Evil (2019) s01e06 Episode Script


1 - Caroline is - Possessed.
Her possession is not a delusion.
That's not holy water.
I switched it.
That was not your place, Kristen.
If you want to experiment, you talk to me.
You don't just do it.
I'm Sheryl.
I'm gonna leave now, but I'll wait outside around the corner.
Ketamine and caps.
Where are you, God? Okay, what's going on? What do you mean? You two, the silence.
We have nothing to say.
A prophet? Yep.
Have you ever done one of those? Nope.
So, we find out if she's real or not, is that it? Yep.
Well you two are a barrel of fun this morning.
- You from the Church? - - Yes.
- Please, come in.
It's playtime.
It'll be like this for the next ten minutes.
Your home is in danger.
Leave before it falls into darkness.
What does that mean? Grace.
I'm Grace.
Would you like to sit? - Sure.
- Thank you.
I'm-I'm David, and this is, uh, Kristen and Ben.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
Would you like me to call nap time? Uh, no, it's fine.
So you want to know if God speaks to me? Yes.
He does.
How does God speak to you? Very slowly.
You can hear him? Yes.
And what does he sound like? A whisper, very quiet.
Do you see him? No.
Can you hear him now? No.
Why is that? He has nothing to say.
Do you wait for him to have something to say? Sometimes.
And sometimes I ask him a question.
- Can you ask him a question now? - Yes.
Did you have a question? Was Jeffrey Epstein a suicide? - Ben.
- What? No.
How was he killed? With a pillow.
Why was he killed? Because he could hurt several powerful men.
It seems like an odd way to deal out prophecies, to just give them to whoever asks.
As opposed to ? So you can tell me what God wants of me? Yes.
What does God want of me? You're in danger.
In what way? They know about your visions, and they want to stop you.
You need to avoid the color red for the next seven days.
It sounds more like a a fortune cookie than God.
Sometimes God sounds like a fortune cookie.
Why'd you blow that up? Sometimes when God's voice gets too quiet, it helps me hear him.
So? She certainly appears sincere.
Is that enough? No.
Does she claim to prophesy in the name of Jesus? Yes.
And? Well, I can claim to prophesy in the name of Jesus.
The question is: Am I right? Is she right? First, may I ask, why are we being handed this? Because it's your job.
Millions of people claim to speak in God's name.
If you gave us every one, we'd be chasing for decades.
Why this one? We want to know if she's right.
- Has she been right before? - Yes.
- With what? - I can't answer that.
Check her prophecies.
Then we'll talk.
- What was that about? - Yeah.
No idea.
But there was a scribe there taking down her prophecies.
- Mm-hmm.
- Let's check her prophecies with the facts.
Hey, Kristen, you got a second? We disagree.
About this prophecy? About last night.
The exorcism.
But it should be a strength, not a weakness.
Oh, I thought it was.
It was until you didn't trust me and poured out the holy water.
It was the only way to tell.
No, it wasn't, but even if it was, trust me enough to tell me.
And if I had told you, would you have told the exorcist? - Yes.
- Which would negate the whole experiment.
It wasn't the place for an experiment.
Oh, every place is the place for an experiment.
It's the only way not to let opinion impact results.
Then trust me enough to argue that with me, and we'll discuss.
Do you have any idea how weird it is for me to be involved in this? I mean, I go to Whole Foods during the day, and at night I say things like, "Would you have told the exorcist?" It's like I've taken a left turn into the Middle Ages.
See you tomorrow.
No, it wasn't, but even if it was, trust me enough to tell me.
And if I had told you, would you have told the exorcist? - Yes.
- Which would negate the whole experiment.
It wasn't the place for an experiment.
Oh, every place is the place for an experiment.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- What? This is wrong.
No, it's not.
No, it's not right.
Why not? Come on, baby, kiss me again.
I want you so bad.
Who are you calling? Kristen.
I had a scare with my granddaughters the other night.
Let's go.
This is my song.
It's always your song.
So, what am I typing in? "Local sinkhole".
Local sinkhole.
A 30-foot sinkhole opened in Queens overnight.
As the grounds settled from a recent rainstorm, the dirt lot disappeared into the ground.
But many lives were spared - because of one woman.
- I don't understand.
- I was warned.
- What does this ? That's why I moved out.
And I warned my neighbor, too.
Wait, is that her, the-the lady from the day care? - Yes.
- What was the prophecy? "Leave your home.
It's in danger of falling into the darkness".
I need to talk to her again.
We both do.
Evil 1x06 Wait.
- She predicted the sinkhole.
- No, she anticipated it.
- That is semantic.
- No, it's not.
- It's scientific analysis.
- Wait a minute, Ben.
What do you mean, anticipated? Sinkholes are a natural phenomenon.
There are a number of predictive factors.
There were unusual settling noises in that neighborhood.
You think she studied the factors that predicted the sinkhole? No.
I'm saying there are intuitive people who, without knowing it, are putting together everything.
Facebook posts, uh, news articles.
This is not prophecy; this is human nature.
Kristen? It's true.
I mean, there are people with hyperdeveloped senses.
If you dream about a ladder rung breaking under your foot, and the next day it breaks, that's not predictive.
It's your unconscious communicating to you what your senses registered in the split second you stepped on it last.
I guess we got to go see her again.
You interview her this time, Kristen.
I'm heading to soccer, Mom.
Love you.
- Wh-What's that? - What? Your jacket, it's-it's red.
It's new.
All right, would you mind wearing this instead? - Why? - I-I don't like the way red stands out.
- That's weird.
- Good morning Good morning Good morning, good morning To you.
Grandma, Mom wants me to wear her jacket.
Why? I like that jacket.
- Because she doesn't like red.
- What? - Bye.
- Bye.
- Mom's getting weird.
- Yeah.
- Oh, thanks.
- Oh, yeah.
Well, you are.
- Bye.
- Go kick some butt.
- I will.
Love you.
- All right.
And if you don't like red, why are you wearing those earrings? You seem happy.
Is that about this new boyfriend? I don't need a boy to be happy.
Want to meet him? You don't think we're too much? It'll be a good test, right? I'll get takeout.
No, I'll cook dinner.
- 6:00? - Even better.
You're gonna love him.
Are you all right? I think I should be asking you that.
Is that what they're usually like? - Exorcisms? That was my first one.
- Mm.
I mean, I've dealt with schizophrenics and psychotics at Bellevue.
I had a night terror again last night.
That's the first in a while.
With your incubus, George? It started as a standard sexual fantasy.
And then, for some reason, George superseded it.
What was the sexual fantasy? Nothing important.
Okay, you might try something.
Pills? No.
Have you ever lucid dreamed? No.
It's a way of controlling your dreams.
You become aware that you're dreaming, and then you control it and it doesn't control you.
Here, tie this to your wrist.
Why? Every hour on the hour, set your iPhone to buzz.
- Yeah.
- Look at your wrist.
Stare at the blue string and ask yourself, "Am I dreaming?" I know.
But ask no matter what.
You're clearly not dreaming.
But, tonight, your sleeping mind will continue the rhythm of looking at your wrist.
And at this point, you'll know you're dreaming because there's no blue string and wake up within it.
Does that really work? Yes, it does.
Try it tonight.
It's a way of facing down George.
And when I do that, what do I do? Kill him? No.
You-you face him down, - ask him what he wants.
- Mm-hmm.
Then tell him, "You have no power over me.
I am in control of this dream.
Now go away".
"I sometimes find my dreams repeated in reality".
"I seldom worry about my health".
This is to test my ? Intuition.
It's created by the military.
They found that some soldiers showed an increased sixth sense of battlefield positioning.
"I seldom worry about my health".
Ask me questions you want to know.
I do want to know this.
No, you don't.
Why can't you tell me exactly what to be wary of? Why just red? Why not an accident with a red car or a man in a red shirt or Because God is sometimes specific and sometimes not.
It's a bit convenient, isn't it? What language does God speak? Cantonese.
Whatever best suits the moment.
Anything else? Is my daughter, Laura is she going to be all right? Be more specific.
My daughter's health issue, her heart valve, will it heal? Yes, it will heal.
- You don't like that? - No, I don't.
- We should move on.
- Why? Because I think it's stupid, you blowing up this idiotic toy to tell me about my daughter.
We-we should get back to the test.
I'm sorry.
I-I'm-I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have made it personal.
It is personal.
I gave her every standardized precog test and even some of the much less conventional ones.
She scored 50%.
Psychologically, she does not score as intuitive.
I checked out her statements, - and - Prophecies.
And many of them can't be checked.
- Why not? - They haven't happened yet.
And the ones that have? Mm, 70% accurate.
Not exactly divinity-level percentage.
Well, some of them are so specific and personal, it's hard to check their accuracy.
Monsignor, why are we doing this? Let's talk, - just the two of us.
- No.
Whatever you tell me, I'll immediately tell them, so they might as well hear it from you.
Uh, that's all right.
We can step out.
No, I'd like you to stay.
What is it? The Poveglia Codex.
Go ahead.
It's a facsimile.
Never heard of it.
And you wouldn't have.
Only a very few outside of the Holy See even know it exists.
What is it? Prophecies.
15 pages of them.
Transcribed by monks on the island of Poveglia in 1550.
From Benedetto Lapuente, a Carthusian martyr.
And this is the only copy ever made of it.
Why do you have the copy? Some of the prophecies have been echoed word-for-word by your prophet.
The day care lady in Flushing? Yes.
How is that possible? I don't know.
For 500 years, no copy of this document has left the Vatican Archive.
Only the Holy See even knows it exists, and only the popes have seen the prophecies themselves.
So, how word-for-word are we talking here? That's why you have this document.
Translate it and check it.
Assessors in the Vatican read this news report about her, and the quote of a prophecy was flagged as being identical.
So the Vatican wants us to see if she's telling the truth? Yes.
And they'd rather she wasn't.
Why? Because these prophecies are disastrous.
For whom? For everyone.
I mean, the whole thing is weird.
The Vatican would really trust us with this secret document? I don't know.
Weirder things have happened.
How much have you translated? About half.
I should have it finished by tomorrow.
Oh, hold on.
That's my timer.
I have it set for every hour.
That's weird.
What? It's not on my wrist.
Could it have come off? Am I dreaming? Do you need help? Do you need help? I'm dreaming.
And I know I'm dreaming.
I can control it.
Kristen! Who is that?! What?! Up ahead! You're mine.
No! I control this dream! Get out of the way.
You're in my dream.
What do you want? A bite.
You have no power here.
I'm controlling this dream.
Now get out of the way.
Oh, my God.
Now I know why the codex was kept hidden in the Vatican.
It predicts the end of the Catholic Church.
What if Grace is telling the truth? It's a problem for us.
But how could she know what was written in 1550? There are other options.
"Some come in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravening wolves".
You think she's a false prophet? We want her to be a false prophet.
Help us find that out.
Do you have visions of God? Why do you ask? Just a part of our questioning.
No, it isn't.
God loves you, David.
You don't need to see him to be loved by him.
How do you know you hear God, that you're not hearing someone or something else? Lucifer? Yes.
I help people.
Lucifer has no interest in helping people.
But doesn't evil come bearing gifts of power in order to lure people? "For there shall arise false prophets, and they shall deceive the very elect".
Yes, but "Ye shall know them by their fruits".
Do you hear God? I have.
But not like you.
And I can't be sure who is talking to me sometimes.
What does this mean? Three stars.
Father, Son, Holy Ghost.
Why are they on Earth? That's not Earth.
What is it? Spherical geometry.
A triangle in a 3-D space.
So a pyramid.
Technically, it's a Euler triangle.
David, it's me.
I realized what Grace was drawing.
David? Are you home? Are you home? Coming.
Sorry, but your phone was off, and I realized what Grace was drawing.
Have a look.
So, the gaps they're not random.
They fit into the codex.
Are you okay? Mm.
Show me.
So here.
Look at the holes.
You see? Wow.
I mean wow.
We can just do this tomorrow.
It's-it's No, no, no, no, no, no.
Okay, well, why don't you just get some rest, and, uh, we'll talk tomorrow.
Who are you? - He's here.
He's here.
- I'll get it.
Wow! You look pretty! Oh, my goodness.
Ooh, la, la! All right.
All right, now stop it.
You sound too rehearsed.
Where Where's your mom? Uh, late at work.
She'll be here soon, though.
- Yeah, she'll bring cupcakes or something.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Clean up, clean up, clean up.
You're early.
Couldn't wait to meet everyone.
Daughters! You've got no candles that match.
It's either birthday candles or scented candles.
Oh, my gosh.
I completely forgot it's tonight.
Meeting your boyfriend.
It's all right.
We made dinner.
Oh, listen.
He's not much of a cook, but he thinks he is, so be nice.
Got it.
Where are the girls? Upstairs.
Lee likes them for some unfathomable reason.
Oh, and be polite, please.
He's worried about his first impressions.
- Absolutely.
- Thank you.
I like coffee, I like tea.
I like the devil to dance with me.
Count to seven.
You're in heaven.
Count to six, and you're in a ditch.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
- Mom.
- Hey, Mom.
This is Leland.
Yeah, he's really nice.
We all love him.
You're gonna love him.
How funny.
Your mother and I know each other.
Hi, Kristen.
I never connected Sheryl and you.
You guys know each other? - How do you know each other? - Why aren't you saying anything? - Whoa! Whoa! - I need you all to stay in here.
Why? Wait! Downstairs.
It's true, Kristen.
I really didn't know that Sheryl was your mother.
What a small world.
Hey, dinner's almost ready.
You won't believe this.
Kristen and I know each other from work.
- From the new job, really? - No, the D.
's office.
I work there as a forensic psychologist, too.
You're kidding.
I just never put it together.
Leland and I have to talk for a minute, Mom, about work.
Just this way, in the garage.
Well, can't you talk after dinner? No, we need to talk now.
Just through the kitchen.
Okay, but not too long, all right? My office is in the back.
This is sweet back here.
I need to get something like this.
It's open.
Look at these photos.
Who knew you were such an adventurer? Kristen, Kristen.
Shut the hell up! Look, I know we've had our differences.
Oh, my God.
Shut up.
It's survivable.
I didn't touch the carotid arteries or the jugular vein.
Why are you doing this? Hold this to your neck.
I don't want a drop of your blood on my floor.
You're not coming back here.
You're not seeing my kids.
You're not seeing my mom.
You're not seeing me.
You have another 20 minutes to get to an emergency room before you get lightheaded from blood loss.
You'll need 20 stitches.
Do you understand? I have never been so turned on by you.
Go now, before I cut deeper.
You go around to your car.
This is outrageous.
Yeah, get used to it.
You have 18 minutes.
Keep the dish towel! - Hey.
- Hey, Mom.
There was an accident, and Leland had to go to the hospital.
What? Yeah, one of my ice axes in the garage just caught him on the neck, so, um, he had to rush off.
What are you talking about? Where is he? He's not back there.
He left already.
He didn't want to track blood through the house.
Did he make this? Kristen, why didn't you come get me? He was in a rush.
Did Leland make this? Yes.
This is insane.
Why are you acting so crazy? Oh, my God, what are you doing? - Cleaning up.
- Mom? Aren't we supposed to have dinner, Mom? Yes, we are.
Um, I'm gonna heat up the pizza from last night.
- I thought we were having real dinner.
- And we are.
I'm going to bring it to your room, so go upstairs.
You made a rule we're not allowed to eat upstairs or in our bed.
Go! Where are you going? What do you think? After him.
No, Mom.
I do not want him in my house again.
What? Why? Because he's a bad man.
Oh, my God.
Kristen, your dad and I are not getting back together, okay? What? It's not about that.
I am meeting new men.
You're gonna have to get used to that.
He's a psychopath, Mother.
Oh, dear God.
I ask one thing of you to be nice to him.
Yeah, where are you? I know.
I just heard.
I am so sorry.
I'm coming right now.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, - eight, nine, ten! - Not fair! - You made me lose on purpose! - How is it not fair? That was totally fair.
- It's not fair! - Yes.
Oh, my gosh, I was so hungry.
- Yummy.
- So tell me about Grandma's new friend.
- He was really nice.
- Yeah, we like him.
- Mom, this pizza's cold.
- Yeah, it's cold.
- Why didn't you reheat it? Yeah, it is cold.
- Exactly.
It's cold, Mom.
What's this? Did he give you gifts? Yeah, they're diaries.
- Look, they have unicorns.
- They're actually nice.
- Come look at mine.
- Yeah, they're really nice.
What's this? Did he make this? Yeah, he was teaching us how to draw.
He's actually pretty good.
Okay, I'm going to have to take these.
- What is wrong with a journal? - Mom! Mom! Eat your cold pizza, and I'll be back! Hi.
You've reached the voice mail of David Acosta.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
I know.
Pretty cool, huh? Grace drew up three more prophecies like this, but they don't fit the pages you gave us.
That made us think that maybe you were holding back some.
Did you translate it? Yes.
Are you holding back some pages? The codex is 280 pages.
This is just a part of it.
What does it say? The full prophecy isn't about the Catholic Church ending.
It's about the world ending.
This is what you have to do.
Get to this woman, Grace, have her draw up all the pages she knows about the Codex.
So what are you saying, she's a true prophet? Or a false one.
Get to her.
Have her finish her prophecy.
Then we'll know.
- What do you think? - What? Is she a true prophet? What, are you nuts? - Then how? - Okay.
The Vatican says they have a double-secret document that no one has ever seen.
No one.
Just a lot of popes and us.
Just three nobodies from Queens.
For five centuries, no one has seen this.
This is the same organization that can't get its act together on child rape.
Here's what I think: I think that document has been slipped to thousands of people over the centuries and they've all been told exactly the same thing: "You're special.
You're the only one who's seen it".
And somehow, it's gotten out there, because people want to share a secret.
And somehow Grace saw it.
Maybe she didn't know she saw it, but she saw it.
If you believe all that about the Catholic Church, how can you work for them? I don't work for them.
I work for David.
And I like David.
And you.
Aw, shucks.
Okay, I take it back.
No, I like working with you, too.
Uh, Kristen, you got a minute? - Yes.
- I'll see you guys out there.
- About last night - N-N-No.
You really don't have to say anything; it was a mistake.
- No, I-I just want to make clear - It's fine.
It's-it's really none of my business.
It's how I see God.
I had an epiphany a long time ago, and I felt God was trying to tell me something.
But he's been silent since.
So I I help it along.
That's why Leland wanted me to ask you about the second time you saw God.
He knows about this.
How do you know you're seeing God, and not just the inside of your head? I don't.
You gonna be safe? I will be.
Hey, you called me last night.
W-What was that about? Oh.
Um, nothing.
Just something I, um, took care of myself.
What was it? Nothing.
Sir, we're looking for Grace.
You're her damn lawyer.
She needs you down there right now.
ICE raid.
Immigration grabbed a couple of our kids.
Grace's immigration status was expired, so That is why I wanted you to talk with her, so the Church could help her.
Where is she? Where's Grace? They took her.
What are you trying to do? Play on my better nature, Kristen? Seriously.
Is that really your plan? Look, he's just a kid.
His second prison rape and he won't be anymore.
He didn't say that.
He did, Mom.
He really did.
He's a psychopath.
You can't date him.
Face it, Kristen.
You're trying to play on my better nature, and I don't have any available for you.
You can't date him, Mom.
Did they say when they're moving her? Yes, anytime.
Can you argue that she'll face religious persecution - if she's sent back home? - We can argue.
But our lawyers are hesitant that we'd succeed.
I have the monsignor making a plea on her account.
Thank you.
I'm afraid of the reeducation camps for the religious back home.
Daniel Ling.
- Daniel Ling? - Yes.
She can only have one visitor.
I'm her lawyer.
Uh, David thinks that you can help him.
Hello, David.
Grace, I'm sorry about these circumstances.
We don't have much time.
- You have a question you want to ask me? - Yes.
This is the Poveglia Codex.
Your last prophecy filled a hole in it.
The Church thinks you can fill in more.
- The monsignor wants - Can I look at it? All right.
Medical tents have arrived.
It will start in sector two.
All those wanting to see them, please see a guard.
Sir, can I borrow your pad and pen, please? Detainees in sector three, your visiting hour is ending in five minutes.
Thank you.
Visiting hours are ending in five minutes.
Attention, section E supervisors.
Attention, section E supervisors.
Transport shuttles are arriving at the south gate.
Prepare all detainees for transfer.
Sir, could you give this to the gentleman over there? Thank you.
All squad commanders, this is the last call for visitation privileges.
Transports will depart in ten minutes.
Sector three detainees, please prepare for transport.
Your bus has arrived.
Greetings from the Adriatic Sea.
Salamander brandy.
A very rare delight.
After one glass of this, you won't know up from down.
Thank you.
Leland, how's your neck? - Better.
20 stitches.
- Oh.
It gives me character.
What's wrong, babe? You and I have to talk.
I went too fast, didn't I? No, that's not it.
- It is.
- No.
I always poison these relationships by getting too romantic too fast.
It isn't that.
It's It's my daughter.
What? She didn't like me? No.
- She thinks you sabotaged her job at work.
- Oh, no.
I-I I don't want to get into the details.
I just I have to put my family first.
They they mean everything to me.
I understand.
Family is everything to me as well.
Thank you.
So I'm sorry it has to end this way.
Me, too.
Well could we at least have one last kiss? Sure.