Everwood s03e10 Episode Script

Need to Know

Previously on Everwood… The hat.
It’s my beret.
From my dad.
It’s like a Hong Kong thing? Uh, he gave it to me a long time ago.
Why? Well, maybe whatever reason we were friends before in the first place isn’t there any more.
It’s okay, y’know, things happen.
I can’t be around you right now, Ephram.
See ya later.
What’s happening here? I don’t know.
What do you think is happening? I don’t know.
I’m willing to see you to see if I was going crazy or if there is something here.
We can’t.
I’m telling you the whole thing is a big fat lie.
I’m done.
You? Well, Brittany and I sort of said that we’d get each other two presents.
But one’s okay.
Let’s go.
Come on.
So what do you think? Do I need a lawyer? Because you don’t like your part in the holiday pageant.
I don’t see anybody taking the case.
But it’s not a holiday pageant, it’s all about Christmas.
You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.
I don’t know it.
I’m playing an angel.
There are no angels in the Hanukkah story.
There are no angels in the Kwanzaa story.
Do you even know what the Kwanzaa story is? Well, no.
But I bet it doesn’t have angels.
What do you care? You’re half Christian anyway.
But the other half of me isn’t.
What about that half? What about Mom’s half? Okay, you’re right.
So stage a revolution.
Dump the halo and tell them you want to play Elijah.
That way you don’t have to show up.
If you’re gonna make jokes that go over my head can you at least explain them to me? Okay, see Elijah was… I don’t care.
I’m too mad.
What? What is it? Joe Lies! Isn’t that Madison’s band? Yeah.
Oh, can I come? Come with who? With you.
You’re gonna go, aren’t you? Get in the car, Elijah? "Need to Know" Morning.
Oh, good tidings to you, Dr.
What do you think of our decked halls? Oh, fine.
What? No grousing that I didn’t consult you before commencing with the decorative scheme.
No quick-witted barbs about my audacious integration of traditional Victorian ornamentation with the more plebian drug store variety.
It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, Harold.
You’re gonna have to try to use less adjectives.
I see your mood has not improved.
You remain the quite dowered little elf.
Amanda Hayes called.
My mood is fine.
And don’t call me an elf, it pisses me off.
Naturally, we want to double up on the vacuuming duty.
Nothing is more irksome than fallen tinsel strewn about.
I suspect three times a day should suffice.
I love the holidays.
Don’t you just.
Go grab that Hoover.
You’re right, I am in a bad mood.
Forgive my undropped jaw.
I’m sorry, but I’m-I’m just look.
I’m just completely overwhelmed.
I-I-I-I feel like I’ve been shopping since Arbor Day and-and I’m not even half way done yet.
Single father.
Christmas time.
You do have my sympathy.
Good, because I’m hoping to shamelessly exploit that sympathy.
I, uh, I could really use some help with my patient load.
Perhaps, it is after all the season of charity.
Wait? What is this? You’re giving me John Hayes back again.
Well, all you have to do is go to the house and oversee his day-to-day progress.
I think you’d be fascinated by some of the work we’ve been doing.
It’s very cutting edge.
And when I think cutting edge, I think Harold Abbott.
From what I understand you’ve been a human CD changer; hardly Nobel winning.
All right, well, scratch the cutting edge, but it’s a very simple routine once you get it down.
It’s just a little bit time consuming.
Time consuming is not a bonus.
I do have other patients to attend to.
I know, that’s why I called some other doctors first about the case and no one would do it pro bono, which I find kind of ironic since this is the season of giving.
But you, with the tinsel and the Christmas balls, I mean you really have the spirit.
Oh, don’t go that route, sir.
It wears very poorly on you.
Look, you were his doctor once, Harold.
You took care of him.
He needs you now and Amanda needs someone to help her through this.
Amanda? Would you help me out on this? I could really use it.
Consider it my gift to you.
Thank you.
You do realize this means you’ll get no sweater.
I don’t know.
It just doesn’t seem big enough, especially after everything he did in the cabin.
I can’t believe there were candles.
Were they scented? Gardenia, which is my favorite smell.
But do you think they could engrave it.
Do you think I could fit I love you, Ephram” on the back.
Absolutely, engrave it.
Then can we go? No, watch is too boring.
I want my first Christmas present for Ephram to be original, but if I try too hard to make it original I’ll wind up getting him something like a fondu set, which would be weird, right? Depends.
Is Ephram a fan of cheese? I believe he’s in favor of it.
Well, then… But I like the watch.
Maybe I should just get him both.
I’m developing hives.
Seriously, I feel all scratchy.
Am I red, because I feel red? Hannah, Hannah, you just need to see Christmas shopping as a survival game.
Just keep moving, bob and weave, avoid strollers, and pack water.
-Thank you.
All right, we can leave in 10 minutes if you have some stroke of genius about what to get my dad.
Keep in mind, I forgot his birthday last year so this has to rock.
So I guess golf balls are out.
Okay, well, what does he like? I don’t know.
Umm, bad music, argyle, Mr.
I really feel like there should be some perfect hybrid of those things.
I know, right.
Hmm, well, what are you getting your dad? Maybe I can copy.
I haven’t, uh… I don’t know.
But they’re coming out right? ‘Cause I want to meet them.
Yeah, uh, except I don’t-I don’t think they’re gonna make it actually.
You’re kidding? In fact, not.
So what are you going to Hong Kong, ‘cause that’d be awesome? Christmas just isn’t really a big deal in my family.
It’s pretty much just, uh, food and church.
Oh, I’m sorry.
No, it’s fine.
I-I really don’t care.
So, uh, can we get your dad something and go.
Two pies for the County Clerk’s office.
What’s up? Y-You want to sit down.
It’s pretty backed up.
It might be awhile.
Look at you.
Gone all legit? Got a new job.
I got my own T1 line.
Hey, uh, I got one of these too on my car.
Yeah, I know.
Weird right? Not for me.
So are you gonna go? No.
No, I don’t… Why not? Well, I don’t know.
Why would I? Oh, I don’t know.
Why do people slow down on the freeway when they see a car accident? All those rubberheaders.
Neckers, Bright.
They stop because they can’t help themselves.
Y’know it’s not like they want to see body parts spewed all over the road.
Y’know intellectually speaking, y’know that would make them hurl, but they stop anyways, because you can, ‘cause it’s there.
So, acc-according to this rationale, seeing Madison’s band’ll make me want to hurl and that’s a reason to go.
Interesting theory.
Oh, come on, you’re not even the least bit curious, what she looks like.
It’s been awhile.
Yeah, of course, I’m curious.
So go for the visual.
What, no, do I just bring Amy along? Dude, seriously.
I don’t know how you made this far without me.
You don’t tell Amy.
She’d freak.
Well, I thought you said it was human nature.
Well, it’s male human nature.
OK? female human nature’s complete different.
We’re talking about jealousy and claws.
It-It’s ugliness, man.
So I should lie to her.
Look, lies of omission don’t count as lies.
Did you tell Amy that you didn’t brush your teeth this morning? Well, I did brush -my teeth this morning.
-Pretend that you didn’t, would you tell her? Well, uh, why? No, I wouldn’t.
This is the exact same thing.
Okay, here you go, Bright.
I, uh, put it on the city tab for you.
Thank you.
Uh, I don’t think I should go.
Well, you’re a bigger man than I am, Ephram Brown.
But I guess we already knew that.
You want a refill on that.
Your friends suck, no offense.
Gee, how could I take offense to that.
No, but seriously, they dump their kid on you at the beginning of her junior year which, by the way, is the hardest year ever.
They never call her and now they’re not even going to for Christmas.
Did Hannah say she was upset about this? Well, you know what, she’s not as upset as she should be but that’s only because she’s not in touch with her rage.
Luckily, I am.
Uh, yeah, I can see that.
Do you have their number on you? I think I should call them.
Uh, what number? In Hong Kong.
I’ll charge it to my dad.
He won’t care and maybe if they heard from her best friend they’d actually understand.
You know what, I call them.
I-I can explain everything.
That’s okay, I’d rather to it myself.
But do you know what the time change is so that I don’t call them in the middle of the night? Nina? Yeah.
Do you know what the time difference is? Umm, I don’t know it’s like what 12 hours maybe.
There is no Hong Kong is there? Well, technically Hong Kong exists.
I can point it out on a map, but Hannah’s parents aren’t there.
What? You’re gonna have to talk to her yourself I-I can’t do this part.
Talk to about her about what, I don’t even know what’s happening here.
She lied to me? It is not a lie, lie.
Look, you just have to talk to Hannah.
I do talk to Hannah.
We talk about everything.
She knows my entire life story.
Gah, this is like we’re right back to where we started.
No, you’re not.
Listen to me, you know Hannah.
Y-You know what a good girl she is and you know that she loves you to death.
So think about the reasons why she might keep something from you.
I don’t know.
Look, you can to talk about it or you can let her come to you when she’s ready to just please don’t be mad at her, okay? I need seven minutes.
Uh, it’s okay.
I’m-I’m still at home.
OK, uh, the slower you drive the better I’ll look.
So, uhh, had an interesting conversation with Nina today, I’m not really sure the best way to approach it yet.
Oh, yeah.
Would it be huge if we didn’t go out tonight? Huh? I thought we were gonna, y’know? Yeah, I know I’m just… I’m-I’m feeling a little under the weather, so… Hmm, West Nile Virus? Probably.
I-I think should stay in, I don’t want to get any more sick.
Okay, well you want me to bring you soup or I could, uh, go pick up your favorite cold medicine, one that makes you feel drunk.
That’s okay, I don’t want to get you sick.
Okay, well, umm, take lots of Vitamin C, watch Jon Stewart and call me tomorrow.
I will.
Do you know they don’t serve beer here? That’s because it’s a coffee house.
So you’re here? As are you.
How’d you know I’d? Dude, please.
I figured you could use a wingman.
I’m… Wh-what do I really expect tonight, best case scenario? Uh, okay, possibility number one – you want to get back together with Madison.
I-I don’t.
Come on, she came up to you and said you were the only man she’s ever loved and said she’d dress up like CatWoman for you, you would say no.
No, it’s not like that, I don’t – I don’t miss Madison like that, I don’t even miss the relationship that we had.
The truth is I always felt like I was trying to keep up with her – prove myself – with Amy I don’t feel like that way, she makes me feel good.
Groovy, well, then this is just the Pepsi Challenge.
More metaphors.
Look, you’re in love with your current beverage – okay Amy Cola, alright, but every man needs the side by side taste test.
Okay so you come here, you check out the ex and you just make sure you made the right choice.
Y’know, of course, that choice becomes much easier if Madison’s suddenly became heinous.
Let’s have a big welcome for Joe Lies.
You should write a book.
I’ve been thinking about it.
Just pray for fat, man.
Pray for fat.
You’re gonna sag all the Oreos, aren’t ya? You caught me.
Personally I can’t do Oreos without the milk.
Has to be ice cold, big glass, without the dripping there’s really no point to Oreos, right? I always knew that you were a high maintenance woman.
So I didn’t see Charlie in the show? Oh, he was, uh, back stage.
Curtain man, I believe, is the official title.
He gets tongue fried.
Uh, stage, uh, fight.
Tongue tied when he’s nervous.
It’s genetic as you can see.
I, uh, I’ve been meaning to call you.
I got your message about Dr.
Oh, that’s okay, I-I wasn’t really expecting you to take on the case.
Well, actually it doesn’t really matter, ‘cause I found somebody much better.
This is a doctor whose actually looking to do pro bono work.
-Uh, Andy, we’ve already been… -It’s Dr.
Abbott? Yeah, he’s very excited about it and he already has a relationship with John so it just works out perfectly.
Abbott is looking to do pro bono work.
Does he know what pro bono means? Well, he’s very serious about it and I think that you and John will be very pleased.
Stop that.
Stop talking to me like you don’t even know who I am.
Daddy, Daddy, did you see me? See you, are you kidding? How could I miss you, you were the only Maccabee in the manger.
You stole the show, kiddo.
-You’re welcome.
Who took all the Oreos? Oh, probably some greedy parents, come on, we’ll go find you some more.
-I’ll, uh, call you.
You don’t have too.
I’m dreaming of a White Christmas just like the ones I used to know.
Dad, love the Bing, but can we maybe switch it up a bit? What? Silence they’re Bing, never.
When we, Abbotts, lose our traditions, young lady, we lose who we are.
Uh, we should save the star for Bright, it’s his favorite part.
Rice Krispies Treats are his favorite part.
Maybe we should make some more.
I bet you that’s Ephram.
I knew he didn’t sound that sick.
Well, invite him in, there’s plenty of cider.
Oh, that’s okay, Mom, it’s still early, we could make the movie.
Oh, hi.
Nina said she talked to you.
Yeah, but she didn’t me anything, umm, she asked me to leave you alone, so… No, I know.
Do you have a minute? Yeah.
My parents are in, uh, Lakeville, Minnesota, in the same house where I grew up.
Okay, so why the whole Hong Kong thing? I don’t know.
They reran 90210 on FX and the Walshes went to live Hong Kong.
I thought it was sort of believable.
That is good.
Yeah, well it was a pretty good show.
Okay, but I still don’t know why you made up the story in the first place? Because my dad is kinda dying.
Omigod, Hannah.
No, don’t.
Don’t do that, see that’s why I made up the story so I wouldn’t be that girl any more – tragedy girl.
I-I went through the first two years of high school being that person and I don’t want it any more.
Okay, I understand that.
I know you do.
He used to work in the library restoring rare books.
He loved the book's like not the insides, but the outside like the covers.
The way they smelled.
I just liked the insides and he said that made us a perfect fit.
He was the book, I was the story.
He has Huntington’s disease.
I’m sorry.
I don’t-I don’t know what that is.
It’s a brain disease.
My birthday party when I was eight, my dad just punched this other dad, I mean like a-a real punch.
I remember the noise.
My dad was so nice like he never even yelled at anybody but there he was.
There was blood all over his green shirt and he didn’t even know why he did it.
A year later he couldn’t eat.
Then he couldn’t talk, that was the worst part when he talking ‘cause… we used to talk a lot.
And now he’s gone.
When did he… Did he die? No.
He’s, uh, he’s not, he’s just in bed.
Y’know, he can’t talk or think or-or move.
You look in his eyes and he’s just empty.
He’s the book without the story.
My mom takes care of him.
My brother always took care of me, but he went away to college last year so I came here.
Don’t feel sorry for me, okay.
Hello there.
Did I call too early? Not if you’re a Marine.
I trust Dr.
Brown told you I’d be coming by.
I believe he promised.
Well, worry not about the baton passing smoothly Mrs.
I have devoured John’s recent files.
I believe he may be teetering on the brink of breakthrough.
I intend to give him a firm shove.
Three-pronged outlet? Maybe you can shove him later in the week, he’s sleeping right now.
When then I have ample time to prepare my materials.
John will awaken refreshed and keen to challenge the next phase of his rehabilitation.
Music therapy was an encouraging beginning, but it’s time to leap from the realm of sound into the complex world of the visual.
Intrigued? Yes, I’ve dreamt of this moment.
You were wearing a top hat.
My preliminary research has led me to discover a nascent theory almost undiscussed in medical journals.
I believe that we can use color therapy to help John rebuild the emotional connections within his brain.
-Color therapy? -Yes.
It maybe historic research.
Allow me to illuminate the concept.
Now how does this color make you feel? Umm, it’s blue.
It’s a royal lavender more specifically but you are emotionally correct.
This wavelength tends to promote melancholia.
Abbott? Just a moment of your indulgences please.
Rose pink, dynamic, vibrant.
Now please your honest emotional reaction.
Angry? Getting there.
Yes, scarlet stirs the rageful humors as you can see the connection between color and emotion is elemental so perhaps over time, John could develop a rudimentary emotional vocabulary based on these colored lights.
You know are not putting my husband under a grow lamp.
He is not a philodendron.
I realize this sounds rather theoretical.
It seems like you’re about don a toga and pass me a daisy.
Brown has made remarkable progress.
We can build on that.
Brown sees what he wants to see.
John moved his finger.
He blinked.
Who knows what it means? The highest mountain is climbed in tiny steps.
John is never going to climb a mountain.
It isn’t working.
Nothing’s working.
I want you to leave.
Perhaps if we have a cup of coffee.
We can discuss this.
It would be a shame to lose hope now especially in this – the-the season of miracles.
I don’t believe in miracles, Dr.
I’m tired.
I’m done.
Tell Andy that I’m done.
Your mom said I could just come up.
Hey, umm, how ya feelin’? Well, pretty good, y’know, uh, sorry about last night.
I just… That’s okay, Ephram.
You’re weak stock.
I’m a fast healer though.
What are you doing? Just some research stuff.
You realize that it’s, uh, Christmas break, right? It means all computer-oriented activities should cease and assist.
Unless of course you’re buying me presents online.
Amy? Huh? Oh, sorry.
So what you have been doing the past 12 hours, anything exciting? Uh, just feeling pathetic mostly.
As you should be.
Flaking on me last minute like that.
Well, what about you, how was the pagan tree trimming and nog making? When are you going to accept my Lord? When you stop persecuting my people.
Actually, it was kinda nice, Dad, uh, Dad caroled himself to sleep.
Mom got buzzed off the hot toddies.
Hannah came by.
Yeah? Yeah, I was going to call you.
Did you? Try calling me, I mean, because my-my-my-my phone was off.
I mean only ‘cause I wanted to get to sleep, I mean, otherwise I would have left it on.
I just wanted to sleep.
Well, I guess, it doesn’t matter because I didn’t try calling you, so… Are you like mad at me or something? No.
Why would I be mad at me? Well, I don’t know, but you’re acting mad at me.
You’re acting weird, which is normally fine, but, umm, y’know, I have a lot of work to do right now so… You know what, I’m-I’m just gonna go.
Umm, I’ll just… I’ll call you later or you can call me.
Hey, how’d it go with John? Was it good? I just found some new articles on light therapy.
I was printing them up for ya.
Save your toner.
I was fired.
What? Terminated.
Unceremoniously, I might add.
Well, what did you do? Oh, no, don’t tell me you took your slide projector.
What did I do? I hurled myself into her husband’s treatment with unrestrained verve, that’s what I did.
Well, some people don’t respond well to hurling verves.
Some people need to be romanced into things a little.
What did she say? How did she act? Frankly, in the five years, I’ve worked with her, I’ve never seen her quite so fragile.
Perhaps it’s the holidays, maybe it’s simply exhaustion.
Whatever the reason, she’s had enough, she’s done.
All right, new plan.
We’ll talk about what you should say and-and how to say it.
We’ll right a script.
I do not need to recite your written words like some sort of in named drone.
Hayes was quite clear in her resolve.
I think we need to respect her wishes and move on.
What are you talking about, respect her wishes? We are going to continue this therapy.
I’m not gonna let my patient suffer just because I mishandled my relationship with his wife.
Mishandled what precisely.
She’s a very beautiful woman, isn’t she? I know she seems quite strong.
She’s really very vulnerable.
Susceptible almost.
Susceptible to what? Almost anything, I’d imagine or anyone.
A woman in her position – it would be very easy to confuse gratitude with other kinds of affection.
Why don’t you just cut to the chase, Harold? This is not a dalliance.
She’s married to your patient.
Nothing has happened.
Well, good.
Then it's not too late.
Listen to me, Andy.
I-I believe you are an honorable man.
That belief has allowed me to stand by you even when we’ve disagreed.
There has been many a case, and many a parental decision where I’ve questioned your tactics, your approach.
Ultimately, I’ve chalked it up to your liberal ballyhoo, that New York sensibility that you still cling to.
But what you’re considering now is wrong.
It’s wrong.
No matter what your heart may be telling you, It is unethical.
It is-It is unforgivable.
You have to stay away from her.
Hi there.
Doctor Jake Hartman.
It’s nice to meet you.
These are six weeks overdue.
See, I never really went to the library back in LA, more of an amazon.
com kinda guy, you know? But I thought I’d give it a shot here, it seemed Everwoody and all.
Anyway, I’m-I’m obviously not so good with the book return concept.
You should see my Blockbuster bill.
Uh, -do you take checks? -No.
Doctor Jake? Can you possibly help me with something? Sure thing.
You’re Amy Abbott, right? You’re Edna’s granddaughter.
I thought you looked familiar.
She keeps like three pictures of you on her desk.
Yeah, she’s sweet.
Umm, do you know what the basal ganglia does exactly? Not a fan of small talk.
Got it.
Well, I know it’s part of the brain that regulates voluntary movements and I know that the caudate nucleus is in the same part of the brain, only it’s in charge of like, organizing thoughts and awareness and stuff.
Are you like pre-med or something? Undeclared.
I just don’t understand why they’re so close together, if they do such different things? It’s like selling toasters in the make-up department.
Well, the-the logic of brain architecture is a pretty hot debate among neuroanatomists.
What are you looking at specifically? Huntington’s disease.
Huntington’s is like the cruise missile of neurodegeneration and it hits the worst spot possible.
But how do you treat it, ‘cause I haven’t seen anything here? That’s because we don’t.
We don’t know how yet.
Maybe if Washington didn’t waste so much time arguing the moral ethics of stem cell research we’d have a cure by now, but as it stands, we got nothing.
So basically if you have it, you’re gonna die.
It might take a little while, but… And how do you get it? Is it like a virus? No, it’s genetic.
One tweaked chromosome – the tiniest thing – you could possibly even imagine and you’re screwed for life.
That means if one of your parents has it… Then there’s a 50% chance you’re gonna have it too.
Anywho, it’s super nice to meet you.
I’m gonna go pay for my books and head back out.
It’s pretty great outside, it’s all sunny and cold, you should try and enjoy it.
Yeah, thanks.
Hi, you’ve reached Amanda, John and Charlie.
I can’t believe we’re not here.
Taking a break? Not feeling it.
Do you ever get that thing where everything in your life is pretty much perfect but-but instead of just enjoying it you can’t wait to smash it all up? I don’t know, it’s been awhile since perfect.
Why? What’s going on? Uh, I went to see Madison the other day.
When did this happen? A few nights ago.
I got a flyer for her band on my car.
Talked to Bright.
Oh, because he always give such good advice.
So did you see her? No.
She left the band.
The thing is… So she wasn’t there.
No, but the point is there was no possible reason for me to go.
No good could have come out of it, but I went anyways as if someone was daring me.
You mean Bright? No, I mean like the little red dude on my shoulder.
He’s got a pitchfork.
He’s all over the Cartoon Network.
Everything is my life is finally right.
Amy’s great.
School is what it is, but I-I keep testing it just seeing how far I can push things before they all fall part.
What kind of a person does that? A curious person, but there is some things you don’t need to waste your time wondering about.
I - I can’t help it.
Lately, I feel like my life is one of those choose your own adventure” books.
Y’know if-if I take the Colorado A&M tour, does that jinx my shot at getting into Julliard? If-If call Madison, does that automatically sabotage my relationship with Amy? You got her number? Yeah, Jay gave it to me.
I don’t know what I was thinking.
Well, no one says you have to call her.
Yeah, I know, but I want to, that’s the whole problem.
Yeah, little red guy.
Look, if you’re not feeling happy with the way things are in your life I understand mixing it up, but what I don’t understand is creating drama just because you are bored.
What do you mean? Well, there’s a difference between thinking and doing and the latter can be very self-destructive and you’re too smart for that.
Do you love Amy? Of course, I do.
Okay, then don’t just say, know it, and think about it every time you’re just about to do something stupid because all those temptations, they’re always going to be there and they’re gonna come in a whole lot of forms – ex girlfriend, potential girlfriends.
Snake, garden, apple.
I know where you’re going with this.
So don’t forget it.
Because losing someone you forgot to appreciate when you had ‘em, that’s just about the worst feeling in the world.
Trust me.
Maybe Delia’ll will want to call her or something.
Thank you.
You bet.
Sorry, I don’t want to interrupt the process.
Uh, no process, pretty much just endless rambling.
So do you know? Know what? If you have it? I know there’s a test, I read all about it and I know that you don’t have to be 18 to get it.
What are you doing? Hannah, I know that you don’t want me to see you differently, but you can’t just reveal this enormous aspect of your life to me and expect me to just ignore it.
Well, I know how you get, Amy.
I don’t want you to turn this into one of your projects.
Y- You are not my project, Hannah, you’re my best friend and you’re dealing with this unbelievably painful thing all by yourself and there’s no reason for it.
You don’t have to deal with this alone.
I want to know what you know.
I want to understand.
I don’t this disease is something you ever understand, not fully.
But the fact that there is a blood test that can tell you whether or not you have the gene, I mean, that’s huge.
It means there’s at least potential for a cure.
Potentials are kinda of complicated, you know, God and science and all that stuff.
But you’ve taken the test right? No.
And I’m not going to.
Okay, you know what, I don’t want you to think for a second that I think I know how I would deal with this situation and I’m sure that you’ve thought about it a gazillion times, but the fact that there is an answer out there waiting for you inside of you, don’t you want to know so you can just take it off the table – move on.
What if I don’t have the option to just take it off the table? The way I was raised – there’s this thing about destiny, it’s a given.
Our-our parents pass down this genetic makeup that’s like a symbol of them in some way – a family – so I got my mother’s eyes and her shoulders and my dad, well, maybe he gave me something else, but I-I don’t want to think about that every time I look at his picture, you know.
I just want to see him.
Besides, what difference does it make if I knew, I’m gonna end up in the same place anyway.
But at least, you could be prepared.
I don’t think anything could prepare me – not for that.
Thank you.
For what? For taking this on.
Making me feel less lonely.
It’s pretty much the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.
Oh, yeah? So I guess I can just take back the earrings.
Do we have plans? No.
You okay? No, actually I’m not okay.
I- I am so sorry, Amy.
I’m sorry, I Sorry for what? Oh, uh… Y’know, I wasn’t… I wasn’t actually gonna… I was… I mean, I was gonna tell you but I wasn’t gonna tell exactly like this.
Tell me about what? Uh… I lied to you.
Uh, the other night when I said I was sick, I-I wasn’t really sick, I actually went to see Madison’s band play, umm, at this place.
You went to see Madison? No… I mean she wasn’t there.
I-I-I didn’t-I didn’t see her.
What possible reason could you have to go see Madison? None.
No reason and she wasn’t there, that’s what I’m saying I mean you have to remember that part – that part is key.
Well, do you wan to get back together with her? No.
Then I don’t understand, Ephram.
I don’t- I don’t either, I swear, it was… I was just being stupid and self-destructive for-for no reason what so ever.
I-I feel terrible about it.
I totally regret now.
I don’t understand why- why wouldn’t you tell me before you went and tell me now? Because I thought you know, you were acting so weird But that’s not why I told you, I-I told you because I mean, you know, I-I…, you know it felt wrong not telling you and I felt like I was maybe lying to you.
You were lying.
You did lie.
I know and-and I’m sorry.
You felt guilty because you knew what you did was wrong so you told me because you didn’t want to feel guilty any more which means not only are you a liar, but you’re a selfish liar.
Amy? Don’t.
I- I just thought it was better to be honest.
Well, you thought wrong.
Okay, but don’t leave like this.
You know what, Ephram, don’t call me, I can’t deal with this right now.
I need to get a big mean dog – keep all the crazy doctors away.
I need to talk to you.
You really don’t.
I get it.
You get it.
God, even Harold gets it.
I don’t want you to give up on John.
Is that what you came here to say? Go home, Andy, if you talk to me in that crappy I’m doctor” voice one more time I’m gonna knee you in the nuts.
Look, I know I haven’t been handling this very well.
It… The whole thing is very confusing, but the one thing that I am very clear on is that we have been helping John.
He’s getting better.
There’s still a chance.
I took my chance.
I was comfortable here, you know.
It was quiet, I was lonely, but it -it was my life and after awhile it was bearable.
The way that being so numb that you can’t laugh is bearable or being so drunk you can’t sleep, I could deal with it.
But you asked me to take a chance, so I did.
I-I followed down this road of hope and optimism and life and now I can’t find my way back.
Why would you want to go back to a life that was no life? Because it was honorable.
The day he had a stroke, the day John went I went with him, ‘cause that’s what I was supposed to do and I got so busy taking care of him and-and Charlie that I didn’t even realize that I had fallen out of love with him.
I didn’t even think about it – until I met you.
But you do still love him.
You’re just you’re feeling lost right now, confused.
-I am.
-And that’s okay? It’s not okay.
I know it’s not.
I am not confused, Andy, not the way you are.
I’m not as confused as you think I am.
How confused do you think I think you are? Script: Rosemary Srt: Juanfran