Everybody Loves Raymond s06e05 Episode Script

Marie's Sculpture

Look at this.
Says here I could look like this guy just by working out You better make it 20.
How are you two? Yeah? Super.
Help yourself, Dad.
Your mother's never at home anymore.
She hasn't cooked for me in a month.
She's really loving that sculpture class, isn't she? Yeah, thanks for talking her into that.
I just ate a fistful of bullion cubes.
Hey, did you know that Marie's teacher said that she has real talent? Really? The teacher that she pays? Never mind.
She's meeting new people.
I think that's good for her.
Have you talked to them? Another season of "Everybody Loves Raymond.
" Ow! Hi everyone.
Oh my God, look.
They've tented your mother for termites.
I finished the piece I was working on.
Is it a sandwich? I'm so excited.
I can't wait for you to see it.
Are you ready? Ready? Bring it in, Robbie.
Be careful.
Hey, everybody Shh! Don't ruin the moment.
Okay, everybody.
I want to thank both Raymond and Debra for their support and encouragement of my artistic pursuits.
All right, Frank.
In the tradition of artists and their patrons, the Michelangelos and the Medicis, I give you this.
Marie, this is fantastic.
You like it? Wow.
I love it.
You really did this? Yeah, Ma, it's great! Robbie, turn on the lights.
Can I talk to you? Come over here a second.
Did you look at the sculpture? Yeah.
It's great.
What? Yeah, well what does it look like? I don't know.
It doesn't look like anything.
Oh, it definitely looks like something.
What? Don't you think it looks a little like a What? Isn't it a bit too ladylike? - Great! - You see? Oh, now I do, thank you.
Raymond, what do you think? What? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Uh-huh? Yeah, it it's wonderful, Marie, really.
So, Ma, what is it? It's an abstract.
Not abstract enough.
You've done an amazing job.
It looks like something, though.
What does it look like? I don't think Raymond likes it.
What? You're hardly looking at it.
I'm lookin' at it.
You can get close.
You can even touch it.
I'm fine! This is bugging me.
Where have I seen this before? You know, the Greeks used to say that the shape is in the stone just waiting to come out.
What? Oh my God! What, Robbie? Huh? No It's nothing.
It's fabulous! Abstract! Very I gotta tell ya, I don't know what the hell this is, but I love it.
Do you really, Frank? Oh, thank you.
You see it, huh? Yeah.
Make it stop.
Well, where should we put it? What? It's a gift to you and Raymond.
Man, oh, man.
I think it looks great right here.
It becomes the focal point of the whole room.
Oh, my God! You have to say something! Why me? Because this is a woman's issue.
You know how you can tell it's good art? Because it follows you when you move.
Robbie, let's take the dolly back to the studio.
With pleasure, Mother.
Enjoy your sculpture, Raymond! Ta-ta.
Dad? Dad, you can go now, too.
In a minute.
You can visit it later, all right? You know, I'll tell you what, I'm gonna bring my camera over here and get a shot of all of us standing around it.
Hey, that could be our Christmas Card! You know maybe well, from this angle, it looks kind of like a like a a sailboat.
Yes, I see a sailboat.
A sailboat that could use a pair of underwear! Listen your mother gave this to us, and if we have to live with it, it's gonna be a sailboat.
Whoa, whoa.
I'm not living with it.
I can't live with it! You can't tell her that.
Now, this may make you uncomfortable, but we have got to support her.
Oh, great, yes, we'll support her.
Meantime, there's gonna be a cover charge to get in our living room.
I can't find my crayons.
Crayons? No, there's no crayons here.
Here they are, honey.
There you go, sweetie.
What's that? What? What? Ohh.
It's something that your grandmother carved out of stone.
This is called a sculpture.
This is art.
Okay, maybe that's enough art for now.
Go play.
Can I color it? No.
Go upstairs.
You know, not that I would encourage it, but the way he was looking at it, that's good, right? He's like a little man.
What Because my father was concerned about him in that department! Oh, damn, it does follow you.
If you're gonna stand there, at least block my view.
What? I've been thinking about it, and I'm wondering, where's my sculpture? What are you talking about? You want one of these? You mean, a sign of affection from my mother? I don't know.
What's that like? This is a sign of affection? In its own disturbing way, yes.
You're sick.
- You're sick.
- You're sick.
- You.
- I loathe you.
Okay, great.
The Parkers' basement is flooded.
That's funny.
I hate that Parker.
No, that's not funny, Ray.
Their whole house is flooded.
That means no play date.
So why can't the kids just come over here? I don't know, Ray.
Do we really want to have all the neighborhood kids come over here and learn about the birds and the gigantic bees? I thought it was a sailboat.
Frank, what are you doing? He's been standing there for an hour.
Would you stop staring at that? You're freakin' me out! Why? It's just a sailboat.
That's no sailboat! Look, come on, Dad.
Where are we going? Pizza.
Can't we just order in? Let's go.
You know what? Pizza sounds good.
I'm gonna get a couple slices.
Oh, no no no.
You're not going anywhere.
Why? Why not? Because I can't take one more day being stuck here with that.
And the kids and their questions "Why did Grandma make that? What is it? Why is it so big?" I can't take it anymore.
I am seeing it in my sleep.
I see it, and I know it's your mother's, and we have to get rid of it.
All right.
I'm with you.
How? I don't know, just do it.
I can't look at it anymore.
All right.
You know what? I'm covering it up for now.
I'll start sanding it down tomorrow.
Every day a little bit more.
I'll sneak the dust out in my pants to the yard.
I was just in the You know what I'm doin'? I'm coverin' it up because it seems so alive that it should rest at night.
Raymond? You're covering my sculpture with a garbage bag? Well, uh, well we didn't want it to get dirty.
You know how dusty I let this house get.
I know, dear, but that's all right.
I gave it to you to enjoy.
A little dust can't hurt it.
I know, but don't you want to enjoy it, too? It doesn't seem fair that we get all the enjoyment.
Maybe you could keep it at your house, and we could come by for enjoyable visits.
Yeah, that would be great.
But I gave it to you.
Yes, you did.
And we love it.
Love it! But I was just thinking, Just now, um it's so precious.
I mean, what if one of the kids breaks it? Yeah that would be bad.
If you're worried about that, we could move it.
Oh, it could go in your bedroom.
- No! - No no no! - No.
- No, no.
We we don't really like art in the bedroom.
Too highfalutin'.
We're simple folk.
Are you saying you don't want it? Well, the thing is It's not really my taste.
I like the kind of statues like a horse.
Or somebody's head.
Or the Heisman Trophy, that's a beauty.
I'm really into unicorns myself.
I see.
All right.
Well thank you for your candor.
But you're really a great sculptress.
You know why don't you why don't you do like a a Mount Rushmore, only with us? It's okay, Raymond, you don't have to keep it.
And I don't expect you to come to the class exhibit, either.
I think it's safe to say you wouldn't enjoy it.
Oh, Marie And I'm sorry that it had to be in your house for so long.
I'll have it removed just as soon as possible.
I think it's mad.
Raymond Barone? Mm-hmm.
I'm Sister Ann, this is Sister Beth.
We're here to pick up the sculpture.
You're what? The one your mother donated to the church auction.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah.
That sculpture, that's not here anymore.
- It's not? - No, no.
Isn't that a sculpture? No, no, no.
- But but ow! - It's not.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, Sister, yes, uh, you mean that sculpture.
Yeah, yeah, that's the sculpture.
L-l we we had another sculpture.
I got confused, that's all.
That that's the sculpture.
I was not lying to nuns.
Okay, let's load it up.
Okay, all right.
Take it away.
Enjoy it.
The sheet comes with it.
You get that for free.
No lie.
The sheet should stay on it all the time.
It's kind of part of the sculpture.
No no Oh, my.
Well Pretty abstract, huh? Okay, all right, all right.
Let's load this puppy up.
Good, Sisters, I'm glad you're here.
Oh, boy.
Barone, hello.
Is that the sculpture you intended - to contribute to the church auction? - Yes.
Well, don't you think the subject matter is might be inappropriate? Subject matter? What do you mean? Forgive me, but is that not a sculpture of What? What's wrong with you? It's just that it may not be right for the church Are you crazy? Uh, Sisters, thank you for coming by.
We certainly appreciate it.
If you have anything else, we'll be happy to take it.
If you have a sculpture of almost anything else.
We don't have any more sculptures.
I have a ceramic pig upstairs.
It's full of quarters.
You want that? That's all right.
We'll just be going.
Okay, all right.
Thank you.
God bless you.
I'll see you Sunday.
I'm gonna bring the pig! Nuns, right? What's going on? Raymond, do you see what they see? Um I don't know.
No, tell me the truth.
Well maybe if I squint a little.
Oh, my God, I'm a lesbian.
Look at it! I've seen it! It's so obvious.
No, no, it's not, really.
I'm a failure.
Hey there.
So what? You you made a thing.
It's not that, Raymond.
I'm not a prude.
The female body is a beautiful thing Okay, okay.
So what is it? What's bothering you? Well, it's supposed to be an abstract.
The teacher told us that we could make any kind of a statue we wanted.
And so I chose an abstract because I thought it was easy.
Turns out I can't even do that.
Debra thinks it looks like a sailboat.
There's something wrong with her.
I just tried to do something different find something new, that's all.
Something more than just being a short order cook for your father.
You wanted to find something new about yourself? Mm-hmm.
Well nobody expected this.
Ta-da! All right, Raymond.
No, come on, Ma, you made something here.
It was an accident.
Hey, so was penicillin.
And Robert.
No, come on.
Come over here.
Look at this.
I mean, look.
All right, it may not be my taste, but this used to be just a rock.
Even I can appreciate that.
What do most people who take an art class what do they make? Like a little paperweight or an ashtray, but look what you did.
You you know, I mean look at this.
You made this.
You got people talking.
You shocked people.
I think that's what real artists do.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you, Raymond.
You're a good boy.
But really, you gotta get it outta here.
Thank you for coming.
I'm thrilled you came.
Well, Marie, your piece was the hit of the show! Thank you, dear.
Congratulations, yeah.
You didn't have to dedicate it to me.
Who else? Who else? Yeah.
All right, I gotta go home and wash my eyes.
Okay, let's go.
Where's Frank? If you ask me, it looks like a Holy crap!
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