Everything's Gonna Be Okay (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

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1 How do you talk to grown-ups? I've forgotten.
You'll be fine.
Easy for you to say standing over there with your decent social skills.
You just ask them questions about their interests and display active listening.
I don't think that can be right.
And don't take risks.
You don't need to take any risks.
But I'm a risk taker.
Just be polite.
I feel like maybe you're not dating the right boy.
- You can be polite.
- Yeah.
I've been practicing disingenuous compliments to help me fit in with Americans.
Don't say things like that.
I was just joking.
Are we not doing jokes today? Of course we're doing jokes today.
Just not in front of other people? Just please don't mention to Lyndsey that I told you about her brother.
What happened to her brother? - Are you kidding? - I am not kidding.
Her brother died of an opioid overdose.
How the hell do you think I'd bring that up? Well, I don't know.
But she gets very sensitive about it.
Yeah, I can imagine.
Where's Rosie? Forget Rosie.
I just want Nicholas to focus on us.
What do you think of us so far? I like you immensely.
But who do you like better, Lyndsay or me? I can't answer that.
I-I-I don't have enough information.
I am a legitimate fencer.
- Okay, that's - CONNIE: Um, uh I have very, very deep laser hair removal.
Deep into my vagina.
Connie, he doesn't wanna know that.
Alex, stop being weird.
- You are being weird, Alex.
Great, this is one of those dinner parties where everyone gangs up on the person who introduced them.
That's fun.
I present Rosie.
- Nicholas! - Hi! Look at this place.
This is all you? It's my dead dad's.
Does your dead dad have a powder room? 'Cause I need to take off this face.
No, not your face, I love your face.
It's such a beautiful face.
And you gonna love it even more without the makeup.
Hey, do you think if I do well at this dinner then you can put me in drag? - Nicholas, don't say that.
- Hmm She doesn't wanna do that.
That's not fun for her.
Sorry that I wasn't fun.
Meanwhile, my sister is stabbing mole holes with an ice pick, and while she's pulling the injured moles out of the ground.
While screaming about how our brother was the most delightful, generous, sweet person and how her boyfriend's brother is always giving us fake Burberry Christmas presents and insisting they're real.
And, and [LAUGHS.]
And how he should have died and not our brother! Well, that was NICHOLAS: Wow, I'm-I'm so sorry.
Like, that's a funny story but also I'm sa sorry to find out about your your brother dying.
It's all right.
Um, why Why didn't you mention to Nicholas that my brother died? I don't know.
What, is it like such trivial information that you you wouldn't mention it? [IN SOUTHERN ACCENT.]
: What in Heaven's name were ya all talking about that was so important that you didn't have time to mention that? [LAUGHS.]
She drunk herself Southern again.
Well, I never intended to have quite so much to drink.
I'm sure he was just, like, respecting your privacy.
His obituary was published in the paper.
I told him, okay? What? No, you can't do this.
You lied about knowing that my brother had died? Yeah.
You You acted like it was like a surprise that he had died, when it was, in fact, information you knew? Yeah.
That that's what I That's what I did.
Why? Why did you pretend not to know? [LAUGHS AWKWARDLY.]
Yeah, I don't know.
Well, I do not wish to be Nicholas' favorite no more.
Y'all can have him.
No, no, no, I don't want him.
Well, this has gone downhill.
I-I-I'm sorry.
I'm just gonna need a second chance.
Sugar, that was your second chance.
Honestly, I'm gonna need infinite chances.
Come with me, honey.
Come on.
Now keep your eyes open and no blinking.
If I don't blink, will you tell the others I'm a good boyfriend for Alex? It's just, he was so nervous about me.
He was a hot mess of crazy tonight.
- Crazy.
- Yeah.
But I think he really likes you.
- Me? - Yes, you! - Lil' ol' me? - Yeah, you! - Me? - Yeah! Like, that is not a normal person.
I mean, like, I don't think he's the guy for you.
Well, why would he do that? - No.
- What? [SIGHS.]
It's because I told him to.
What? I told him not to tell you I told him.
I just, I got so panicked because I was worried about what you guys would think about him and, like, what I would think about him if you guys didn't like him, you know.
So he took the blame to protect you? Yes.
Well that's Yeah, that's quite good.
- ROSIE: Come on, Nicholas.
CONNIE: Oh, my God.
Come on, Nicholas.
- Yes! Do it! - [MOUTHING LYRICS.]
- Don't leave me this way I can't survive I can't stay alive Without your love Oh, baby Don't leave me this way, no - I can't exist - Oh! - I'll surely miss - Oh, yes! - Your tender kiss - Ooh! Don't leave me this way Ohh, baby My heart is full of love and desire for you So come on down and do what you've got to do You started this fire down in my soul Now can't you see it's burning out of control So come on satisfy the need in me 'Cause only your good loving can set me free - Set me free, set me free - Yeah Satisfy the need in me Yeah, baby Will you satisfy the need in me? Ohh-oh, baby Come on down satisfy the need in me Oh, baby Don't leave me this way Don't leave me this way Don't leave me this way Don't leave me this way No, don't leave me this way No, don't leave me this way, baby Don't leave me Don't leave me this way Don't leave me Don't leave me this way - ROSIE: Yeah! - Oh, baby - [HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING.]
- Is this really what you want, Matilda? MATILDA: It's an invaluable experience.
I mean, I've never been to a party.
No, that's not for me.
Okay, see you later.
I'm Matilda.
What's up, Matilda? Have you seen Luke? He invited me.
I mean, technically I mean, this is his party, so he invited everybody.
I think I'm done talking to you right now.
I should I should go find him.
Okay, you do that.
Hey, Matilda.
You want a drink? No, thank you.
Would you like some schnapps? No.
You want next game? I'm not coordinated enough, I'd probably embarrass you.
This is a real party.
Like a real party.
Do you think people are gonna be smoking marijuana? Oh! Do you think there's gonna be a girl passed out in the bathroom? And then when people see her passed out they're gonna wonder if they should pee with her passed out or go find another bathroom.
I'm gonna get another drink.
- You want to come with? - Uh, okay.
Yeah? All right.
Hey, uh, I'm really glad that you could come tonight.
Oh? Listen Matilda, I think you're great and fun.
Thank you.
You're great and fun.
But I just don't want you to get the wrong impression.
What do you mean? Well, I think you are super rad, but I only like you as a friend.
- Nothing else? - No.
But I have a crush on you.
I know.
Do you think I'm pretty and nice? Yes.
Then what's the problem? Well, I don't think I really have time for, like, girls right now.
And, you know, I'm super busy with soccer and Did you lead me on? I don't think I did that.
Some people think they have to be nice to me because I'm different, but actually they don't like me.
Is that what you're doing? I actually really gotta go to the bathroom, so, uh [MUMBLING.]
No No, no.
No, Luke, no.
Out! Move! Whoa.
Let's take it down a notch, okay? [SCREAMING.]
I'm an idiot.
I'm stupid.
What happened? Luke broke my heart and I can feel it breaking.
Do you need anything? Space? Okay, I'll go inside.
He said we couldn't date 'cause he had to focus on soccer.
Do you think it's because of soccer or because I have autism? Well, soccer's never stopped Luke from getting girls before.
- So - So De Definitely autism.
I have a budding sexuality.
I am a woman.
My sexuality is budding.
Hey, look, why don't you just sit down? You're kinda stressing me out.
I just wanted to have sex.
It didn't have to be long or good.
Do you think I'm pretty? Yeah.
Yeah, you're pretty.
As pretty as the other girls at school? Well, yea - Yeah.
- I'm pretty.
I am pretty.
I'm I'm pretty.
Yeah, yeah, Matilda, I'm telling you, you're pretty, okay? Whoa.
Uh I thought teenage boys were supposed to be horny and just wanted to have sex.
Please kiss me.
No, no, I'm not I'm not sure.
My sexuality is budding.
Um DREA: I'm having a sensory overload.
Squeeze me.
Not now.
Okay, now.
This was a one-time thing.
I don't wanna date you.
I understand.
Are we about to have sex? What? Yeah, yeah.
I can't wear Victoria's Secret or other lingerie like cool girls, I can only wear cotton boy shorts.
Yeah, that's fine.
I don't care.
Oh, um We have to use a condom.
Do you Do you need one? Yeah.
It's backwards, it won't go on like that.
No, I-I-I know what I'm doing.
It's okay.
Thank you.
It's fine.
Um Just, uh, just get on your back.
That-that That's not my vagina.
Yeah I know what I'm doing.
We're doing it.
We're having sex.
I think we can get a lot better at it.
I can't wait to try it in a bed.
Hey, don't don't tell anyone about this.
- Okay? - Okay.
I'm bleeding.
Did I get any blood on you? [EXHALES.]
My period is late.
- Okay.
- Genevieve, my period is late.
You've never had sex.
I know.
Could some have fallen in? No.
- Must be because I'm stressed.
- Right.
- What am I stressed about? - I don't know.
Can't be my grades, my grades are amazing.
- Okay.
- Maybe it's potential gun violence.
There are a lot of quiet boys with greasy hair and soft, pale faces at this school.
It's stressful having to be nice to them all the time, - so they let me live.
- This is offensive.
Maybe everyone's right, and it's the pressure of having to uphold an online image.
Could be.
Maybe it's because I found out Mr.
Palmer has a roommate.
How old is he, like 50? Like, grow up.
- Sure.
- Like he's trying to teach us how to be fiscally responsible, but he has to label his low-fat-but-has too-much-sugar-in-it yogurt before putting it in a shared fridge? Okay.
Now I'm worried about how you're boring.
What if I'm just as boring as you and I don't even realize it? I have a weird thing on my mind.
- Tell me.
- I can't.
- Come through.
- It's a secret.
There are no secrets.
Yeah, there are.
Just tell me.
I mean, doesn't this sound so bad? Yeah, that is literally the worst story I have ever heard.
It sounds so bad.
And I'm the only person Matilda told, because Zane told her not to tell anyone.
I think this is a level of messed up I am not equipped to deal with.
- She was - I mean, like, - she was so drunk.
- She was so drunk! - And crying.
- To you? No.
To him, just before.
- She was crying? - Like sobbing.
Sobbing? Everyone knows you don't have sex with a girl who's crying.
What does he have, some sort of weird crying girl fetish? I don't know what to do.
- Guys, I'm a donkey.
- What? They put out the cast list for the school play, and I'm a donkey.
TELLULAH: Barb, seriously? Matilda was taken advantage of sexually.
Tellulah! That was private.
- From me? - Zane took advantage of her.
Tellulah! Pretty sure Matilda doesn't want everyone talking about it.
Barb, don't talk about it.
I would have been much better at keeping this secret.
TELLULAH: Zane is a predator, okay? And the women of this school need to know.
If we've learned anything from recent history, it's that we women are all responsible for each other.
This is about so much more than just Matilda.
I mean, like, it's mostly about Matilda.
We need to stand up to this toxic patriarchal culture.
We need justice.
- Don't you want justice, Genevieve? - Of course I want justice.
I mean, if there's one thing people always say about me it's that I love justice.
Let's get him.
I-I have a math test.
Such a donkey, Barb.
What if we bought a bunch of fudge and then filled the wrappers with poop and then gave them to Zane, so then, he eats S-H-I-T? Then we'd have to touch our own.
Lot of moving pieces, we're not doing that.
Sorry, I'm still just worried that Barb thinks it might be a good idea for us to scurry around in our own S-H-I-T.
Let's post his number on a gay cruising site.
People at this school are not homophobic enough for that to work.
We can make him eat ghost peppers.
Piggy backing off of that, chili on a jockstrap? - Hold him down and shave his eyebrows! - Sit down, Barb! I really feel like we haven't quite hit it yet, guys.
We tell everybody he likes doing weird sex stuff with his sister.
Does he have a sister? Hold him down and spit in his face? He might be into that.
We could print out fliers and tell everyone he's a pervert.
That's too grounded.
You know, that might actually be a good idea.
No need to brainstorm.
I got it.
Come on.
Zane, drink this.
Come on.
Just drink it.
- Yeah, no.
No way.
- Who are you? - ZANE: So cute.
No, no way.
- Just drink it.
It's a present.
- No.
- Pervert.
- Oh! - ZANE: What? You heard me.
Pervert! How could you do that to my sister? Uh, okay, I'm-I'm confused.
Who-who are you? How could you do that to Matilda? Yo, what did you do to Matilda? Nothing.
I was actually pretty nice to Matilda.
You-you were nice? Just, like, comforting her by putting your penis inside of her while she was drunk and crying? And autistic! You were not nice to her! You raped her! Is that true? I didn't.
I did I didn't.
- Hello? - Nicholas, Principal Young here.
Principal, like, high school principal? Yeah, um, sorry.
I thought you were on speaker phone.
Principal Young here.
- Hi.
- Good.
I'm, uh, I'm actually calling about something serious.
Oh, no, I hate it when things get serious.
It's about Genevieve.
I'm gonna have to ask you to come in.
Yeah, of course.
Sure, of course.

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