Everything Now (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[Mia] Whoa. Okay.
Not my bed.
This isn't my bed.
[snoring continues]
[Mia] And that's not me.
Naked. And
Yep. Also naked.
Zero to sex, Mia.
How the fuck did we get here?
[woman] You're a dirty pig.
- [people moaning on phone]
- [whip cracking]
[Mia] Why is everyone
so obsessed with sex?
- [moaning on phone]
- Oh my God!
Nah, wait, Will.
I've got to show you "the Tax Collector."
[Mia] More importantly, why is everything
around sex so completely alien to me?
- Oh!
- Ugh.
[Mia] I know I should want it,
but the thought of being naked,
being touched, being looked at,
makes me want to throw up.
Almost as much as knowing
the smarmy fuckers
I call best friends have been
lying to me for months.
- Ugh.
- [laughing]
- [Will] So, what's the plan?
- What?
For later. We all have frees,
we should do something.
Where's the list?
Let's see what Mia still needs to do.
[Cameron] Ooh, drugs.
Sex! Ooh, Mia.
Chance would be a fine thing.
[Mia] Shit. Laugh like
you've bedded a thousand women.
[awkward chuckle]
[Cameron] Ooh.
[Mia] Um
How about this one? Break the law?
- Yeah! Full fucking gangster, I love it.
- I don't know if Becs'd be down for that.
UCAS don't smile on felons.
- I'm down.
- [scoffing]
[Mia] Sex bullet dodged.
[Cameron] How 'bout
we swipe those keys, then?
[Carli] Whose keys?
Her mum's an estate agent.
She's been showing off
this swanky house for the whole week. Hmm?
- Yeah? How about it?
- Yeah, we could try, I guess.
[Cameron] All right, Becs!
- [laughing]
- Sounds great.
I'll have to move some things around,
but I will most definitely be there.
[Mia] How are you everywhere?
Okay, um
Alison, welcome to
Operation Selling Sunset.
We rally at noon.
It's past two.
We rally later!
[upbeat music playing]
Keira Knightley.
- On what?
- What you've been so frowny about lately.
You've barely said a word all week.
Come on. Tell Mama Will what's up.
Becca and Cameron.
At Reading.
How did you
- Will!
- Well, how did you find out?
Her phone. I saw a text he sent her.
- No, no, no. I've been sworn to secrecy.
- William.
Fine. You've twisted my arm.
- They shagged all night long.
- No.
Yep. Like proper, full-on, thought they'd
swallow each other whole kind of shaggage.
Had to bring them
Quavers and Lucozade in the interim.
Like a sexy sex butler.
Wait, you were there?
Yeah. And they've been at it
like nympho bunnies ever since.
[Mia] I thought it was just Reading.
Oi, oi! We're here.
[exciting music playing]
I'm so webbed, I could break
these fucking gates down by myself.
Fuck me westwards.
Oh yeah.
Come on then, Becs.
[music continues]
[Mia] What is it about sex that makes
everyone think it's okay to lie?
Cam and Becca lied about having it.
Will lied about not having it.
And me?
- [lock clicks, door opens]
- I'm just a frigid, honest virgin.
Oh, stop it.
- No.
- [Cameron laughing] Fucking hell.
[Will] What?
[Cameron whooping]
- There's a pool.
- [Carli] What?
[Will] There's a pool. Come, Carli.
[Cameron] Oh my God.
[Carli] This is crazy.
Bedroom. Spotted.
[Will] Babe, what's in there?
- It's a grand piano.
- No!
- No, it's a grand pi [laughs]
- [Will] The budget.
Oh Becs, you've done it again.
- You've nailed it.
- [Carli gasps] Wow.
I feel like a corporate stooge.
I just feel like a high-end whore.
Okay, okay, please be careful.
[Cameron] It looks like a giant knob.
You know what would be fun in this house?
Double Dip.
Oh yeah.
- Mm.
- Double what?
Double Dip. It's a drinking game.
We split off into teams of two,
and you have an hour
to finish the entire bottle.
I'm thinking Becca and Cameron.
Ooh, yeah. Good idea.
She can drink me under the table.
[Will] Uh, Mia and
Oh, I'll go with Mia, obviously.
What? Why?
I'm the most hardcore,
and you have the lowest tolerance.
No, I don't.
Well, um, I guess that just leaves us two.
My high-end whore!
Mm! Right, okay. Everyone, after me,
recite the Double Dip pledge.
[Cameron] Oh.
I solemnly swear
[all] I solemnly swear
[Will]that I will finish my drink.
[all]that I will finish my drink.
[Will] And if my partner
cannot finish theirs
[all] And if my partner
cannot finish theirs
I will down that motherfucker!
[all]I will down that motherfucker!
[Will] To Double Dip!
[all] To Double Dip!
[all cheering]
[music fades]
[Mia] Fucking sex.
Fucking friends. Fucking meal plan.
What's up, chicken?
[Mia] Hmm?
You're thinking.
What about?
Nothing important.
Oh, come on. You can talk to me.
I've never tried.
I might be a really good listener.
Becca and Cameron.
They, um
did it.
And what?
It's a bit bloody obvious, isn't it?
I mean, they're practically on heat.
You can smell the pheromones
from miles off.
I just don't know why they'd lie about it.
I mean, do they think that I'm such
a massive prude I can't even talk about
You know.
[clears throat]
Oh, I see what's going on.
You're scared of sex.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
- This is not about them lying.
- Yes, it is.
This is about you being mad
that they're all getting it on,
and you're too chicken
to cash in your V card.
Not true. So not true.
There's no shame
in being intimidated, okay?
Sex seems like
everything until you have it.
Then it's like
[sighs] It's more.
[Mia] Could that be true?
I thought I was just
scared of the "me" part of sex,
not the thing itself.
Could it be that I'm just incapable
of wanting someone that way?
Wouldn't think
this was made with grain, huh?
- No.
- Hmm.
Doesn't have any of the, uh
[clicks tongue]
What are they called?
- Sediments.
- That's the one.
- I spy with my little eye
- [groans softly]
Oh, come on, Becs. I'm trying here.
Least you could do is give me some effort.
Oh, so, you have my body
and time for eight months,
that weren't enough,
and now you want effort?
I could settle for just body.
[murmurs] And a little bit of time,
too, might be quite nice.
And we both know
you don't need much of that.
Oh, ouch!
[Cameron gasps]
Oh my Oh my God!
[laughs] Oh, so you want to go there?
- Let's go there.
- Oh no, no, no. No, I can't.
I can't hit a girl.
They are just too cute.
Oh, yeah. Mm.
[Cameron chuckles]
"Paint It Black"
is overrated.
Yeah, fuck off.
- Oh.
- Uh-uh.
- Die Hard [laughs]
- Oh!
is, ugh, boring.
[laughing] It's not gonna happen.
- Hole were better than Nirvana!
- La-la-la! La-la-la! La!
Fucking fight! Fucking fight!
[yelps, giggles]
- [laughs]
- Hm.
["Sad Girl" by moa moa playing]
Well sure.
Any hole's a goal, my friend.
Oh, we should, um we should
really start making some headway on this.
Um, I actually don't drink.
Oh! [laughs] Mm-mm.
We're gonna need
a few more lessons. [laughs]
- [laughing]
- Wait, wait, wait. Why don't you drink?
Trying to seem quirky, I guess.
- Mm-mm. You are lying.
- Well, why do you drink?
Who doesn't love a social lubricant?
Everything tastes better.
All your jokes land,
or at least you think they do.
Everyone's better looking, and so are you,
so everyone's an option.
- That how you scored Gareth?
- Oh.
I didn't need help there.
All down to charisma.
Pure and simple and entirely me.
Just a shame I can't seem to impart
any of my wisdom onto you lot.
How so?
Well, um, the others
won't tell you this, but
I'm kind of the puppet master
of the group.
The puppet master?
I know everything about everyone.
What do you know about me?
You are an enigma.
Nah, I couldn't possibly.
- Okay, no worries.
- Someone likes you.
[Alison] Mia, Mia, Mia.
Riven with hormones but petrified of sex.
Piss off.
And petulant too.
You know, I've heard
a good shag can sort that right out.
How, hmm? With who?
Nobody's exactly
banging my door down for it.
One thing you will learn
when you enter the world of sex-havers,
is women can pull literally
wherever they go. Zero effort.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
You've just got to know how to put it
out there and where to look for it.
Great. I don't know
either of those things.
I dunno, I just never
really learned how to flirt.
I never learned
Like, what are your moves?
- Right, uh, yeah.
- [laughs]
But, you know,
you've got stuff going for you,
if you just play into it.
You've got this, like, twitchy,
skinny, andro-rocker vibe going on.
It's like a nervous Jagger.
[laughs] Right, so in the '70s,
I would've been so in.
I think you're in.
[soft piano chords playing]
["Lift You Up" by Lava La Rue playing]
And that is how you flirt.
Two nights, split eye ♪
- [squeals]
- [laughs]
When we drivin' down A4
In a hatchback ♪
05/21 years till I got snatched back ♪
Up a mountain In Ladbroke Grove ♪
Couldn't pass last night
'Cause it was in my zone ♪
[Becca laughing]
Nah, look. All I'm saying
is that it's a shame
that your music taste
isn't as elite as your
knowledge of intersectionality.
- [snorts, laughs]
- At least I can spell it.
[scoffs] All right.
God, look at us.
Getting smashed
in a house that we broke into.
I can't think of a less
Becca set of circumstances.
- What does that mean?
- I mean, it's just not very you, is it?
Most of the times we've fooled around
has been mid-revision session.
And is that how you think of me?
A study buddy that happens to be easy?
No. Uh
I just mean, like,
we all stay in our lanes.
It's a balance.
I need you because you're, like,
smart and sensible and stuff.
And you need me
to bring the fun. [chuckling]
Right. Because how could
old boring Becca ever be fun?
Nah, don't get it twisted.
No, like, you you can be fun.
- Just, like, in a different way.
- You know, never mind.
- I don't know how I could have forgotten.
- Forgotten what? Becca?
How fucking small you make me feel.
[departing footsteps]
[door opens]
[door shuts]
- Okay, this is the one. This is it.
- [Carli] Mm-hmm?
[grunts, groans]
Have I won yet?
Tell me who likes me.
A puppet master never reveals his strings.
You have to tell me.
- What if I like them back?
- Do you?
I don't know.
But there's someone
you would like it to be?
Who do you like?
Who likes me?
[cell phone chimes]
Ah! The dip has been doubled.
Everyone! To the lounge with you all.
Proof of purchase, everyone!
[tapping on bottle]
So, how did everyone find it?
Fine. A bit dull.
[Will] Any, uh highlights?
Mia's full of secrets.
- So what now?
- Something fun.
[Will] Yes.
We've barely scratched the surface.
We should get to know each other.
Mm, I've known you guys since I was nine.
[Will] Okay, but Carli,
does anyone really know Carli?
- We should be bonding.
- I'm down to get to know Carli.
I like bonding.
I've got it.
- "Never Have I Ever!"
- [chuckling]
Mm! Fuck yeah!
- I'm in.
- All right.
- [groans]
- [Will] Come on.
Let's get it all out in the open.
Yeah, let's do it.
- No!
- Ah!
Never have I ever shit myself in public.
- That is rank!
- [all groan]
- What? Seriously?
- [Will] Are you not embarrassed?
- This is really embarrassing!
- Shut up!
Anyway, uh, never have I ever
said the wrong person's name in bed.
Ew, no. No.
[Carli gasps]
Okay, okay. Every posh boy is called
Henry or James, you can sue me.
- [laughing]
- Classic. All right, Mia, you're next.
Never have I ever
had sex in a tent.
["IAMDDB" by JGL playing faintly]
Okay, then.
Uh, never have I ever gotten a hickey.
- Easy.
- Mm.
- Uh, excuse me, drink up.
- What?
Remember Year Nine, when I went
through that platonic hickey phase?
- No, please don't make me drink anymore.
- Fine, you can have a forfeit.
You have to
kiss somebody in this room.
On the lips. And I want a real snog.
No pecking.
- Proper tonsil deep-tissue.
- [Cameron chuckles]
[Mia] Fuck me.
Hop to it.
["Don't Come Back" by Lava La Rue playing]
[Mia] I've kissed Becca before,
but right now, I'd rather punch her.
Alison would be
too ashamed to tell anyone.
Will and I could laugh about it,
but I'd rather not play tonsil tennis
with that barefaced liar either.
I wonder what it'd be like
to feel her lips on mine.
To touch her.
To be lost in her magic.
Sometimes you make me feel nice
And then you make me feel numb and free ♪
- It's lovely ♪
- [music fades]
[Cameron murmurs]
That's different.
Wow. Yeah, that's
Quite something.
Uh [laughs]
Fucking A, Mia. Who taught you all that?
Just gifted.
[Mia] Oh my God, fuck.
I just fully kissed my brother.
You use Vaseline?
Glossier Original.
Are you okay, Becs?
Uh, well, I could use another drink.
Uh, Mia, come with?
You were gonna show me
how to make that drink, remember?
A Keira Knightley?
Mm, yeah, right.
[Will] Mm-hmm.
What the hell was that? I practically had
her tongue gift-wrapped for you.
- I couldn't kiss her in a bloody game.
- But you can kiss Cameron? Cameron!
Oh, just chill.
It's no big deal.
I'm just messing with them a little.
You don't get to mess with them,
and not without my say-so.
I'm the Kris Jenner in this equation.
Besides, why do you even care so much?
I just hate liars.
[indistinct chatter from other room]
[Mia] Gents. What say
we take this party to the next level?
[chuckling] Yeah, like upstairs?
[Mia] Like guests.
Six people in a house
drinking booze we bought ourselves.
That's not breaking the law.
That's barely noteworthy.
[Becca] Fuck it.
[Will] Might be
pushing our luck a little bit.
What else is luck for?
Don't tell me about a bad time
You platinum ♪
["Platinum" by Big Freedia playing]
You platinum ♪
Hey, what are you up to right now?
Ima tell you what it's all about
I told ya you platinum, platinum ♪
You are platinum, platinum ♪
Don't tell me about a bad time ♪
I been gassing on 'em
Never seen a red light ♪
Don't tell me about a bad time ♪
Ooh, I'm platinum
I'm never gonna flat line ♪
You got shoes
Go and glide ♪
You got a roof, set it on fire ♪
If you can move
Bust it wide ♪
Don't tell me about a bad time ♪
Like huh, huh
Gimme a polish ♪
Shiny like a ring on my pinky
I flawless ♪
[car horn honking]
Mia! Hey, mate.
Becca Lloyd.
I didn't think you
were the type for hosting.
Or, you know, fun.
Ugh. Cretinous wastes.
["Platinum" continues]
You seem, uh different.
Do you like different?
Who doesn't?
["Violence" by Grimes & io playing]
To Selling Sunset!
[Will] To Selling Sunset!
- [all cheering]
- Whoo!
[song continues]
[whooping, yelling continues]
[all cheering]
[cheering, whooping continues]
[cheering fades]
["Jasmine" by Jai Paul playing]
[Mia] Maybe I am ready now.
For touch.
For all that comes after.
I wonder what it would feel like,
what my body would do.
I think about it, and it's like waking
parched in the middle of the night.
But how could she ever bear to touch you?
[song continues]
[Carli] You all danced out?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm guessing all this
must be a lot for you.
[Mia] And there it is. The pity.
[muffled] No. I just think
I've maybe overdone it a bit.
Do you want to sit down?
Or we could go for a walk?
Look, I'm not really
a party person anyway, if you just
wanted to hang out.
[normal] It's fine.
You go. Keep dancing.
You're really good.
Oh, okay. Well, maybe later, then?
["Up N Down" by Izzy Camina playing]
Manipulate ideas of time and space ♪
Just have faith in the future
If you cannot feel your face ♪
We go up and we go down ♪
How we go up and we go down ♪
Yeah, I've been thinking about ♪
We go up and we go down ♪
How we go up and we go down ♪
Yeah, I've been thinking about ♪
We're hot and cold
The moon and sun ♪
We don't know what it is
That we're both running from ♪
A full eclipse
Something you shouldn't miss ♪
We eat each other's lies
As they fall out of our lips ♪
No need to try, humanity is sick ♪
Whoa, friend.
[Mia] What? Shy now?
Where'd that come from?
- Mia
- [Will] Mia.
You need to stop this now. Seriously.
Oh, please.
- Fucking move.
- [Will] Look, it's not fair to him or her.
This isn't even for anything.
- This is just mean now.
- Thank you.
- Mia!
- [Mia giggles]
- Mia, listen to me.
- Move out the fucking way.
Look, Mia. Mia, stop.
Look. I know you, and this isn't it.
- You like Carli.
- Hm.
Who fucking cares?
Why can't I just be like all of you?
Getting with who I want when I want.
Because you can't throw yourself around
for the sake of some stupid secret.
Trust me.
This is just one of those things.
You'll look back tomorrow
and it'll be embarrassing.
- It's better to just stop
- Embarrassing?
Well, at least he knows
my fucking name. [snickers]
And what does that mean?
I met Gareth.
Oh, sorry, should I say "Cheese Guy"?
He doesn't even fucking know
who you are, Will.
Let me guess.
You fancy him.
He couldn't give two shits about you.
You can't take the hit,
so you lie to everyone
about this big, fucked-up love story.
Hmm. Well, how is that for embarrassing?
What? Huh?
You all high and mighty for the guy
stringing along the anorexic freak?
How much did you and your mates laugh
when I was actually stupid enough
to turn up that night?
- I swear, that's not how I meant it.
- [Cameron] What's going on?
No, no, no. Don't even
get me fucking started on you.
You take a year of my life, Cam, a year,
and now you're taking my best friend too?
- I I dunno what you're talking about.
- Don't act like you're stupid.
- Nobody'll know the difference.
- Please, Mia, that's enough!
No, don't you dare talk down to me
like you're not every bit
the pathetic virgin I am.
Pathetic, Will.
[boy] Oh shit.
Outside. Now.
- What the hell is wrong with you?
- Me?
Yes, you. How could you do that to him?
- Why couldn't you just let him have this?
- [exhales]
Wait, you knew?
Of course I knew!
Will once spent the whole of summer
telling us about
how he's the Prince of Siam.
- Why didn't you say anything?
- He should be allowed to have his secrets.
What's the matter with you?
Huh? Since when do we have secrets, Becca?
- [Becca scoffs]
- No, no, no.
How come you didn't tell me
about you and Cam?
Oh my God.
That's why you kissed him.
Why didn't you just ask me?
Because I shouldn't have to.
Why do you always
expect so much more from me
than anyone else?
Maybe because Cam, he lets me down.
But you you were the one person
I trusted to be straight with me always,
and you've been lying
to my fucking face ever since I got here.
And why do you think I do that? Hmm?
[Becca sighs]
Do you have any idea
how exhausting it is being your friend?
You know, it didn't start
at Reading for Cam and I.
It started when I was
tutoring him for his maths resit
that he failed because
all he could do was think about you.
We were terrified.
- All the fucking time.
- Well, you know what?
Nobody asked you to be.
I never asked you to take care of me.
We thought you were going to die, Mia!
We thought you were going to fucking die.
And then you come home,
and we thought, maybe,
just maybe she'll give us a chance.
Maybe she'll let us show that
we love her enough to help her, but no.
Know what? Don't give me that.
You have no idea, Becca.
You have no fucking idea
what I go through.
I I have no fucking idea?
Do you know what?
I have no fucking idea.
No, Becca, come on. Come on, say it.
Whatever it is, say it.
Why don't you try being honest for once?
Why don't you try being
a real fucking friend? Huh?
Sometimes I wish you'd never come home.
[Mia] Hm.
[Becca gasps]
[breathing shakily]
[struggling] I I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
- [gasping]
- Hey, Becs.
Becs. Becs. Hey, it's okay.
- I've got you.
- I'm sorr I'm sorry.
Here. Come on.
Come on. Sit down.
- [Becca sobbing]
- Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, I want you to say
five things that you can see.
[shallow breathing]
I see
Uh, I can see the tree.
I can see the stars.
I can see the moon.
- Hey.
- I can I can see the grass.
I can see Mia Polanco.
I'm sorry.
What do you reckon they're talking about?
I think your name
will probably have come up.
Come on.
Not hard to see there's something
going on with you and Becca.
[chuckles] Right.
Is it that obvious?
Well, I mean, there's not anymore.
She ended things with me, so
It it wasn't like
romantic or anything like that.
That why you asked her not to tell anyone?
She asked me.
I mean, come on, it's Becs. She's
gorgeous and funny and clever.
Of course she doesn't want anyone
to know I'm having it away with her.
What's not to like about you?
Can't make people happy, can I? [laughs]
Anyway, this is boring. Um
- Not boring. Not at all.
- [sighs]
I don't think I've ever
heard you talk like this.
I I haven't really
spoken like this to anyone.
Be careful, I'll I'll weep all over you.
[both laughing]
Oh. Uh, sorry.
Are you Are you okay?
[door closes]
Do you want to talk?
Not now.
Or not to you.
Did I really fuck up with Mia?
I just wanted to cheer her up.
You've all been so sad without her.
You don't have to be here.
You don't have to feel bad for me.
May I?
So do you fancy this guy?
Maybe. I
I don't really know how that feels.
What, liking someone?
I think there's something wrong with me.
It's like, okay
I'm young.
I I look like this.
You know, I should be out there
having all the sweaty, meaningless sex.
I could be. It's
it's not like I haven't had offers but
You don't want to?
Yeah. Yeah, it's weird.
I mean, I'm weird. I'm a freak.
Please forget we ever
had this conversation.
Tell me.
I want to know.
Do you want to know an even bigger secret?
Bigger than Reading?
[faint thudding dance beat]
I like him.
I do, I
I really like him.
Does he know?
I don't think so.
Not even Will knows.
Pathetic, right?
I shag one guy, and now I'm
Well, he is a good kisser.
I hate that you know that now. Ugh.
Hey, I'm sorry.
For all of it.
All of tonight.
I'm sorry too.
I just I don't know how much to tell you
without telling you too much.
Just tell me exactly
as much as you want to.
No more, no less.
And, hey
It might work out in the end.
With Cam.
Nah, don't think so.
Hey, you're Becca fucking Lloyd.
Anyone on this earth would be lucky
to just have you step on them.
How could he say no?
[Mia] A touch,
when you didn't know you needed one,
can be a wonderful thing.
It'll keep you afloat.
- Fancy one more dance?
- [laughs] Yeah, I do.
Cam's on the music, but I'm sure I could
[Mia] It'll keep you going
[sparse melancholy music playing]
something just breaks.
Are you okay?
It is what it is.
[Mia] Must really suck to see that.
The person you like with someone else.
Do you want me to stay?
Just for a bit?
Don't worry about the house.
I'll take care of everything.
I'm sorry.
[door shuts softly]
["Chelsea Hotel No. 2"
by Rufus Wainwright playing]
[Mia] This is just so predictably you.
Isn't it, Mia?
To learn how desperately
you need to be wanted
at precisely the same time you drive away
anyone who could ever possibly want you.
You thought it was sex,
being looked at,
being touched,
which scared you.
Maybe it was the opposite.
Maybe you were scared
that you could never be like them.
Could never touch. Never look.
Never let your body reach out and say
"I'm alive."
"I'm here too."
Ah, but you got away
Didn't you, babe? ♪
You just turned your back on the crowd ♪
And all of that jiving around ♪
[Mia] It's scary to admit
to wanting someone because
what if they can't want you?
But this is the kind of brave
you promised yourself you could be.
If you can't be brave enough
to reach out and touch,
at least be brave enough to feel it.
All of it.
But for me you would make an exception ♪
And clenching your fist
For the ones like us ♪
Who are oppressed
By the figures of beauty ♪
You fixed yourself
And said, "Well, never mind" ♪
[Mia] Maybe this is for the best.
You saw them all.
That frantic tangle
of bodies and hormones.
That I loved you the best ♪
I can't keep track
Of each fallen robin ♪
I remember you well
At the Chelsea Hotel ♪
[Mia] That's not me.
For me, it would have to be
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
Um, I just wanted to
I was looking for somewhere to sleep.
I hope you're all right.
I heard what happened.
I'm glad you're not in here
trying to off yourself or anything.
["Beams" by Shards playing]
I don't know what happens next.
[song continues]
Now's the part where you kiss me.
You kiss me.
[song continues]
[song continues]
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