Evil (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

E Is for Elevator

" as wax melts before the fire,
so the wicked perish
at the presence of God".

"Behold the Cross of the Lord.

Flee, bands of enemies".

Michael the Archangel,
prince of heavenly armies,
defend us against the
spirits of wickedness".

"The Lion of the tribe of Judah,
the offspring of David hath conquered".

How am I doing?
It's only a first session.

The most difficult possession
is diabolical subjugation.

You sold your soul willingly to Satan.

That is not undone simply.

So we have to do this again?
- And again.

- How many times?
As long as it takes.

- When is our next session?
- In a month.

In the meantime, I'll assign
you a spiritual counselor:
someone who can check on you
and keep you from evil influences.

Think of it as a sponsor
in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Maybe that should be David,
because he knows me so well.

I think that's a good idea.

And then I'll assign you
a possession help group.

People who are in the
same position as you.

Oh, that sounds great.

- I'm finally seeing light at the
- Thanks for coming to see us.

We'll just tell you the best we can.

This is our son.

He's our only child.

Was our only child.

He went out to the grocery store
on September 14th at 4:33.

And he never came back.

- We contacted the police
- You talked to the police?
We call every week.

I think they've gotten sick of us.

They still insist that he's a runaway.

So he's never contacted you again?
We don't think so.

You don't think so?
Well, someone contacted us the next day.

Someone who sounded like our son.

What did he say?
He was screaming.

Uh, but there was too much interference.

We couldn't understand what he said.

He said, "Save me".

We couldn't understand any more.

And, um, he never called us again.

So, Mr.
and Mrs.
we don't get involved in police cases.

Um, we do
assessments, um, for
possible, um
We do cases that have some
demonic or spiritual component.

- Uh
- Yes.

Usually our colleague David
is here to fill you in on this.


Would you, um, would you
come with me, please?
Of course.

This was Wyatt's room.

He loved writing in here.

Doing his homework.

He was a good student.

Um, we would really love to help,
but we feel like this is more
a matter for the police.

We called the Church last week because
we were cleaning up in here.

Duke thought we had to move on.

We can't keep this as a museum forever.

Oh, I-I'll get that.

So I started cleaning
up in here last week.

And, uh, I found this.

A pentagram?
That's why we called you.

We took a picture, but the
police were uninterested.

Just so you know, our son
was never into the occult.

Oh, um, this is David, who
we spoke to on the phone.

We think this might have
something to do with people
who kidnapped him.

Maybe Satan worshippers
Can I take a look at his computer?
We don't have his password.

We found some phrase
carved into his desk.

But it didn't work.

We've tried capitalizing it all,
leaving out all the dashes,
but none of it made a difference.


- Hi, Mom.

- Hi.

- Hi, Mom.

- How was school?
Like there was this one crash
where just a small baby survived.

- Hey, Mom.

- Hmm?
Can you survive a plane crash?
Isn't everybody just dead?
Um, I guess it depends
how bad the crash is.

Does it matter if you pray?
I don't think so.

What are you doing?
Um, I'm trying to figure
out what "El Game" is.

"El Game", like Spanish?
I don't know.

Is this about your work?
Are there, like,
ghosts or something?

- What is this?
- Let me see.

I don't know.
It could be
someone's computer password.

I can't find anything online.

Oh, it-it's the Elevator Game.

- What?
- Oh, I bet you're right.

Those are the floors you have to take.

I heard people die from that.

Wait, what is the Elevator Game?
It-It's a Japanese game.

How do you know all this?
It's part of our education,
We're growing up.

No, you're not!
Welcome to the instructions
to the Elevator Game.

If you're brave and
you want to chance it,
this is what you'll need.

A building with at least 13 floors.

And an elevator that is empty.

- Get on the elevator.

- Is this your case, Mom?
So, what's the goal of this game?
- To end up in hell.

- What?
- Shh! Just watch the video.

- Instead, push the button
for the fourth floor.
When you arrive,
again, don't get off, but
when the doors start to close,
put your arm out and stop them
from closing all the way.

I heard that's the most important part.

Push the button for the second floor.

Don't get off.
push the button for the 13th
floor, and at the same time,
hold in the emergency call button.

No, that's the most important part.

When you arrive at the 13th,
you'll see a strange woman get on.

Don't look at her.
Don't meet her eyes.

If you meet her eyes, you'll
never be able to leave hell.

Now, with the other woman beside you,
push the button for the first floor.

An alarm will sound, and
you will next find yourself
in the nether region.

It will be dark, and in the distance
you'll see a red cross.

Get out.
Look around.

Don't stay longer than 12 minutes.

If you do, you will be haunted.

In fact, if you do any
part of this game wrong,
you will be haunted.

I'll just watch this later
No, no, no! Mom, Mom.
Come on.

Mom, you can't start
something and not finish it.

Many have asked: in
what way am I haunted?
There are many disagreements about this,
but most believe you will be
haunted by all the souls
of whoever died in the building.

Okay, no, we need to try this now.

Never look the woman
in white in the eye.

And never, ever
interrupt the game in the middle.

If you are so unfortunate to be haunted,
paint this somewhere in your room.

The woman in white sounds really cool.

Bet there's a lot of
haunted people out there.

I bet she's killed so many people.

- Maybe we should get this.

- Yeah.

Can we just do it, like, anywhere?
This is Mom's job.
Come on.

You know you want to try this.
Come on.

- Maybe.

- I know it,
you know it, we all know it.

Okay, Ben, yeah.

I'll meet you there in 20.

What are you guys doing? You look like
- the Children of the Corn here.

- Ow.

- We're going.

- No, you're not.
This is work.

That's why we're getting involved.

Elevator Game!
Elevator Game! Elevator Game!
Elevator Game!
Lynn, you watch the girls,
I'll pay you to babysit.

Oh, I-I wish I felt up to it.

Mom, I'm just afraid I'm too young.

Lexis, you've got your
math tutor in ten minutes.

But we don't, Mom.
We can still go.

That's not fair.
Hey, we're just smarter than you.

Okay, stop it.

I promise I'll take you next time, okay?
Let's go! Whoo!
See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!
So this is the moment he disappeared?
There he is.

He gets on the elevator, see.

And you showed this to the police?
That's his floor.

- Are you guys seeing this?
- Hey, it's crazy.

- Hey, move.

- No, no, no.
Girls, girls,
girls, girls, girls, girls,
we talked.
We talked.

That's okay.

It never opens.

And I have video of
all the other floors,
and they never open either.
And now
This is ten minutes later.

He's gone.

- Whoa.

- He's in the nether region.

I know, that's why I said "whoa".

He was talking to me, not to you.

Okay, shh.
What did the
police say about this?
We don't have a surveillance
camera on the top-roof floor.

They think he got off there
and then took the stairs down.

- Why?
- Because they can't explain it.

He's in the nether region,
waiting for us to save him.

We got to save him, Mom!
What's this?
Your rosary.

How sweet.
Just for me?
Everybody in spiritual
counseling receives one.

Open it.

- Maybe later.

- No, now.

Are you expecting me to
catch on fire or something?
I have no expectations.

Jesus looks unhappy.

Put it around your neck.

No-no! No! N-No.

How do I look?
I need you to pray the rosary
in the morning and at night.

These are the Joyful Mysteries.


I have a question about
the Church for you,
my spiritual counselor.

Why is the Church so bad to
its African American members?
Last I looked this morning
there are only 250 Black
priests in the United States.

That means you're rather an oddity.

How does that make you feel?

Have you ever heard
of Father William Aitcheson?
- I have.

- Good.

I was just reading
about him this morning.

A priest in Arlington arrested
for burning crosses
in the yards of Blacks and
Jews for the Ku Klux Klan.

In 1974.

Yeah, but just four years ago,
60% of white Catholics voted for Trump.

Only 26% of Hispanic Catholics did.

It's about abortion.


Next time you're in one
of your seminary classes,
look at all the white
students around you.

That's a lot of white.

My guess is they see
you as a diversity hire.

Look at this job that
you're doing assessing.

There must be a dozen other priests
that want to be assessors,
but the Church only wanted a Black one.

It looks good.

Our time is up for today.

The thing I don't understand is,
how do you deal with the racism here?
I'll see you again in three days.

And leave that on.

- Okay, I'm pushing the buttons.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
- You always
- I'm the oldest!
No, no, no, no, no, no,
Everybody out.

Everybody out.

- What?
- I can watch them, if you want.

It's not fair!
Everybody in.

- Okay, I'm pushing the buttons.

- No, no, no, it's me!
Um, only Ben pushes the buttons.

Ben the Magnificent!
Yes, the all-powerful.
Okay, here we go.

- What's first?
- Eighth floor.

- Eighth floor.

- Eight.

All right.
Here we go!
- Okay.

- And, uh, this puts us in hell?
If no one gets on before we finish.

- Come on.

- Okay, so we don't get off.

- We push the fourth floor.

- Oh.

- Okay.
Fourth floor.

- All right.

- Here we go.
Fourth floor.

- All right.

Do you feel like an idiot?
I've never stopped feeling like an idiot
on this job.

Okay, we don't get off,
but when the doors start to close, we
We put our arms out and stop it.

- Okay.

- Whoa, whoa, Mom!
- Mom, you have to pay attention!
- I'm sorry!
- Come on.

- I'm so sorry.

All right.
Thank you.

- Now where?
- The second floor.

Second floor, here we come.

Getting spooky!
Hell, here we come.

Okay, now the 13th.

And we push the call
button at the same time.

Oh, there's no 13th.

Seems like the building
is superstitious.

So what do we do now, elevator gods?
Well, I mean, the 14th floor
is technically the 13th, right?
So, we could just press the
14th and the call button.

- Yeah, sounds good.

- Yeah.



- Oh, that's not good.

- Oh, my God, that is loud.

Is everything all right?
Um, yeah, sorry, we just
pushed the button accidentally.

I got somebody waiting to
use the elevator down here.

- You shush!
- I'm so sorry.
We'll be right down.

Are we going to be haunted now?
But we weren't the problem.

There was no 13th floor.

- Yeah.

- Guys, we never did this.
All right?
What happens in the elevator
Stays in the elevator.

We didn't go to the rooftop.

That's why it didn't work.

I think we push the 12th
floor, not the 14th.

Maybe, maybe it was the 12th floor.

Don't do that.

It works.

What works?
The Elevator Game.
what you're doing, right?
It's not safe.

They were in love.
Wyatt and Felicia.

She was my best friend.

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, stop, stop.

Do you know what happened to her?
Lynn, shh.

Do you know what happened to her?
Are you guys investigators or something?
And a singing group.

We are looking into
Wyatt's disappearance.

He played the game.

So it's true?
He and Felicia were into it.

She was in love with him.

And then Wyatt was just gone.

He was playing the game,
but he never came back.

That's why Felicia wanted
to ride the elevator here:
to do the same thing.

So, she disappeared, too?
Well, the police think
they ran off together.

But she didn't want to end
up like her boyfriend,
so she was on the phone
with me the whole time,
in case something went wrong.

Do you want to hear it?
- Yes.

- Yes, absolutely.

Okay, I'm hitting the first button.

That's Felicia.
I waited in
the lobby while she went up.

Okay, now the fourth floor.

Be careful, Felicia, okay?
Nothing's happening yet.

But if anything does, tell
my parents I love them.

Don't be so melodramatic.

You're going to be fine.

Okay, I don't know what
to do.
There's no 13th floor.

Okay, come back down.

No, wait, hold on.

Let me think.

What would Wyatt do? What would
Felicia? Say it again.

- I couldn't hear you.

- Hello?
I said, press two, and
then the call button.

I got it, I got it!
Felicia, what's going on?
That's it? No
We're heading home.

- We're heading home.

- No! Ow, ow, ow.

- Shh! I don't want to go home.

- Home, home, home.

We have to figure this out, Mom.

I have a thought.

I have a friend I can ask.

I-I'll see you later.

- Okay, bye.

- All right.

We should get ice cream!
Hey, Vanessa.

Can we talk?
God is bigger than your troubles.

He is bigger than the world's troubles.

He is bigger than this.

Okay, effective use of gestures.

It's widely acknowledged that
America's original sin is race,
is slavery.

- America's tremendous wealth
- David,
I thought your homily was on God's love.

It is.
I'm just starting
from a position of race.

I like you're trying to address
today's problems today.

The only worry is how
controversy for controversy's
sake is perceived.

This is not controversy
for controversy's sake.

Well, you might want to
tinker with the opening.

"Race" is one of those words that can
shut people's minds
to your real message.

But race is my real message.

I'll reserve judgment.


They will never let you deliver that.

They'll whittle away at
it until you're saying
"God is love".

David, third year.

Kevin, fourth year.

You're the one who's never in class.

Yeah, they have me doing some assessing.

You're being groomed.

Being a figurehead.

The great Black hope
of the Catholic Church.

I'm getting some people
together tonight.

Some, uh, renegade Catholics.

Why don't you come?
Uh sure.

Okay, I'm here.
What do you want?
A minute.

Ben, you don't call me for a month.

Then out of the blue
And-and I want to apologize.

You're forgiven.
Take care.

The Elevator Game.

The Ansolina apartments.

Upper West Side.

One kid disappeared a year ago.

His girlfriend one month after that.

How do you know it
was the Elevator Game?
The best friend of the girl
recorded it on an iPhone.

This is just about the
case and not about us.

I know.

What kind of recording?

Did they get to the nether region?
Not sure.
You want to hear it?
Hello? I said, press two,
and then the call button.

I got it, I got it!
Felicia, what's going on?
What do you think?
Are you coming?

- Behold the Ansolina.

In 1907, one of the premier buildings
on the Upper West Side,
and one of the most haunted.

323 people died here
during the 1918 Spanish Flu
and they were stored in
the cool of the subbasement
until they could be collected.

They still haunt it.

Isn't there a story about the elevator?
Thank you for asking.

In 1963, a 14-year-old girl
was taking her dog for a walk.

She got on the elevator, but her
dog ran out the closing doors.

She tried to stop the
elevator from going down,
but she got stuck in the doors.

She struggled to get out,
but at that moment,
the elevator dropped.

That's right.
Cut her in half.

She lived for ten minutes,
and the legend is
she kept calling for her
dog, "Tiffany! Tiffany!"
Ever since then, residents
of the building hear her,
crawling down the halls,
pulling herself along.

And they called her the Teke-Teke Girl,
because that's the sound
she makes at night.

"Teke teke teke",
as she uses her nails
to drag herself along the halls.

You can take pictures now.

And that is why they call
her the Teke-Teke Girl.

That's the sound that
her fingernails make
as she crawls along the hall.

Wow, I don't know what to say.

That's some story.

So Vanessa thinks we
need to finish the game,
or we'll be haunted.

By who?
Uh, by the Teke-Teke Girl.

But how do we finish the game
if there's no 13th floor?
- Mom!
- Fuck!
Oh, Jesus Christ.

- Sorry.

- No, no, no.

I was almost done with
Just heading out.

Actually, would you mind,
um, staying for another hour?
So I-I need to go do something.

- Sure.

- Great.

- Uh, sweetheart?
- Yeah?
Um, I want to keep doing
this, watching the kids.

I only worry about driving
home late at night.

Oh, my gosh.
You go.
I'll stay home.

No, no, that's-that's not what I meant.

I I was wondering if I-I could
put a bed out in your
office for next time.

That way I could be
close by if you need me.

I mean, it doesn't have to be permanent.

Just, you know, when
it gets late like this.

Yeah, I'll-I'll think about it.

Thank you.

I I just really want to be
close to my granddaughters.

It's, um, something that my
therapist suggested, so
Help me!
Help! Somebody help me!
I'm stuck!
Kurt, it's Kristen.
this is an emergency.

Your prescription, it's supposed
to stop hallucinations.

Yeah, it's not.
It's causing more.

Brother David.

You came.


Time to thrust you into
the middle of an argument.

You ready?
Sounds like the
perfect end to my day.

You're a fig leaf for them.

Oh, my God, here we go.

Well, what would you call it?
These PWIs like the Catholic Church.

They laugh at you thinking
you can change them.

And whenever someone calls
them out on being racist,
they point to the both of you, saying,
"Oh, look, we've got Black priests".

And what do you do, Logan?
Every time I see you,
you're on to another
cause, another savior.

You don't like something, you just quit.

- What's wrong with that?
- You don't take any responsibility.

You're all for Bernie Sanders.

Then he's a sellout.

BLM is "virtue signaling",
so you just go on to the next.

You just join and quit, brother.

No, no, no.
I don't owe my allegiance
to anyone who doesn't deserve it.

I'm not a pawn.
I'm not
someone who allows myself
to be represented by
something I don't believe in.

But I believe in it.

The Catholic Church?
And God.
Jesus Christ, His son.

Peter, the rock.
The Nicene creed.

The whole nine yards.

Oh, my God.

What a step up.

Uncle Tom becomes Father Tom.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I got him.

I got him.

Get off me
You all right, man?
I I'd better go.


It was nice seeing everyone.


I'm on your side.

I just have a question.

I'm not in the mood to talk, man.

I believe in God.
I believe in Christ.

I'm a minister in a Gospel
Church here in Queens.

The Gospel Four Square.
On 17th.

Come there and you'll be home.

What the Catholic Church
doesn't do, we do.

There is no 13th floor.

So how do we continue the game
if there's no 13th floor?
Have you tried stopping the
elevator between the floors?
Yes, I have.

- You did?
- Yeah.

What happened?

Maybe they renumbered the
floors so no one would play.

Good luck.

So what are you thinking?
I don't know.

David, I'm worried about your homily.

Just try to couch the racial
language more carefully.

- Race incites.

- It loses its teeth
if I couch it, Father.

This is a homily you're
giving to a real parish.

At a real Mass.

I know.
That's why I'm
using it as a real test.

Uh, a real test of ?
God's message of peace.

You have a high regard for yourself
and-and your worth to the Church?
I do.

Okay, I don't know what
to do.
There's no 13th floor.

Hold on.
Let me think.

What would Wyatt do? What would
Yeah, what would he do? No 13.

Felicia? Say it again.

I couldn't hear you.

Hello? I said,
press two, and then the call button.

Okay, she pushes the second
floor and the call button.

"Press two and the call button".

Number one and number three: 13.

It's not the floor two.

It is two buttons.

What the hell?





No! No! No.


So, they didn't whittle
down your homily?
Nope, they tried.

Good for you.

So the Church isn't as
racist as it could be.

Yeah, looks that way.

No, you know why they
didn't whittle it down?
They didn't need to.

That's your Mass.

On this, the Sixth Week of
Ordinary Time, I've asked one
of our most passionate seminarians
to offer the homily.

He's only two months
away from ordination,
so please offer him your support.


It's widely acknowledged
that America's original sin is race,
is slavery.

America's tremendous wealth
was built on the labor of people
that were kidnapped from their homeland
and sold into bondage.

- Thank you so much.
Bless you.

- That was great.
Thank you.

Oh, wait, is it all right to hug you?
That was really good.

Throwing some sharp elbows
there, Father David.
I liked it.

Well, I had to keep the throng awake.

And all 20 of them really perked up.


I just had to show my support
for my spiritual counselor.

Oh, that's Ben.
been trying to call me.

- Hello? Ben?
- Kristen, hey, it's me.

- Hello?
- Hello?
- Kristen!
- Ben!
That's weird.
That's the
fifth time he's tried to call.

He called me three times, too.

He was supposed to meet me here.

What do you think is going on?
When is the last time you saw him?
Uh, last night.
the Elevator Game.

Kristen! Kristen!
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?!
- That is not good.

So how long did it take you two?
Wyatt died first, right?

He was probably down here
a month before Felicia
came through that door, hmm?
He thought he'd finally been saved
when the elevator arrived.

He yelled for her to keep the door open,
but she wasn't thinking fast enough.

And why would she? Because
elevators come when you call them!
She held him.

For another month as she starved.

She probably even fought off the bugs.

And here I am, without anyone to hold.

And the swarm of bugs will get me, too.

I'm here with you.

Yeah, that's all I needed.

Ben, Ben, Ben.

I'm here to comfort you.

Oh, my God.
What a nightmare.

How do you know that?
Because your grandma always
told you that as a child.

In Gharsana, remember?
Remember what it means?
"The dead are tortured in their graves
to the point that animals
can hear them".

It is a hadith.

Ugh, what a horrible
thing to tell a child.

She wanted me to stay observant.

And how did that work out?
Come on, Ben, get comfortable.

Lie down next to me, peacefully.

And use your last ten
percent to write your will.

Say it again.
I couldn't hear you.

I said, press two, and
then the call button.

- Did you try pressing "two"?
- Mm-hmm.

And the call button.

Exactly like Ben to come back here
and try and figure it out.

So if it's not the second
floor, what is it?
That's so sweet.

"Karima, I love you".

And you know what's great?
It makes people feel
bad when you're dead.

They worry they didn't treat you
well enough when you were alive.

- So good job.

- Shh!
Oh, tell him how you
accepted Christ at the end.

That'll fuck with his head.

I'm going to miss you most of all".

That's good.

Maybe you can give them
something to remember you by.

Your corpse covered with bugs.

I'll take your picture when you're dead.

Oh, my God.

This is the height of
You know why you're helpful?

I know what I'm fighting against.

Keep the elevator open!
Oh, you got me, you found me.


You're okay now, buddy.

You're okay, Ben.

You're okay.

You're okay.

- Mom?
- Mm-hmm.

The stuff you do, is
there really monsters?
Dear Lila
of course, there are monsters.

Next time on "Evil"
You'll be meeting some.

There are people who
do monstrous things.

They're still people underneath.

Come on, Kristen.

You know better.

And what happens if the exorcist
needs an exorcism?
Plenty of monsters next time.

We have no power.

over God.


I tried to warn you.

Oh my God.

Until then, sweet dreams.

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