Everybody Loves Raymond s04e18 Episode Script

Debra Makes Something Good

Hey, twins are asleep already? I thought you were gonna read them a story.
I did, but I put on my boring voice, you know? "And he huffed and puffed and blew the house down.
" Yeah, what a difference.
- Here.
- What? What is it? It's braciole, you know, stuffed beef.
Really? Braciole? Who made it? I did.
Just try it.
- You're not having any? - No, I had some you know, with the kids, I had some with the kids.
How are you feeling? It's not poisoned, Ray.
If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn't do it that way.
All right, that goes in the file.
Hey! - Good? - Yeah! Yeah, good.
Even better the second time now that my tongue's not scared.
- Mmm, man, this is great.
- Yeah, you really like it? It's good.
I really do.
Let me at it.
Oh, that's I'm so happy! Oh, look, you're sitting down! Ooh! - I did it, huh? I really did it! - Mommy! Yeah, honey, I'll be up in just a second.
Okay, I'm gonna get Ally out of the bath.
- There's a lot more on the stove here.
- Not for long.
Mmm One, two, three, four, five.
I'm in the conservatory, and I'd like to call on Mrs.
Peacock with the lead pipe.
I was just one away from the library, Frank.
You're just picking on me.
Tough crap, Peacock.
Get your tail-feathers in the conservatory.
- Hey.
- Oh hi, dear.
We're playing Clue.
It's keeping Robert's mind sharp for when he's a policeman again.
Yeah, Ray, there's been a wave of candlestick murders in the Bronx.
Hey, try this.
- What is it? - Braciole.
- Braciole? - I'm in.
- Who made it? - Debra.
I'm out.
Here, Ray, I'll try Debra's braciole.
I'm filled with antibiotics.
Mmm! Yeah? Gimme gimme.
- Geez, oh Lou! - See? So it is good.
It's not just me coming off airline food.
It's amazing.
I mean, that is amazing.
Are you sure your Debra made this? I know, I couldn't believe it either.
- She came up with some recipe.
- Recipe? - Yeah, what? - Real cooks don't need recipes.
We know how to add love and caring because there's no greater joy than feeding our Frank, you're a pig.
Stop moaning! So Debra can now cook.
The missing color in the Raymond rainbow.
Ah ha ha ha ha! You should ask Debra how she makes this.
I should ask Debra? I should ask Debra? Gimme that! This food has magical powers.
I'm gonna string some of this around my neck.
- Hello.
- Hey, Andy.
Hey, Deb, is Ray here? No, he's not home.
No, he's not home yet.
Hey, you hungry? Oh, sure, I could always go for something.
I made some braciole.
Taste it.
Oh, you made Uh No no no, I'm actually I'm in training.
I'm in training for a running thing.
- Come on.
- No, no really.
And I've gone kosher.
I'm in a Jewish marathon.
Okay Try it, okay? One bite, one bite.
That's it.
Run away with me.
Really, you like it? Oh my God, it's fantastic! - Mmm, Debra! - Yeah? It's great! I don't know what Ray's talking about.
What do you mean, "talking about"? Nothing, he was just trying to be funny at work.
Funny? About this? Was he making fun of my braciole? No, he was not.
Wait, Andy.
Andy, he told me he loved my braciole.
What did he say to you about it? Did I ever show you how I can wiggle my ears? Look at this Andy, Andy.
What did he say about the braciole? - I did not find it funny.
- Andy! He said it was Italian for "road kill.
" Please don't hurt me.
"Road kill"? He was just kidding around like he always does.
He always does this? No no Listen, I had some TheraFlu earlier.
And then I realized I do not even have the flu, so I'm really flying, whoo-hoo-hoo! - Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Hey, hey, here's your stats, all right? From now on, you get them on your own.
I'm tired of this.
Are you sleeping with Andy? 'Cause you can do better.
- That's funny.
- Yeah.
Hey, what smells good? Oh, I made braciole again.
You know, 'cause you liked it so much.
Yes, I do! All the colors in the rainbow! Oh, that smells good.
# Debra made something good! # # Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah # # Raymond really likes it # # Yeah-hah # # You ain't got to make nothing else # # But that braciole # # Hoo-hah hoo-hah hoo! # # I could eat this stuff # # Until I lose contro-ol # # Wack-ha wacka-wa ha-hah # # Wacka-hah # Here's a little sauce for your road kill.
# Hoo # # Woo # # What? # You could have just said, "Please don't sing.
" Food here is good.
I might have a comment about the service.
Is that what you do at work? You make fun of me all day? What? No, is that what Andy said? Oh, why the hell would he say that? I don't know but he actually loved my braciole.
I love your braciole! Come on, it's the best thing you ever made! Oh baloney! How come you told everybody it was road kill? - That's a joke.
- Oh no, it's not.
Of course it is! I was just kidding.
Come on, you see how much I love it.
I could use a towel.
Hello, Debra.
- What is it, Frank? - Nothing, dear.
I was just wondering if there was any of your delicious braciole left.
Oh, these are for you.
Oh, Dad, not now, please, all right? Hey, you got a little spot there.
I'm telling you, Debra, that stuff you made is so great, I woke up thinking about it.
Is anybody eating this? No, Frank.
You know what? You can have it.
At least someone appreciates it.
- Hey, I appreciate it - Thank you for the flowers, Frank.
Anyone who can make braciole like this deserves a whole hillside full of heavenly-scented marigolds and daffodils.
I happen to agree with him That's very sweet, Frank.
That's the nicest thing anybody's said to me in quite some time.
Would you like something to drink? No, I don't want to dilute the flavor.
Please sit down.
You should be resting with your feet up.
Thank you, Frank.
- All right, come on.
- What's the matter, Ray? Is it so weird that I'm being appreciated instead of mocked? - Is that how I raised you? - Yeah, okay, Dad.
Mmm, this is so delicious.
You really got it, kid.
Do you really think so? There's just like a sweetness to it.
How do you do that? Well you know, some people use raisins, but I had some currants.
- This is a beautiful thing.
- Thank you, Frank.
I thought you were taking a bath.
I was.
I finished.
How was it? It was fine, Frank.
Thank you for making it for me.
You haven't made a bath for me in 35 years.
Uh, you seemed to need it.
Listen, Marie, this is not what it looks like.
I'm not talking to you.
I do have a question for Debra, however: What have I done that you feel the need to destroy me? What? Who told you about braciole? Nobody.
I found a recipe in a magazine.
You found a recipe? Oh, you're a cook now! - Frank never mentioned braciole to you? - No.
- No.
- No, I didn't say a thing, Marie Quiet.
Frank never told you that braciole was the very first thing I ever cooked for him? Oh, boy.
- No, I didn't know that.
- You didn't know that? Do you know what he said to me when he tasted my braciole in 1955? He said, "Be my bride.
" - Marie, come on.
- "Be my bride," Frank.
"Be my bride.
" But it's very clear now that you'll go to any girl with a pot.
You hardly make it for me anymore! 'Cause I didn't want you to get sick of it.
I'm 64 years old.
What are you saving it for? Marie, I'm sorry.
I didn't know it was your special dish.
Don't you have other household things that you need to take care of like like the laundry? Raymond, give me those pants.
- I'll wash them.
- It's okay, Mom.
No, I'm washing those pants for you, damn it! - Mom - Take off your pants! Could we turn the heat up? What do you want me to say, Marie? "I'm sorry I made braciole"? This is insane! I never would have made the stuff if I thought it was gonna turn everybody's world upside-down.
Hey, Ma, I have nothing to eat over there.
You said you were making me dinner.
I don't cook anymore.
Robert, how much does Ray make fun of my cooking? Don't look at him.
Don't you look at him, Robert! - He's not wearing pants - Answer me! I know he makes fun of my cooking.
I want to know how much of it goes on behind my back.
He makes fun of it all the time, dear.
That is not true! That's not completely true, Debra! I love your braciole and I am not lying today.
Is that why you're making fun of it, making jokes about it at work? You make jokes about this food? - Have you no decency? - Oh stop.
Come on, Dad! It's just You know, it's just wife jokes, that's all.
It's something you do when, you know, when you're with the guys.
- I never.
- Oh, what are you talking about? Like you don't make jokes.
First of all, if I have anything to say about your mother, I'm not afraid to say it right to her face.
Second of all, those are not jokes.
Yesterday you called me an old bag.
If that's a joke, then it's on me.
Right in front of her! Actually, not to defend Raymond, that is a guy thing, Debra.
I've often found that men use the wife joke to, uh, form bonds and share common experiences.
Am I sitting in sauce? Yes, Robert.
I was afraid I popped a stitch.
Robert, come on.
Take off those pants.
- What? - Take them off! - Well, what do you - I get those pants! Don't fight it, man, don't fight it.
Come on, let's go home, I'll clean you up.
All right.
Thanks, Ma.
- Are you coming or not? - Of course I'm coming.
You're my wife.
I belong with you.
I'm coming.
I'll call you.
I'm gonna go freshen up.
Ray, can I talk to you? Yeah, all right, but I'm a little chilly.
Why do you have to make wife jokes? I don't do that.
I don't make husband jokes.
Are you telling me that you don't go out with Amy and Linda and make fun of all the stupid things I do, you know? You don't talk about the way my lips move when I read or you caught me biting my toenail that one time or or or that No, I don't.
In fact, I try to spin it in the other direction.
Linda thinks you have a master's.
Master's? Degree.
Master's degree, Ray.
This is what I don't understand.
You're always making fun of my cooking, but I finally make something you like and you're still making jokes about it.
Why? I'm a complicated person.
Oh, come on, it's just that's who I am.
I make fun of the wife a little.
"Oh here's Ray Ray, what did she do to you last night?" And if I say, "She made some braciole and it was quite tasty," wha who wants to hang out with that guy? But don't you think that there's something wrong that the only way you can be popular is at my expense? I wish there was another way.
All right Aw, come on.
I'm kidding.
Hey look, we know the score here.
You got it all over me, right? You're the pretty, smart, together, good one.
I'm the one they say, "How did he get her?" So I don't know, maybe in my stupid way, I'm telling them how.
You know, "She can't cook.
Ha ha.
" Ah ha ha ha ha.
What? It could be worse.
You know Chuck Wilson? You know what he told me? He said his wife is so cold, when he gets into bed with her, he has to shoo away the penguins.
Shoo away the penguins.
That's cold.
Wilson's wife.
And yet I don't think any less of her.
I don't care what the other guys think about me.
I care what you think about me.
I'm not gonna make jokes anymore.
Thank you.
Are you still gonna cook for me? Yes.
Wanna take your pants off? No.
Okay, then can I have more sauce? Aw, come on.
Come on Hey.
What are you doing? I'm having some tea.
- Didn't make any dinner? - Yes, tea.
And what did Debra make tonight? Lasagna.
It's over.
What? I think that braciole is all she can make.
Listen, Marie, I learned something.
A man needs more than braciole.
A man needs chicken, veal, eggplant parmesan.
Manicotti? Yes, manicotti.
Oh, Frank! - And Frank? - Yes? We'll never speak of this again.

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