Evil (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Vatican III

1 You want to know if God speaks to me? - Yes.
- He does.
- What is it? - Prophecies.
The Poveglia Codex.
Some of the prophecies have been echoed word-for-word by your prophet.
Why'd you blow that up? When God's voice gets too quiet, it helps me hear him.
I realized what Grace was drawing.
The gaps they're not random.
They fit into the codex.
- Where's Grace? - ICE raid.
They took her.
You seem happy.
Is that about this new boyfriend? Want to meet him? Hi.
How funny.
Your mother and I know each other.
You're not coming back here.
- What's this? Did he give you gifts? - Yeah, they're diaries.
Look, - they have unicorns! - They're actually nice.
Next? Hi, Mr.
Blueberry Muffin.
Did you want something else? - Coffee? - No.
Um What I'd like is, um to-to take you out sometime.
This weekend, maybe, if you're I really like you and and you're really hot and I-I think about you all the time - and - W-Wow.
Uh Thank you.
That's-that's really nice, but, um I'm in a relationship.
Why are you so nice to me but you don't want to go out with me? Miss Large Coffee, Room For Milk.
You did everything right.
She's a tease and a liar.
Women love to lead men on.
Yeah, I've seen how long she's been toying with you.
What do you want? I have a private practice.
I know you think you're alone in this world, but you're not.
Not interested.
Therapy's for messed-up people.
I'm not offering therapy.
You're not the one who's messed up here.
It's women.
Stop that.
You don't move for them.
They move for you.
Her name was Grace Ling.
She ran a day care center in Flushing.
We were sent by the Church to decide - whether she had prophetic abilities.
- We observed her warn a woman to get out of her house before it "fell into darkness".
And the next day, the house collapsed into a sinkhole.
She would sometimes blow up a balloon to hear God more accurately.
Excuse me? She would blow up a toy balloon.
Do you not find this odd, a prophet requiring the blowing up of a balloon? I found it odd that there was a prophet at all.
Everything after that was just gravy.
What does that mean "gravy"? It means that once something is stupid, it doesn't matter how much more stupid gets piled on top of it.
Then how do you explain this? I'm sorry, who are you guys again? We are assessors here at the Pope's discretion to decide if this woman was a false prophet or a true one.
Do you have an opinion? I do.
I think you should get China to return her.
You understand, her prophecies, if true, are worrisome, Mr.
- I do.
- They prophesy a great devastation.
Fires everywhere.
As does the Book of Revelation.
Given that, do you think she is a false prophet or a true one? I think Grace was a wonderful person with, um, great intuitive sense, but I don't believe anyone can foretell the future.
So I don't think she was any kind of prophet.
What is your faith? Your family's faith? Muslim.
- And you are? - Ah.
- I think we're finished here.
- Please, sit back down.
We-we want to know what happened.
No, you don't.
You want to damn the Muslim.
Got it.
Nice meeting you guys.
Yes, you're hearing it right.
- You speak Italian? - Si.
Do you use artificial birth control? We are wondering about the nature of your relationship with Kristen Bouchard.
Have you asked Mrs.
Bouchard? We have.
She walked out on us.
What's he saying? He's telling 'em who's boss.
In that classy, priestly way of his.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Interview go well? Let's go.
Oh, good.
Do you have a minute? Enrique.
What are you talking about? Is that your name, demon? No.
A boy I slaughtered.
He cried like a pig when I slashed his throat.
Who? Enrique.
His unbaptized soul went straight to hell.
This is not real.
I called his parents.
I wanted them to know their child went to hell.
But I couldn't stop laughing long enough.
That's the Bridget Ferrell exorcism.
Yes, in its second day.
Bridget had a miscarriage and started having seizures and talking in other voices.
- Dissociative personalities? - We didn't know.
But she started speaking in Latin and Aramaic, so we recommended an exorcism.
Unfortunately, what I heard there was a confession to murder.
Do we know if there even was a murder? No.
Well, if there was, the court does not acknowledge demonic possession, and that woman's guilty.
- Unfortunately, yes.
- I don't know how unfortunate that is.
- I mean, if she killed - This woman is possessed, and the demon used her body to kill.
Bridget is innocent.
The demon is guilty.
- Well, wh - What do you want us to do, Monsignor? Find out if there was a murder to match the details the demon mentioned, and help the Church with its liabilities.
- Understood.
- Got it.
Uh, David, can you stay a minute? Kristen knows the law on this matter.
That's not the problem.
Does ICE have any news on this prophet's whereabouts? - Grace? - Yes.
They sent her back to China.
I'm a little worried they put her in a reeducation camp.
The Vatican's worried about that, too.
That's why they sent their three top men.
Those are their three top men? Yes.
Why? They seem more worried about Ben being a Muslim and Kristen being a lapsed Catholic.
Okay, just answer their questions.
They apologize to Kristen and Ben, then we'll talk.
Don't be a child.
The Vatican doesn't apologize.
This is about stopping a massacre.
Then they should stop asking my team about their sex lives.
So we need to see if there was a murder - of a kid named Enrique.
- That matches the description.
I have a friend in Homicide.
I could check with her.
David, if we ever get in the way of your job here, you'd tell us, right? It's never gonna happen.
That made me tingly all over.
We should go back.
I'm a mother with four kids.
I'm a cop with four murders.
So what? Get a babysitter.
Admit it, you miss it.
I miss parts of it.
Not the falls.
You didn't have that many falls.
Okay, that one time was ugly.
Two broken ribs of ugly.
Yeah, but you and me in a portaledge, 5,000 feet above the valley floor.
- Mira, can I ask you a professional question? - Sure.
Have you heard anything about a missing Hispanic boy, probably murdered, name of Enrique? - No last name.
- Hmm.
- So this wasn't a personal call? - No, it was.
I'm just asking.
The family would have received prank a phone call of a man laughing after the boy's disappearance.
What? Where did you hear about that? What do you mean? Enrique Ruiz.
The prank calls to the family.
Someone laughing.
It wasn't released to the public.
So there is a murder? Three murders.
Not officially.
The department only acknowledges three missing Hispanic youths.
But all three resulted in prank calls to the families the day they went missing.
Now, where did you get your information? I'm sorry, I can't tell you, Mira.
Why not? - Because it's confidential.
- Kristen I'm arguing to the department that this is a serial killer.
Someone preying on boys the police don't care about.
So if you know something that can help me, you need to tell me.
I-I don't have anything to help you.
The three Hispanic boys were last seen getting into a red car.
Kristen, this killer will kill again.
So, whoever you're dealing with watch out.
Evil 1x07 Vatican III Hi.
I'm Kristen Bouchard.
Oh, I'm Dwight, Bridget's husband.
What'd you find out? There is a murder.
Three, actually.
You really think this woman is The police are listing it as missing persons because they haven't found any bodies.
But my friend thinks it's a serial killer.
- Do they have a red car? - Why? The kids were last seen getting into a red car.
Let's go look.
- Now what? - Well, that depends if you think a demon killed three kids or that woman in there did.
I don't believe in demons.
Me neither.
Maybe it's dissociative identity disorder.
Split personality? Can you tell the difference? Yeah, if I question her.
We drive you from us We drive you from us, whoever you may be, in the name and by the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
- No! - We drive you from us, whoever you may be, in the name and by the power of Our His name is Howard.
He comes in and out.
Wait, who is this? The demon.
Don't be thrown by his anger.
He tries to throw you.
We'll hold her.
Ma'am, have the decency to call me by my name.
Hello, Howard.
- Yes.
- Tell me about Enrique.
You found the bleeder.
I guess I didn't bury him deep enough.
I was tired.
Masturbation has that effect on me.
Why'd you kill him? I saw him at a bus stop, and he looked so alone, so sad.
And he was crying.
And I offered him a ride.
And what about the others? Oh, you found them? You killed them all? Enrique needed company.
He was so alone in that grave.
And what are the names of the other two? Why should I tell you? You want to scare people, right? Oh, here comes the child psychology.
Do your best, bitch.
Police just think these boys are runaways, so nobody knows to be afraid of a serial killer.
So tell me where the bodies are buried, and that'll change.
Do you have a pen? Go ahead.
Take a left on Wizard Lane, a sharp right on Paz.
It seemed fitting, the "Wizard of Paz".
That's where I cut all the scarecrows into tiny little pieces.
And what are their names? The scarecrows? Luis and Facundo.
I couldn't make out their last names.
It's too hard to talk when you've got blood in your mouth.
That's how you killed them? You smothered them? Mm No.
This is how.
So, what do you think? I think we're in a bad spot.
You think she did it? I think he did it.
David, I love our debates over these issues, but not when it comes to murder.
I mean, that woman knows facts the police haven't released.
Let's just say, for the sake of argument, you're dealing with a patient who's mentally ill.
Bridget is my patient? Well, you're employed by the Catholic Church as a psychological consultant.
And your patient comes to you confessing to murder.
What do you do? Well, does she intend to kill again? No.
Well, then you're right.
I can't go to the police.
Patient/therapist confidentiality.
Isn't that the same thing here? Does this stuff ever wear you down? Yes.
We need to take a break.
Our drink? Yes.
I'd like that.
The Italians want us back.
- What? You're kidding me.
- No.
We've agreed.
Personal questions are off-limits.
I've never done therapy before.
You just say whatever comes into your mind.
In movies, people lie on the couch.
Should I do that? It's usually women who lie on the couch.
So why did you come in today? You saw what Linda did to me in the coffee shop.
I did.
How did that make you feel? It sucks.
Like, I'm sure she probably told all her stupid coworkers and friends.
And how was I supposed to know she gives everyone a nickname? And what kind of person does that anyway? Someone who's a whore for tips? Now I have to find a new coffee shop.
Why would you do that? By going to another shop, you give her your power.
She's the winner and you're the loser.
And I don't work with losers.
It was nice meeting you.
I'm not a loser.
I-I won't go to a new coffee shop.
I promise.
If we're to continue, you need to take this in.
You hold the power to make your life what you want.
- You need to get back at her.
- How? If I do anything to her, she'll tell the police.
People generally don't believe women.
They overreact and are emotional.
And if you do it right, she'll be too embarrassed to tell anyone.
Be a man.
She crapped on you.
You crap on her.
We want to interview you one at a time.
We need to know what this woman wrote for you in the detention center before she was deported.
The guard never gave it to us.
Did you question this guard? No.
He disappeared on us.
What do you remember of what she wrote? Not much.
They were just fragments.
Have you seen what she wrote earlier? These? Yes.
Have you tried fitting these into the full codex? We have.
Look, we want to help you.
But it would help us if we saw the full codex.
That is not possible.
You're asking us to share but you need to share, too.
This is the first time the Poveglia Codex has been outside of Italy.
I will turn the pages slowly.
Grace didn't write enough to fill all these holes.
We understand that.
We want anything you can remember.
What's that? That is a hierarchy.
We have failed to decipher it.
Can you open it, please? And you don't know what that is? No.
That is why Grace would have been helpful.
She could have helped fill in here, by the legend.
How stupid of me.
I just realized.
Every moment that we were in that detention center, we were on surveillance cameras.
They might have footage of what Grace wrote.
Oh, my God, you're right.
- There were cameras in the visiting room.
- Yeah.
I'll see what I can get.
No, wait.
Wait, w-wait.
Please, wait.
What is it? I recognize something.
No flash! No flash! Thanks.
Have a good day.
Sorry, but you you can't cut in front of everyone like that.
- Sebastian.
- What? Call me Sebastian.
Look, I really need you I don't feel right about what happened the other day, between us, so I just I wanted to give you something to make things right.
Oh! Oh I don't understand.
Leland drew this? Yes.
How did you get it? Leland was here and gave these to my daughters.
- Leland was here? - Yeah, it's - Why was he here? - It's a long story.
He was dating my mom.
Look, I took care of it.
I told her he's a psychopath.
What was I gonna say, he's a demon? Well, how did they They ran into each other and they started dating.
- Oh, my God.
- I know.
She broke it off, so He didn't run into her.
He's targeting you.
David, I took care of it.
I have to be allowed to take care of my family.
And he hasn't come back? Correct.
You should burn these.
But are these the same? How does Leland draw an insignia from a 500-year-old book? What? What is it? Sigils.
Symbols supposedly with magic powers.
Demons use them to recognize each other.
And why do they matter? There.
- It's - Yes.
What is it? - "Anatas.
The great beast.
- A mighty king in the hierarchy of devils and demons".
He rules over 30 legions of infernal demons, feeding off the sins and lies of humanity.
Lies and sins that give him strength and power.
So, Leland is a psychopath who uses the metaphor of demonology to give his pursuits meaning? If that's the best way for us to communicate, then yes.
If he comes back, Kristen, you have to tell me.
There are two sides to this.
It's not enough to just use logic.
If he comes back, you're gonna have to keep me from killing him.
Who are you planning on killing? The architect, for making this door so thin.
Can I come in? Sure.
David, this is, uh, Mira, an old climbing buddy of mine.
Mira, this is David, priest in training.
- Priest, really? - Yes.
I should go.
Well, don't go on my account, Father.
No, on my own.
I have to do some priesting.
What are you doing, fleabagging? You want a margarita? No.
It's a school night.
Thanks, though.
You should wait till you have kids, it's always a school night.
How are the girls? Oh hyper prepubescent balls of contradiction that I love more than anything.
Well, then, I'm sure you can imagine how the mothers of these boys must feel.
They were all picked up at a bus stop in Hempstead.
Imagine if one of those kids was yours.
Mira, I There's patient/therapist confidentiality.
I checked, Kristen.
You don't have a practice anymore.
- I can't say any more.
- You know that makes you vulnerable.
- What does that mean? - You mentioned details that were not released by the police.
It makes you a person of interest.
Seriously? Do I need a lawyer? Do you? - Are you arresting me? - Kristen, we're friends.
But there's something you need to remember.
If this guy intends to kill again, there is no therapist privilege.
You need to tell the police.
So ask your client if he intends to kill again.
My guess is the answer's yes.
And then you can tell me.
Understood? Keep those.
To remind you.
She hasn't eaten or drunk anything in day You don't care.
Stop pretending.
I was more sad than afraid when I realized - what was happening.
- Uh, let's-let's us go out and kneel and pray, okay? Hello.
Hello, Howard.
Tell me who you're going to kill next.
I no longer find you amusing.
Do men often lose interest in you? I wonder when he will.
You killed these three.
And Luis.
These are the three you admitted to.
I didn't admit to anything.
Do you plan on killing a fourth? You said Enrique was alone.
Do you want to give him a fourth friend? You are so predictable.
You want a future crime so that you can tell the police about me.
What do you care, Howard? Wouldn't get you in trouble, it would only get Bridget in trouble.
I care because you care.
And I don't like you anymore.
Tell me about your miscarriage.
I had a miscarriage, too.
Tell me about yours.
Hey Bridget.
Shut up! Quiet.
Silence! Shh.
Who are you now? Kenneth.
Where's Howard? Who cares? We hate Howard.
Howard is a fool.
He's always making us do things.
Does Howard intend to kill again? Wizard of Paz.
Detective Byrd.
Detective Byrd.
Who's calling? This has to be completely anonymous.
You got it.
No, seriously, Mira.
This is being slipped to you.
There can be no mention of the source, no mention of our earlier conversations.
Kristen, I swear.
Tell me who the killer is.
No, I'll tell you where I think the bodies are buried.
Boy, oh, boy, did she scream.
Remember that scream.
Remember how it made you feel.
- That's power.
- What next? You need a community.
Here's an online community on 8chan.
They call themselves the Incel Army.
They share your feelings about women, and they want to put them into action.
What action? They want men to act like men.
I've gotten you a temporary invitation into their circle.
They have some interesting ideas.
And there might be a service required of you.
Good work, Ben.
Can you make it bigger? It's just sentence fragments.
"Innocentium - occisio".
- What does that mean "innocentium"? "The innocents".
Massacre of the innocents.
From the Bible? Yes.
Herod's slaughter of all male infants under two years old.
So who are the innocents now? - These are sigils.
- Possibly.
No, definitely.
- This map is demonic.
- We do not know that.
This is a hierarchy of demons.
There are 60 of them.
For 60 demons.
- We need a copy of this.
- No.
We return to the Vatican tonight.
- We just want a copy.
- That is impossible.
All these whores still want their husbands to take care of them.
It's like, you got to pay for it.
I shouldn't have to pay for it.
My mother was a good woman.
They all want the same thing.
Girls, they like to be treated like crap.
I never got laid until I was a jerk.
I was born here.
I'm a good American.
I deserve to get laid.
I deserve sex.
- Get some, bro! - USA! - USA! USA! - USA! - USA! - USA.
So let's go do something about it.
Like what? Take them out.
Where? No.
Someone call it.
Gun or car? "It takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself".
- What does that mean? - It means the demon is threatening to return with seven more.
But it actually means we're nearing the end.
It's the last threat.
Where's Dwight? He needs to be here for this.
I just can't take it anymore.
I j I j I just want Yes.
She said it.
All three.
It's almost done.
Thank God.
What's your emergency? You're my love.
You're back.
You're back.
I love you so much.
Hey, we'll-we'll have a new baby.
How dare you.
Hey, come over here.
You screwed me over.
- You swore to not mention it to anyone - Shut up, Kristen.
Just know that you had nothing to do with this arrest.
I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I swear.
Don't say anything, Bridge.
I'll call John.
Don't worry.
Sir, I need you to step back.
We need to talk.
- I heard him.
On the phone.
With 911.
- The husband? Yeah.
I had a bad feeling about that guy.
He never left her alone in the room with us.
Mira said she received an anonymous call claiming to have evidence that Bridget did it.
I think Bridget is innocent.
I think so, too.
- I think the husband did it.
- Me too.
Okay, guys, I want to agree with you but she knew where those kids were buried.
Well, there is a psychological condition called coercive control.
A criminal husband can dominate his spouse and force her to hide his crimes.
And sometimes, the dominated spouse will even take the blame for the crimes.
Why does psychology always sound like a con to me? It does.
It's like religion for grad students.
So you think the husband is framing her for the murders? I think both Bridget and Dwight had access to the car, and he would have had the evidence to plant on her.
So what do we do? I think it's time that I offer him some spiritual counseling.
Hey, David.
What's going on, Dwight? These were souvenirs that Bridget collected from the crime scenes.
I was j I'm a good husband.
I was just trying to keep them from the police I-I There.
Where'd you see that? Dwight's hiding place.
Where he hid the murder weapons and the souvenirs.
They arrested him? Yes.
And released Bridget.
So these are, like, demon symbols? Yep.
And this is Leland.
Oh, my God, you haven't gone over to his side, have you? No, I'm just following the psychopaths.
Psychopaths seem to like their demonology.
What, you recognize another? Yeah, it's the same.
Okay, so this guy's influenced by symbols.
What does that mean? So what are you thinking this artist is one of Leland's psychopaths? I don't know.
Who's the artist? My father.
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