Evil (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

F Is for Fire


You only love yourself ♪
You only care for you ♪
I think I've hit the truth ♪
Better days will come ♪
Other scenes to get on ♪
You watch your village
cave in, kid ♪

- What am I looking at?
- DAVID: A sigil map.

Symbols of demonic houses.

ANDREA: Where did you get it?
Three Vatican assessors showed it to us.

- Wait, what?
- You're not supposed to have that.

They asked us to investigate.

But they did not leave that with you.

Sister, that man in there?
Leland Townsend? You
saw something in him.

This shows what he's
Look at these.

He had a copy of the sigil map,
and made five notations on it.

I-I can't translate them.

They're not Greek, they're not Latin.

Do you recognize the alphabet?


- What is this about?
- We think it has something to do with
the manipulating of
embryonic implantations
in a local fertility clinic
in order to result in
disturbed children.

We think each of these sigils
is connected to another
child being born.

Have you checked the records
of this fertility clinic?
They've been wiped clean.

We can't locate the mothers.

- What are you seeing?
- He changes the alphabet
with each letter.

This is Assamese.
This is Cyrillic.

This is Syriac.

How do you know this?
And this is, I think, is Burmese.

- What does it say?
- M-


- What does that mean?
- No idea.


"Mowbray, Mathilda".


- So, any idea what we tell them?
- That we're from the Church,
and there have been negative
reports about RSM Fertility.

- And we're here to ?

Uh, we're here from Saint Joseph's
about your foster child?
- Mathilda?
- Oh, you want my husband.

Brian, it's the people from the Church.

You must be really backlogged.

He called you two months ago.

W-We have been.

- And you attend Saint John's?
- BRIAN: Uh, just me.

JANE: I attend Masjid Al-Hikmah.

And Mathilda? She attend services there?
We're raising Mathilda
to appreciate both faiths.

At this point, we feel the
more guidance, the better.

- So, uh, what's been going on?
- We've had Mathilda
for almost a year,
and she's a great kid.

We wanted to adopt her.

- It's just there are issues.

- What kind of issues?
Well, since Mathilda came into our home,
there have been three fires.

- JANE: She said she didn't set them.

- They were small.

The first was a dish towel on the stove.

JANE: And the second one was worse.

No one seems to have clear answers.

Not even her therapist.

That's why we wanted
some spiritual guidance.

I just don't think the therapist
can answer everything.

I didn't say he could.

BRIAN: I just think this
might not be psychological.

Her biological mother was arrested
for setting her room on fire.

You know that, right?
Mathilda was distraught.

Would it be possible for
me to talk to Mathilda?
Hi, Mathilda.
I'm Kristen.

How come they sent three
psychologists this time?
Well, just one psychologist.

- Who are those other men?
- They work with me.

- What are you doing?
- Aren't you here to take me away
- because I'm bad?
- Oh, no.

No, no.
W-We don't think you're bad.

Just came to see how you were doing.


My daughter has that same tea set.

MATHILDA: What's her name?
- Lexis.

- How old is she?
- She's nine.

- Me, too.

I'm not starting the fires.

I'm not saying you were.

But your parents are saying
that there have been three fires.

They're not my parents.

They're Brian and Jane.

Do you like them, Brian and Jane?
I like them a lot.

That's good.
They really like you, too.

- Can I ask you a few questions?
- Sure.

Fire away.

That was a joke.


I like it when the sun is
shining and I can go outside.

It makes me happy.
What makes you happy?
You don't have to give
an example for yourself.

You can just ask.

What makes you happy?
When I have pancakes and watch cartoons
with Brian and Jane.

And what makes you angry?
I get mad, I guess,
after I talk to my mom on the phone.

Because I miss her.

Mathilda, do you like to look at fire?
How does looking at fire make you feel?
I don't know.

Does it make you feel
happy and strong?
- I didn't do anything.

- Okay.

So how did those fires happen?
: I'm not
supposed to tell you.

If I tell you, something
bad will happen.

: To you?
Mathilda, do you think that maybe
you'd feel better if you tell me?
A man comes into my room when I sleep.

Ever since I was a kid.

What kind of a man?
I don't know.


And his face, it doesn't move.

It's kind of like he
doesn't feel anything.

He has no eyes.

And the top of his head is
busted open and fire comes out.

But it goes up like that.

When he's angry with me,
he sets things on fire.

Have you told your social
worker about this monster?

Then she took me away from my mom.

But the man found me.

He always finds me.

And that's why no one wants me,
because wherever I go,
the man sets fires.


- So, what do you think?
- KRISTEN: I think it could be
denial about her pyromania
or modeling behavior
- imitating her mom.

- BEN: That's only if her
mom started the fire.

It could be that she was arrested
for what her daughter did.

KRISTEN: She's blaming somebody
else for starting the fires.

A man with a flaming head.

It's her version of the
boogeyman, I suppose.



LYNN: You're home early, Mom.


- Just doing some cleaning.

- LAURA: Why?
Just trying to be a better
mom these days.

- How are you guys?
: Good.

I don't like school.

I want to go to Alaska and fish.

That's a great idea.
gonna make some calls.


- Where you going?
- Just taking the trash out.

- It's not till Thursday.

- I'm getting a jump.
Love you.

- LAURA: I love you, too.

- Love you.

- What was that about?
- Mom being crazy.

- Do you think she misses Dad?
- Maybe.
We should call him.

I thought he was gonna
be gone just a month.

Yeah, I think the business
isn't going well.




RECEPTIONIST: Your 4:00 is here.

Got it.
Uh, send her in.

- Ah, Ms.

- Yes.

Kurt Boggs.

- Thank you.

- Please sit down.

Thank you for seeing me
so last minute, Doctor.

Oh, no problem.
So who referred you?
Uh, no one.
It was just a Google search.

- I hope that isn't a problem.

- Not at all.

Now, on the phone you mentioned
you were having problems
with your daughter Jasmine?
Yes, Jasmine, my-my daughter.

Uh, do you have to take notes? I'm
No, not if you don't want me to.

So, tell me about your
issues with Jasmine.

Well, we're estranged, sadly.

She's keeping me from my granddaughters.

And why do you think she's doing that?
I was engaged to be married
to someone she disapproved of,
and she thought he was
bad for my grandkids.

You said "was".
The status has changed?
- Yes.
We-we broke up.

- Oh.
Well, I'm sorry.

But have you told Jasmine you're
no longer with your fiancé?
I tried to, but she doesn't
want to talk to me.

And why is that?
I don't know.

She's basically a single mom now.

Her husband may as well
be dead; he's off climbing.

Social climbing.

I was the one who was
helping her raise her kids.

And you're looking
for help in adjusting?
No, I want to get
back with my daughter,
and I thought you might
have some insight.

Well, um
why don't we go a little deeper?
We'll see what we can discover.

And anything you can share
from your knowledge of women
in similar situations
would be very helpful.

Has Mathilda talked to you
about the monster she sees?
- Someone causing the fires?
- JANE: Yes.

That's one of the reasons
we called the Church.

You called the Church because
she was seeing a monster?

Because of this.

We got a nanny-cam.

JANE: We removed every
possible source for a fire.

Even covered and padlocked our stove,
got rid of the microwave, the toaster.

And still, this.


Go away!
I won't.

I won't!
- Stop it!


That's why we think this
isn't just psychological.



Don't even think about it.

Way to
take the fun out of it.


Turn on some lights in here.

You'll make yourself blind.

Wow, it's like you're
channeling Mom right there.

KARIMA: Doesn't it get cold in here?
What do you need?
Do you remember a story
that Mom used to tell us
about a figure with its head on fire,
and it had no eyes?
- Yeah.
- What is it?
I'm working with this kid that describes
the exact same thing.

Is this kid Muslim?
No, but her foster mom is.

What is it?
Okay, please, help yourself.

- The Ifrit.

- The what?
It's a jinn.

Oh, my God, that's right.

Mom used to scare the crap out of me.

You remember she used
to tell us those stories
right before bedtime?
We asked her to.

Yeah, what did we know? We were six.

There it is.

An Ifrit.

KARIMA: The most powerful of all jinn.

Remember, Mom used to warn
us to never talk or play
with an Ifrit, because
no weapon could defeat it.

- Only Allah.

- Yeah.

I can see why you're still a believer.

It makes so much sense.

Not like your Catholics, huh?
And their demons.
KRISTEN: So, what is a jinn?
- A demon?
- BEN: It can be.

Though some jinns can be benevolent.

Or they can be both.

- Yeah, what about this jinn?
- It's unclear.

Jinns can be one thing to one person
and another to another.

What, so it's more like
a psychological condition?
Well, it depends who you ask.

Me, yes.

My mother, no.
Very real to her.

What about you, David?
You believe in demons.

Do you believe in jinns?
She's trying to get us
to argue over religion.

No, it was an innocent question.

BEN: I'll answer for him.

Demons are real, jinns are not.

Because jinns are not in the Bible.

DAVID: And they're not evil.

You said so yourself.

- Sometimes they're good.

- And why is that wrong?
Because anything not of God is evil.

Which is kind of why I like 'em.

Christianity is too
black-and-white for me.

- Wait, isn't all religion too black-and-white for you?
- Yeah, but
at least Islam leaves
room for some gray.

I mean, jinns can be good or bad.

I mean, good ones can do bad things,
bad ones can do good things.

Unlike the Devil and demons,
- where they all just do the same thing.

- Benny
you sound like you're
starting to believe.

No, no, I am just
I'm protective.

It's probably some religious
version of nationalism.

Just so you know, I wasn't
trying to criticize Islam.

So, I found in Mathilda's chemistry set
- these two things.

- What are they?
Chlorine tabs from the
pool and brake fluid.

What? How did you get brake fluid?
I-I didn't.
That's not my stuff.

Why does it matter?
You pour the brake
fluid on the chlorine,
you let it sit for a few minutes.

It'll smoke and then eventually combust.

I think that is what you
saw on the nanny-cam.

- MATHILDA: I didn't do that.

- Mathilda
- do you like science?
- Uh-huh.

- And fire?
- I like to watch fire,
but I didn't use that to make anything.

- The monster did.

- Mathilda,
- you need to tell us the truth.

- I am.

The monster told me
it won't let me alone
until it has somewhere else to go.

- Till the jinn has somewhere else to go?
- Uh-huh.

To someone else.

- It needs to grow, like a fire.

- Mathilda,
you don't have to lie
It's okay.

- I'm not lying!
- Mathilda.


Is that Arabic?
- Do you understand?
- Mm-hmm.


"A fire will burn whoever is close
and jump to one of you".




You only love yourself ♪
What the fuck?

I think I hit the truth ♪
Better days will come.



BEN: What do you want?
ABBEY: I want what you want.

You see that iPhone over there?
The lucid dreaming books said
to set for voice-activated
so I can tell when I'm
talking in my dream.

Why do your friends
criticize Allah so much?
- What are you talking about?
- You heard them.

They don't care about what you believe.

They make fun of it.

What does it matter to me?
Or you?
I don't believe in it either.

Because they don't
treat you with respect.

They think your religion is a joke.

You're trying to create divisions.

Oh, please.

There are divisions.

I'm just on your side.

Here's the problem you have.

I'll wake up and realize
that you don't exist,
and everything you're planting
in my head right now,
it'll disappear.

Aw, baby,
I'm more real than your friends.

What is that?
My retainer.

Why do you have a retainer?
Just lie back.




- [BEEPS.]

: Testing, one, two, three.


- [BEEPS.]

- BEN: Testing, one, two, three.


I am so sorry, Jasmine.

You and I our relationship
is so important to me.

Uh so how do we fix this between us?
- Keep going.

- Because let's face it,
we both did some stupid things, so
No, no.
You don't get to bring
up the other person's slights
- when you're apologizing.

- Look, it won't matter.

She won't meet with me or hear from me,
so I'll never get far
enough to apologize.

Is there anyone you know who
can act as an intermediary?
Someone Jasmine trusts?
Someone who can facilitate
getting the two of you
in a room together?

You have exactly two seconds
to come over here!
BRIAN: Have you ever conducted
an exorcism of a child?

- Have they been safe?
- Yes.

What do I have to do?
- You need to request one.

- I request one.

Do you want to talk to Jane first?
That's why I'm here.

She knows this isn't psychological.

But she's Muslim.
Does she
want to check with her imam?
- BRIAN: I don't understand.

- Ben.

I'm just saying, she's
seeing a jinn, not a demon.

- It's not Catholic.

- Yes, but we agreed the issue is about
- diabolical possession.

- We haven't agreed on anything.

- A jinn is from Islam.


Castle, I am sorry.

- Obviously there's a disagreement.

- Hello?
Uh, you are Catholic, and
- you've requested an exorcism.

- What?
Okay, I'll be, I'll be right home.

Yeah, no, I'm-I'm coming right now.

- SHERYL: How is it?
- LEXIS: Good.

Hey, kiddo.
You all right?
- How are you feeling?
- Better, just tired.

Why don't you go upstairs
to your room and lay down?
I'll be up in a minute.

Bye, G-Ma.
Love you.

I love you, too, honey.

The school called.
she had the sniffles.

They couldn't get ahold of you,
and I guess I'm still on the
emergency call list, so
- Thank you for being there for her.

- Yeah.

Excuse me
Kristen, let me say something to you.

I'm so
I'm so sorry.

You and I our relationship
is so important to me.

Uh, so how do we fix this between us?
I can't have Leland anywhere
near my children.

We broke up.

- You did?
- Yes.

- When?
- Last week.

We weren't right for each other.

You had his number, and I'm just sorry
for not seeing it sooner.


I can't be without my family.
I can't
I can't be without you.







Mom? You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just need
to go out for a minute.

You're in charge, okay?

I'll have tequila, chilled, silver.

COLIN: Can I buy you a drink?

You can buy this one.

Same for me, please.

- I'm Colin.

- Hi, Colin.

- Who's that?
- That's Lance.

Just ignore him.

Mind if I sit?

So what do you do
Sorry, you didn't say your name.

- I'm a climber.

- Oh, really?
What kind of climbing?
Rock climbing, bouldering.

A little Alpine.

Oh, you're not joking.

I thought you were joking.

What do you do, Lance?
Uh He's Lance.
I'm Colin.

- What do you do, Colin?
- I work in I.

- at a data mining company.

- Wow.

Well, you must be very smart.

Just smart enough to get in trouble.

I see you have a ring
on your finger there.

I do, don't I?
You divorced or something?

If I told you
I was the mother of four children,
what would you say?
I would say
you don't look like the
mother of four children.

- Really?
- Yeah.

And what do I look like?
The sexiest woman in here.

And what makes me sexy?
The way our legs just touched.

Will you be offended
if I ask you something?
Oh, wow, I really can't answer
that question, Lance.


- You'll just have to go for it.

Would you like to get out of here?
Let me just go to the restroom first.

Next time, stay.


I am seeing hallucinatory imagery.

Imagery based on perceptual error?
- No.

- Vivid mental imagery?
No, it's definitely a hallucination.

It had substance and it seemed
to occupy physical space.

I've seen it twice now,
both while driving.

Once it was inside the car,
and the other time it was out.

- And could you describe it?
- It's a spirit called a jinn.

- It's
- Yes.
Oh, I know what a jinn is.
This one, uh, represents fire.

We've been dealing
with it during our work.

Your religious work?

And what were you doing
just before you saw it?

No, no, uh, before that.

I was in a bar with a man.

A man you were seeing?

But both were moments
of high stimulation?

I think you should consider
prescribing risperidone.

Five milligrams.

And I think you should consider
coming in twice a week.

This is not a small matter.

And we could be treating
the most superficial aspect
and not the underlying trauma.

How's your family?
Well, Andy is still out of town.

But your mom apologized?
Yes, Sheryl broke up with her fiancé.

She came to me and apologized
and said she wanted
to make things right.

Your mom's name is Sheryl?
Yes, why?
I don't think I knew that.

I've mentioned it before.

Is there a Jasmine in your family?
In my family? No.



The new patient, Sheryl Nielson.

Please call her and tell her
I need her to come in.



This is Father Mulvehill.

He'll be performing the exorcism today.


Is everything okay?
Sorry, yeah, of course.

Um there's just been
a slight change of plans.

Come in.


This is Sheikh Majed.

The Castles have called me in
to perform a Muslim exorcism.

Don't look at me.
I didn't call him.

BRIAN: Actually my wife
called him.
I had no idea.

There must be some misunderstanding.

I was scheduled to perform an exorcism.

- That's why I am here.

- But, surely,
you will understand as a man of faith,
the jinn is of Islamic origin,
therefore I must perform it.

MULVEHILL: And surely you
will understand that the head
of the household has requested
a Catholic exorcism.

You got to be kidding me.

"Head of the household"?
We agreed I would call my parish.

But then it turned out to be a jinn.

Really, Jane? A jinn?
What is this, Aladdin?
MAJED: A Muslim exorcism is more
detailed than a Catholic one.

I need to decide if the
jinn is benevolent or evil.

Then I must negotiate with it
to see if it should even be cast out.

With all due respect,
you could do more damage
leaving a demon in place,
thinking it is benevolent.

The Devil is a liar.

- And might impersonate a jinn to be left
- All jinn
are descendants of shaitan,
but not all of them choose evil.

The Koran teaches that
just as there are some jinn
who are "surrendered
to God, there are some
who have abandoned
themselves to wrongdoing".

I'm sorry, David.
I cannot work
within the realms of this
- mythology.

- "Mythology"?
You're the one who will
try to perform an exorcism
not by invoking the name of Allah,
but a man, Jesus.

Look, might I suggest,
uh, Father Mulvehill,
uh, Sheikh Majed, you work together?
There is nothing of either faith
that prevents both of you
from doing your jobs.

For the sake of Mathilda.


Are there any musical
instruments in the house?
BRIAN: Uh, just Mathilda's keyboard.

It needs to be removed.

Jinn are tricksters
and will use music to
disturb the exorcism.

Any TVs or music-playing devices
must also be removed.

I'm ready to go.


We're in the middle of Queens
with a sheikh and a priest,
exorcising a nine-year-old girl.

Who doesn't think God
has a sense of humor?
Tell me your name, jinn.






: Adnan is gone.

And who are you?

I got this.

- Who are you now?
- God of heaven,
God of earth, God of angels,
God of archangels, God of patriarchs,
God who has power to
give life after death
and rest after work
: Mom!
Make him stop, Mom, please,
- I'm burning.

- It's okay.

- That's not her.

: How dare you?
I can bring down hellfire.

- From the snares of the Devil.

- Deliver us, O Lord.

That Thy Church may serve Thee in peace
- and liberty.

- DAVID: We beseech Thee to hear us.

I'm coming for you.

The Father below will
embrace you in his warm hellfire.

MULVEHILL: That Thou may
crush down all enemies
of Thy Church.

DAVID: We beseech Thee to hear us.

Well, Doctor, you did it.

My daughter and I are talking again.

Your daughter Jasmine?
That's right.

Something wrong?
her name is Kristen.

What are you talking about?
You've been lying to me.

Your daughter's real name
is Kristen Bouchard.

And you've chosen me as your
therapist under false pretenses.

That's no.


No, that's

: Oh, my God, oh, my
I'm so, so sorry.

please don't, don't judge me.

- Please don't.

- Mrs.

Sheryl, please.

It's okay.

I-I-I just can't
I need this, please!
I confess that
I came to you because Kristen was here,
but then when I heard
from you, I just, oh
I am so, uh, sorry,
Sheryl, but you cannot be my patient.

- It's-it's unethical.

- I'm desperate.

Please show some compassion, please.

All right, look, I-I
I suppose that I, I could
uh, refer you to another doctor.

But I cannot talk about Kristen.

No, I know, I know.
It's okay.

Well, come back next week, and we'll
discuss what you need in a therapist.

: Thank you.


- Oh, thank you.

- Okay.

Let the enemy have no power over her.

DAVID: And the son of iniquity
be powerless to harm her.

MULVEHILL: Lord, send her aid
from your holy place.

And watch over her from Zion.

BRIAN: Is it finished?
MAJED: Wait.


I'm sorry.

- It's okay, sweetheart, shh.

- It's okay.


JANE: It's okay, sweetheart.

BRIAN: It's all right.

LYNN: Mom?
If you ever need to go out again,
I can watch them.

I'm old enough now.

I know you are.

When is Dad coming back?
I don't know.
The set-up for the climb
is taking longer this year.


Don't be sad.

I'm not.


Come here.

You don't need to tuck me in.

I can tuck myself in.





How's it going?

You only love yourself ♪
You only care for you ♪
I think I hit the truth ♪
Better days will come ♪
: Make it stop.

Other scenes to get on ♪

You watch your village cave in, kid ♪
You only see one way.

Hi, George here.

Next time on "Evil"
It's not exactly fun and games.

You being groomed
for the great Black hope
of the Catholic church.

Uncle Tom becomes Father Tom.

Well, there is a game.

- It involves elevators.


You climb on
and if you press the right
combination of numbers
- well



What kind of sick game
could do this to our friends?

- Wish I thought of it.



- Until next time.

See you in your dreams.


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