Everything Now (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[thumping pop music playing]
[indistinct announcement on PA]
[Mia] I am not a virgin.
And I feel
exactly the same.
I thought sex was supposed to be
about losing something, but yep,
that's new, that's something gained.
And she's touching me.
Surely last night
was a one-time thing, right?
Unless she doesn't want it to be?
Do I want it to be?
What if
But with Alison?
[music continues]
Take my love, take my tears ♪
Take my worst, I've got no fears ♪
Sometimes I'm high, sometimes I'm low ♪
Sometimes I'm lost, sometimes I go ♪
Keira Knightley?
She's dead.
[train approaching]
[loud rumbling]
I'm just trying to be free ♪
Don't look at me, me
I'm not ashamed of me ♪
I'm not to pay out
I'm just trying to be free ♪
[loud whirring]
[mouthing] What's up with you?
[mouthing] Nothing.
I had sex.
Wait? But with who?
[train rumbling loudly]
- [mouthing] Theo?
- No.
- What?
- [train slowing]
[loudly] I had sex with Alison.
[scattered chuckling]
[boy] Random
I'm Alison.
[bossa nova-style pop music playing]
[Mia] Why is she still here?
And why is she not saying anything?
Is this some kind of post-sex etiquette
I didn't get the memo on?
Is she waiting for me to say something?
Thank you for the sex. You may now leave.
Was she scared to be ♪
So far away from home? ♪
So, uh, this is me.
It looks smaller in real life.
As opposed to?
[Mia] Please don't say Google Maps.
Your mum's Insta.
Okay, much worse.
So, uh, thanks for walking me home.
- I'll see you at school.
- Or we could do brunch.
[laughs] Jesus, calm down.
I'm proposing smashed avo, not marriage.
I really need to shower
and do a few things.
- [Alison] Great.
- Okay, yep. Mmm.
Oh, hello.
[Mia] Oh, fuck me.
I didn't know
you were bringing a friend over.
Vivian Polanco. Hi, I'm Alison.
Lovely to meet you, Alison.
Please excuse
my daughter's terrible manners.
Gosh, you're gorgeous, aren't you?
- [Alison] Oh, agreed.
- [Alison and Viv laugh]
[Mia] There's a reason
why everyone loves your mum.
She's sunlight personified.
And this looks great on you.
You'll never feel warmer
than when she's shining on you.
I'm always trying to get Mia
to show off her figure a bit more.
But it's freezing in her shadow.
What are you girlies up to?
Just hanging out. Nothing special.
What about you?
I'm heading off to Gladbrook House.
I'm redesigning a few
of their communal areas.
Oh my God, I would totally kill
for a membership at that place.
Oh, well, I'm sure I could
Okay, bye.
- Have fun.
- Bye.
- Oh, what are you doing in here?
- Uh
Uh, just came to borrow this.
Lost something?
Yeah, the, um, keys
to the Ponderosa house.
[sighing] I swear I put them in here.
Oh, what's this?
Shit. We won't tell anyone that the keys
to a 15-million-pound house
were on my office floor.
- Right. I'm late, of course.
- [mouthing]
You know where you're picking
Caleb and Laila up from, right?
Yep, got the address.
Okay, love you.
[kisses, sighs]
[melancholy music playing]
[Mia] Casual.
This is casual.
We're just two people, who happened
to have had sex, walking down the street.
Holding hands.
Well, I guess that's still casual
in comparison to other things
we've done with our hands.
Or maybe it's not casual.
Maybe it's
a relationship?
Isn't that your mum?
- Oh!
- Okay, this is unhinged.
But she said she was
going to Gladbrook House.
So what's she doing here
and who the fuck is he?
Do you think
That she's having an affair?
- Jesus, you really think so?
- No. I just think that you think that.
[Mia] She wouldn't. Would she?
- [Alison] Let's go in.
- What? And say what?
"Oh hi, Mum. Just wondering,
is this your secret lover?"
No, you're right. It makes more sense
to stay out here and jump to conclusions.
How else are you going to find out?
[Mia] Maybe her schedule changed.
Maybe he's just a client.
So why does my stomach
feel like it's eating itself?
[Rick] That was three.
I mean, that's Okay. Let's go for 23.
One, two, three
[Alex and Rick laughing]
[Rick] I, uh, had trials for Watford,
but, um, I did my Achilles.
- [Alex] Bullshit!
- No, seriously. I could have gone pro.
[Alex] You would've gone pro?
[Mia] Must be nice not having to wonder
if your mum's fucking someone else.
- Why do you do me down like this?
- Okay, okay
[Mia] Just ask her.
Maybe she won't lie.
Maybe she'll prove you wrong.
[Alex] Was the other one pro surfboarder?
You said surfboarder one time.
[Alex and Rick laugh]
How did it go today? Gladbrook House?
Oh, uh
Yeah. Good, thanks.
- You must be nearly done with that one.
- [Viv] Yep, pretty much.
Just popping back tomorrow
to check the finishes.
Can I come?
I'd love to see it.
Yeah. Well, they did say
I was welcome to use the spa.
Could be fun. A proper girly day.
[Mia] She's trying to put you off.
Call her bluff.
Can Alison come?
Of course.
How lovely.
[mellow hip-hip music playing]
- [Cameron] Boom. Look at the skills.
- [Alex chuckles]
[sighs] Right. I've got to bounce.
You can stay
and hang with us for a bit if you want.
I've got homework to do.
Same time next week?
- All right, cool.
- Cool.
[Will] Hey, darlings!
- Later.
- Later.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Are the girls not here yet?
Nah, Mia's having a spa day with Alison.
I know.
Becca didn't reply to me,
which is a total headfuck,
since she's the one that ended it.
Plus, we weren't even exclusive, right?
- Did she seem bothered to you?
- Sorry, uh Mia with Alison?
At a spa? Voluntarily?
Yeah, I know. It's typical Mia.
Freaks out about being the last virgin,
and then she loses her V-card
to the hottest girl in school.
I'm sorry.
What? About what?
Come on, you knew the Cheese Guy
thing was a joke, didn't you?
[Cameron] Yeah, 'course.
- But you do know that we don't care
- What are we doing?
We are not going to waste this
sitting around moping here all day.
No, we need to get out there.
We have got seeds to sow.
The only thing that grows
from my seeds is trouble.
We hang out with the same people,
in the same places, all day, every day.
That is why shit's getting messy.
We need new blood.
No, we need a new postcode.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, fuck it.
We're both single, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah!
- Let's go.
- Okay.
We need signals.
One that's like, "Fuck off, I'm in here."
Oh shit.
- "Please save me now."
- Yeah.
[snaps fingers]
How about bird noises?
So if I'm getting on well with a guy,
and I need you to leave,
you want me to squawk
in the middle of the conversation?
[Will] Oh, is that Becs?
- Hey, Becs!
- Oh no. No, it's fine.
She clearly doesn't want to see me.
["War Outside" by Kojey Radical playing]
Honey, I'm home! [laughs]
Do they let you take pictures here?
- If you're with me, they will.
- [laughs]
Oh, I am about to spam the 'gram.
- Mrs. Polanco.
- [man] Vivian!
Oh, Freddie.
[both kissing]
- Thank you so much for squeezing us in.
- Oh, please.
- You know you're welcome anytime.
- [Viv] This is my daughter.
And her friend, Alison.
[Freddie] Welcome, welcome. It's an honor.
Aren't you lucky to have
this vision of a mother, eh?
What genes! Ageless.
Right. Come, come, ladies.
An oasis of relaxation awaits.
Thanks, Freddie.
I know we're here to, like,
expose your mum's affair or whatever,
but can I just say
what a queen. Oh!
[Mia] Yeah, queen of ruining
my fucking life.
Hip out a bit more.
That's it. Gorgeous!
Was it this busy
when you came here yesterday?
- [Alison] Can you do a little higher?
- Yeah.
Ooh. Uh
Alison really is a lovely girl, isn't she?
You two are just friends?
- Girlfriends?
- Oh, Mum.
No need to be embarrassed.
I think it's wonderful.
She's beautiful, charming
And not my girlfriend.
What about you? How's your
love life?
[Alison] Okay, now you two.
- No.
- Yes.
Would be nice. Can't remember
the last time we had a photo together.
[whispering] If you want her
to tell you anything, you have to bond.
In a bit more.
So, is this all you?
Hm. Yes.
[Alison] Oh God, it's stunning.
[Viv] What do you think?
[Mia] Mm.
It's nice.
[tense music playing]
[Mia] This was a mistake, a huge mistake.
How could I forget about
the fucking changing rooms?
[jaunty music playing]
[Mia] How can people just be naked?
Don't they feel it?
How stressful it is to just have a body?
That's why I tried to shrink,
to become invisible,
but the thing about anorexia is,
it doesn't make you disappear.
It turns your body
into something people stare at.
It wrecks your teeth,
it breaks your nails.
It makes your hair fall out
from where you want it
and start growing places you don't.
It's the opposite of self-care.
It's self-abuse.
But to feel beautiful,
you have to feel comfortable
in your own skin.
It always seemed so easy for her.
[melancholy music playing]
Mummy, you look pretty.
Oh, thank you, darling.
Do you want to look pretty like Mummy
and put on this lovely dress?
The guests will be here soon.
[intense music playing]
[women chattering indistinctly]
[indistinct chattering continues]
[Alison] Got your robe here, gorgeous.
[Mia murmurs]
So, what treatments shall we have?
[Mia] Please don't let it be anything
where strangers feel my body.
[Viv] Ooh. They do a full body massage
with a seaweed wrap.
That'll do wonders
for your combination skin.
- Mia, I think that would be fan
- Or we could do a mani-pedi.
Then we can chat.
- [Viv] Hmm.
- Mm.
Great idea.
Oh yeah, lovely. Come on.
Hey, I'm sorry to just call. Um
But I really need to talk.
- Do we really need to tell this story?
- Yes.
So when she was about seven,
I had a party at the house
just showcasing some of my work.
- I picked out this gorgeous dress for her
- [Mia] Can she tell how bad it got?
How bad I let it get?
[Viv]she's coming downstairs
in the most hilarious outfit.
She'd raided her father's wardrobe.
- It was the cutest thing.
- Aw. [laughs]
No, it wasn't.
[laughing] I'll say one word. Trilby.
Oh, amazing.
Oh. Hold on. I think I might have
a photo of it saved on my phone somewhere.
[laughing] Oh, here we go.
[Alison] Oh my God, look how cute you are.
That is iconic.
["Fashion" by David Bowie playing]
There's a brand new dance
But I don't know its name ♪
That people from bad homes
Do again and again ♪
[song fades]
What are you wearing?
I told you to put that dress on.
But I like it.
[laughing] Look at her.
Oh, that is so funny.
Bless her heart.
Did you dress yourself, sweetie?
I've got to get a photo. One sec.
- No!
- Mia.
That is not the way you speak to guests.
She's laughing at me.
Because you've got this silly outfit on.
Maybe this will teach you
not to show off next time.
I wasn't.
It's okay. No need to cry.
Just go upstairs
and put on what I picked out for you.
Hey. There's my little rock star.
Nice outfit.
I think it might be a bit too cool
for this crowd, though,
so shall we go and find
something a bit more boring? Alright.
I'm handling it.
- [blows raspberry]
- [Mia giggles]
Now, come on.
Let's go. Race! Go, go, go, go, go, go.
[dramatic music playing]
- Everyone thought it was so adorable.
- Aw.
Let me see.
No, you'll delete it.
- No, I won't.
- No.
[Mia] Seriously, Mum, stop!
Oh, Mia.
[Mia] Oh my God. Not now.
Please, please, please, don't make a fuss.
Uh, ladies, could you
give us a moment, please?
Why don't you get this on.
Go see to yourself,
and I'll sort all this out. Okay?
Thank you.
[crying softly]
[knock on door]
[Viv] Mia, got something for you.
Just slide it under.
[Viv] Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Let me in.
Mum, I'm all right.
[Viv] Mia.
[door closes]
From the Gladbrook collection.
No need to be embarrassed.
Why don't we get some fresh air, eh?
Clean yourself up,
and I'll meet you outside.
[door opens]
[woman] Bend the knees.
Take a big inhale in.
Exhale, bring your hands into prayer.
Take an inhale.
Exhale, bring the left leg forward.
Reach the arms forward.
Bring it into warrior.
Take a reach with your front arm,
stretch over, take another bend,
and then gently bring
your arm forward into
Where's Alison?
I asked her to give us a moment.
Are you going to tell me what's wrong?
It's nothing.
I thought you'd be happy.
This shows how far
you've come, doesn't it?
Your body's healing.
Yeah, I know.
So why are you so down about it?
We're not going inside until you tell me.
You'll think I'm crazy.
I know it means I'm healthy.
I know that, but
I feel like I'm failing
the one thing I was good at.
You're not failing, Mia.
That's just the bad voice in your head.
We all have one.
We mustn't listen. Okay?
They're liars, and the only reason
yours is getting louder
is because you're winning.
Your period coming back proves that.
You're doing so well.
You really are.
[Mia] And there it is, the sunshine.
Let's go get pampered.
We deserve it.
[Viv] Come on.
["Magpie" by Lava La Rue playing]
Why can't you
Just sit right next to me? ♪
Break it down then take my misery ♪
[instructor] Okay, let's do
two big circles around the bowl.
[bowls vibrating musically]
Place the bowls down in front of us.
I'd like you all to raise your hands
above your head
and bring them down to our hearts.
[instructor moans]
Now let's focus our attention to our hips
as we move closer to our root chakra.
I'd like you to imagine a smile
broadening between your pelvic bone.
And let's purge
all that negative energy out
through our vaginas.
As we radiate from our core.
[snorts, clears throat]
[instructor chanting] Om
[all] Om
[instructor] Om
[all] Om
[stifled laughing]
[Viv and Mia laughing]
[Viv] That was very disrespectful.
- What? You started it!
- I did not.
I was trying very hard to align
my chakras, thank you very much.
[both laughing]
Oh, nearly time for afternoon tea.
- I'll go and see if our table's ready.
- Okay.
[Mia] Maybe I was wrong.
About all of it.
About her.
As I'm walking up to the party
Later than I thought I would ♪
["The Recipe" by Aluna playing]
Usually I don't open up
I probably should ♪
Oh, two o'clock.
Oh no, um
Ten o'clock.
- Why?
- Dirty fingernails.
There's no way you can see that from here.
I may not be able to see,
but I can most definitely tell.
This was your idea, you know?
What? So I can't be horny
and have standards?
You know none of us would give a shit
if you died a virgin?
Okay, well, that came out very wrong.
I just mean that we don't care
when you do it.
If you ever do it.
Uh, I'm sure you will do it.
But only if you want to do it.
Please stop before you have an aneurysm.
It just doesn't seem like
you're into any of these guys
and I'm trying to say that
that's okay.
Looks don't really do it for me.
On their own.
Huh. Okay.
Yeah, I'm, um
I'm starting to realize that, like,
I kind of need
a connection first, I guess.
Yeah, that's cool. I get that.
It was kind of the same
with me and Becs at first, I guess.
Friends first and all that.
So is there anyone you have,
like, a connection with?
[gasps] Shit. Who? Tell me!
[exhales] Nah.
I, um I need to see
if it's actually something first.
Is that okay?
Ugh, boring!
Shut up!
- Nah, I'm happy for you, man.
- [sighs]
Well, come on, what about you?
The park is literally
swimming with hot girls
and you haven't cast one net.
I don't know. I guess
I'm looking for that connection too.
Or you already have it, right?
So go get her.
[door closing]
[footsteps approaching]
Okay, don't freak out.
Well, don't start
with sentences like that.
I'm pregnant.
But I know what I'm going to do.
I've already spoken to a doctor.
It's only six weeks since my last period.
I have the prescription. It's here.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Slow down.
I'm so, so sorry, Mum.
- [chuckles]
- [Becca] What?
Sorry, it's not funny at all.
I I just thought
you were finally gonna tell me
what you and your friends did
in the Ponderosa house.
You you know?
You did a pretty good job
with the clear-up, I'll give you that.
- Mum, I'm
- I'm not angry.
I mean about the pregnancy.
I'm livid about the house.
[sniffles, strains]
[clicks tongue]
I don't want you to make any decisions
because you're worried about what I think.
Because I'll support you,
whatever you decide.
You've taken on a lot with your siblings
since your dad died. I know that.
- Mum, that's not why
- But if you need more time
I don't.
I know what I want.
I want to finish my A-levels.
I want to go to university.
I want to travel.
Oh, baby. I don't doubt you'll get to do
everything you set out to do,
and more.
Whatever choice you make,
I just want to make sure
you've thought about this.
I have.
[cell phone buzzing]
[clears throat]
You look happy.
I am.
Mum's actually being nice.
So does that mean
you don't want to see this, or
She left it in the treatment room.
I wasn't sure if I should say anything.
Do you know a Keith?
This message popped up.
[uneasy music playing]
[pop music playing faintly]
So, Viv, how long
have you and Rick been married?
Ooh, um, almost 20 years.
- Long time.
- [Viv] Mm.
Yeah, what's your secret?
Not sure there's really a secret.
- Communication is important.
- [Mia scoffs softly]
Mia, what is it
with this attitude all of a sudden?
Who's Keith?
I don't know.
Which Keith are you talking about?
- So there's more than one?
- In the world, yes.
[Mia] Okay, let me narrow it down for you.
Keith, who you were having lunch with
yesterday when you said you'd be here.
- Why'd you lie?
- Mia.
- Because you're fucking him?
- No.
How can you do this to Dad?
I'm not having an affair, Mia. Trust me.
Oh, trust you. You don't deserve Dad.
You don't deserve any of us.
You never have.
- Mia.
- [Viv] Oh, leave her.
There's no talking to her
when she gets like this.
That's real fucking nice, Mum.
[tense music playing]
[Alison] Mia!
Can you fucking believe her?
Fucking trying to act all high and mighty
while lying to me
about fucking that Keith guy.
Acting like I'm the one with the problem.
- Maybe you should just hear her out.
- Jesus Christ, Alison, I get it, okay?
You fucking love my mum.
Hm? That's the whole
reason you're here, right?
Because you're her biggest fan.
No, 'cause I'm yours.
I'm sorry, I just can't be here right now.
How are you feeling?
It's okay if you're not.
I'm so angry with myself
for being so stupid.
Punishing yourself
isn't going to change anything. Is it?
The last time I checked,
it still takes two.
Do you want to tell me who?
Have you told him?
No. It'll just mess with his head.
Doesn't matter now, anyway.
I know you're strong, but you don't have
to carry everything on your own, Becca.
[chuckling] I'm not, am I?
[indistinct chattering]
- [Theo] Hey.
- Hey.
I was hoping you'd call.
Yeah, yeah, me too.
Obviously, 'cause, like, I did call
- [laughing]
- Sorry.
- So?
- Right, um
I don't know, I just thought that maybe
I don't know. I just felt like
last night in the bath that
what you said about me
needing a connection
I think you were right and,
I don't know, I felt like maybe we did.
- But I dunno
- Will.
[dramatic music playing]
[chuckles] Um
- So I guess that's a yes.
- [snorts]
[both laughing]
[apprehensive music playing]
- Shit.
- [fruit thudding]
[Mia] Uh, no. [clears throat]
Oh, sorry. You just look like my friend.
Yeah, I know exactly who you mean,
and she would never do
anything this embarrassing
Um, I'm looking for Will.
He pulled a sickie.
But my shift's pretty much over,
and I'm owed a break,
if you need someone to talk to.
Yeah, I'd like that.
I asked her outright who he was,
and she said nothing.
Couldn't even answer me.
That's horrible.
Now I feel like a fucking idiot.
No one can hurt you like your mum.
Mine's, uh
kind of complicated.
Actually, she's not complicated at all.
She's an alcoholic.
Textbook addict.
Like, have some originality, you know?
I'm so sorry.
No, it's okay.
That's why I moved down here.
To live with me dad.
I really believe the one rule to live by
don't ever let your kids
doubt that you love 'em.
Not even for a second.
I'm sorry your mum
hasn't lived up to that.
Yeah, me too.
Have you ever tried
to tell her how you feel?
Hmm. Not until today.
My God, what am I gonna tell my dad?
It'll break his heart.
- [Cameron] Is Carli outside?
- [girl] Yeah, I think so.
- [Carli] Shit, sorry.
- No, it's fine.
[Carli] No, I shouldn't have. No, you
[Cameron] Hey, Mia.
- Hey, babe.
- Hi.
Mia was looking for Will.
We were gonna go get Nando's
You can come if you want.
Uh, no, I was just looking for Will,
but he's not here,
so I better go find him.
All right.
- [Carli] Are you sure?
- [Mia] Yeah, yeah.
["Weakness" by Poppy Ajudha playing]
See you at school?
You bet.
Looks like I've been
Burning flowers at my grave ♪
Feels like
I'm here waiting to be saved ♪
Love hangs ♪
[cell phone vibrating]
[Mia] It's not love with Alison.
But maybe that's exactly what I need.
Dad's always going on
about staying on an even keel.
Love is the opposite of even.
Love is a panic attack.
Love is heartbreak.
And, anyway,
love is out of reach.
[song fades]
[rain pattering]
[footsteps approaching]
[Rick inhales sharply, sighs]
[sighs] Thank God. You okay?
[Mia whispers]
You can't believe a word she says, okay?
Let's let's sit down.
Your mum isn't having an affair.
- Of course she's gonna say that.
- She was meeting her lawyer.
We're getting a divorce.
The truth is we have been
separated for a while now.
It happened while you were in hospital,
and we agreed that we would try
and keep things stable
while you adjusted to outpatient therapy.
So you've been
lying to me this whole time?
We thought it'd be best for your recovery.
Are you moving out?
- Yeah.
- You don't give a fuck about my recovery.
Or me. You wouldn't be leaving if you did.
[Rick] I know this is a shock,
and we are both very
- You did this.
- [Rick] This is no one's fault.
Yes, it is,
and she should be the one to leave.
[Rick] Mia.
[Mia] Are you gonna
fucking say something, Mum?
I have
met someone else.
Why aren't you saying anything?
[Rick] This has been
very difficult for Alex.
Alex, you knew?
I wanted to tell you.
[Rick] Please, Mia, can you
Mia? I'm sorry.
Mia. Mia?
["Coming Back"
by James Blake ft. SZA playing]
Can't stick to that
Can't fade us to black ♪
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Coming back ♪
'Cause it hurts, 'cause it hurts
Like the end of the world ♪
And like the trail
Like the trail of the soul ♪
So I'm coming back, coming back
Tail between my legs ♪
Forget what I said, what I said
What I said, what I said ♪
There's a mile between
My heart and my head ♪
[Mia sobbing]
So I take it all, take it all
Take it all back ♪
You shut down
Showed how you bring me down ♪
Don't you have a clue 'bout
Where my mind is right now? ♪
You say you love me, is it real? ♪
But do you fantasize about
The things you really wanna feel? ♪
I know you fantasize about
The life you really want to build ♪
Know your eyes are watching God
Baby, my eyes are hidden in the hills ♪
Your first mistake was wanting me
When you know I wasn't ready ♪
You put that shit down heavy
Couldn't let you regret me ♪
Remember lies around the time we spent
When you first met me ♪
I put my shit down heavy
Couldn't let you forget me, mmm ♪
Will never let you forget me ♪
I wish I could take it ♪
Yes, I love you and it's real
I went in too soon for the kill ♪
But I really want to feel
And I think I want to build with you ♪
- I couldn't let you reject me ♪
- No ♪
- I couldn't let you forget me ♪
- No ♪
I wanted you to respect me ♪
I wanted you to let me in ♪
So I'm coming back, coming back
Tail between my legs ♪
Forget what I said, what I said
What I said, what I said ♪
There's a mile between
My heart and my head ♪
So I take it all, take it all
Take it all back ♪
Coming back, coming back
Coming back, coming back ♪
But do you fantasize about the things
You really want to feel? ♪
I know you fantasize about the life
You really want to build ♪
Your eyes are watching God
Baby, my eyes are hidden in the hills ♪
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