Evil (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

October 31

1 DAVID: I had another vision.
Write it down.
Symbols matter.
KRISTEN: Little side hobby here? DAVID: No, I was, uh, trying to decipher something, in my dreams.
KRISTEN: My youngest daughter, Laura, she was born with a heart defect in her mitral valve.
There's a 50-50 chance that she'll die before she's 20.
If you knew what you were playing with, Kristen you would be staying at home and protecting those cute little girls.
TONY: There's a lot of scary stuff in this world, things any sane person would run from.
- My name's Tony Pacuci.
- I don't run from nothin'.
- This is Dougie Martin.
- His camera catches stuff you may not want to see.
- And that's Vanessa Dudley, - scientist, resident skeptic.
If she believes it, you better believe it.
- Together, we hunt Gotham Ghosts.
- It's Halloween night, and our investigation takes us to Jersey, to one of the most haunted strip clubs in Jersey City.
A lot of negative energy - Yeah.
- that we've walked into right now.
CALIENTE: Then something just grabbed me around the neck - and began to squeeze.
- I couldn't breathe.
I couldn't scream.
VANESSA: We're taking along a professional skeptic - this time.
Everything we do, - he'll check and recheck.
'Cause we don't run from the truth.
- Yep.
I'm skeptical.
- Because this show is a stupid moneymaking enterprise that uses shaky cameras and a fictional device called an EVP in order to inject drama into nothing happening in dark rooms.
Don't hold back, Ben.
Tell us what you really think.
Y-You're not gonna use any of that, are you? You said "yep", so we'll keep in "yep".
Ben Shakir works for the Catholic Church, investigating and debunking demonic possessions.
We found one another online when he and I got in a tweet fight - over Gotham Ghosts.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) He doesn't believe in the spiritual world, and he thinks everything we do here - is a lie.
- Hey.
What's up? DAVID: I have an issue at the Hopkins' house.
I need a devil's advocate.
The Hopkins' house? That was three months ago.
That was the assessment.
The issue is the exorcism.
Oh, uh, well, I h I have that thing tonight.
You know, the, uh, TV show, so - probably gonna be here till midnight.
- Oh.
I forgot.
Hey, why don't you call Kristen.
Uh, she's a great devil's advocate.
Trick-or-treating! Trick-or-treating! Trick-or-treating! And what does that mean for Laura? DOCKER: We hoped her heart valve would develop more, but it hasn't yet.
Now, that doesn't mean it won't.
We need to wait another three weeks - and pray for good news.
- Pray? A figure of speech.
Hope for good news.
We'll do a test in another three weeks, and then we'll know.
- Trick-or-treating! - Okay, I'll bring her in in three weeks.
We'll go in one second! - That was one second! Just now! - (EXHALES) - (PHONE RINGING) - (SIGHS) (SNIFFLES) David, everything all right? Actually, no.
There was an assessment before you joined us, one that we approved for an exorcism, and now the monsignor is having second thoughts.
- You need a new assessment? - Yes.
The only problem is, we are four days into an exorcism.
Four days? Is that usual? No.
And I know it's last-minute, but I need your help here.
It's getting bad.
Trick-or-treating! Trick-or-treating! Okay, can I give you a call back in an hour? I promised to go trick-or-treating with the girls.
- Trick-or-treating! - But I'll try to get a babysitter.
(HICCUPS) I'm sorry.
I've never had hiccups like these before.
So, you said in your profile that you you like (HICCUPS) you like Flo & Joan.
- Somebody's gotta save the bees - Mm.
Somebody's gotta save them bloody bees Those funky flies with stripes.
(BOTH LAUGH) - (HICCUPS) - You know, I've never met anyone who even knows they exist.
Well, I know, that's why (HICCUPS) That's why I think (HICCUPS) - That's why (HICCUPS) - Oh.
I'm sorry, these are awful.
- Oh, gee.
- Aah! Are you okay? No, no, no, no, I-I (LAUGHS): I was just trying to scare you for the - (HICCUPS) Oh.
- (LAUGHING) (HICCUPS) Bathroom.
(HICCUPS) (LAUGHS) Good luck.
(HICCUPS) Was your friend okay? - Excuse me? - Your friend.
Oh, y-yeah, he just had some hiccups.
- He'll be fine.
- I'm glad.
I knew a man that had hiccups like that he had a heart attack and died.
It's all right.
He was suicidal anyway.
That's a bit chancy, don't you think? Making a joke about suicide and a heart attack.
I mean, how do you know I wouldn't be offended? About three years ago, I realized that I was too worried about offending anyone for anything.
I was constantly saying, "Sorry, sorry, sorry", and then I stopped.
It just lifted like a black fog.
And now I say whatever I think or feel.
I don't look back, and do you know why? Why? Because kindness is hypocrisy.
- Hello.
- Hello.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Take that it might be important.
- What? - Your phone.
Kristen, hi.
Happy Halloween.
Hey, Mom, I-I need your help tonight.
Can you watch the kids? When? In about an hour? Um - (CHUCKLES) - Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Thanks so much.
Love you, Mom.
- What'd you get? - (GIGGLES) Look.
Ah, that's mine! (SQUEALING LAUGHTER) Was yours serious? Mm.
Yours? I've been stood up.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
You're not sorry.
- Leave with me now.
- (LAUGHS): Oh, sheesh! - N - Come on.
I know I should feel bad about your date hiccupping to death, but I don't, and I don't feel bad about my date, either.
She was in a car accident.
Oh, God.
I think that life is created by happy accidents.
This is a happy accident.
Leave with me.
I I mean, he's that poor guy, he's in there hiccupping to death.
(CHUCKLES) I shouldn't.
I'm gonna leave now but I'll wait outside around the corner for about ten minutes.
Join me if you want.
And if you don't have a good life.
(SHERYL LAUGHS) I told him I had to rush home to take care of my grandchildren.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) - Look what I got! Oh! I got it! I got it! (EXCITED CHATTER) You got the last one! KIDS: Trick or treat! Two candies each, okay? But because I'm nice, I'm gonna give you three, okay? - If we don't keep those bees - Oh, I like your witch costume.
- Alive - Oh, look who's home.
- OTHERS: Oh, Grandma.
- Grandma is here, and she's ready for her close-up! (GASPS) You guys look amazing! - And she's drunk.
- Oh, and so adorable.
Oh, you know what? I'm not drunk.
I'm happy.
Somebody's gotta save them Bloody bees - Somebody's gotta save those bees - Thanks, Mom.
Those funky flies with stripes.
The girls are having some neighbors over tonight Kelsey and Hayley from next door.
Oh, I love them.
They're so sweet.
- And a third girl, Brenda.
What? - No! - Does she have to come over, Mom? - Who's Brenda? Yes, you do have to have Brenda.
- I already said yes to her mom.
- But nobody knows her.
- You know her at school.
- Barely.
- But she's no fun.
- Okay.
- No one likes her.
- No, that's enough.
When other people are mean, what are we? - KIDS: Nice.
- That's right.
Or I'm taking away your candy.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) - No, don't, don't.
I will take away your candy.
I got it! - (KIDS CLAMORING) - Just make sure they're nice to Brenda.
- I will.
- And bedtime's 11:00.
No arguments.
Please, can I stay up a little bit later? Are you drunk? (LAUGHS): No.
No, I'm happy.
You met someone? Yes, as a matter of fact, I did.
- On Tinder? - No.
He's a complete gentleman.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - You would approve.
Sexy lady's gonna save them bees Sexy lady's gonna save them bees Sexy lady's Call me if there's anything.
Hey, Mom's leaving.
- Oh! - Bye, Mommy! (DOORBELL RINGS) - Hello? - Hi.
Uh, I'm Kristen Bouchard.
I'm William Hopkins.
It's my wife.
- I'll get David.
- - He'll be right in.
- This is purely to protect all of us.
- It's a standard liability - I just don't know why I'm signing it now.
- What changed? - We're concerned about your wife's welfare, - given how long the rite - It's not just this.
I-It's bringing in a psychologist now, too.
- And why wasn't she here at the beginning? - We are concerned.
That's why we called someone here now.
Seems like if you were DAVID: Kristen.
Thank you for doing this.
What am I doing? Observing.
Who? Caroline and how she behaves.
- Oh, Caroline is - Possessed.
We think.
Um, we are not sure if the exorcism was successful, and now we're dealing with a medical condition.
Ready? When we enter the room, whisper to me if you need to leave for any reason, - and I'll escort you out.
It's just to keep her from making eye contact.
(DOOR CREAKING) Evil 1x05 October 31 So she looked around, and she couldn't seem to find her family.
And as the lights in the house started to fade, she realized she never put the lid back on the box - of spiders! - (SCREAMING) (EXCITED CHATTER) SHERYL: Oh! Ah! - Okay.
- Hey, Grandma.
I hope we're behaving up here.
(OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Okay, okay, okay.
This is Brenda, everybody.
Now, I want you to be nice to her, all right? (OVERLAPPING GREETINGS) - Come on in.
- We'll make room.
We're telling stories.
Listen, if you need anything, just yell.
And please don't scare yourselves to death.
- That would be hard to explain to your mom.
- We'll try.
- Hey, turn it back off! - (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) Okay, okay, okay.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Night, night, night.
(WHOOPS) So you didn't bring your candy? - No.
- LYNN: That's okay.
Here, you can, - you can have some of mine.
- Hey, I was saving those ones.
Didn't you trick-or-treat? A bit.
- These are Hayley and Kelsey.
- Hi.
Uh, they live next door.
You could take your mask off.
Why not? So what're you guys doing? Telling ghost stories.
- Yeah.
- I have one.
- After mine.
- No, let's let Brenda go first.
She's our guest.
We'll all get a chance.
I don't have an iPhone.
- Where is the flashlight? - Oh, here.
- You get a real flashlight.
- There it is.
There you go.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl.
She lived with her mommy and her daddy.
One day, she misbehaved so badly, that her parents locked her up in her room, and lit a fire outside her door to kill her.
The little girl tried to get out, but there were bars on her window, so she screamed and screamed and screamed, but no one came.
So, finally, she squeezed so hard through the bars, she slipped through them, but they burned her everywhere.
That's it? That's the whole story? Mm-hmm.
But something's supposed to happen.
She's supposed to turn into a ghost or something and haunt people.
Ooh But that's not what happened.
I can tell you the rest, but do you want to do something really scary? - Define really scary.
- Yeah.
I'm down.
Let's go downstairs.
Where'd your phone go? Oh, there it is.
(SIREN WAILING) Lights low pulsing dance music these are the exact conditions when the demon first started tormenting these women.
BEN: Just a thought, but they do have light switches.
- We can turn on the light.
- Shh.
Okay, I'm starting to get something.
Yeah, this is definitely a reading.
We need to let the demon reveal himself.
- Did you get that? - DOUGIE: Sure as hell did.
You ever see anything like that in your Church job, bro? BEN: No.
But it probably helps that you got the light generators on the other side of this drywall.
And that creates just enough vibration to shake the mirror loose.
Okay, let's take a break.
- And we'll do it again for camera.
So I am guessing that Tony wasn't thrilled with that.
He wasn't, but I was.
(LAUGHS) So you don't really believe in this crap? 95% of what we shoot is helped along.
But the other five percent: I've seen some stuff that you can't exactly explain.
You must've seen a few things you can't explain.
Come on.
I'm not asking if you believe, I just I'm just wondering if there's anything you can't explain.
There was a miracle.
(CHUCKLES) No, no.
Uh, it's not what you think.
Uh, it was a a video.
Just six frames.
Someone who had died.
And I can't figure out how it was done.
An angel? No.
I-I don't know.
We live in a world that is made up of bits and pixels.
And it is so easy to manipulate them and create whatever we want.
And I hate that because it encourages superstition and conspiracy theories.
And I-I just don't like when you can't tell what is real and what is fake.
It's actually been eating at me, too, because I couldn't talk to my partner David because, you know, I'm the one who's supposed to be rational.
- I'm supposed to be - Uh, hey, Ben, maybe we should get back to it.
Why? It just feels like we should talk later.
TONY: What the hell, Vanessa? We were getting great stuff.
Why'd you cut him off? They were recording us? They record everything.
And you let me go on? Yes.
Until I didn't.
TONY: That is not cool, Vanessa.
We could've used that stuff.
(DOOR CLOSES) (FIERCE SNARLING) His enemies are scattered and those who hate Him flee before Him, like smoke is driven away by a wind.
And the wicked shall perish in the presence of God.
(GROWLING) Out! Out! Out! AMARA: St.
Michael the Archangel, defend us in this, our day of battle; be our safeguard against the wickedness and the snares of the devil.
You want to step out? CAROLINE: Ego ex patre meo; et desideria - eius volofacere! - What is your name? In the name of God, I demand your name.
What is your name? Help me.
They're killing me.
Are you okay? Was she given a psych eval? Bipolar I.
Dissociative identity disorder.
- Epilepsy.
- (DOOR OPENS) Five psychiatrists gave five different diagnoses.
Both Caroline and William didn't feel treatment or medication was helping.
She felt "attacked", as she put it.
How long has she been restrained in that chair? 12 hours today.
Has she eaten anything? Food and water.
When the demon rests, she consumes.
And when the demon awakes, she vomits.
She should be under a doctor's care.
AMARA: She is.
Father Thomas is a certified medical doctor.
- And Sister Anne is a nurse.
- She should be under a non-Catholic doctor's care.
AMARA: She is preying on your compassion, Kristen.
But it's not her.
It's the demon that occupies her.
That's why the demon talks to you.
Am I here to be objective? - Yes.
- Then, objectively, you should stop this.
She's dehydrated, she's bleeding, and she's mentally impaired.
AMARA: Once an exorcism has begun, it must be finished.
An unclean spirit, if improperly exorcised, will return with seven more spirits more wicked than the first.
What do you suggest? A doctor.
Doctor, it's Kristen.
What are you doing? (GIRLS SHOUTING PLAYFULLY) What are you girls doing? LILA: Getting juice.
Don't spill.
(GIRLS GIGGLING) So now it's time for the dare part.
I haven't been down here in so long.
If I dared you to kill your mom, how would you do it? I don't want to kill my mom.
BRENDA: It's just a game.
It's pretend.
How would you do it, Laura? Um With kisses.
(LAUGHTER) Shut up.
That's not how you play.
LEXIS: Don't say "shut up".
It's rude.
- Maybe poison? - Lila.
Rat poison.
You'd say, "Mom, you work so hard and you do so much for us.
Let me bake you a cake", and then you'd put rat poison in it.
Yeah, or-or you could just stab her in her sleep.
- Hayley, why would you say that? - (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) I think I just found a perfect place to hide the body.
(WIND WHOOSHING) - What do you think's inside? - Bugs.
- Probably bugs.
- (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Maybe it's cats? (GIGGLING) Well, if there are cats, then they're all dead.
Why would you say that? If they're alive, then they need someone to save them.
- Lexis, they're cats.
- Lexis.
- You have to.
- You want the cats to die, Lexis? Go ahead.
Crawl in.
Okay, I don't think this is right.
We should go tell Grandma.
- (ALL PROTESTING) - Why? We're just having fun.
- Just having fun.
- Lexis.
LAURA: No, Lexis, it's fine! It's a game! Uh, okay.
She's gone.
But do you want to do something really scary? Dr.
Kurt Boggs.
VANESSA: This strip club was built on top of a colonial brothel.
One of the girls had a father who was so ashamed of his daughter that he ended her prostitution career.
That means he killed his daughter.
Yeah, we get that.
Thought I saw something.
Yeah, I saw it, too.
(EXHALES) All right, we'll go ahead.
You stay here.
Look, um Are we being recorded? (WHISPERING): Not now.
Not if we whisper.
I liked you online because you were honest.
And you were, too.
So let's continue that.
What was that? - You-you guys did it.
- No.
(SCOFFS) Okay, your team did that.
There are no cameras.
No one's filming this.
Vanessa, are you messing with me? No.
Let's get out of here.
Dougie, come on.
Shoot it.
Shoot it, man.
Shoot it.
Come on, give me the camera.
- Shoot it.
Shoot it.
- Tony, stop.
How did this happen? - It just started bleeding.
- We need a medic.
Get Jim.
We need a medic in here now.
It's 10:38, and we have a violent case of a demon attack.
Everybody just suddenly started bleeding.
Dougie is bleeding.
Our other producer is bleeding, too.
It just happened, man.
Put your head back, just like this.
- What is it? - It's like a forcefield of paranormal - Hey.
- Okay.
It's probably something toxic in the building.
Hey, we need to get you back.
Do it again for camera! AMARA: from us, whoever you may be, in the name and by the power - of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
- (SHOUTS) (WHIMPERING) Don't look at her, demon.
She can't help you.
I demand your name.
(WHIMPERING) God has forsaken you.
Your visions are hell, not heaven.
The three stars are of hell.
David? It's my vision.
CAROLINE: Turn from God.
Follow him.
Power is with him.
(GROANING) I drive you from us, whoever you may be.
(CAROLINE GROANING) Delusions, hallucinations, aggravated body movements they're all symptoms of schizophrenia.
And demonic possession.
Well, the patient has been indoctrinated through religion that pain and suffering are caused by demons.
That has played into her delusions.
So you think the exorcism is feeding the delusions? Yes.
When you're dealing with schizophrenia, playing along with the delusions only escalates the illness.
In my opinion, that's what's happening here.
What if it's not delusions? Dr.
Boggs graduated Johns Hopkins.
He's got 30 years treating schizophrenia.
But, I mean, sure, let's just get his professional opinion and ignore it.
(CHUCKLES) I understand that.
All I'm asking is, what if her possession is not a delusion? KURT: You're calling me here, asking me to believe.
But I deal in facts.
I look at her and I see a very sick woman who needs a doctor's care and may die without it.
And we see a very sick woman who may die if we stop.
(CAROLINE SCREAMING) And I need to get back in there.
You think it's possession? I think she saw my vision, and she's using it against me.
Yes, I I-I think she's possessed.
(CAROLINE GROWLING) So, if we believe and they don't, how do we solve this? God the Father commands you, God the Son commands you.
- God the Holy Spirit commands you.
- (GROANING) God the Father commands you, God the Son commands you, God the Holy Spirit commands you.
Stoop before the all-powerful hand of God.
- (SHOUTS, GROANS) - God the Father commands you All right, she needs a doctor.
This is all a pose.
- (CAROLINE GROANING) - What are you talking about? That's not holy water.
I switched it with tap water.
- She responded to the tap water.
- That was not your place, Kristen.
I'm here to offer my psychological guidance.
Yes, which you did not do.
You just decided by fiat - that you would - No, I wanted to see if there was a psychological root to her condition.
And there was.
As soon as the tap water was sprinkled, she pretended it had an effect - on the demon and, therefore - I-If you want to experiment, you talk to me.
- You don't just do it.
- I need to call the paramedics for an involuntarily commitment.
No, sir, that is not your place.
This is not supernatural, Father.
This is a sick woman who is in danger of harming herself.
No, she is in danger of being harmed by supernatural forces, especially if she's placed in a hospital that is not ready for it.
She reacted to the tap water as if it were real.
That means it is an illness of the mind, not the soul.
It doesn't matter.
- What? - What are you talking about? I believed it was holy water.
I wanted to bless Caroline with holy water.
Therefore, by my volition, it was holy water.
With all due respect, Father, but you're rationalizing what happened to fit your belief system.
And you're doing the same thing, Kristen.
- No.
I'm doing my job here.
- It is not.
- Your job is to help assess.
You - Wait, wait.
It is my decision.
I will decide.
Why did my wife react to tap water like it was holy water, Father? The demon responds to God's power, and God can use any element He desires water, blood, sand, ash Then why is God letting that happen to my wife? DAVID: Because Satan is a presence in this world, and God wants us to triumph over him through our choices.
KURT: Sir, demonic possession is not a recognized psychiatric diagnosis.
If you're right and it's medical, why is my wife speaking in those voices? - Glossolalia? - Yeah.
Rare but possible.
During severe manic episodes, deeply religious but highly delusional people have been known to speak in other languages.
WILLIAM: I saw her throw a man against the wall.
How can she do that? - Excited delirium.
- Excited delirium.
Patients show incredible reserves of strength from adrenaline.
It's scientific, sir, not-not supernatural.
(SIGHS) I'd like to continue with the exorcism, but I want you two in the room with her.
You okay? Yeah.
I'll live.
(SNIFFLES) Good look for me, isn't it? Well, it actually is.
(SNIFFLES) So, you're not punking me, are you? What, getting a nosebleed to make you look bad on the show? - No, actually not.
- (SNIFFLES) And that thing we saw in there? The ghost? Yeah, "the ghost".
You had nothing to do with that? No.
TONY: Hey.
What the hell are you doing? Showing how you did it.
That is a Phantograph projector.
It sprays particulate a chemical mist and then it projects light onto it to make things appear like real ghosts.
That is some cutting-edge stuff there, Tony.
You were filming us? It was a Halloween prank, Vaness.
The only problem is the chemical you used some people are allergic to it.
That's why the bleeding.
You bastard! (CHIMES) Okay, take it off.
I'm practically naked here.
What-what color are your underwear? Let me guess.
Um, they're boxers, and they're cupid hearts? Worse.
Jedi Knights.
(LAUGHS) - Oh, my God.
- (PHONE BEEPS) Oh, wait.
Hold on.
It's my call-waiting.
- Ignore it.
- No, I can't.
Come on.
Stay on.
I want to set up a date for dinner.
No, just give me a sec.
I may have to go.
No, no, don't.
I'll be I'll be right back.
Hang-hang on.
Be right back.
- (BEEPS) - Hello? WOMAN: Kristen? No.
Who's this? Michelle Philips.
(GASPS) From the Mamas and Papas? Excuse me? (LAUGHS): Never mind.
Um, this is Sheryl, Kristen's mom.
Oh, uh, could you tell Kristen, I'm so sorry Brenda couldn't make it tonight.
She's been sick.
Brenda? Yes.
But she's here.
She's in their room.
She's in her bed.
But then, uh ? Well, wait.
Are-are-are you sure? Yes, I'm looking right at her.
But I I-I don't I don't understand.
Then Then who ? Girls? (QUIETLY): Oh, my God.
(PANTING) Lexis, where are your sisters? They went to the graveyard.
What? Why? The new girl took them.
She wanted to show them something.
- (SCREAMING) - AMARA: Save me.
God the Father commands you.
- (SHRIEKS) - KURT: Stop.
- I should sedate her.
- No.
- We have to keep going.
- Yeah, but-but I (SHRIEKS) (SPEAKING ARAMAIC) "The unclean spirits came out, entering the swine; and the herd, numbering 60" But this time, the pigs will not perish.
The pigs are here amongst you, and they will cause great suffering.
(LAUGHING) Your daughters will be buried.
(CAROLINE SCREAMS) (PHONE VIBRATES) Mom, everything all right? SHERYL: Kristen, the girls aren't here.
They've gone out.
Uh, what? Why? You've got to come.
One of the girls who came over tonight she isn't who she said.
And Brenda's mom called and said she was sick.
And the girls followed her to the graveyard.
Please come now.
Please! (TRAIN HORN BLOWING) (LAUGHTER) What was that? My tummy aches.
How much candy did you eat? You said we were gonna play another game.
This isn't a game.
It is a game.
It's called "funeral".
(GIGGLING) Look over there.
Look over there.
Oh, my God, this is so cool.
Go touch it.
Go touch a grave.
No, I don't want to touch it.
(GIGGLING) So you lie down here.
I don't want to.
You have to.
You're dead.
It's kind of like being buried at the beach.
Then why can't you do it? I have to finish the story.
You don't have to be afraid.
It's just a game.
Laura's your mom, and you killed her with rat poison, and now you have to bury her.
(PANTING) (GRUNTING) We see the same vision.
Christ the Savior, the three stars in his outstretched hand.
Tell the 60 to let you go.
(SHRIEKING) The three stars are arrayed against them.
They are not of the devil.
They are sent by heaven.
They will protect you.
And the tomb? Yes.
The 60 can't stand against you.
(CRYING): They are too strong for me.
They only pretend to be.
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid.
(WHISPERING): I am, too.
But (WHIMPERING) I am here.
We've seen the same thing.
(GASPS) You're in danger.
He's coming for you.
Then tell him to leave you.
Thinking about it.
So, uh, how's your nosebleed? - Better.
- Yeah.
(LAUGHS) So, are we gonna keep tweeting each other? Call.
(WHIMPERS, SNIFFLES) (CRYING) So, do you want to hear the end of the story? The burned girl story? Once upon a time, there was a girl who was so burned by her parents that she looked like a monster.
No one could look at her for more than a minute.
She couldn't go outside because people were too scared of her.
They would scream, and they would run away.
- But Halloween night - (TRAIN HORN BLOWS) was the only night she could go out, because she could wear a mask, and no one thought it was weird.
(TRAIN HORN BLOWS) And no one was scared of her.
Until she took it off.
(TRAIN CHUGGING) KRISTEN: Lynn! Lila and Laura! LILA: Mom! There! - Laura? - (SOBBING) - (SOBBING) - It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Where's Laura? Here.
Come on.
Come on.
(CRYING) It was a game.
We were playing "funeral", and Brenda made us bury her.
- It's okay.
- What?! In the game, Ms.
We had to kill our parents, and Brenda told us to.
It's true.
Brenda said it was a bonus round.
(SOBBING) Where's Brenda? (WIND WHISTLING SOFTLY) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Boo! (BOTH YELL) (LAUGHING) (LAUGHING) Watch an all new Prodigal Son, Monday on Global.