Everything Now (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[wistful music playing]
[Mia] Everything is different now.
If you're lucky,
at some point, life will hand you
a whole new chance,
a whole new person.
[woman vocalizing]
[Mia] She doesn't see my past,
only the Mia I am now.
The Mia I can be.
[music continues]
[school bell ringing]
[Mia] Here are five things
no one will tell you
about falling in love for the first time.
[jaunty romantic music playing]
[Mia] One, whether you mean to or not,
you'll start to plan your entire day
around their schedule.
Meaning you'll become an expert
at "right place, right time."
Two, you'll go to what some
would call extreme lengths
just to catch a glimpse of them.
- Aw! You came to see me!
- [gasps]
Uh, yeah.
Oh my God, obsessed much?
[Will] We're meant to be
keeping it a secret at work, but
he can't take his eyes off me.
Nice hat, by the way.
[music continues]
[Mia] Three, your universe
will divide itself seamlessly
into two categories.
There is them
[Theo] Mia, hey!
[Mia] And then there is everything else.
- Alison said you weren't feeling great.
- Whoa, everything alright here?
[Mia] And everything else,
whatever that may be,
will start to feel not quite enough.
Unless you can share it with them.
- Wow!
- [laughs]
[music continues]
Four, the hope will kill you
long before the heartbreak does.
[Carli] How was it?
[music continues]
[Mia] And five, you are not
as subtle as you think you are.
- [music halts]
- Oh! Mother of fuck!
- You all right?
- Fine. [chuckles]
Wouldn't want a concussion
to rob you of your game.
- Not a chance. Netball's my bitch.
- [chuckles]
Okay, guys, two teams.
Captains to the le
Mia. What are you doing here?
- You know
- Hey! What's the haps, sir?
We spoke about this. You shouldn't be
doing sports anymore. Doctor's orders.
I'm not allowed to do PE?
Come on, this is extracurricular.
I'm sorry, Mia.
Maybe next term, all right?
No problem.
[man] Right. [blows whistle]
[Mia] Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.
[tense music playing]
[Mia] Why does everyone think
they know what's best for me?
[dramatic music playing]
[clock ticking]
- [dishware clattering]
- [girl] Excuse me, I'm finished.
- This is fucking ridiculous.
- [Mia] Just wait.
They can't stop us moving.
We're not prisoners!
We have to wait
to see if there's a distraction.
More often than not, someone kicks off.
Trust me.
- [girl] I'm done.
- [woman] Just take a deep breath.
[girl] I can't eat any more of that!
Seriously, I'm done!
[whispering] Go on now. Go.
[girl] I can't eat anymore! Get off!
Oh, right-o. And where are we going?
We've done the 20 minutes.
Just want to get some fresh air.
I think you know that's not gonna wash.
I just want to go for a fucking walk!
What's the big deal?
It's healthy. It's good for you.
Yes. Yes. Exercise is
generally good for us.
Come on, Dean, sit down.
But only in moderation.
Even things we think of
as healthy may be harmful
if we allow ourselves to
fixate on them to the point of obsession.
And this need to move after eating
uh, to not allow meals to settle.
That's that's a compulsion too.
And you have to learn
to sit with that anxiety.
Jesus, Cam.
Oh my God. [groans]
- [weights thud]
- [Cameron pants]
What? Decided I'd do
some remodeling this term.
You know,
keep the ladies happy. [chuckles]
What's up?
What? Why does something have to be up?
Come on.
They won't let me join the netball team.
- You hate team sports.
- No, I don't.
You literally said one time
you'd rather be part of a cult.
Fine. But
that was the old me. I want people
to look at me and see someone different.
Not just the sick girl I was in Year 11.
How am I supposed to reinvent myself
if I can't even play fucking netball?
Is this a bucket list thing?
[Mia] It's a love thing.
Okay, all right.
Reinvent yourself, yeah?
Yeah, there you go.
Yeah, peasy.
I'm gonna help you do it.
Come on. [sniffs]
[yells] Come on!
Okay, Cam. Be quiet.
Now, Mia 2.0, what a recovering social
recluse like yourself might not know
is that we at Westmere boast an impressive
selection of clubs and societies.
Here, we have your classic debaters.
Our contribution to the EU
was less than £140 million a week.
- Expect us to believe that?
- Of course not.
You wouldn't believe anything that hasn't
been slapped onto the side of a bus!
- [arguing continues]
- Thoughts?
I'm bored, but also angry.
It's a no from me.
[boy 1] You have to listen
to what people are saying!
I'm sorry, but
Now, here we have the Feminist Society.
[Becca] So, we're all in agreement
that it's absolutely key
that the education system
must make more of an effort
to raise the aspiration
of our young girls.
- [clapping]
- Sure.
But, like, just to play devil's advocate,
why do they always
have to put the message into every
[all clamoring]
- Is he always here?
- Yeah.
[clamoring continues]
[Becca] You're not even a feminist!
Shut up!
[upbeat pop music playing]
[music stops]
[chair creaks]
[door closes]
[Mia] I don't know, Cam, I'm not sure
any of these are really gonna
Gonna make her notice me.
Look what the Cam dragged in.
What are you hot young things up to?
Helping Mia reinvent herself.
Oh gosh, they do grow up so fast!
- What are you signing up for?
- Drama Club.
Of course, when you're
classically trained as I,
you don't really need
such diversions, but
[Mia] Bingo.
Oh my God. That's how she writes her Rs.
She's fucking amazing.
Wow, that is, um
this is such a coincidence.
I was just about to sign up for that.
- Hey!
- But wait, you hate drama.
And public speaking.
And regular speaking. And people.
- Uh
- [Mia] No, I love the theater.
I mean, Brecht? What a fun guy.
There's reinventing yourself, then there's
acting like you've got a concussion.
Oh my God, all the fittest girls
in our year go to Drama Club.
- Gimme the pen.
- [Will] Shut up.
Cam, thank you.
This has been great. Like, really great.
Um, I I mean, you're welcome.
Uh-uh. Something is rotten
in the state of Denmark.
Ooh, that reminds me. I am so far behind
on my Geography coursework.
Do you want to do it together later?
Think your time is
better spent in the shower.
You smell like athlete's foot.
[laughs] Ho-ho!
Ah, Becca. Can we have a quick chat?
Okay, to the left, to the left.
Okay, come in, come in, come in.
Take a perch-a-roony.
Uh, sorry, Miss,
I'm late to pick up my sister.
I won't keep you.
I was just wondering
how you were getting on
with finding donations for the raffle?
- [chuckles]
- [Becca sighs]
It slipped your mind.
I'm so sorry.
- Don't worry.
- I'll start it tonight.
[cell phone vibrates]
Not necessary.
I can rope someone else in to help.
No, no, I can do it.
It is okay to say no sometimes.
We don't want you
burning yourself out, do we?
I will make it up to you
at the coffee morning.
I will hold everyone hostage
until they buy a ticket.
[chuckles nervously]
Obviously, I can't condone that.
Oh, uh, go. Go. [chuckles]
Uh, Becca?
You can't pour from an empty cup.
[whispering] Good. Well handled.
["Get Ready" by The Temptations playing]
[Mia] Love changes everything.
And unlike all the other changes,
this one doesn't seem scary because,
you know, this is a good thing.
So now you need more change.
For the first time, you want to grow up.
You want to kick-start this new life.
Like, why do you still have all of this?
This stuff belonged to a sad little girl
who never even met Carli.
You live in a post-Carli universe.
And I'm bringing you a love that's true
So get ready ♪
- [Alex] Mia?
- What?
- [song continues on earphones]
- Hey. I've been looking for this.
What was this doing
in that box on the landing?
We spend too much time
on electronics in this house.
Hm. Read a book. Go outside.
What's going on in here, then?
Mia's pawning all our fun.
Just spring cleaning.
[Viv] Oh wow.
Marie Kondo's got nothing on you.
This box is stuff to throw away,
and this one's for donations.
Don't think I don't see you.
How do you mean?
You're glowing
like a spring lamb on Valium.
It's Theo, isn't it?
[Mia] For God's sake.
Not Theo.
Ooh, come on. Tell me!
You're way off, Mum. I'm a hermit as ever.
Oh no, Ribbit!
Oh, sweetheart, you love Ribbit.
And the books!
Dad used to read you this every night.
It's just stuff.
[ambulance siren wailing in distance]
[siren wailing loudly]
[siren fades]
[melancholy music playing]
[music continues]
[music fades]
[indistinct happy chatter]
[Mia] Am I really doing this?
[Carli] Hey.
[Mia] Hey.
- Hey.
- [Carli] Hiya.
Mia. Welcome to
the theater of screams. [chuckles]
Alison, didn't know you liked the theater.
I'm just, you know,
padding out the old Head Girl CV.
- Plus, it can hardly hurt to shine.
- [door opens]
Mrs. Von Shildegard. Fucking legend.
Isn't even married. She just felt like it.
[exciting music playing]
[Mrs. Von Shildegard] Children.
We must begin by asking ourselves
what is theater?
My children, theater is poetry.
But what is poetry?
Poetry is a verdict, my children.
But what is a verdict?
[Mia] This could go on forever.
The stage is at once
a space where one may embody the other,
where we may
nurture and craft our truth
as our art.
Which is why next week,
I wish you to prepare a monologue.
It must speak to you,
through you.
It must show us proudly
who you really are.
[Mia] Okay. No, thank you.
For now, children, it is time
to break down those barriers, right here.
For this first exercise,
I'll need two volunteers.
And you.
But she didn't
Acting is reacting.
Learn to roll with the punches. Now
You'll be doing some improvisation.
What we in the theater call "improv."
[Mia] Everything about this is terrible.
You're having an argument.
You are the guilty party.
You are the one wronged.
Remember, there are no mistakes in improv.
Only one rule.
You cannot say no.
Go on, Mia.
Once more unto the breach.
[students whispering indistinctly]
Julius, I am sorry I murdered your mother!
[flatly] Yeah, right.
Could you ever forgive me?
[whispering] The one rule
is you can't say no.
- Fuck, sorry.
- No, it's fine.
So can you forgive me, Julius?
- Yes.
- Mia.
- You just said you're not supposed to
- [Carli] No! 'Tis I!
I faked my death!
Oh. [clears throat]
Mother, thank goodness you're alive.
What? She's not even in the scene?
How could I leave my only child
dear, sweet Julius
to deal alone with the likes of you,
a second-rate assassin?
- Ooh.
- [Alison] Second-rate assassin?
I'll show you second-rate assassin.
- This is a gun. Bang!
- [gasps]
I am slain.
Bang! Get down.
Oh, yeah. I'm out. [clears throat]
[Mrs. Von Shildegard] And scene.
[scattered applause]
Ladies, stirring work.
Excellent performances from
most of you.
[intriguing music playing]
- Mia.
- Yeah?
Mark my words. Next time we are
going to peel back those delicious layers.
Like an onion. Hm?
[door opens]
- Jesus, take the wheel.
- [door closes]
Keira Knightley.
- What?
- It's our code word. Didn't I tell you?
No, you did not.
Well, we need to talk. Library, now.
- Carli?
- What about her?
- Carli?
- Who?
Oh, don't play games here, missy.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't know what to say or how to say.
Ugh. That's a pitiful excuse.
You've known
about every one of my crushes.
I even told you about
me and teenage Simba.
It's not a crush.
Well, what is it?
I'm in love.
- In?
- Yes.
- No!
- Yes.
Oh, Mia!
- [both yelp]
- Quiet!
I think about her every five seconds,
sometimes three.
Is that normal?
I don't think that's normal.
Well, not to worry.
I know everything about love.
I'm like a genius spiritual savant.
Like Gwyneth Paltrow or something.
And, honey, let me tell you,
you're playing this all wrong.
- I am?
- Yes!
All this wannabe ingénue stuff.
You're not an actor, Mia.
Just be yourself.
No, but myself got me
hospitalized for seven months.
Augment, then.
Be yourself, but be sly about it.
Be Cady Heron.
- Who?
- From Mean Girls?
[exhales] Fucking amateur. Okay.
Cady Heron let Aaron Samuels tutor her,
and it didn't matter
that he didn't know the answers,
just so long as she could
stare at him all wide-eyed and dreamy.
So, what? I should ask Carli for help?
Well, it works.
- Take me and Cheese Guy.
- Gonna need a name eventually.
No. We're going about our day,
nothing major, then I stroll over and say,
"Hey. How is blue cheese made?"
"Where does the blue come from?"
Thirteen minutes later, I'm in the store
cupboard, and he's tearing off my smock.
How is blue cheese made?
What? I don't know. Who fucking cares?
The point is,
this is your chance to bond with her.
Ask her for help with your monologue.
- I don't have a monologue.
- Ah-ha.
Nobody knows love like us Williams.
Study up.
[squeals excitedly]
[melancholy pop music playing]
[Mia] "What lady is that which doth enrich
the hand of yonder knight?"
"Oh, she doth teach the torches
to burn bright."
"It seems, she hangs
upon the cheek of night."
"Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear."
[music intensifies]
I can never be the same ♪
Since you took off ♪
You're all that I can think about ♪
[keyboard clacking]
- [knocking on door]
- [woman] Becca?
You okay?
I've got to run, but can you iron
Caleb's shirt before you go?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay. [kisses]
Beauty too rich for use,
for earth too dear.
- Please, shut up.
- So shows a snowy dove
[Rick yawns] Morning.
You're up early.
[Mia] I'm seizing the day.
- Sit down. I'll get started on breakfast.
- [Mia] Lie.
I ate already.
[Mia] Whoa. Okay.
[Rick] Really?
Normally you need seven alarms
and me banging your door down
to pry you out of bed.
Found some energy, I guess.
[Rick] Um, and don't forget,
you've got Dr. Nell this afternoon.
- He's got you in the diary for 3:00, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Got it. I will be there.
Love you.
Love you.
[downbeat pop music playing]
[Mia] Don't feel bad. It wasn't a big lie.
Just a little one to tide me over.
At least I'm still eating.
He wouldn't get it.
How long an entire meal
really takes for me.
I just can't. Not now.
I have a life.
I'm finally "right place, right time."
[line ringing]
[on voicemail]
Hey, it's Mia. Leave a message.
I know, Dad.
First, be kind. Second, be kind.
Third, be kind.
[reciting indistinctly]
[Becca] Hey, dude.
Sup, homie.
You okay?
"My bounty is as endless as the sea."
Shakespeare, eh? Who knew?
Do you know what day it is?
It's Wednesday.
We were meant to do, you know, you, me?
[groans] Shit, I forgot.
I'm sorry.
I've just got so much on,
trying to learn
all of this for Drama Club.
Right, Drama Club.
[Becca] Hm.
- What?
- I don't know. I worry.
Yeah, Becs, well, you always worry.
This isn't news.
You don't need to jump down my throat
because I forget about one thing.
I'm not jumping down anywhere. It's just,
you haven't been acting yourself lately.
And why is that such a bad thing?
I don't get it. Why does everyone
want me to be static?
You know, I thought
the whole point about being a teenager
is that you try on
new versions of yourself.
I've finally found one that I like.
I'm sorry. You're right.
I shouldn't have said anything.
You know what, don't worry. I've gotta go.
Appointment with Dr. Nell.
Mia. I
[emotional synth music playing]
[door shuts]
[Carli] Mia!
[Mia] Fuck. The one time
I don't know where you are.
Romeo and Juliet?
For drama?
Uh, yeah.
Got to love a classic.
What are you doing?
I'm thinking Streetcar.
Or The Children's Hour.
Or A Doll's House.
Nora would be super fun,
but maybe too much of a downer.
[Mia] I have never so powerfully wished
to know what someone was talking about.
[laughs] I should
probably go work on mine.
Actually, Carli
I'm pretty rusty on it so far,
and I was thinking, since you know it,
would you maybe be down to, like,
help me rehearse sometime?
How about now?
[Mia] Dr. Nell.
Actually, uh
Turn her down, gently but firmly.
Now, turn her
No, I'm free.
Or not. That works too.
I'd love that.
Forswear it sight. For I never, um
ne'er saw true beauty till this night.
It's terrible.
It's not terrible.
I don't [groans]
I just can't find, like, the thing
behind the thing, you know?
I feel like I know what he's saying,
but I just get lost in the
Well, I was going to say
"wankness," but yeah.
[both laugh]
So rewrite.
- What, rewrite Shakespeare?
- Why not?
It'll help you get to the center of it.
Do you really think I could do that?
I think you could do anything.
[door opening]
[clears throat]
Well, looky here.
Guys, fan out. Talk amongst yourselves.
Alison, hi.
Are you here to rehearse too?
Why else?
Which monologue did you choose?
Dirty Dancing.
- Dirty
- It's a film, sweetheart.
[laughs gently]
God, you Scottish people crack me up.
I'm from Manchester.
Well, I'm doing Baby's abortion monologue,
so feel free to stay
and watch if you like.
No, no, no, no, no. That is okay.
Wouldn't want to ruin your flow.
[Alison] Hm.
Hold the applause.
[in American accent]
I told you I was telling the truth, Daddy!
- [both laughing]
- Dirty fucking Dancing?
You should do a duologue.
You'd rock a Swayze mullet.
Right. What, reckon
I could do the big lift too?
Hey, you do know it. Amazing.
It made it all the way to Manchester.
- Fuck off.
- [laughs]
[tender music plays]
Well, I should
Yeah, me too.
But this was fun.
See you tomorrow.
["Prim & Propa"
by Connie Constance playing]
See ya.
We only ever had just enough ♪
[Mia] Cady fucking Heron.
Will is never going to believe this.
Got told to suck it up
I was raised by a woman and a warrior ♪
[Mia] Come on! How can someone
with so loud a voice be this hard to find?
[man] Can we get
some more provolone in here?
- What can I get for you today, love?
- Nothing for me, thanks
[Mia] Gareth?
No wonder Will didn't tell us.
Actually, I'm looking for a friend.
I think you know him? Will?
The guy you're hooking up with.
Excuse me?
He works here. He has purple hair.
The shelf stacker?
I'm not hooking up with him.
I'm I'm his manager.
- Shit.
- Did he tell you we were
Uh, no, I think
I've just got mixed up, sorry. Um
Wrong cheese guy.
[Mia] And the sixth thing no one
will tell you about falling in love,
it's all in your head.
[emotional music playing]
[Rick] Mia? Come into the kitchen, please.
[Mia] Fuck.
[Mia] How's it hanging?
You tell me.
I got a call from Dr. Nell at 4:00 p.m.,
an hour after
you were supposed to be there.
I just got held up. School stuff.
Treatment comes first.
It comes first, second, third,
all the way down.
It's one missed session.
The point is that you
have to start taking this seriously.
I am.
'Cause I think you're forgetting just
how much time and money we put in
so that you can keep seeing Dr. Nell.
Not everyone is so lucky.
Okay. Al, tell her.
- [Alex] Dad.
- [Rick] Come on.
Tell her what you told us.
What? Tell me what?
They know
- about you skipping breakfast.
- [sighs]
For God's sake, I still ate.
I grabbed a couple of bananas.
You're supposed to sit down
and eat breakfast in a calm atmosphere.
It is one morning, Dad.
It's never just a morning for you.
It's never just breakfast,
it's never just food, it's an obligation.
You can't check in and out of recovery
whenever you feel like it.
[Viv] Rick, maybe she has a point.
Isn't the fact
that she was able to eat on the go
a sign of how far she's come?
Maybe a session a week is too many.
We could bring it down to a session
every other week and see where we are.
These people are experts.
They know what's best.
[Viv] She should have a say.
But not the only say.
It's our job to keep her alive.
Okay. Let's just sit down as a family
and stop being so dramatic.
You weren't there. You didn't see.
You don't know how bad it got.
Why can't you just let me be happy?
I did my time. I put the work in.
I should be able
to live my fucking life now.
Yeah, treatment makes me better.
Guess what?
It also makes me fucking miserable.
Now, I would rather be happy than be well,
and if you can't understand that,
then you are the last people
I should be speaking to.
[breathing rapidly]
I don't need anyone's permission.
I give you a say, not the other way round.
What did I tell you?
[paper rustling]
[exhaling shakily]
[Dr. Nell] That voice
is still telling you to push harder.
But your body can only take so much, Dean.
You have to trust us
when we say that right now,
any form of exercise
is too dangerous.
Because next time,
you might not be so lucky.
[melancholy music playing]
Please don't.
[birds chirping]
[sobbing softly]
[Gareth clears throat] William?
Oh. Oh, sorry.
I was, um, just looking up
the best way to display nuts.
Can I have a word?
Have you been
telling people we're fucking?
What? [hesitates] No, absolutely not.
Have people been saying that?
I I, um, it definitely
hasn't come from me.
I mean, what an outrageous thing to
[chuckles] It's fine.
Why lie about something like that?
Um, well, I I don't know.
You can hardly blame a guy, can you?
Just wouldn't have thought
that you'd have to lie about it.
I mean, look at you.
I thought blokes would be
banging down your door for it.
Oh. Um
That's, um No. No, thank you.
Uh, very kind of you to offer,
but it's it's a no from me.
But I just thought that
[soft music playing]
Fresh out the gym.
Rinsed the fuck out of the shower.
So clean you could eat off of me.
In fact
I'd actively encourage it.
I prefer my food
without notes of Lynx Africa.
All right, A, how dare you?
And two, that actually looks like proper
coursework, which is so not the deal.
- Let's go.
- Just give me two minutes.
- You're not still mad at me, are you?
- I was never mad at you.
Okay. Good, because I could not
figure out what I did wrong.
[clears throat]
- Cam!
- What?
Just let me finish this, okay?
I'm really behind.
Hmm, since when is Becca Lloyd
behind on anything?
Since she spends all her free lessons
running after Mia
or having "fun" with you.
Whoa. Okay. No need to air quote me.
- I only wanted to have
- What?
What do you want from me?
[sighing] Sorry.
Everything's just getting on top of me.
This isn't supposed to
make things harder for you, Becs.
- If it is, maybe we should
- Yeah, we should stop.
Isn't that what you were going to say?
Well, I mean
Yeah, you were right.
Lying to Mia feels shit,
and telling her the truth will
only spin her out for nothing, so
[sad music playing]
I'll let you, uh
[Becca sighs]
[Mia mumbling indistinctly]
How are we feeling?
Yep. Fine.
How was your shift last night?
Yeah, fine.
[door opening]
Let us be about it.
Remember the thing behind the thing.
[fluorescent light buzzing]
[breathes nervously, sniffs]
Who, um
[person coughs]
[Mia]is that girl
over there?
She, um [clears throat]
She lights up the room.
She stands out.
Like a gem against the dark.
And she's beautiful.
[electronic music building]
[Mia] Too beautiful
for anything in this world.
[deep breaths echoing]
[Mia] Everyone else seems
pale and flat compared to her.
Maybe I can't even see them anymore.
I'll watch her.
I'll see where she goes.
Where she stands. What she likes.
And maybe
Maybe next to her.
Maybe she'll look at me.
Start to notice me.
Maybe she'll make me beautiful.
Make me good.
But really, I wouldn't mind.
It's enough just to be near her.
[music continues]
Had I ever really loved before?
If I did, my eyes were liars then,
because I never knew true beauty
until I saw you.
- [spotlight claps loudly]
- [applauding]
Mia! My word!
Who'd have thought you had that in you?
- [Mia] Wait, was I good?
- That was truly something.
- Let's have another hand for Mia.
- [all applauding]
[whispering] Okay, Miss Dame Judi Dench.
What the fuck was that, please?
I mean, Carli said you were good,
but I wasn't expecting that.
- What? She said that?
- Yeah.
[Mia] I will never be unhappy again.
She's been, like,
properly singing your praises.
Says she's really
impressed with you, considering.
Considering what?
Well, all of it.
With everything you've been through.
The fact you just keep swimming.
Oh, right.
[Carli] You never loved me.
You only thought it pleasant
to be in love with me.
[Mia] No, no, no.
It's perfectly true, Torvald.
When I was at home with Papa
How does she know?
[intense music playing]
About me and everything?
It's just rumor mill, I guess.
But it's cool.
Don't worry. It's a good thing.
She just thinks
you're fucking brave, you know?
[Mia] Brave
for the anorexic girl.
Because that's all I'll ever be.
I can't reinvent myself.
Can't be new. Can't be different.
Not when my illness is all they
all she will ever see.
[Carli] And he played with me
just as I used to play with my
And when I came to live with you
[Mia] What do you do
when you can't trust yourself?
[music fades]
Find the one person you can.
Hi yourself.
What are you up to now?
Have you got time?
For you, always.
[Mia] And don't let go.
- [giggling]
- Oh. Damn it. Damn it. No!
Eat it, loser!
Hey, I've been in hospital the last
seven months while you honed your skills.
Fuck right off with that.
Hm. Thank you.
I quit Drama Club.
I think maybe I need to stop
trying to be a whole new person.
Yeah, I'm not sure it's a fix.
Or a plaster.
What? So I need to go back to being me?
- [giggling]
- Sure as fuck hope so. I like her.
- Mm. Mm. Mm-hmm.
- [laughing]
[bird chirping]
[cell phone buzzing]
["Rebirth" by Tinlicker
(Ft. Hero Baldwin) playing]
[Mia] Number seven.
Love ruins everything.
You ever wonder why
The kindest get the roughest ride? ♪
Or how the toughest ones
Don't share the thing they feel inside? ♪
You laugh the loudest, sink the lowest
We don't notice, right? ♪
As long as someone's laughing
That'll keep the joke alive ♪
We had so many dreams
I guess we planned to live a life ♪
Somehow we all ended
Working up a nine-to-five ♪
If you don't fight to make it work
You only run away ♪
If you can't face it, man
It hits you like a tidal wave ♪
Those thoughts in your head
Might tell you you're not ready ♪
Is that what you heard?
That life is lonely? ♪
You should know
You've always been ready ♪
The highs and the lows
Are better with somebody ♪
Keep falling in love
Keep falling in love ♪
Keep falling in love
Keep falling in love ♪
Keep falling in love
Keep falling in love ♪
Keep falling in love
Keep falling in love ♪
Keep falling in love
Keep falling in love ♪
Keep falling in love
Keep falling in love ♪
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