Everything's Gonna Be Okay (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Harvester Ants

1 How could you do that to my sister? I was actually pretty nice to Matilda.
You were not nice to her! You raped her! Is that true? ZANE: I didn't.
I did I didn't.
Well, Genevieve hit a boy which is like, well, I'm intrigued.
But going to see the principal is terrifying and I was hoping I could hide my fear behind this blazer but now well, now I'm worried that maybe it just accentuates it.
Okay, you're over-thinking it.
I know because you're wearing a blazer.
I just don't know if we're gonna be able to go to Mexico.
I don't know how big this thing is gonna be.
ALEX: Well, okay, babe, it's non-refundable.
Stop yelling at me.
I gotta go now.
I'm hanging up.
I'm hanging up.
Ow! I'm here.
I'm here.
Hey, honey.
Sorry, it's just that I live so far.
We've been waiting here for 20 minutes.
Yeah, it's just this was a surprise event.
If Genevieve will just apologize to Zane, we can roll back the suspension I can't apologize.
Yeah, you can.
It's fine.
You don't need to apologize.
Yes, she does.
- ZANE: Dad, stop.
- GENEVIEVE: No! I'll take the suspension.
Uh, uh, you don't wanna do that.
What's going on? I promised Matilda I wouldn't make a scene.
Could we just have, like, five minutes outside, please? - PRINCIPAL: Go, mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
Come on.
Babe? Give me something I can work with here.
Nicholas can know.
She's absolutely not gonna apologize.
Maybe you two should step out in the hall.
If you don't need me, is it cool if I go to BattleBots club? Um, that's right, yes.
Semi-finals are this week.
It's okay, Zane.
I don't see why not.
That is an unbelievable decision.
MATILDA: Hello, Zane.
Nicholas I mean [CLEARS THROAT.]
Moss physical injury is a category three offense.
Without an apology, there's no way around our ten-day suspension policy.
Sorry, are you Are you texting? I'm e-mailing.
I've got people waiting in the office.
You two can sort this out.
Should we also "sort out" the part where your 18-year-old son had sex with Genevieve's sister, an underage girl? Drunk, underage, crying.
Tread carefully, buddy.
Also, Matilda has autism.
So, the optics here, they're not great for Zac.
- Zane.
- Okay.
It looks like the situation is more complex than No.
No, it's not complex, it's simple.
Drunk, underage, crying, autistic.
Zane knew it was wrong.
He told Matilda not to tell anyone.
Time out.
You didn't just do that, did you? That's That's embarrassing.
I think, in light of how embarrassing that was, we can all agree that Genevieve is a hero, - that will not be punished.
- Okay, okay.
There's a lot of very serious accusations flying around.
And they are just that.
Could we just refocus on the fight? Are you kidding? Have you seen Genevieve? In my mind she, like, makes a fist and it gets blown away by the wind.
She She is small.
Just tiny.
Don't minimize this, she could have hurt him.
She really couldn't.
She' so weak, it's sad.
She can't even bowl.
Do you want me to go out there and get Genevieve to come in and punch me in the face? 'Cause I'm absolutely happy to do that.
Like, it will not be a nuisance.
So you're condoning her actions? Are you condoning Zane's? I don't believe it's true.
- Believe it, babe.
- He's a good kid.
He volunteers for God sakes.
My mistake.
I-I didn't realize that he volunteers.
There's no reason for him to do this.
It's It's not like he has trouble getting girls.
She must've caught him at a weak moment.
That is Wow.
Could I offer you two some water? Matilda, you don't have to be here if you don't want to.
I'm very mad at you but I'm standing by you because we're family.
This rage I'm feeling, it's just so well placed 'cause I don't care about any of this.
I care about those two.
Those two are my whole life now.
Literally I have nothing else going on.
And Matilda Matilda just lost her virginity.
Shit, Zane.
And I'm not leaving here as long as Genevieve is getting any kind of punishment.
This is a doozy.
I've got people waiting in the office.
Let's wrap this up.
I'm hungry.
I'm gonna order some dinner.
Do you guys want anything? Cobb salad, maybe? Little Cobb salad? No.
I said not to tell anyone then you told your friends and now everyone knows.
No one keeps a secret.
No one's ever kept a secret.
I was fine with it.
Why don't you believe me? Okay.
Here's what I've decided.
Genevieve is not suspended.
We're going around in circles.
Yeah, we are.
We're going around in circles 'cause I'm right.
I'm correct.
So either we forget about a fight in which Genevieve was the only person who got hurt, or I take this thing that I want to help Matilda process privately and I make it public, I make it the most public thing at this school.
But in this school, Genevieve hit someone.
Anything off campus needs to be taken up with the authorities.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Little Genevieve is getting punished, then Zane should get punished too.
Hold on, just I don't think you understand.
I don't think you understand.
Zane's 18, she's 17.
It's straight up statutory rape.
It's straight up not.
It Oh, boy.
No, no, it is.
It is, actually.
Because he's overage and she's underage, and that's the very uncomplicated definition of statutory rape.
One year apart is only a misdemeanor.
NICHOLAS: Sorry, w What is a misdemeanor? Sorry, I'm not from here.
It's, um, crimes of low seriousness.
And that's Are Are we all cool with Zane getting a misdemeanor? We are not.
I think we should drop the charges against Genevieve.
Well, it's not really up to you.
: Oh, yeah.
Oh, that's interesting, yeah.
Am I suspended? No.
No, you aren't.
Is Zane in trouble? I bloody hope so.
I don't understand why Zane is in trouble if we both did the same thing.
You should know, I asked him for sex.
I wasn't specific about whether or not it had to be good.
It was my first time.
I used him.
I just needed to tick the box.
- Tick.
- It's just I was told you were, like, drunk and crying, and that's that's not really ideal.
Have you ever had sex when drunk and/or crying? Yeah, let's Let's not look too closely at my choices.
I'm so confused.
I thought we were sex positive.
Yeah, we're Yes.
Yes, we are sex positive.
But this particular situation, babe, it's tricky.
I don't understand, I don't understand.
Am I or am I not allowed to have sex drunk? That's a Uh Yeah.
I don't know.
I wasn't crying about sex.
I was crying about Luke.
Does that make Zane okay? I'm sorry, honey, I know that you need rules that are black and white, but I just, I just don't know.
This doesn't seem fair that you're allowed to have sex when drunk or sad, but I'm not.
Is it because I'm a girl? Is it because I have autism? Or is it because of something else that I don't understand.
Yeah, it's shitty, but, yes.
People get more nervous when it comes to girls and sex.
And, yes, absolutely your diminished ability to read social cues scares the hell outta me when it comes to gross boys wanting to touch you.
I'm high functioning.
None of this is fair! Yeah, Yeah, I agree.
I need a break.
I saw this rape scene in a movie.
So, a guy locks this girl in a refrigerator in his basement, she's pounding from the inside and screaming, he comes down the stairs saying he's hungry, he lets her out, but she can't escape because she's chained to it.
He rips her clothes off and has sex with her.
Where was I for this movie? Oh, you weren't there.
My point is, that's what I thought rape was.
Yeah, that's That's definitely rape.
Having sex with Zane wasn't like that.
Um, very glad to hear that.
I just, um I just It's a bit more complicated than that.
- Why? - I just think maybe there's like, there's like - more than one kind of rape.
- There is? Well, not like better or worse, or Knives come to mind, that's probably worse, but, like, um Oh, God, this is impossible to articulate.
I-I think maybe there's like a whole rainbow of rape, and, um, it ranges from, like, the scene you just described to, like, the highly controversial gray area that we find ourselves firmly in.
Nicholas, I don't understand anything that you're saying.
What is a rainbow of rape? You're being very frustrating.
This is a hard conversation.
I just wish I knew what the rules are.
I can't give you the rules, I'm sorry, I can just give you my opinion.
Well, what's your opinion? Was I raped? I'm hungry, are you You hungry? - You're being avoidant.
- Yes.
Ugh! Answer the question.
Okay, I want to, I do want to.
I just don't have anything to offer yet.
Just this cake.
If you were a rapist No.
Don't make me a hypothetical rapist.
Look, I wasn't there.
I don't know.
If you tell me that you weren't, then I think I have to believe you.
Why are you in the dark? Genevieve, if I didn't have autism, would you still think it was rape? Ugh.
Can we stop saying "rape"? I don't like that word.
What? It doesn't carry much whimsy.
Honestly, Matilda, I think it sounds really bad.
But I'm the one that used him! Why doesn't anyone believe me? Okay, okay, we believe you.
It's too late! You two ruined everything.
You ruined my excitement.
No one wants their parents to know about their sex life.
And now you and Zane's dad know about mine.
I'm not a parent.
You're a parent-like figure.
I need a break.
I only told him in the name of justice.
I was being a crusader.
You didn't have to.
A suspension is badass.
I could have had an identity.
Babe, this isn't the end of the conversation.
Like, you're not alone.
You've got me.
You can always text.
Or you can call.
Like, maybe, maybe Next time you're about to have sex with a boy, if you're not sure, you can just, like, step outside and call.
I would be too embarrassed to do that in front of a boy.
It's too eccentric.
Babe! Don't try and hide who you are.
Like, you are eccentric.
If a boy doesn't know you well enough to know that you are really, super eccentric, and if he doesn't love how eccentric you are, then he does not get to have sex with you.
I just wish I could talk to Dad about this.
I really don't think you do.
Oh, no, I have to tell Alex that I'm not going to Mexico.
Why aren't you going to Mexico? I don't need you here.
We're finished.
Just feels insane, doesn't it? You have a trip planned to Mexico, you go to Mexico, right? Hello.
Si, Mexico.
No, I'm absolutely not apologizing for throwing ceviche in the bath.
There's fish in my hair, Nicholas.
That's funny to you? [LAUGHING.]
Yes, it's so extravagant.
What? We're at an all-inclusive, everything is free.
Me and you have both been very disgusting all weekend.
Oh, thanks.
NICHOLAS: Come on.
Come on! Look, you made someone deliver room service to the bathroom.
Which you then dumped on my head.
Yeah! I was being like Marie Antoinette.
I was being Marie Antoinette.
Like, look at us.
We're above it.
Aren't we above it all! If you have to explain a joke, it isn't funny.
Think it is funny.
You should have asked first.
Oh, come on.
I mean, that would have sort of ruined the shock and awe of it all, no? Nobody would want this! - That's not true.
- Nobody! That's simply not true.
I would love to find a boy that threw ceviche in the bath.
What are you doing down there? What are you doing? I mean, this is just a whole new side of you.
- Am I coming in there? - No.
- I'm coming in there.
- No! - I am.
- No! - I'm coming to get ya.
- Get away from me.
- NICHOLAS: I'm comin' to get ya.
- ALEX: Get away! Get away! Get away! Get away! Get away! I'm trying to put some distance between us, but you keep following me.
Yeah, of course I'm following you.
I'm the love of your life.
- Leave me alone.
- Hey! - Hey! - [ALEX GROANS.]
Now that I know where you stand on the ceviche issue, I promise I won't do it again.
You're really not going to apologize? I said I won't do it again.
I mean, I'll probably do something else but not that.
How can you be mad? I mean, look at that.
That's a new thing to have happen.
How often do you get to try something new? Do you even care that I'm upset? Yes, yes.
That's why I'm arguing.
Arguing denotes caring.
But we shouldn't be.
We should be having fun in Mexico, but we can't because you're ruining it! - I'm ruining it? - Yes! - I'm? [LAUGHS.]
- Yes! [SIGHS.]
I'm gonna clean the clogged tub.
I'm gonna erase the joke.
It's gonna be like it never happened.
Oh, it happened.
It happened in my head, and I learned a lot about you and I can never unlearn it.
I don't really know what to do.
DREA: How was it? I'll answer that after I've done it enough to look back and make a fair assessment.
Did you Did you have an orgasm? No! Most girls don't orgasm with vaginal penetration, they need clitoral stimulation.
- How do you know that? - The Internet.
I kissed Jeremy.
Gross! I don't know.
I think he's kinda got something.
But he's a loser.
Matilda, I'm a loser.
- Do you like him? - No.
I don't like him.
I just wanted to see if I like kissing boys.
And? It's hard to know if I don't like kissing boys or I don't like kissing Jeremy.
Your experiment was inherently flawed.
But here we are, you and me, two women.
How remarkable.
At our first sleepover.
What do you wanna do now? I don't know.
Me neither.
- Just swished it.
Just gonna swish it around.
Oh, God.
The water won't go down.
That's surprising, isn't it? How did I get to this life? Why am I even here? Oh, I'm so sorry I paid for you to come on a luxury trip to Mexico.
You should have never come here after the whole Matilda stuff.
No, you did not just say that.
That is You're the one that wanted to come.
That is, that is outrageous! Yes, I'm sorry it was a mistake.
It is a big mistake.
It is a huge win for me and I am delighted! What kind of relationship is this where I have to demand an apology, where I have to break down crying for you to apologize to me? Okay, okay, fine.
I'm sorry.
Do you even know what you're apologizing for? - Yes.
- Well? Can't I just apologize without explaining it? What is wrong with you, Nicholas? It's so unfair.
You're crying and I'm not, and now I look like the bad guy.
You are the bad guy.
How do you not see this? You manipulated me into apologizing when I didn't do anything wrong.
Where are you going? I'm gonna have another go.
You know, honestly, when I look at this I think maybe, yeah, I might be a bit terrible.
You're just now realizing this? Ugh.
You are boring and it's boring and I'm bored.
I wish I never met you.
I want to go home.
- Hey, I'm sorry.
- No.
I wanna make up now.
- I went too far.
Leave me alone! Ow! Fine.
I'll go into the living room where's there no ceviche and there's no you.
: Hola, Señor Moss.
Hi, I need some help.
WOMAN: How can we assist? I've had a weird week.
These halls I've walked a million days.
These caves I've stalked a trillion nights.
I smell the molasses drip down from the carcass.
I am asleep, one eye open.
I'm awake, one eye shut.
Mother Orca, wiggle your tail.
Tell me whether you're business or slut.
My ugly foot is crackling.
No lotion can save these poor toes.
"Perhaps some aloe vera," as my gay brother says.

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