far away from you as humanly possible.
Dad can I go to the video store and see if they have E.
back yet? - We rented that film three times this week.
- I told you we should buy it.
Okay go ahead.
- So Kate's father knows everything? - Well supposedly.
Whether that's true or not I have no idea but Well I'm sorry you got caught up in the middle of all this.
I feel somehow responsible seeing as I chose Matt for you.
Well did it say "lying scum" on his résumé? - I guess I can't blame you for this one.
- Well you choose the next one.
- We'll do a screening process.
- I don't think I want another teacher.
Why not? Just because Matt's a jerk doesn't mean you have to It's more than that.
I don't know if it's worth it.
What are you talking about? What's the point of becoming great if you compromise everything to get there? - Who says you have to compromise? - Matt Forget Matt.
He doesn't know you.
He doesn't know what you're capable of.
You're better than him.
You're a better pianist and you're a better human being.
Am I better than you? You compromised.
Think about it.
Would you have saved as many lives if you were home for dinner every night? Probably not.
And do you regret it now not being home? - You won't make the same mistakes.
- You don't know that.
Yes I do.
You're 15 years old Ephram and you're already asking these questions.
It took 20 years of neurosurgery the death of your mother and moving us to the middle of nowhere before I even knew what the questions were.
Now that you know what the questions are can we please move back to New York? Nice try.
Despite our fascination with the beauty of stars most people are uneducated when it comes to the basic facts about the heavens.
Some mysteries aren't meant to be fully understood.
Some questions are best never answered.